Naturally New Zealand: Little Ado

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The log cabin nestled in amongst ancient trees, half in the shadows, smoke drifting upwards through the gap in the canopy from the small brick chimney. Inside, she looked through her stack of half written stories. Which would she pick out to finish tonight? Which would she allow to transport her into another lifetime, another reality?

Her fingers stilled against a single sheet of paper, the words double spaced, the margins wide. Reading through, she picked up her pen and a clean sheet of paper then began writing. The silence in the woods her backdrop, the pen clicking slightly as the ink flowed around the balled point.

Geoff sat in his chair, staring morosely into the crackling fire as flames licked the inside of the charcoaled chimney. Agitated, he set the chair rocking, each forward motion causing a narrow whine to resonate through the room. One of the most loved pleasures of living in the log cabin was that they could both walk around naked day and night. They could watch the movements of their bodies. Geoff particularly enjoyed watching Sharon’s heavy anadolu yakası escort breasts bounce as she moved, and he loved watching her nether lips as she bent. And Sharon became enthralled with watching Geoff’s cock harden and soften constantly throughout the day. The whine from the chair increased.

Realising she had read the last sentence three times, Sharon sighed, put her pen down, then went to Geoff. Kneeling before him on the floor, she reached up and fondled his ever available cock. Almost before she touched him, he began to harden. Her hand held him and stroked him firmly, just twice, just enough to stop him rocking in the chair, just enough to harden his cock and cause its head to dribble a little clear drop of sticky liquid, and just enough to make him smile. Finally.

Without waiting for further encouragement, Sharon took him into her mouth, her warm lips closing around him. Her tongue flicked over his tip, tasting the clear liquid, swallowing the tiny drop before beginning sucking. One hand moved ataşehir escort to hold his thigh for balance; she gripped it tightly as her world spun when he groaned.

Her tongue, with a life of its own, licked his cock until it gleamed wetly in the twilight. His aroused scent filled her nostrils as she inhaled deeply and his hands clenched the arms of the forest green lazy boy as her teeth gently moved over his throbbing cock. His clean shaven balls had lifted and she knew he was close.

Without pausing, Sharon took Geoff’s cock deep into her mouth. She sucked him hard as she lifted her head off slowly. His groaning increased and her hand moved from his thigh to cup his balls. Squeezing and massaging them, she continued sucking. She knew it wouldn’t take long for him to lose control, to shoot his load into her mouth, as he had only fucked her once in the early morning.

His fingers found the back of her head, tangling in her long hair, holding her steady as she sucked, holding her still, holding her close. A night bird ümraniye escort called across the forest, its mate answered. He moaned and Sharon sucked harder, harder and faster.

He twitched in her mouth and she paused. His groan brought a smile to her face, carefully and slowly she lifted herself off him. Frustrated he grabbed her hair. She leaned forward, winked and kissed him full on the mouth as she climbed onto his chair, straddled his legs then lowered her aching cunt onto his hot shaft.

She stilled a moment as he penetrated her deeply, their tongues mating. And then without much ado, they were slamming into each other. Sharon’s breasts flew, Geoff’s mouth latched onto one nipple and he sucked deeply. The pain ricocheted through her body, culminating in her wet sex as she rode him wildly.

“So close.” His voice was barely a whisper, her hair in his face, her body riding his, her breasts flinging about. Wildly he thrust up into her, his cries of release echoed her own and she fell down against him, chests heaving, struggling for new breath.

She felt their juices trickling from her body, he felt his cock shrinking, sliding about and finally leaving the warmth of her body with a tiny plop.

Snuggling, she dozed against him. Thwarted from his usual after sex intelligent conversation, he too slept deeply as he dreamed of their future in the tiny cabin.

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