Patricia and Peter

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It had been a busy conferencing day and Patricia was exhausted. I knew what she wanted was a few home comforts. She said without those and me, she would become a very miserable woman.

I always said she should never have taken on the senior company post which put her life to so much strain. But little miss stubborn was up for promotion and although it nearly caused a rift, decided to go for it. So I have had to adapt. Why? Because I love her and one has to make certain adjustments to meet the changes.

I guess I was a little too demanding of her and she wanted to show that she could fend for herself. But she had a lovely disposition which I did not want spoiled.

“You know what they say” I said to her; “Too much work makes Jack a dull boy.”

Being pedantic she returned that she is neither a boy and her name isn’t Jack. But we came to a compromise and I submitted.

So now, dear Patricia, who raises eyebrows from many of her subordinates. She has gorgeous auburn hair and a trim figure to die for, more or less rules the roost and if she cannot see the lusty looks of the fuddy-duddies who I know would simply love to get under her skirts, she must be blind.

“Of course I see all” she teases.- but there is method in my madness, they all want to remain in my good books and produce their best work, so a little sexual flaunting works wonders.”

Anyway the heavy day finished she comes readily to me and after an evening meal we relax and talk about everything except work.

“You see just how important you are to me, Peter?, especially now since I have taken on my new part in the company. A woman like me needs her man beside bakırköy escort her and cherishes his loving care. I yearn for you more than ever you may think and I love you so much.”

It was nice to hear those words. We almost came to bust up when she decided to go it alone and tale the new responsible position in the company without my approval.

But such is our relationship she said she would take her penance once a week when we had our special Saturday love in and she said she would be fully prepared to take her punishment for being plain disrespectful in not asking my approval.

Before that apart of our relationship had been few and far between, according to when she had fad for it on any particular time, but it was always very nice, she knew just how much I enjoyed it with her so she had reached my deep libido in avoiding any maybe break up with us.

It was just rather gorgeous to have those delightful curves spread over my lap like they were waiting for it – a good firm spanking which would make our sex output afterwards that much more stimulating.

I teased her a lot about the fact she was the only woman in her outfit but I know she liked being in that situation.

“Not as I wish to bear any umbrage with you, Peter you understand, sometimes a woman likes to be in a position of authority, especially when some of those guys really hate it, those who think a woman is not capable of being chief. But when I am with you Peter, as you know – the tables are turned and I do need that certain amount of authority in our relationship “

I held her tightly and felt her body respond. It was almost beşiktaş escort like I was relieving the tension built up in her system and she wanted all I could give her.

“That feels so good baby, you don’t know just how much” she whispered as I caressed her breasts over her white tunic top, the one she wore for the office. We would soon depart with that obstacle and just the sight of her coffee bra so neatly bundling those amorous full breasts gave me instant satisfaction, I could not wait to undo the back hook and smother her with my lips taking each nipple. I love to tease with my tongue tip, run it around and around and squeeze each one to make it more pointed.

But it was also delightful to hear her responding sounds and when she placed her hand on mine and guided it beneath her skirts, slowly running up he thighs , reaching those very sexy coffee stocking tops as she helped by rolling back hers skirts.

What is it about stocking tops and bare skin between them and her gorgeous lace black panties that makes a guy go absolutely berserk for the fuck of a woman. Especially a woman one loves so much in every way.

“I adore you like this Peter. At the end of the week when we enjoy our rapturous Saturdays together. Let me touch you now.”

And she does. I want to sniff here there, I want to bury my lips between her sexy crotch and suck her to death, That is how she makes me behave. And with the feel of her hand tight exploring me I go to it and show her just how much I need her and worship her.

We enter out very private heaven on earth and capture the sheer thrill and joy we can give each other. beylikdüzü escort I soon slip inside her. The first time it is like that but later, we do it all over again in slow motion with the gorgeous spanking thrown in.

She has her spanking three times approximately a week, except when she is on period and it has really strengthened our relationship in a way I could never have imagined, always concerned about hurting her.

But she actually wanted me to slap her, and sometimes with a paddle too. I watch her hind turn plum red, I pause and ask if she is alright, she responds massaging her hind in such a way that makes it more exiting so I give her a few more slaps. Tears come, but not tears exactly saying I should stop, but tears that make he all the more loving and wanting and soon I am full up inside her again, feeling the moist warmth of her as deep as can be..

She has come to really enjoy and want that and I am happy to go along with it, To massage her afterwards, before we fuck, with coconut, that is what she wants, makes me feel all the more endearing towards her and we spend so many luxurious love-ins together when she polls out all the stops and does everything two lovers can possible achieve with each other.

Sp perhaps by Patricia taking on this new position our relationship has been much improved and I think Sunday, when we lay in and recover from all that went on the night before, proves it.

That was until, having disappeared to the bathroom, she returned in these really skin tight jeans telling me that she would like here punishment wearing those.

Well I cannot possibility properly describe just how perfect Patricia looks in tight jeans, but wearing them was a real prerogative to give her a good firm spanking over the edge of the bed.

And that brought on something else, – sniffing, I never imagined I could sniff a woman in jeans like that, it was divine.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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