Over The Years Pt. 04: Little Creek

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Part 3 is named “A Night of Liberty in Perth,’ and was written before we came up with a sequential numbering.


Back in the late 1990’s I was a heavy user of AOL chat rooms and one night, completely out of the blue, I received an instant message from a Navy wife in Norfolk, VA. I was a naval officer at the time and my profile said that. Her name was Carol Ann and she was a very young Navy wife with some questions about Navy rules when her husband was to deploy. She had asked her husband these questions but felt she hadn’t gotten straight answers. I was pretty sure he was feeding her a line of bullshit and I answered the best I could.

That started a nightly chat schedule and after only a few weeks our friendship was solid and I even found myself chatting with her mother, Alex, as well. I’ll stress that we were friends and with my being almost twice Carol Ann’s age, a rendezvous never occurred to me.

Carol Ann began to confide more and more. One day she told me of something that had happened between her and her husband. Her husband’s ship was going to Florida and she decided to surprise him when they had a port visit by driving down to surprise him. Her husband was pissed she had showed up, told her he had plans, and made her feel like crap. She said she had cried the entire drive back to Virginia. I told her I’d never treat my wife like that and a surprise visit would be wonderful. I’d greet her with a nice kiss and find a quiet hotel room for the liberty period and we’d stay there.

Over several months my relationship with mother and daughter deepened. Carol Ann, Alex, and I talked a lot about relationships and how to get through long separations. Never openly sexual but bordering on it when I talked about how reunions went after a deployment… hours in bed and lots of re-bonding. They seemed to drive the conversations toward that topic.

Her mother was more open about her situation with regards to love life and relationships. She was a widow and had been married for about 15 years when her husband was killed. She hadn’t dated or anything else since his death 3 years earlier. She had experienced a series of “female” problems, had lost her ovaries, and had a breast cancer false alarm, which scared the hell out of her… and was part of the reason she had decided to start “living” again. A person’s mortality comes sharply into focus at times like that.

She had sent me her picture and she was a pretty typical Mom. Nothing stunning but pleasing to the eye. She never asked me for a picture and I preferred it that way. They knew I didn’t send pictures via the internet to anyone for any reason.

She was happy that Carol Ann had introduced her to me. I was the first guy she’d really talked to for quite a while. She was very computer illiterate and only used AOL chat with me and Carol Ann, no email or anything else.

A few months went by and the Navy needed me to do some work in Little Creek.

I told them I’d be flying into town for two weeks and they got really excited deciding what I needed to see and do. Carol Ann’s husband had left on a deployment 2 months earlier and her mother was up from where she lived in North Carolina to stay with her.

I talked my command into flying me out on Friday vice a red eye on Sunday by telling them I had relatives in the area and would not claim the two additional days in the BOQ for per diem. I got into Norfolk about 3pm and to the BOQ at 4:30pm. The nice lady at the BOQ desk had put me into a VIP suite for some reason. I told her I didn’t rate one but she just told me to enjoy my stay.

Around 5pm there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find a petite little red head and a slightly taller and older brunette standing there. The little red head stepped up and hugged me, a full on body hug like we were long lost friends, it was Carol Ann and Alex.

Carol Ann had a lovely southern accent, was petite at about 5 ft 2 in. tall, maybe 105 lbs., shoulder length red hair, freckles, smallish breasts, and was wearing a yellow polo shirt, yellow knee length skirt, and sandals. Mom was bigger built and a mature woman at about 5ft. 6in. tall, about 140lbs, long dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, very full breasts, Mom hips, and was wearing tight fitting ladies slacks and a red polo shirt. They were both very easy on the eyes.

They came in and sat down for a few minutes as I washed up and got ready. Alex was particularly impressed with the room. It was a VIP suite which was essentially a 1 bedroom apartment with a with walk in closet, living room, bathroom with a large tile shower, and a kitchenette. I asked them what they had in mind and they recommended a little place for supper. The chemistry we shared on the phone was even greater now in person, we were laughing and talking like we’d known each other for years.

We headed out for supper to the nice little diner they recommended. When we finished I paid for supper and we got into the car. Alex was in front kadıköy escort next to me and Carol Ann was in back. We drove around a bit as they showed me the area, including where Carol Ann lived. Alex kept her hand on mine as they showed me around. We got back to my room around 9 pm. The rest of the evening was spent sitting and talking. At midnight Alex mentioned I had to be exhausted and got up to leave. I thought to cast a net and see what I caught and suggested they just stay since it was so late and there was a fold out bed in the couch so we’d not be in the same room.

They initially were really hesitant and I went into the bedroom on a concocted reason to leave them alone. I came back out about 10 minutes later and offered them two long shirts as nighties. With a huge cheesy grin I said, “I have night shirts…” as if that would be the tipping point in making a decision. I’m a big English Premiership League fan and had kit from several clubs.

Much to my amazement, they agreed, with provisos of course. I insisted they take the bedroom and I’d settle in on the couch. We separated and I got undressed, to my underwear because I don’t bother with PJs when I’m traveling.

Yes, I warned them about that.

The bedroom door was visible from the couch and I had a clear line of sight hoping for a voyeured view. I got comfortable with a pillow and sheets and kept an eye and ear on the door knowing women simply cannot go to bed unless they pee first. Sure enough the door opened and out came Carol Ann.

She was bare foot and wearing a Chelsea shirt which reached to mid thigh. She had a nice set of legs, nothing was in view in the bedroom. A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom and when she opened the door to the bedroom I was rewarded with a view of Alex on the far side of the bed. Her back was to me but she was only wearing panties and was bending over straightening up her clothes on a chair. She hadn’t put on her shirt yet and I had a clear view of her panty covered ass.

Alex had a Mom ass, meaning full but not Kardashian mega ass. Her hips were not hugely wide like some women after they’ve given birth and turn into wide-loads, they were of a decent spread which said, “I’m a mother.” She turned just as the door closed and I caught a brief side look at her tits, nice and full. Not perky like Carol Ann’s but far from saggy, probably 34C.

The night was quiet and I woke early and hopped into the shower. While I was in there I heard a knock. I turned off the shower and said, “Yes?”

“I gotta pee!” It was Alex.

I hurried and walked by only in my towel, brushing by Alex who was in her ManU shirt. Her perky nipples made it clear she was still braless.

I waited outside the door, she finished and gave me a kiss on the cheek as she walked by.

I got dressed and watched the morning news until they began to rattle around. In and out of the bathroom they went and I got an eye full each time, ya… of legs but I like legs.

They decided to head home for a spell to change clothes. I went to the McDonald’s for breakfast and returned to the room the same time Alex drove up. She said that Carol Ann had forgotten she was going to go out with a friend, Stacy, that morning but would join us later in the day.

Alex was dressed in flat shoes, nylons, and a Mickey Mouse pair of over-all denim skorts with a matching polo shirt underneath. She was really very pretty in it. We headed out and she showed me all over the place. Virginia Beach, that damned long bridge across the Chesapeake, a bit of Williamsburg, etc. It was really great, just like a date and by the end of the day we were holding hands walking around.

Don’t get on my ass, I’m relatively old fashioned and don’t just jump into the sack, well… not immediately.

We met with Carol Ann and Stacy for supper at a place called the Grate Steak, or something like that. Stacy was Carol Ann’s roommate while her husband was away. She was a nice young lady and they attended a local college together. They were the best of friends and I had chatted with them together once online. Stacy was far more “worldly” that Carol Ann was. She was black with shoulder length black smooth hair, about 5′ 5″, 125 lbs, very full breasts, probably 36C-30-34. Stacy had really light skin and at first glance looked more latino than black.

When supper was over Alex and I drove back to the BOQ. We sat and talked for a bit and when she said she needed to get going, I suggested she stay again, reminding her of the sleeping arrangements. She thanked me but declined with a kiss on the cheek.

I walked her to her car and we stood there talking for a bit. The lot had minimal lighting and was relatively dark because of the trees. She was with her back to the car leaning on it and I was next to her with my left side leaning on the car. There was a prolonged amount of small talk when she said she should be üsküdar escort going.

I replied, “It’s still pretty early for a Saturday night”.

She didn’t answer so I stepped in front of her and put one hand on the car to each side of her shoulders and said, “Well, you won’t get away without a kiss”. She smiled and pretended she was going to kiss me and then dropped to try to get under my left arm. She laughed when I çaught her and I took both wrists and held them against the car next to her shoulders. I leaned in for a kiss and she turned her head to avoid it. That simply exposed her neck so I kissed that instead.

She didn’t resist so I kept planting kisses on it and then pressed my tongue hard into her neck. She shivered and said, “Oh God, that makes my hairs stand up,” and then turned her head to kiss me. We kissed like high school kids for a while and I soon found myself releasing her hands and she wrapped them around my neck. I pivoted so my back was against the car and she was leaning against me, I spread my legs a bit to lower myself and get the optimal height for kissing. This resulted in her standing between my legs.

Her tits were smashed against me and she moved her body to rub them on me. My hands were on her waist and I pulled her against me. She responded by pressing her mound against my growing cock. My hands Iowered and I took an ass cheek in each. They were surprisingly firm.

Alex was breathing deeply as we kissed. Her arms still around my neck.

We made out for a while and then she broke the kiss, looked down and said, “OMG, I really can’t do this.”

I kissed her neck and said, “You could spend the night.”

“No, it’s not right and what would I tell Carol Ann?” she said.

I latched on to “not right” looked her in the eye, frowned and asked, “What’s not right?”

“I hardly know you and I have to think about Carol Ann.”

“We’ve been friends for months,” I said and added “She’s a real sweety, but she’s also a married woman without her man and I suspect she knows all about desire.”

Carol Ann and I had chatted about desire online. Since she’d been married she had wanted to make love all the time but her husband didn’t. I said he was a fool but there were toys out there for women or even other men on the side. She LOL’d and I added, “women were an option as well.” This brought a LMAO. Carol Ann was a very proper southern lady and felt that “self gratification” was simply not right. When she told me I was shocked and told her so. Her generation is pretty open to those things, she wasn’t.

But back to Alex.

Alex kissed me and said, “I really would like to but I can’t”.

I opened the car door for her and she sat down on the seat and started the ignition. I leaned in and kissed her saying, “You’re leaving me in a condition you know,” and stood up so she could see my still hard cock.

She reached out and rubbed it up and down and then gripped it as if sizing it up. She lingered a bit as though considering staying and then leaned over and kissed my bulge, and then drove off.

I went up to the room and went to bed, pretty frustrated.

It was 8 am on Sunday morning and I was in bed when there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, Alex pushed the door open, put her arms around my neck and kissed me as she kicked the door shut.

I was in my underwear and said “Good morning to you to,” around her tongue.

Alex reached down and grabbed my shorts by the band and headed toward the bedroom. She kicked off her shoes saying, “We have an hour before Carol Ann gets here.” Then she turned to me and opened the wrap-around dress she was wearing to reveal a black bra, matching panties and thigh highs.

I stepped to her and, wrapping my arms around her, engaged in a tongue dual. As we kissed I unclasped her bra and it dropped to the floor. My hands found her breasts, nipples hard, and I lifted each to my lips. She tasted faintly of peaches. Her hands went to my cock and she pushed me against the wall. Kissing her way down my chest she said she had wanted me last night and thought about it all nite, which had resulting in a state of, as she put it, “extreme wanna get laidness”.

She lowered my shorts as she descended to squat in front of me. She looked up at me and smiled as she fondled my balls for a moment, pointed my cock down and kissed and licked the shaft ending up at the head where she slipped the head into her mouth. She didn’t exactly give me head but concentrated on the head and stroked the shaft. I remembered we had talked about foreplay and she didn’t particularly like giving head.

My hands were on her head and she looked lovely. I was getting ready to cum but didn’t know if she liked it in her mouth so I warned her. She stopped stood up, pulled me toward the bed and said, “I want you inside me.”

She turned around putting her hands on the bed and bent over in front of me. Her ass was very nice and I told her so. I tuzla escort leaned over and kissed her lower back as I hooked my thumbs in her panties and then sunk onto my heels as I slid them down and off. She was freshly showered and smelled really nice.

She said, “No time for that” but pulled her hips toward me and pressed firmly down on her lower back. She rotated her hips so that her pussy was sticking out. Alex

was au natural, pubic hair trimmed short, full thick labia, glistening and a bit swelled as if they’d seen a little action recently.

I made the time and leaned forward and licked her slit, she was really wet. She groaned as I parted her lips with my thumbs and inserted a finger. She was soaked and dripping. I licked her swollen lips and flicked her clit. She raised up on her toes and spread her legs more.

I love eating pussy and her’s was freshly clean and sweet smelling. She had prepared for this.

She was wet and ready when I stood up and put my cockhead against her pussy. Taking her by the hips, I slowly pushed. The head slipped inside and she reached between her legs with a hand to press against my thigh saying, “wait, wait.”

I stopped and waited. She hadn’t had a cock in 3 years. She moved her hips a bit to adjust to accommodate one.

“Ok, slowly” she said and I began sliding in. I paused every inch or so and soon was finally “balls deep.” The wet heat that surrounded my cock was fantastic and I think hers was the hottest pussy I ever had.

She was quiet for several moments and just rotated her ass a bit. I took this as “all was well” and started slowly stroking. At first she was pretty tight but began to stroke with me moving forward and backward. In no time her pussy had relaxed and was fucking me back. Shortly, knowing we were on a clock, I reached to her shoulders and began a faster and harder fucking my balls slapping against her clit.

It was just what the doctor ordered. She began to pant and make circles with her ass, soon followed by her whispering, “I’m cumin… I’m cuming.” She fell forward on to the bed, her hands clutching the sheets, and I lay on her ass still making thrusts, my knees got between hers and I spread her legs further, she was still cuming and her pussy pulsating took me over the end as well.

I drove in deep and then exploded inside her in a gush. I felt like I hadn’t cum in years. Her pussy clenching me and I spurt more into her with each thrust. Alex was prone belly down on the bed, her knees were just off the bed and bent down a bit, my hips were pressed tightly against her ass cheeks, and my body was raised up on my arms,

Alex lay there for a few moments and then stirred under me.

“We have to get dressed” she said.

I kissed her back tenderly and said, “Yes we do,” pressed my hips to her ass again and then stood up. She rolled over. She was lovely in her black thigh highs but other wise naked. She stood up quickly, one hand between her legs, and hurried to the bathroom.

I stepped in behind her and grabbed a towel to dry me off and got a warm washcloth for her.

I walked out of the bathroom and glanced at the clock. We had 20 minutes, so I picked up all her clothes and hid them in the kitchette, and got dressed.

Alex walked out and looked for her clothes. I asked what she was looking for and she turned and glared, “we don’t have time for this” she growled.

“Sure we do” I said and pushed her to the bed. She smiled and lay back. With her legs over my arms, I lifted her ass and pulled her to the edge of the bed, her legs settled over my upper arms and I dove into her pussy.

I traced my tongue around her pussy, just on the outside of her still swollen lips. Planting some kisses on her clit I sucked and licked for a few minutes and then planted my mouth over her clit and flicked it endlessly with my tongue. She was dripping again, I’m sure some of it was my cum but I was so aroused I hardly noticed or cared. My right index finger found her pussy and I went searching for her G-Spot.

I’ve only been successful finding it once, I suppose in some women it’s sensitive and for others it isn’t.

She loved the finger but no G-Spot reaction.

Alex reached down and put her hands on the back of my head as she came again. I licked up all I could and got her a towel and her clothes.

I sat back and enjoyed watching Alex get dressed.

Alex wasn’t dressed 5 minutes and Carol Ann showed up. She knocked and just came in. Good thing we were ready. Carol Ann stopped and glanced around, she looked like she wanted to ask something… then said, “We ready?”

We left and had a great time running all over the place.

The rest of the week was spent in meetings during the day and with Alex as often as she could make it and not get Carol Ann suspicious but I felt pretty certain Carol Ann knew and wasn’t objecting. Alex loved to fuck and was very enthusiastic. She wanted to some day try anal. I was too big for her but she managed a finger and said she liked it in her ass when we were doggy style.

Time went too quickly and Alex had to drive back to North Carolina on Saturday morning.

On Saturday Carol Ann and Alex came to my room so I could say bye. I gave Alex a hug and a kiss on the cheek and Carol Ann blurted out, “Just kiss her!” Which I did.

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