Spontaneous Anal Suggestion Ch. 02

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The Next Day

This is a continuation of my first story. Again, the characters are fictitious and names are not real people.


Any guy will tell you that there is nothing better in the world than being gently sucked out of a deep slumber, just as the first morning rays begin to dance through the blinds. A firm grip on my morning wood and a hot wet mouth gradually pulled me into consciousness. I opened my eyes to see my wife, Vanessa, only slightly less groggy, looking at back me face to face. She too had only recently awakened. I looked down at my cock to realize that it was actually her little sister who was tugging at my manhood, suckling me in a determined, but unfrenzied manner. I almost didn’t notice that her two thin fingered hands were both wrapped around my cock and her index and pinky fingers were interlocked into a golfer’s putting grip. I though that odd, but I wasn’t going to say anything to ruin the mood.

I looked at Vanessa, “Are you okay with this?”

She grinned, “Cat’s out of the bag now.” I was a bit disturbed by her cavalier attitude, because last night she had said, this would be the only time we would have a threesome. Now here was her sister, trying to get me to cum like it was her breakfast.

I had no time to ponder this much further. That insistent teenage mouth would not be denied. What she lacked in skill, she made up for in zeal. I rewarded her efforts with a volley of hot throbbing squirts. I held Vanessa close to me as I shot my wad into her sister’s mouth.

Celeste was caught off guard by my orgasm, but she did her best to swallow it all and not interrupt the rhythm. She continued to suck and tease me, bringing about those jerky spasms of post orgasmic sensitivity.

“Good Morning, Jake,” said Celeste.

“Thank you, sweetie,” I replied.

“Nessa,” Celeste pleaded, “You have to take me to school.”

Vanessa responded, “Okay sweetie, get ready, I need to talk to Jake.”

With that, Celeste went off to the bathroom. Her feet sounded like a cat as she trotted off to the bathroom.

“Baby, I want to have a long talk with you tonight after work, okay?” Vanessa said.

“Sure, no problem.” I replied.

“Just us, okay?”


It was awkward enough with two people in our single bathroom of our tiny apartment trying to get ready for work. Now there was a third, doing her make up in mirror. I was still raging hard, both from my piss hardon and remnants of my recent orgasm. I found it impossible to piss. Celeste noticed my distress.

“It’s almost impossible for him to piss right after he comes,” Vanessa informed her. “He needs to let his hardon subside before he can go.”

Celeste seemed fascinated by my plumbing. “Can I help?” she asked. And she wrapped her thin fingers around me again and pointed me down towards the bowl.

“No I…” I started to say something, but my piss started to trickle. I put my hand on Celeste’s shoulder as she tried to guide my stream. She was hypnotized as I pissed more forcefully, the echo of the water reverberating off the tiles. I finally finished, and she gave me a shake and a kiss. Vanessa, continued to apply her mascara, unfazed by this oddly intimate exchange between me and her sister.

I quickly got dressed and grabbed some poptarts. I kissed Celeste and then I kissed Vanessa as I headed out the door. Normally, the painful slow commute on the Santa Monica was the bane of my existence, however on this day it afforded me time to mull over last night’s events. I nibbled on the poptarts as the traffic crawled.

“What was that all about last night? Why did it happen? Was this a good thing or a bad thing? Would it happen again? Did I want it to happen again? Why wasn’t I stronger? Why did Vanessa want this? Will this wreck our marriage?” were the questions that raced through my mind. I couldn’t come up with any answers.

I was so distracted once I got to work that I barely managed to make it through the day. It’s a good thing I know enough techno lingo speak to sound competent to that conference room full of coworkers who have no idea what the hell I do, only that it’s vital to the company.

“Rollout of the new website facelift will coincide with implementation of the new database protocols. I’m waiting on corporate to give me the okay to make this my primary action item as we need to delegate who will need to be onsite in order to facilitate the changeover. Once this is accomplished, we can sign off on this milestone and move out of alpha. Barring any unforeseen incompatibilities, we can go gold by the end of next week.”

It erotik film izle sounded good. Fight club had nothing on me. I just needed to avoid everyone for the rest of the day.

I ended up fake paging myself with my cell phone, so I could get out of another one of those agonizingly unproductive team meetings. Everyone assumed that there was some work emergency that I needed to deal with. Little did they know that it was my marriage that was the emergency, and my own bad judgment that I needed to deal with.

I rushed home so I could clean up the apartment. I opened the door to a candle lit apartment. I could smell my favorite dishes from P.F. Changs on our little kitchen table, which had a new lacy tablecloth on it.

“I wasn’t expecting you so soon,” Vanessa said.

“I wasn’t expecting you either. I thought you’d be at work,” I replied.

“I got off early. Let’s eat,” Vanessa said.

Dinner was silent. I enjoyed my oolong marinated sea bass as I watched the light flicker on my lovely wife. Apparently she had planned this a while. She was always good at devising a plan of action and executing it flawlessly. I was beginning to think, last night was no exception.

“Vanessa, I…” I started.

“Shhh. After dinner,” she cut me off.

So we finished our meal in silence. I had to give it to her. She put together a feast for my stomach as well as a feast for my eyes. She wore a sheer negligee under her silky Japanese robe. I felt out of place in my khakis and polo shirt, the corporate IT uniform. There was no dessert. She cleaned up the plates and took my hand and let me silently into the bedroom.

She started to undress me. Slowly and deliberately was the pace as she peeled me out of my shirt.

“Baby, lets…”

“Shh,” she put her finger to my lips.

She deftly unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor. I wiggled out of my shoes and socks, and she pulled down my shorts. My cock was at half mast and she gave it a tug and squeeze as she smiled up at me. She then crawled into bed. She had arranged the pillows in her favorite configuration. I knew what she wanted. She didn’t need to even say it. As she leaned back on the pillows which propped her upright I crawled to her on the bed. She held her hand under my chin, looked deeply into my eyes and then grabbed my head and pulled me down between her legs. She would never ask for oral sex, at least never verbally. She always would demand sex in her own style, just maneuvering me where she wanted me and instinctually I would grant her what she wanted.

Her pussy was before me. Clean shaven, looking like a sweet piece of fruit was how she kept it. When she was really excited, she looked like dried peaches, her pussy lips would pout like a child denied candy. Obviously she wanted to orchestrate our sex tonight, but by no means was the power solely in her hands. I too knew the power of tease.

I nuzzled against her lips and mound. My five o’clock shadow grazed her baby smooth thighs. I tongued her clit until it began to peek out from under its hood, anxious to come out and play. She would thrust up at me out of reflex, and I would back away in denial, only to move back in and suck her lips or her clit into my mouth. I would suck her clit into my mouth and graze it back and forth with my tongue. She would writhe and buck, but never complain. I would always release my little prisoner before the torture would become too intense for her.

Her juices flowed. I had never known a woman whose nectar was so sweet and abundant. I slowly fucked her with my tongue. Her wet folds and crevices beckoned me to explore. I twirled it around and spelled out words that would kick ass at Scrabble. I drank her in. She reached for my cock which was so hard it was smooth like a test tube. She pulled me to her cunt and looked at me longingly, as if to say, “No more teasing. It’s enough. Put the wood to me.”

I rubbed the head of my aching cock against her juicy slit. I always made sure that the waters were good before I dove in. When she was like this, I never needed to do that. It was like it was more teasing. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her as she thrust up at the same time.

“Oh shit,” she hissed as I sunk in all the way. Her nails dug into my ass and held me deep. Her legs wrapped around me and held me so I couldn’t move. Her pussy twitched around me.

“Oooh…nnnnn” was all she said before she bit my shoulder and rode through her orgasm. She was going to try and hold back, but there was no stopping this bullet train. Her strong cunt muscles, film izle squeezed and tried to bend my painfully hard dick. She was done before I had even gotten started.

I let her ride it through and held her body tight to me as she came. I waited for her to recover before I spoke.

“That was different,” I commented.

“Sorry,” she said, “That caught me off guard.” Our mutual grip on each other eased and I was able to move again.

“It’s okay,” I replied as I began my trip towards orgasm lane. She was now wet and loose from her hard cum, but her pussy still gripped me like it had its own second wind. I thrust back and forth in a calm and regular pace. I was like and Olympic rower. She let me continue this for a few moments.

I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. Her expression was that of love, understanding, gratitude. All the things you give and get in return.

“Jake,” she said, “I need you in my ass. Please.”

“Okay,” I was surprised by the request, but I was never one to deny it. We had practiced a lot of anal sex before we got married as a means of birth control, but we continued to do it as part of our sexual repertoire. I pulled my wet cock out of her juicy cunt and moved it down to her ass before it could complain. I felt her fingertips guide me to her wrinkled hole. As I pushed forward, she opened up, but not enough to let me in. I began the slow teasing of her ass to allow her time to relax. After she has an intense cum, it takes her a while to relax and open up.

Before I knew it, her anus flowered and the head slipped in. I dipped my fingers into her pussy to pull some juice on to me as I eased my way in. She held her ass apart with her hands for me and soon I was in to the hilt. But before I could start thrusting, she spoke.

“Have I ever told you about my first time with a woman?” she asked.

“No, I can’t say that you have,” I replied.

“I was eighteen. She was my coach,” she started. It became apparent that she wanted to tell me this story while she held me tight and my cock was a prisoner of her ass. I had relaxed by body and postponed my need to thrust.

“Anna Lopez del Fuego was the coach of my tennis team in high school. She was a taskmaster but she got results,” Vanessa continued, “I wanted to be just like her.”

I was torn with the need to get my rocks off and listen to this anecdote at the most awkward of times. But I love my wife. And I love her weird little idiosyncrasies. Besides, if I had cum, there was no possible way I could stay conscious for this story even if I wanted to. She knew this and she planned it. I had no choice but to indulge her.

“I was on my way to being state varsity tennis champ. I had to head north to face an opponent at another school. I beat her easily and my school put us up at a fancy hotel as the bus back home would not depart until morning. Miss Lopez took me out on the town. She let me wear one of her skimpy dresses as we went to clubs. She was so beautiful. Neither of us needed ID as people, both men and women were drawn to her. She had wavy black hair and eyes that made you do her bidding. She had a lean athletic body, muscled, but not masculine, you know?”

I nodded. I must have had an annoyed expression on my face. My erection had subsided a little. Vanessa must have sensed this because she squeezed my cock firmly gaining its attention as well as my own. She continued.

“We had drinks and danced. Guys were hitting on us, but she was shooing them away. I hadn’t had that much to drink, but you know what a lightweight I am. Before I knew it, we were back in her room and she had my panties down and had her face buried in my pussy.”

I was now beginning to forget about my own orgasm and listen to my wife spin her lesbian tale.

“She ate my pussy like there was no tomorrow and she ate my ass. I had the strength to resist her, but not the desire. I wanted this. I wanted to know what it felt like. I needed it and she sensed that. I never went down on her. Never once.”

I was hooked. I had never known this about my wife. I had always assumed she might have had some experience with girls, but I never knew to what extent. I never really cared to ask since, she might have told me things I didn’t want to hear. But I was now her captive prisoner.

“Our relationship, was professional, but evolved into an accomplishment/reward sort of thing. If I would win a match she would eat me out and eat my ass. Oh Jake, you have no idea how much I loved being bent over her desk. The door to her office locked, the wooden blinds drawn down and shut seks filmi izle while I spread my cheeks for her and she licked me into oblivion. I missed the smell of wood and the feel of her desk scraping against my nipples, the rustling crumpling paper in my fists as I would always come against her mouth. It would always just kill me when I would lose a match. If I lost she wouldn’t go down on me, and I needed it. I was addicted to it. If she felt I wasn’t concentrating enough, she would insert a butt plug up my ass to remind of why I needed to win. It was hard not to betray that fact to everyone watching you. You couldn’t allow yourself to walk any different. You couldn’t scratch at it. You couldn’t let the parents of the other girls know, that your ass was milking this little piece of plastic pacifier. Do you have any idea how hard it is to play tennis with a plug up your ass?”

“No, I can’t say that I do,” I replied, just utterly astounded at the bizarrely rhetorical question.

“I won Jake. I won a lot. When she was training my ass, she was training me for life,” Vanessa continued. “I learned that my success in life was based on my control of myself and my desires. It might not make a lot of sense to you, but believe me, it shaped who I am and made me stronger.” She squeezed my cock in her ass to emphasize her point.

My cock grew firm again.

“Do you think any less of me?” she asked.

“No, of course not,” I replied.

“I never gave Miss Lopez any sexual pleasure in return. She would just reward me when I performed and made her proud. Last night after you came in Celeste’s ass, it brought back so many memories, memories I had thought long forgotten. When I saw her ass twitching like that, I HAD to go down on her. I’m not gay, but I had know what Miss Lopez felt for me. Can you understand that?”

“Yes, I guess I can…” I responded.

“Then cum. You mother fucker. Fuck my ass and cum. Shoot your hot load in my ass and show me that you love me.” With that she slapped my face in a challenge.

I was shocked. My wife had just dared me to cum in her ass. The shock of her slap just made me angrier. She counted on that. She knew I would pour my anger into her defiantly tight ass.

I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. She held her legs by the back of her knees as I pounded her into the pillow.

“That’s it big boy, show mama what you’re made of…” she teased.

This dirty talk was having an effect on me. I had never seen this side of my wife and it was making me crazy. My dick was harder than it ever was in my life and I was jackhammering it in and out like my life depended on it.

I looked down at Vanessa. Her shit eating grin was making an appearance. My raw cock ached as it sawed in and out of my wife. She was loving this. She wanted this. I was a pawn in this game that was my wife’s pleasure. But I didn’t care. I reveled in this base dirty unmarital fuck pounding frenzy.

My dick was near its bursting point when I hear the giggle. The giggle that preceded my wife’s whimsical orgasms. The giggle that accompanied the kind of fucking that took place in a grassy field on a sunny day after some wine and a picnic. She was cumming.

I looked through squinted eyes at my Vanessa’s face. Her anal orgasm had contorted her mouth into a wordless “O”. Her ass clamped down me and milked me rhythmically.

My orgasm followed hers. These were the best kind of orgasms. The kind where you feel the cum just pouring out of your dick like you’re peeing, but that preceeds that forceful pump action. Like a shotgun, I sprayed her bowels. I screamed as I came. I nearly crushed Vanessa as I held her tight against me, squirting my hot seed into her hot ass. I collapsed on top of her, no longer thrusting. I almost started freaking out because I just couldn’t stop cumming. My orgasm outlasted the content of my balls as my dick heaved of its own volition spraying nothing but good intentions.

I looked at Vanessa. She looked at me like I had never seen her before. She had a look that spoke volumes about how we felt about one another. No judgments no chastisements, only love and understanding.

I had no strength left. It had all poured out of me. I used my last dregs my energy to roll us over and onto my back and pulled Vanessa on top of me, my cock still embedded in her ass.

“I love you Jake,” she said as she placed her hands on my chest and rested her chin against them. Idly she played with my hard nipples.

“I love you too baby,” was my response, I meant it, but I was on autopilot. I didn’t even have the strength to lift my head and kiss her. These life draining orgasms were occurring at such a pace, that I wasn’t sure I would live out the rest of the month.

But little did I know, there was more to come….

To Be Continued.

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