She’ll Want More…

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Yes SNAG’s like anal sex too. It is not solely the domain of the anal plunderer hell bent on anal destruction.

Instead I would like a woman who actually enjoyed being fucked in the arse and would like me to do it again rather than just endure it.

I have to say that I really love arse fucking. I love arses in general. I love their shapes, their roundness, their sensuality and the way they feel. I love arses that have substance and shape. I’m not too keen on fat arses or flat arses, just nicely shaped ones.

Now, in order to fuck your woman’s arse we need some passionate agreement from her first. She just won’t let you get her on her hands and knees and present her arsehole for plunder. Although, I have had girls who will do that, but they are very rare. So you have to get her in the right mood.

OK, after you have been fucking and playing about for a while, you’re both pretty hot and turned on and maybe by this time she has had an orgasm or two or she is not very far away. Now is the time to go down on her. You may have already done that when you first started getting her turned on for fucking, but this is taking it a step further.

The preparation

When you go down on her this time, the idea is to blow her mind. Lick her and tease her to orgasm and then when she is in that post orgasmic bliss, gently keep on licking her and slowly move south – if she is on her back. And start licking the little piece of skin that separates her cunt and her anus. Gently lick and caress it with your tongue. At this stage is she is probably not paying too much attention if she has just had her orgasm. If she doesn’t object to you licking then continue further until you are rimming her anus. You must do this very gently, especially if you have never licked her anus before. You must let her get used to the idea that you have your tongue near the ‘dirtiest’ part of her body.

Rim her anus very gently, and if she has come down from her orgasm by now she may be starting to pay attention to what you are doing.

Remember you are trying to get her relaxed for your cock, so the more time you take the better it will be for both you and her.

I cannot stress enough about taking your time. It doesn’t matter whether you lose your hard-on at this stage, you’ll get it back when you fuck her arse.

Somewhere around here adjust her body so that it is more comfortable for you to tongue her anus, as you are going to be here for a while, so you might as well be comfortable it. I have found that there are couple of really good positions for this.

The good old 69 is a good one, because it allows her to suck your cock and distracts her a little from what you are doing to her.

Another variation is 69 lying on the side, in this position she can actually lick your arse if she wants.

For totally control though, you might want to put her on her hands and knees and put her arse in the air and head on a pillow. If she arches her back up for you then you’re halfway there – she knows what’s coming and wants it, but still wants you to take your time.

You can also have her lying on her back and put her legs back as far as they will go so that her hips flex upward. These last two are the most comfortable for the licker and will give you total control and complete access to her hidden treasures, and will nicely open her anus up a well.

When she is enjoying being rimmed, erotik film izle then you slowly start to flick your tongue around her tight opening and dip your tongue in just a little bit. She may jump at this; mostly it will be surprise at how good it feels. Start pushing your tongue into her anus. Make you tongue like a small cock, but not too hard. You want her to like something going into her arsehole. Slowly start insinuating your tongue into her anus, paying special attention to how she is relaxing. If you can feel her anus relaxing then it is working. Also, your tongue is a lot more sensitive than fingers and so can give a much better idea of how her anus is relaxing.

When her anus is nice and relaxed with your gentle tongue fucking, you can then increase the pace with your tongue and start tongue fucking her arse a lot more aggressively. Your tongue is a lot smaller than your cock, so the invasion is not so extreme for her to cope with. Do this for sometime, until you feel she is enjoying it. If she doesn’t seem to be into it yet, then slow down and maybe go back a step to gentler tonguing.

Once you can slip all your tongue into her arsehole then she ready. Then I’d start pushing as much saliva into her arse as possible, making it good and wet. I have tried this and it works. You don’t need as much or any lubricant if you can get her anus wet with your saliva.

The penetration

Here is the moment of truth. Her anus is open, relaxed and wet just waiting for your cock. You probably would like to just shove it inside right now, but you must restrain yourself. You haven’t achieved your goal yet.

The technique that I use next is also important. Remember what you are working on here. You just don’t want to get your cock in here arse.

You want her to enjoy it enough to want you do it again and again, and not just be a once-off uncomfortable experience.

This technique involves having only a partial hard-on.

It takes some practice and control not to have the fattest hard-on when you are so close to achieving your goal, but try it’s worth it.

OK, when you have your cock just hard enough to penetrate without flopping away, but not so hard it’s like rod of steel – somewhere in between – (we’ll assume your girl is on her hands and knees), move up behind her and put your cock to her anus. You may need to go very slowly here. She may have enjoyed your tongue and really wants you to arse fuck her, but she’ll also be aware that it may hurt and your cock is much bigger than your tongue.

Start by rubbing your cock-head around her anus and see if you can feel how relaxed her anus is with your cock. If she is still relaxed and it seems that you can slip your cock in easily, then SLOWLY, press it into her hole. She may tense up a little; this is normal, press on slowly and keep an eye on what’s happening.

You will the visual stimulus is important as we go on. Remember to control your erection; don’t let it get too hard.

Keep on gently pushing into her anus until you feel the head slip past her sphincter. When you have got this far STOP and let her get used to it.

You will be able to feel how tight her anus is around your cock, but still don’t let your cock get hard yet. When her sphincter has relaxed, then you can slowly start moving into her arsehole proper. Again, go very slowly, maybe only a millimetre at a time is all she can stand. film izle Let her guide you. You must always pay attention to what she and her body are saying.

As you start to penetrate her arse watch what you are doing. Observe your cock stretching her anus and see how much cock you have in her arse. As you push into her use this visual stimulus to get your cock fully hard. This way you will be both penetrating her anus and stretching her anus with your expanding cock.

When you have bottomed out at the deepest you can go give her sometime to get used to it.

Then you can very slowly start to withdraw your cock, until only the head remains inside her arsehole.

Slowly push back into her anus until all of your cock in buried in her bowels. When at it’s deepest you should flex you PC’s muscles to make your cock throb in her arse. This should enjoyable for her, but it is also stretching her further.

Keep slowly fucking her arse for a couple of minutes and slowly start building up the tempo, so that you can start to fuck her as if you were having a lazy fuck with her. Don’t start slamming it into her it can still hurt.

Yes all this takes time. But it will be worth it.

Constantly monitor her reactions and only proceed to more aggressive fucking when she is ready.

After sometime you will be able to fuck her arse quite freely.

At this point you could probably fuck her quite hard now.

Bear in mind that if she is not used to arse fucking then it may get uncomfortable quite quickly.

When you are sure that she is into you having your cock in her arse, now is the time for you have fun. Usually it’s better to get it over with pretty quick. Now I go into fucking mode and really start to enjoy the feeling of fucking her arse.

Firstly I just start by slowly fucking her as deep as possible. Making myself aware of every single sensation her arse is giving me. The tight ring down at the base my cock and the warm wetness of her bowels. I can even feel the small ridges in her anus where arse muscles are. It’s sort of like fucking a ribbed condom, but much nicer and HOT. I push my cock the deepest into guts and throbbed my cock there for a while. Pumping up my erection. With this done, I withdraw down to my head. I grasp here hips and pull her back onto my cock and start fucking her so that I may cum. It doesn’t take much until I can feel my balls begin to swell and my prostate start to swell and tighten, I can feel my mind leaving my body until only the sensations of my cock in your arsehole give me. Then I can feel my body come back through the top of my head and through the veins in my body as a blue light which collects at the point of orgasm and explodes from the top of my head and down my spine and through my cock and out as blue light sperm into her bowels. I pull her closer and embed my cock in her while it pulses and fills her guts with my cum.

I hold for a second or two and feel the throbbing of my cock and the pulsing of her anus around it.

She is usually shaking quite a lot by now. It has got her hot but not got her off yet. I roll over onto of her and we roll into a spooning position with my cock still hard in her arse. Quite often my cock will remain hard for quite a while after I have cum in her arse. Slowly I soften, but still stay in her arse – my cock is about 7” and when it’s soft it is 5” and so when my cock softens in her seks filmi izle arse there can still a lot cock in her. She wriggles her arse and bends her head around to meet my lips and we start gently kissing. I reach around her and feel her breasts and as she grinds her hips back onto mine, pushy my cock in further, her breasts push out to fill my hands and our tongues dance a tango.

In an instant she has hopped off me and is working her way down my body with her tongue. She passes my nipples and gently licks and bights them, making me jump.

She rims my bellybutton.

Keeps moving down.

Arriving at my throbbing cock lying on my belly. She doesn’t use her fingers and slowly starts running the tip of her tongue up the length of my cock and down to my balls again. She presses her tongue down and speeds it out and gives my cock and tongue bath, when she gets to my cock head, she licks around the shape of it’s head and across my pee hole. She then picks it up with her hand slips it into her mouth. I can feel her tongue flick and rotate around my cock head as she pushes it deeper into her mouth, her tongue fucking my cock.

The cock that had just been in her arse.

Now I can’t guarantee that she will do it, but it has happened to me several times. There’s no telling how dirty the two of you get now that you’ve licked her anus and fucked her arse. Be prepared, if you do this properly, you’ll have your girl wanting you to fuck her arse and maybe even demanding it. That’s happened to me too!

Anyway, back to the story. He she is sucking my cock into her mouth. I can see how dirty the scene is and it starts to get me hard instantly.

I start to fuck her face and fill up all of her mouth with my cock.

As can’t take all of cock, it’s too big for her, but she’s done what she came, got me very hard. She rolls me onto her back and moves down and sits above my cock and holds it with her hand and lines it up with her cunt.

She just drops straight down onto my cock, all the way to the base. When I am all in her, she wriggles around a bit then starts rubbing her clit up and down across my pubic bone. She starts off slowly, soon quickens and she really starts grinding her clit into me.

Pushing all of my cock into her, she starts moving faster and faster up and down and suddenly her whole body starts jerking and then going almost rigid and she freezes on my cock. I can feel her cunt contracting tightly on my cock. I can feel her heartbeat through her cunt. She doesn’t stop, and keeps on fucking my rock solid cock, grinding her clit into my pubic bone harder and harder. She slips over into another body shaking orgasm and jerks wildly in ecstasy. She doesn’t slow her assault on my cock and then explodes into the biggest orgasm of all. Her whole body is wracked by convulsions, as she grinds her cunt over my cock, and then she collapses down onto my chest the at the very peak of her ecstasy. I wrap my arms around her trembling body as she continued spasming on my cock. I can feel her hot tight cunt pulsing around my cock.

Her body is hot and sweaty as she gives over all her weight to me. I stroke her back and run my fingers through her wet hair. She is breathing hard and heavy, catching her breath and enjoying the bliss.

We lie together in each others arms, my hard cock still in her cunt, her cunt still pulsing around my cock.

We drift off to sleep with me still inside her body and smile across my face, knowing that this was going to happen again.

So there you go guys. It does work. This is a true story… it happened to a friend of friend of mine. Well, ME actually.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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