Nicole, From The Warehous Ch. 02

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Nicole grabbed my stiffening cock and pulled me upstairs to the bedroom, where a king-sized bed awaited us. She sat down on the bed’s corner, putting her face level with my erection. With one hand, she stroked my throbbing length and fingered herself with the other, while her mouth brought me to full hardness for her requested activity.

After a few more minutes of exquisite sucking and licking, she pulled her finger from her dripping cunt. She looked up into my eyes as she put it in her mouth, tasting her own sweet nectar, then she took it out and resumed blowing me. Suddenly I felt her hand between my legs – her wet finger traced the rim of my asshole before slowly sliding up inside. I was now rock hard and ready to fuck anything she wanted, and Nicole knew it.

She threw herself down on the bed and presented her ass to me, still blushing from the hard spanking “Nikki” had insisted on earlier. It would have been easy to go down on her again or just penetrate that delicious pussy, but she brought me up – specifically – here to plow her ass with my cock. She had been such a good hostess; I resolved to be an ideal guest.

Just to tease her a bit, though, I spread her cheeks to reveal her little brown eye. I lightly ran my tongue over it, and then my lips covered her hole completely as I licked circles around her ripe, fleshy ass. Nicole moaned with appreciation. Eventually, the tip of my tongue found her opening and pushed its way in.

“Oh, get in there, lick my asshole!!”

I pulled away to ask if she knew that soon I was going to be fucking her, right where my tongue had been. Nicole looked back and said I damn well better be. I had her lick my fingers then coated them with the juice sopping out of her pussy, and I began to open her asshole up. My tongue followed, and she writhed against the soft sheets of the bed, convulsing from my rimjob. I could feel her asshole squeeze my tongue.

“Get your cock inside me, right now, Jimmy, all of it…”

We were both ready. I first coated my cock in the well of her cunt, just a quick istanbul escort thrust in to marinate me in her wetness (just one thrust was a difficult limit, but I promised myself I would return), and then placed it at the entrance to her asshole. Nicole pulled my cock head tightly against herself, and I was so wet and she was so turned on that I slipped right in. Clearly, this wasn’t the first time for her, but her mouth still opened in silence while I slid deep into her ass. I leaned forward to push my cock all the way into her, and the silence was broken. First, a gasp escaped her lips, and then more.

“Finally – shit, yeah! Fuck my ass! Let me feel you!”

Her body swayed in sync with my thrusts. Our fucking increased and her arm slid under her belly so she could frig her swollen clit. I watched her rub faster and faster, when I wasn’t watching her ass swallow up my bulging cock, right down to the base. I placed my hands on her reddened cheeks and spread them wide. I could see everything, and our shared juices begin to slosh and leak out.

“Yes! Fuck my ass and fill me up! I want all you have!”

Nicole was loud, insistent now. “Nikki” was nowhere to be found, content to let the grownups play for a while, I guessed. I didn’t think too much about “Nikki”, not while my balls were smacking against Nicole’s flushed cunt lips. I could feel her ass clench around me, hungry for my load. The exquisite tightness of this tiniest of holes would squeeze it out of me soon enough. I pumped away, breathing hard while Nicole continued to scream out vulgarities. It was terrific. It couldn’t last forever, though, and I didn’t want it to. I leaned forward to grab her hips for support, and Nicole knew why.

“Oh fuck yes, come way up inside me now!”

The first stream of hot jism shot deep into her, and I yelped with victory. I pulled out just a little before sliding back in, spewing out more cum into her ass. She pulled me into her, clinging to me until I was spent. Her clit demanded attention, avcılar escort however, bulging like a little cock, so I pulled out with a moist pop and rolled Nicole over. I got down on my knees and licked the sides of her wet spot while she moved her hips upward, trying to make contact. I hesitated, and then licked her clit, making her cry out with delight. I stuck one finger inside her by now sopping cunt, then two, defining her insides and searching for her g-spot. Nicole had other ideas, though.

“Please, please,” she groaned weakly. “It’s time to fuck me there.”

Was it the resiliency of youth, or some kind of lust-fueled overdrive? Either way, my cock was perking up for a rare third round, so I pushed Nicole down on the bed and moved on top of her. In less than a second, I was buried inside the welcoming walls of her cunt; my cock fit perfectly. She rutted up against me, even while her body was being forced up the bed by the physics of our fucking. Nicole had to move her hands back to the rungs of the headboard, for protection or leverage I could not say.

“Jesus,” she said through gritted teeth. We needed no further dirty talk to inspire us now. My heart pounded out of my chest and Nicole’s breath was coming in short gulps; we were both about to cum. She kept shifting up and down, grinding herself into me. I could feel my balls begin filling up with jism, and Nicole must have known, too, as she squeezed them with her hand and used her pussy to milk my cock to orgasm.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes – fill me up with your seed! I want you to paint the inside of all of me!”

Oh, yeah, yeah… yeah! I blasted three, four, I don’t how many overdue shots of cum inside of her while I buried my face in her sweaty breasts. Nicole was right with me. She clawed my back and squeezed her satisfaction out of me, shaking with her climax, and then released me at last, falling back to the bed. My muscles were still tensing, but I began to relax enough to roll off and we both slumped into bliss, as well fucked as could be.

An şirinevler escort indeterminate amount of time passed. I leaned over to ask if we might resume our festival of flesh after some proper rest, but Nicole held my face with her hand and kissed me for the first and last time.

“You are so sweet I could just eat you up again right here, but you have to go home now, baby. My husband will be home in a few hours. You hold onto my number, though, and call me when you get back into town. Think of me when you’re fucking all those college girls, OK?”

This was the first I’d heard of a husband, maybe it was bullshit, I don’t know. It was too hard to think cognitively just then. Clothes were re-located, and I found myself back at the front door. The hour had grown nigh. I watched Nicole (standing there naked with our combined juices still running down her legs, by the way) wave as I backed down the driveway and turned out. It took me a long time to calm down enough to sleep when I got home.

I did call her once several days later, but when a gruff male voice answered, I didn’t stay on the line long enough to figure out if he was the husband, a new friend from the warehouse, or whatever. The phone number was lost in time, surely for the better. I did see Nicole once more, though.

One bachelor’s degree and several college girls later, I was stewing in under-employment at Portland’s second largest liquor store, and the running joke there was that, with cigarettes, booze, and lottery tickets for sale, eventually everyone came to see us. How true it was: one Saturday night I was carding a customer before completing her purchase, looking as I always did only at the age and never the name on the ID, and the woman looked right at me and asked, “Jimmy…?”

For the first time, I looked up into her face and saw that it was Nicole, just as it said on her driver’s license if I had bothered to examine it. Nicole grabbed her flask of Hood River Vodka and glowered out the door. “Nice fucking manners they teach you in college, asshole.”

Still too stunned to do much of anything but make correct change, I did not appreciate the irony until after my shift that she had taught me better fucking manners than anyone I knew in college – until I met you, my naughty little Molly. Now, why don’t you tell me a story of your own…?

Love always,


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