Desperate Future a Bull’s Story Ch. 02

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Hi Everyone, I’m sorry this has taken so long but, you all know life can get in the way. Usual disclaimer, all participants are over the age of 18. This is a work of fiction, any similarities to real events is purely coincidental.



This week has been hell for me, besides being left with the worst case of blue balls I have ever had, I had to answer some uncomfortable questions from my parents. At first, I could just give general answers, but soon, mom wanted more specifics.

“What is it that you’re going to do, since you have to leave in a week to some secret location for ‘training’?” My mom asked.

“Mom, it’s just something that needs me to be away for a while. You know that some government work can be very sensitive, and I really can’t talk about it.” I replied, embarrassed, and a little standoffish.

My father was a bit more understanding, and let it go with my general replies. But I could see the concern on his face when I couldn’t give them a straight answer to my mother’s questions.

“Babe, leave the boy alone. If he can’t talk about it, it must be very important, and besides you’re embarrassing him with the interrogation.” He told my mother, in his gentle tone that he used to get his point across.

On Tuesday, which was my online gaming night with my college buddies, I had to tell them that I’d be out of the group, and that this was going to be my last gaming session. After a few rounds, Jake was the first one to start asking questions.

“So, Doofus, what are you going to be doing that’s so secret that you won’t be able to hang anymore; are you going into the military, become a spy, or just going off world to start a new colony like in the old sci-fi series?” He asked. I could tell the smug smirk he had in his voice, the one he had when he was curious about something.

Soon the rest of the guys joined in with Andy being the one that could have found out easily, since his father was a government administrator for the Agriculture Ministry. I finally stopped giving any specific answers to their questions and stuck to generalities for the rest of the game.

As the night wore on, the rest of the guys disconnected from the game leaving just Andy and myself finishing the round. I decided to call it a night, and was getting ready to disconnect, when Andy sent me the last message of the night.

“Have fun at the Training Camp, if you have some free time, just come online on Tuesdays for a game and a chat.” Followed by a bull emoji. Then abruptly disconnected, leaving me to wonder what he knew and what he would tell our group.

Thursday night dinner was awkward to say the least. My mom was gushing over me like I was never going to see her again. She was so emotional, that she was carrying my old teddy bear from when I was a baby around the house. My dad was his usual stoic self, but I could see that he was worried, and proud at the same time.

“Setting out on your own; a good job although, a bit secretive; I’m sure you’ll be able to keep in touch with some calls or letters.” He said.

“My baby, is leaving me. I thought I’d be able to handle it, but I miss you already Johnny Boy.” My mom said, her voice breaking a little.

I was surprised when she called me that, since that was her nickname for me when I was in Kindergarten. I could see how emotional she was so I stood up, wrapped my arms around her and gave her the longest hug I have given her since I was six years old. Soon, she calmed down and was just letting me hold her, I could feel the front of my shirt moistened by a few tears. I bid both of them good night and went off to my room to get ready for bed and try to get some sleep.

“When do you think he’ll come back?” I heard my mom ask my father.

“I don’t know, but I can tell you that he will come back.” He replied.

I set my alarm undressed and got into bed. I couldn’t fall asleep with the questions bouncing around in my head, as well as the images of buxom women teasing me, calling out, all of them in various stages of undress and arousal. Finally, I managed to close my eyes and fall into a fitful sleep.

All too soon, I was awoken by my alarm, I saw that I had only gotten about four hours of sleep, and that was all I was going to get until I was at my destination. Grabbing my bags, a cup of coffee and a bagel, I hugged my mom good bye, her tears moistening my shirt once again, giving my father a man-hug I walked out the door to catch the next AirTrain to the government office district.

After a long ride, and feeling like it was much too short at the same time, I stepped up to the main entrance to the DHRA building. After the customary check in at the reception desk, I made my way down to the lower level. I was met by Dr. Singh once again, and escorted to a different part of the department, this one was set up almost the same as the one where I did my testing, only that now there was a cart where I was told to place my luggage.

Once again, I was told kaçak iddaa to strip and put a gown on, leaving my lower half exposed. As I lay on the exam table, this time my legs were placed on stirrups and my wrists were restrained at my sides.

“This is just to make sure that you won’t move during the treatment; it is a series of 4 injections that have to be applied at the base of your penis and scrotum. This is to make sure that only ‘X’ chromosome sperm are produced, and that it will enhance your stamina and size to ensure proper fertilization is done once you complete your training.” Dr. Singh said in an almost wistful tone underneath his clinical voice.

After that, he proceeded to administer four injections; two at the base of my penis for the growth and stamina, and on on each side of my scrotum for the sperm production, both in quantity and to make sure I would only produce ‘X’s as was the term used. Once done, he left me laying on the table and left the room. Shortly after, the door opened and the same woman from last time walked in; only this time, her hair was loose coming down her shoulders to the middle of her back. She wore the same lab coat as before, only this time there was a green and gray top that looked like an old fashioned corset. Below that, she wore a short matching green skirt that almost showed the tops of her black stockings. It was tight enough to see the outline of the stocking straps that appeared to come from the corset top.

“Good morning Mr. Chase, My name is Ms. Hastings, I’ll be helping you along after your injections to make sure that they take effect as soon as possible.” She said in a soft but lustful tone.

As she got closer, I could see more details, the top was indeed a corset, cupping her impressive breasts in such a way to maximize the effect of their size. The cups were slit and only held closed by a flimsy lace bow that was straining to contain her nipples as they were growing and beginning to stretch it as they poked against the flimsy material.

As she got closer, I could see the lustful look in her eyes as she gave my cock a visual inspection, under her gaze, I began to stiffen. I thought that after the injections it would be a while before the pain and numbness would prevent me from getting hard, but that was not the case; my cock was quickly filling to a rampant erection.

Once she reached the table, her perfume reached my nose, once again the lavender and honey, but this time it was spiced by the sweet smell of her arousal. She traced her nails up my thighs, sending shivers into my legs; my cock lurching forward and still growing as she teased me. I could feel a heat coming from my balls as they began to fill. For some reason, I didn’t feel any pain from the injection site at this time, when before I felt the sting of the needle and the usual pain/pressure one gets from a vaccination, but now all I could feel was the heat of my blood rushing into my cock and the building of sperm and pre-cum in my balls.

I felt her nail tracing the channel than went up the center of my cock, stopping right at the glans. The sharpness of the nail and the softness of the contact making me even more aroused; not to mention the scent of her own arousal filling the room. With her other hand, she pulled on the lace bows, undoing them and her hard nipples came into view, beckoning my eyes and making my mouth water to have them between my lips. Leaning forward, she took a long sniff of my crotch, which I found odd but extremely erotic.

I could not take my eyes off the image before me, a beautiful older woman bent at the waist, my cock a mere half inch from her face as she scented my cock, which was framed perfectly by the enormous globes of her breasts, still partially confined by the corset she wore. I saw more than felt when she stuck her tongue out and gently began to lick my shaft, causing me to moan at the erotic display she was giving me.

I felt her hand cup my balls, feeling the weight of them, while her nails tickled the back of my scrotum, sending even more shivers up my spine.

“Hmmm, this smells delicious.” She said as she continued to lick along my shaft, never really getting to my sensitive crown. “I bet that you’re going to be very popular at the training facility, too bad I won’t be coming along.” She added with a little disappointment.

I couldn’t trust myself to speak, but I guess she sensed the question I was going to ask. “You’re not the only bull that will be at the training facility this time around, we have another one that needs to be examined and accepted from here, and there will be a few others from other parts of the world.” She said, “and, in my role as the senior in the herd, I need to inspect and approve of any new bulls that would join.”

Now that is what really got me doubting my decision to sign on the dotted line. Herd, bull, what the hell was she talking about? Then I noticed something that I hadn’t before, there seemed to be two small bumps on the top of her head, small enough kaçak bahis to be covered by her hair, but they curved slightly upward. The looked like a small version of horns I saw in an old history book where they showed the cattle drives of the ancient west, in the former United States of America. Then it hit me all at once, I was going to become a breeding bull to bring in the next generation of girls for the human race; but, at the same time I would be impregnating and milking what could only be described as human cows for the consumption of dairy products.

Being shocked is an understatement, but there is no other way I can describe it. Here I was, a recent college graduate, being hired by the government to basically sow my wild oats without a care in the world. With the only request is that I sire girls and that I help out milking the mothers? I could just imagine the look of pure envy on Jake’s face, since he was the horniest one in our group of friends.

“Oh, you finally noticed my horns.” She said, “they’re very sensitive, go ahead, I can tell you want to touch them.”

I lifted my hands tentatively, not sure on how to do it; do I caress them, stroke them, grab them? I didn’t know what she would like. Finally I made contact with one of them, I decided to trace my finger along the short length from tip to base. I was surprised that they didn’t feel neither too hard and plastic, nor soft and squishy like flesh, but somewhere in between. They were warm to the touch, and just as she said, appeared to be sensitive, since she moaned and shuddered a little when I made contact.

Feeling more confident, I grabbed the other one and started pulling her down on my cock once again, using it to direct her mouth to where I wanted it. This seemed to please her even more, since now she was moving her hips side to side, and now giving what could be described as soft moos of pleasure.

The air was getting thicker with the scent of her arousal. The only thing that was keeping me from jumping off the table and reversing our positions was the fact that my arms and legs were still strapped in. I began bucking my hips in time with her tongue, trying desperately to position myself to enter her mouth. Her hands still at the base of my cock making sure that I wouldn’t be able to slide past her lips.

“Not yet my dear.” She said between licks, “you need to be properly prepared for your trip, we wouldn’t want to disappoint your trainers now, would we?”

After saying that, she stood up and released my cock. Taking my hands, she once again restrained them on the rails with the cuffs that were attached to the table. Slowly she walked towards my head, swishing her hips. I could see the shiny trails of her juices as the slowly dripping down between her thighs and disappearing at the tops of her stockings. Her nipples were completely out of the slits of the corset’s cups and looked so hard, I just wanted to latch on to them.

She bent over letting one of the massive breasts fall onto the palm of my hand, which immediately closed and began kneading the soft flesh, loving the warmth and heft of it in my hand.

“That feels good, now, a little bit more pressure behind the nipple. Yes! That’s it, right there, just like that. That’s the way you are supposed to stimulate your partner for the milk to let down before you attach the cups for her milking.” She explained between gasps.

I could feel the nipple distend even more, and felt a warm wetness on my hand. Her eyes were closed, her breath was getting deeper, and her moans were increasing in volume slightly. Her hand began to inch its way down her body until it reached her pubis, she slowly began to run her fingers through the wet folds of her labia. I could hear how wet she was from the slightly rhythmic squelches that were created as her fingers teased her clitoris out of it’s protective hood. Using two fingers, she began to penetrate her sex, sending more shudders through her body and into my full hand.

I was mesmerized by the sight of this gorgeous older woman, giving me such a wanton display. My cock was so hard it was almost painful, and my balls felt like that were so full that they would explode from the pressure. I could feel the pre-cum dribbling liberally from the tip, to the point that it looked like I had a pool of mineral oil on my stomach.

“You seem to have some control over yourself. Most of the new bulls would’ve cum by now.” She said in a husky, yet mewling tone.

I could hear her breathing getting more strained as she brought herself closer to orgasm with her fingers. With every soft moan she gave, my cock lurched and more pre-cum flowed out. I didn’t know what she was going to do next. And then with a soft, yet audible moo, her body began to shiver as she reached her climax. Once it had passed, she smiled at me wickedly and took the hand that had been inside her, and left a trail if her juices on my upper lip, just below my nose.

“This should keep you aroused until you reach illegal bahis the island.” She said teasingly.

I couldn’t speak, my mind had gone from any rational thought and all I wanted to do was to get these damned restraints off me, bend her over the table and fuck her until either my balls imploded, or her womb exploded from the amount of semen I would pump into her.

I let my tongue trace my upper lip, getting a taste of her, it was the most delicious thing I had tasted in my life. The sweet, tangy, and salty flavor I could taste was like what the ancient Greeks would call ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, and I wanted more.

Standing up, she straightened her skirt, adjusted the cups on her corset, and walked to the mirror to inspect her makeup once again. My eyes kept drinking her in, looking at her shapely muscular legs. Her lab coat once again hiding the incredible curves of her mature body.

“Please,” I croaked. “I need to cum.”

She looked at me from the reflection in the mirror and smirked. “I can’t let you do that, you need to keep all that delicious cum inside you for the time being. But, don’t worry, you will be able to relieve that pressure building in your balls once you finish the processing and are at the island.” She then turned and left the room.

I groaned in frustration and banged my head on the pillow repeatedly, thinking to myself ‘What had I gotten myself in to this time.’ After a few agonizing minutes, two men walked into the room and began to wheel the table down the corridor.

“Where am I going now?” I asked, my voice conveying the frustration, fear, and a bit of anger in it.

“We’re in charge of transportation, we’re taking you to the Tube.” The guy nearest my head informed me. “It’s a secret transportation device that will get you to the island in about an hour; otherwise, it would be at least ten if we used regular transport.”

I was loaded into what could only be described as a pod, barely enough room for the gurney I was strapped into. Some headphones were places over my head, and the door closed. Once it did, a monitor came on and began showing a video of the island where I was going, only this was definitely not part of the brochure. It features the usual vistas fro the beach and the rest of the facility, only this time there were more images of both the staff and the trainees. Aside from the explanations from the narrator, there were also clips of he duties that were expected of him as a bull for the herd. From maintenance of the milking equipment, to attaching it to the “cows” during the milking sessions.

The combination of the movie and the scent of Ms. Hastings’ juices under my nose were enough to keep me aroused and hard without being able to get any relief. I could feel the milk drying on my hand from when she put her breast in it, which was also not helping in any way for my erection to subside.

When the video began on the duties of breeding, while not showing anything explicit, the sounds that were recorded were enough to make my cock lurch once again and more pre-cum flowed from the tip. The moans and moos he was hearing had my mind imagining what was going on behind the closed doors marked ‘Breeding Pens’.

All too soon, and at the same time, not soon enough, I felt the pod slowing down and stop. Another pair of the transportation team wheeled him out and I could smell the fresh ocean air as the moved him to the receiving area. Once there, the processing continued, my weight, muscle mass, and general stats were taken, as well as a few blood draws. All of this done by the male personnel in the medical and processing center.

“Mr. Chase,” a female voice called behind him.

Turning my head towards the voice, I saw another vision of femininity, this time a tall blonde with a figure that even Ms. Hastings would envy. The lab coat she was wearing had no hope of closing over her ample chest, her waist proportionate to the rest of her and flaring out to perfectly rounded hips and a taught backside that could only be described as ‘an ass you can bounce quarters off’.

“Welcome to the Human Reproduction and Dairy Research Institute’s training facility. We hope that your stay here is pleasurable and rewarding.” She said with a smile and a gleam of excitement in her eyes. “I am Ms. Caldwell, one of the instructors and senior ‘cows’ in the herd. I’m here to help you transition to your new life and duties as a bull. I’ve been assigned as your primary instructor and counselor, we will be working very closely and I will be showing and evaluating your progress within the program.”

All I could do was nod in acknowledgment at her welcome speech; never in my wildest dreams or fantasies had I been confronted with this situation that I was living. She glided over to stand next to the gurney I was strapped into, noting the state I was in with dry milk on my hand, dried pussy juice on my lip, and a puddle of clear pre-cum on my stomach.

“I see Claire was the one to greet you at the offices this morning.” She said with a sigh. “You poor man, I bet you can’t wait to be able to cum. First I need to take some measurements and other data for our records, then you can have the relief you need.”

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