Office Romance

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Damn, the new typist in the secretarial pool is one fine looking example of femininity. She looks to be in her mid twenties, five feet four, reddish hair tied up in sort of a short pony tail, blue eyes, no more than 115 pounds and it looked as if she has tits to die for. The grapevine told me she is recently single after a disastrous marriage and her name is Judy.

I am Sam, 32, single and in charge of Marketing in a mid-sized company located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and I do enjoy the finer things in life; especially women. I was dating the head of Sales in a small company in our industrial complex but things weren’t going particularly well with us so we recently parted ways.

Over the years I have found recent divorcees need some time to get readjusted to the single life and they aren’t in any rush to get back into a situation that might, just might, be as bad as the one they had just left. But this one was sufficiently interesting to make an early pursuit worth the gamble. The question was what would be the best approach.

A month or so after noticing her I still hadn’t found the opportunity of meeting her, never mind dating her. Shit, this was going to be a long battle if I couldn’t even swing an introduction. What the hell is the matter with me? When in doubt, take the ball and charge.

I walked into the secretarial pool office area to search her out. The place is made up of a lot of little cubicles with walls only going up about five feet. The architecture of the room is really pretty common in today’s business environment and as I was walking in and out of the little corridors wending their way through the place, I turned a corner and bumped smack into her as she was leaving her cubicle. When I say bumped into her I think collided would be a much better description. I am close to six feet and weigh close to two hundred and I came close to knocking her on her ass. Great…. it gave me a chance to wrap my arms around her to keep her from falling. Too bad she wasn’t falling face down, it would have given me the opportunity to put my hands on her tits rather than just her back.

“Hi, I hear your name is Judy and I want to welcome you to the outfit. I usually just throw new hires off the top of the building to make an impression but I thought a collision would be a smoother approach.”

She laughed uproariously and thanked me for my welcome.

“I’m Sam and I am up in marketing so I’m not sure we will get much of a chance to see one another. Where were you working before here?”

“Actually nowhere. I was married and just tending house and trying to manage a home office over on the Western Shore for my ex husband.”

Hmmm. She sure got the “ex husband” out on the table fast enough. There’s maybe is a little hope here.

“Well, welcome to the Taj Mahal. They just transferred me in here from one of our outlying branches so if you have any questions about the area or need any help getting your feet on the ground, give me a shout. As I say, I have just moved her and suffered many of the things you will be going through.” I dug out a card with my office extension and I scribbled my home and cell phones on it. We said our obligatory ‘well, nice to have met you’ and went on our way.

I knew I was hoping against hope I would have the chance to run into her again in a place more conducive to getting to know one another better.

Things on the job were keeping me busier than hell for the next week and I had no time to give her any more thought until my home phone rang one night and it was her. WOW.

“Sam, I hate to bother you at home but you did offer to give me some help in getting settled in and here I am.”

“Sure, no problem. What can I do to help?

“Well, as I told you in the office, I have just moved her and have no friends, relatives or references in this area and the lack of those in this old fashioned community is driving me crazy.” She went on to say, “You won’t believe all of the trouble I had just getting a phone installed. Since I never worked outside of the home I had no references for them to check. I finally had to resort to telling them I would complain to the local newspaper of just how ‘unfriendly’ the Eastern Shore was to newcomers. That did it, the phone was installed a few days later.”

“Well, no one can say you aren’t resourceful.” I said laughingly “Now that you overcame that hurdle what can I help you with?”

“As you know public transportation over here is non existent and I do need to travel to get to work. My old clunker is on its last legs and I am having a problem getting credit to buy another car. I tell them where I am employed but that seems like only half the story. They seem doubtful I have been hired for anything other than vacation fill in and aren’t too interested in loaning me money if they think I will be gone in a few months.”

“What are you asking? Do you want to borrow the money from me?” I asked.

“No, No, No.. that’s not the reason for my call. I am wondering if you have any contacts bakırköy escort in our company’s Human Resource department who could tell them my employment status?”

“Hell yes, I know a few people there who would be more than happy to confirm you have been hired on a trial basis. Your test will be to prove to them in the next month you are able to type at one hundred words a minute or you are gone.” I joked.

“Great, just what I need, a comedian.”

“Just kidding. Which car dealer are you working with?” I asked

She told me and I simply answered, ” Done, call them back around noon tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I meant I will have taken care of your problem by that time.”

“Really? What are you a magician?” She laughed.

“Isn’t there an old saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth?”

“Sorry. Thanks for your help.” She replied and ended the call.

My imagination was running wild as I pictured her sitting by the phone as she was talking. Her huge tits were pointing at me and her firm little ass was squirming wildly while waiting for me to stick my cock in it. What a picture!

What I didn’t tell her was the manager of that dealer is an old college roommate of mine and he owes me a bunch. I called him and asked that he steer her to a good auto and not tell her I had called about giving her credit.

She called me at work a week or so later to thank me for my assistance. She had bought a late model used car she was thrilled with. I wished her luck with it and asked how she was doing both in the area and on the job. She seemed to love her job and it was taking her a little while to get used to the area. I could certainly understand that. This part of Maryland moves at a much slower pace than anywhere else I have ever been. It’s not bad but does take a little while getting used to it.

Another couple of weeks went by and another call from Judy.

“Sam, I know I must be getting to be a real pain in the ass to you always calling for help.”

“Not at all, you’ll just owe me your first born.” I joked.

“But I’m not even pregnant.” She answered.

“Well, I can help with that.” I said smiling and laughing into the phone.

She went into hysterics laughing, “What a quick come-back. I just bet you could.”

“No, all kidding aside Sam, my washer crapped out and I am having the same problem with credit at the local appliance store as I did with the car dealer. Do you have any of your magic left that will work with them?”

“Let me see, you’re the girl we hired on a part time basis on trial for a full time position. That’s right isn’t it?” I quipped.

“Has anyone said you are a real ball breaker?” she asked.

“No, but I love it when you talk like that. You may visit the store anytime after ten in the morning and pick out the washer you want.”

“Are you serious? How can you be so sure that they will give me credit after they have already refused me?”

“Quit trying to be a detective. Just go pick out what you want. OK?”

“Well, thanks again.” Once again, I knew the Manager of the place from some fishing trips we had been on together and called him when the store opened in the morning and asked that he give her credit but not to tell her I had called on her behalf.

I let few weeks go by before calling her at home.

“Judy, I have a problem you might be able to help with. That’s if you want to.”

“Sure Sam, what is it?”

“Well, as you know I live alone and have been hearing a number of the guys in the office talk about the great home cooked meals they enjoy in the evening and I am interested in finding an attractive gal who would cook one for me. I have looked all around the Eastern Shore for a good looking gal but have given it up as a lost cause and thought I might as well ask you.” I said with all of the smart-ass inflection I could muster in my voice.

“You sure are a smooth talker. I would think every gal on the Eastern Shore, good looking or not, would be falling over themselves to cook you a meal with the smooth way you have of stating your case.” She responded laughingly. “I would be more than just happy to cook you the meal…I would be thrilled. What is your favorite?”

I was going to come up with a smart-ass comment about ‘steamed pussy’ being my absolute favorite meal but thought better of it. I didn’t know her that well YET. So I answered with,

“I m not a fussy eater. I’ll eat almost anything.” I said, milking the double entendre for all it was worth and wondering if I was ever going to be licking up her pussy juices with my tongue.

Her chuckle was audible over the phone. She had gotten my meaning. “OK. Let me surprise you.” We set the date for that Friday night and I was anxious to say the least.

To be on the safe side I brought red and white wines with a bouquet of flowers wondering where the evening would lead. Would this be the night or not?

She lived in a new set of condos they had beşiktaş escort built midway between the office complex and a very nice little shopping mall. I was right on time and when she opened the door I was stunned. She was dressed in nice-at-home casual and she was a knockout. I was like a young kid on his first date … tongue-tied and bashful. Without the constraints of her business suit it was obvious her breasts loomed larger and her hips more slender than I ever pictured in my imagination. She also moved with a sensual liveliness not apparent in the office. I truly was having a tough time speaking.

“C’mon in. Gee, thanks for the flowers, you didn’t have to do that. Dinner won’t be ready for another twenty minutes so make yourself comfortable.” I knew EXACTLY where I would like to make myself comfortable…between her legs.

Dinner was excellent. The woman can sure cook. Our conversation ranged from company gossip to politics and local happenings. I dragged the story of her marriage out of her and it wasn’t pretty. They guy treated her shabbily, humiliating her in front of anyone and everyone when the blame for the problems with the subject under discussion was rightfully his. She finally had enough after close to two years and bailed out. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed an evening more.

That first dinner started something big. Over the next month there was hardly a weekend we didn’t have some kind of date; movies, dinner, local ball games, Saturdays over in Washington museums and concerts etc., etc. This had all the makings of a real romance, and all without any sex! That had GOT to change.

The couple in the condo next to mine invited me over for dinner a week after Judy’s home-cooked special and I asked if I could bring a date. They thought I was stupid for asking. They had seen her at my place a few times and just thought it was a foregone conclusion I would bring her.

It was fantastic. I had a ball and I am sure Judy did too. We ate, drank and laughed until we were sore. It really was one of those unforgettable nights. I drove her home afterwards and as I was leaving her at her front door leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek saying how much I had enjoyed the evening and how proud I was to have been there with her on my arm.

She looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and said rather matter-of-factly, “I have been wondering when you were going to get around to doing that. I was getting the feeling I was the one who would have to break the ice.”

She then put both hands behind my head and pulled me down to her level for a deep throat kiss that had her tongue tickling my tonsils and me climbing the wall. It had to have lasted a solid four minutes after which I pushed/nudged her to walk backwards so I could close her front door behind me. She then simply hung back in my arms and stared up at me saying,

“I have been wanting to do that since the very first day I arranged for you to bump into me in the office.

She saw the startled look on my face and said, “You didn’t really think that collision was an accident did you?” I saw you coming down the corridor and timed my departure from my cubicle perfectly.”

I roared saying, “You little witch..and here I was deluding myself into thinking it was me chasing you all this time.”

“Nah, I saw you walking through the building several times and asked everyone who you were and if you were married etc., etc. You know, just qualifying the merchandise.”

“I ought to put you across my knee and spank you.” I joked.

“That might be fun if I knew what was coming afterwards.” She answered lowering her face a little and batting her eyelids theatrically.

I leaned forward and picked her up and carried her back into the living room. As I bumped into an easy chair she said,

“To the right and left when you hit the wall.” Damn, she was directing me to the bedroom.

I pushed open the door to it with my foot and walked over the side of what appeared to be a king-size bed.

I lowered her to the floor and she turned again and kissed me long and deep. By then I was as hard as a board and she knew it. She pushed back saying, “Hold it right there, I’ll be right back.” With that she went into the bathroom and closed the door. I took the opportunity to strip and pile my clothes on an easy chair in the corner.

It was a few minutes before she opened the bathroom door to return. She was backlit with the bathroom light and obviously nude. She turned slightly to one side as she walked around a small dresser table only to hear my, ‘Holy shit.’ Her breasts were enormous and she had let her hair out of the ponytail and it hung almost to the top of her shoulders. As she approached me the light from the living room lit her face and she was stunning. Whew, she was taking my breath away.

“Sam, I hope you aren’t expecting an experienced lover. I was a virgin when I got married and he was almost a preacher. We didn’t do anything except the one way beylikdüzü escort and that wasn’t very often.” She confessed.

“Judy, just let it go. Let’s act as if this is the first time for both of us and we can explore each other at will. OK?” I suggested.

“OK” as she slipped into my arms.

I leaned down to kiss her and she could feel my erection trying to poke a hole in her stomach. No problem, she would get used to that feeling or it was going to be a very short night. During my kiss I let one hand drop down to her chest and cupped one of her tits. After holding it for a minute I let my fingers wander up the side of it to the nipple where I started a very light massage. Nothing heavy, just very lightly.

Our kiss was lingering a bit longer than I thought it would but I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and pulled her down with me. As she came down to the level of the bed I leaned back and she was soon on top of me with her breasts pressed against my chest. She had her hands bracketing my face as she continued our long and deep kiss. I let my hands start to wander down to her waist and then further to cup her ass. She seemed to like that as I could feel her ass squirm under my touch.

I then pushed her off to my side where I could get my hand free to play with her pussy. I soon had one hand searching out her clit and had begun to slide my fingers up and down the sides of it. She was lying on her back while I was doing this and I looked over at her when I started to hear a low air intake from her. She had her mouth closed with her lips just pursed ever so slightly. It was the intake of her breath coming in thru those pursed lips I was hearing. She also had her teeth clenched and was exhaling thru them making a sound similar to one of exasperation. No question, the woman was getting aroused.

My lips had grasped one of her nipples while my fingers were busy on her pussy. I had put three of them together and started to enter her pussy with them grouped together that way. This caused a sharp intake of air and she dropped a hand down to lay on the back of my hand and pushed ever so lightly in helping those fingers do their thing. I moved them a little in a finger fuck movement but didn’t want to bring her to an orgasm with my hand…I had a cock for that.

It wasn’t long before I felt her hand on my scrotum. She was cupping my ball sack with one hand and she had taken her other off the back of mine that was finger fucking her and had shifted that hand to ride the shaft of my cock up and down. She wasn’t jacking me off exactly but just sliding her hand on my shaft. Now it was my turn for deep intakes of breath. Her touch was so light it could have been a feather floating against me. She moved her face from up near mine down towards my crotch. She stopped part way to kiss MY nipples. Wow, I don’t ever remember a woman doing that to me before and I liked it. In addition to kissing my nipples she let her tongue caress them. This was getting big time wonderful.

It wasn’t much longer before she had her fingernails tracing the veins in my cock and her other hand surrounding its knob. Unless I did something different in the next few minutes I would be shooting my load all over her face and I really wanted to unload up her pussy.

“Judy, come up here” I said softly as I gently pulled her up on the bed.

When we were face to face I reached over and lifted her over on top of me. She knew exactly what I wanted. She soon had her tits dangling in my face and the lips of her pussy just barely touching the head of my cock. I reached under her chin, cupping it in the palm of my hand and gave her a huge kiss on her mouth just before I dropped my lips to her nipples. I followed her earlier example and kissed her nipples followed by my tongue softly caressing them. I then lifted her bodily to where her pussy was in direct line with the head of my cock before slowly lowering her on me.

I guess my cock is just of average length. It certainly is not one of those AOL giants written about in some of the chat rooms. But, it seems to get the job done and I never have had any gals complain about its size.

She was soon lowering herself on my erect dick and it wasn’t long before she had it buried. She then just sat there looking down at me and smiled.

“What the hell are you smiling about?” I asked.

“You will never know just how long I have wanted for this to happen and here it is,” she replied.

I reached behind her and gave the cheeks of her ass a gentle squeeze before answering,

“Judy, I have wanted this from the first day I saw you prancing through the company cafeteria. These big tits of yours, and with that I moved my hands to give them each a light squeeze, were bouncing in time with the music playing over the lunch room music. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.” I said laughingly.

“Well, now that we are both here why don’t we just fuck?” She asked humorously.

I almost shit laughing and instantly lost my hard on. She followed my outburst with her own laughter and just fell forward on top of me where we once again kissed.

“Hey, I know this isn’t the normal but we aren’t normal either so why don’t I get a couple of glasses of wine and we can just lay here and talk awhile before I rape you?” She sort of suggested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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