Dry and Wet

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The couple awoke early. So early, the twilight was just starting to shimmer in the east. They spoke very little – but knowing smiles passed between them as they dressed in light clothes and took care of their morning needs. They walked to their jeep, carrying cold drinks that would surely be needed later in the day. The whir of the engine and the distant smell of the ocean went with them as they drove toward the brightening sky.

The desert air was dry, and as the night turned to day, the heat seemed to draw any remaining moisture from their bodies. The drive was not far, but their anticipation was keen, making the ride seem all the longer. They passed through the dusty hills and upon the last rise, saw the ocean gleaming in the near distance. They could almost reach out to touch it, but theirs hands found each other instead as the jeep bounced down the rocky road.

As they had hoped, the cove and beach were deserted. Only the ocean birds would be witnesses to the intense heat that their warm bodies would generate that day. They smiled toward each other and held hands as they walked toward the crashing waves. Before he knew what was happening, she removed all of her clothes and stood naked in front of him. Her body glistened with small beads of sweat from the intense Caribbean heat. She was proud of her body. Her recent weight loss brought all the right curves back and she intended to use every curve, every inch of her body to pleasure him as she felt the pleasure build within her own body.

She pulled off his shirt and dropped to her knees all in one fluid motion. Her hands found the waistband of his shorts and she urgently pulled them down. He stepped out of them and in doing so, took a step closer to her. His semi erect cock moved near her mouth and she eagerly took its thickening girth deep into her mouth. Her hot breath brought him to a full erection and he closed his eyes as she worked her magic. His knees weakened as her head moved back and forth. His lips parted and small gasps of sound escaped into the heat of the bahis siteleri day. He opened his eyes and watched her as she sucked on his cock. Her pleasure was apparent. She loved doing this to him. To her – there was nothing else in the world at that time…than the thick, long, hot cock that seemed to move on its own inside her mouth.

She moved her head back and looked up at his eyes. A string of saliva still connected them together from this oral lovemaking. He drew her back up to him and their mouths met in a powerful and tender kiss. Their love was so complete. It was total. This kiss was proof of that as the sun shone on their naked bodies. Nothing was hidden. Their connection was exposed and the world could see it.

They walked side by side towards the shadows cast by the cliffs in this private cove. There, he lay the blanket down and urged her down on her back. Her belly was wet with the sweat of her recent exertion. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath. She parted her legs enough for him to see the wetness that dampened her cleft. Her lower lips were full and red. Her mound called to him. Called to his mouth…his tongue. She wanted his breath and heat on her…and she wanted it now. He also wanted that and he gladly obliged this silent calling. He fell to his knees and came closer and closer to her wet and ready pussy. Her legs involuntarily parted further for his access.

As he drew closer, he could smell the intoxicating aroma of her sex. His nostrils flared as he came closer to her sweet liquor that intoxicated his senses. Her wetness was calling to him. Her legs drifted farther apart, and as they did, her cleft made a small smacking noise as her outer lips parted. He was only inches away now as his tongue snaked out to taste its quarry. With small movements, he parted her inner labia and tasted the bud of her clitoris. He could hear her small moans drift to his ears as the rhythm of the waves added a sensual backbeat.

He moved his head from side to side and nibbled on her inner thighs. Their supple canlı bahis siteleri softness added to his increasing hardness down below. He kissed her lower mouth with passion and desire…he blew hot air on her bud…he took long, wide, slow laps from her ass to her clit. She moaned with increasing volume and he smiled inside – knowing that she was only moments away from her first deep orgasm.

And he stopped.

Right there as she was on the very edge, on the very the knife blade that was her release. She begged him to finish her, to give her the wash of pleasure that she so needed… He watched as her pussy quivered, and listened to her moans, and when it subsided just enough, he worked on her again. He built her up to that point of no return once again. Teasing her so cruelly, because he knew that her whole being would beg for that release, and when he allowed her to have it, she would be his sexual kitten in whatever way he desired. Her submission to him would be complete. Her mind would be open for anything…and everything.

It was time. He started in again and worked her towards that little death. When it hit her, she clamped her legs against his face and locked his mouth to her pussy. Her wetness was enough to drown him…her cries washed over the cove and across the waves…

When she released her legs, he knew that she was his. He rose to his knees and brought her legs up with him. Her sweat had covered her in glistening dew. Her eyes still had not opened, and he saw that she had indeed gone over the edge that he had intended. She was more than ready to feel his thick and hard cock fill her pussy. She whispered please and God and now and mmmm as his fully engorged and pulsing cock rested against her warm and ready slit…

She wanted it so. She would do anything for him, to him, with him…but now she just wanted to feel him enter her. She opened her eyes just as the tip of his cock entered her and stretched her as more and more of his length and girth filled her pussy and massaged her walls. They stared canlı bahis in each others eyes and the world floated away. There was only the two of them at this instant. Nothing else existed for her but his body and his heat.

His cock moved inside her and she moved with it, raising her ass to accept and regurgitate it…time and time again. He held her legs as he thrust in and out of her…faster and slower and deeper and rougher. She took all of his movements and intensified them with her own. She saw his eyes close as he swelled and pulsed inside her. She could see his release coming and she wanted it more than anything else. She magnified her movements and clamped her pussy down on him as she felt the great, hot spurts of his semen washing the insides of her. He painted her pussy with his agony of release. The heat of his blasts brought her over the edge once again and she added her own fluids to his. Her pussy contracted and spasmed on his cock, draining all of his cum into her.

As he released his hold on her legs, and her ass lowered and touched the blanket, the world returned once again. The waves crashed against the shore, the birds wheeled above, the sun shone on them and added to their heat.

His cock slowly eased out of her and a great river of their combined cum flowed out of her. He watched it run down to the crack of her ass and puddle on the blanket. He couldn’t help himself as he brought his head down and tasted their potent nectar. Leaving some on his lips and tongue, he found her face kissed her gently. She drank his kiss and they both smiled from deep within.

He watched as she got up from the blanket and walked toward the surf. She knew what he wanted to see next and obliged him by releasing her urine from the warmth of her belly. The golden fluid caressed her thighs before it made a straight line below her and drilled a hole into the sand with its force and steam. She sensed him behind her almost immediately. He picked her up in his arms as she continued to go, wetting his stomach and legs with her warm pee.

He carried her into the waiting ocean as her stream subsided. She held her arms around his neck as he walked deeper into the waves. She felt the ocean wash her bottom and waited for the next wave to envelop them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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