Mock-Up Room

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I have a company that’s called Koso Enterprises Inc. It’s based in Los Vegas. One division is a construction company. Although it is small compared to many in the area, It has the ability to do a lot of major projects. I keep a low profile since I learned that if you have value, there’s always someone who wants to take it.

I study what’s going on and take what I want. The hospital has been a big project from the beginning. I just am not able to run that scope of project, but they tender out most of it.

One of the tenders was for a mock up of a patient room. A piece of cake for me. I filled out the tender, got the bond, and submitted it last minute.

This is what happened when I got the call to come in to review my tender.

The architect in charge of this project was a women. She called an hour after the tender closed.

“Hello, is Mister John Koso there?”

“This is John, how may I help you?”

“I’m Ms. Nora Larson, the head architect for the interior of the new hospital in Los Vegas. I have some questions concerning your tender for the mock up room. You are much lower than the others, you realize there are stiff penalties for not meeting the deadline and will your references get back to me quickly?”

“Thank you for calling. I’m a small company, I don’t have big administrative overhead, I only do a project when I have proper time to oversee it myself. When you call the references, leave a message stating who you are, what project and my name. I guarantee you they will call back within an hour. When you call me back, I will give you a code for my web site. You can send the P.O. to that. I will start right away. By the way, there are a few changes I would like to make. I think you will appreciate them.”

“Well, you seem pretty confident of yourself. Telling me I should make changes to my work. We will see how your references check out. I don’t have to give it to the lowest bidder you know. I’ll only call you back if all your references are excellent. If not you will simply get a letter you were not chosen.” Her voice was very stern.

I got her call back within an hour. “Hello, Mister Kelso. Sounds like your references say you are the best around. I must have this completed on time. Do you still feel confident you can finish 100% on time with no deficiencies? Her voice very businesslike.

“Hello MS Nora Larson, If you send me the P.O. to my web site which you will need a code. Once you have access, you can see many of my completed projects. It also has the other ventures I have. This will also have a web cam of your project so you can watch the daily progress. I’m a 100% confident I’ll start later today to order material. I can work over the weekend.” Keeping a business voice.

“Very well, I will scan and send the P.O. What’s the web site and the code?

“The web site is Koso and the code is Larson. I look forward to working with you. Thank you”

“I’ll be about a half hour.”

An hour went by, no P.O. Then the phone rang.

“Mister Koso, the scanner is not working for me and everyone has gone for the weekend. I really want you to proceed. Can we meet now and I can hand you the P.O.?” in a frazzled voice.

“I am on my way to a place across from your hotel. It’s called “The Meeting Place”. Someone is waiting for me there now for their payment or I’d come to the hospital to get the P.O. I’ll come soon as I finish.”

“They are locking up the job site now, so I have to leave. I’ll drive right to “The Meeting Place”. Is that OK?

“Sure, I’ll be in the round booth to the left of the bar. I’ll buy you a drink and we can go over some details.”

“I normally don’t drink with business associates, but its Friday, my feet and legs are sore from walking in work boots all day. I did look at your web site and I’m curious about a few things. I can only stay briefly since I’m exhausted from this week. Ok? Her voice sounded tired.

“Sounds good. See you shortly. Look forward meeting you.”

The guy was waiting, quickly took his payment, then left. I sat down, organized my paperwork, turned on my iPad. It didn’t take long for her walk in. I knew it was her. Looked a little funny with business clothes, a pin stripped skirt, matching tailored jacket with white blouse and work boots. Made me laugh. As she got closer, I got was surprised how sharp she looked. Jet black hair, trim figure and the nylons in work boots sort of made her look like a model in construction calendar posing with equipment.

“Mister Koso?

“Ms Larson. Please sit down. What would you like to drink? It looked like you had cement shoes on.

You “stammering when her dark brown eyes stunned me.

“I’m so embarrassed, I usually change my boots before I leave the site, but the security guard was in a hurry to close and I was having trouble getting my boots off, so I left. They are so sore after walking up and down the hospital stairs all day. I really would like a drink. A white wine.” She sounded a little more like a woman.

“My fethiye escort special white wine, two glasses.”

“Yes sir”

“You didn’t ask what kind of white wine I like. Her head tilted a little.

“You don’t like it, I get you what type like you like. I’m sure you will like it. It’s from my winery.” Feeling more confident.

“Yes, that was one thing I wanted to talk to you about. On your web site, it looked like you had a lot of different ventures. Are they all yours? Now with her head still tilled and now with an inquisitive face.

“Yes, oh here’s the wine. Please taste to make sure it is to your liking. The waiter moved the glass to her for approval.

“Very good. Very, very good! Her eyes and face looked surprised then had a smile that looked genuine.

The waiter poured her more and another glass. She had another sip right away.

“Before I forget, here is the P.O. Please sign the copy. I really need this done on time.” She sounded like she did on the phone.

“Here, check the web site on the iPad, punch in your code.” He held it as he moved a little closer on the bench.

She typed in the code. The web cam was focused on the project. “What? The floor and walls are done. I can’t believe you would started until you got the P.O.. Who are all people and how can you work in a union site when it is closed down for the weekend? Still sounded like her business phone voice.

“I didn’t say in the tender I couldn’t build it off site. I have all sorts of people that work with me.”

“I’m surprised, but impressed. I feel better now about the project but my feet are throbbing. Your site said you own a massage spa. It’s not one of those sex massage joints is it? I was thinking of going to the hotel spa. Where is yours? Her voice and face became more relaxed.

“I own six in the town. I’m a fully trained licensed massage person. All my locations are proper spas. Let me take your boots off and do reflexology to relieve the throbbing and make the swelling go down.” Another glass was poured by the waiter. At the same time I bent down, lifted her boots up to the bench.


“Relax, enjoy the wine. No one will care. There is a table cloth hanging below the bench. Relax Lady. Enjoy your foot massage.” A calm voice and quick hands had her boots off in seconds.

“But my feet stink. You shouldn’t do this. This is a business meeting.” Her objections stopped as he worked on one foot.

“Your feet smell just fine. The business meeting was over when you gave me the P.O. Now enjoy your wine and foot message. This is my place. No one will say a thing.” A smooth tone made her relax.

“Well, I can’t believe this. This week was hell. Now I feel like I’m in heaven. My foot feels so much better, and starting to feel better all over. The other one needs attention. My hips feel so sore too and my back.” Her knees fell apart as I began to rub the other foot.

“I thought this was a business meeting!” They looked at each other and laughed. “I can only give you a foot rub here. Besides, I can only do the minimum with your pantyhose on your feet. If you want a proper message, I need a table. We can go to your room. I have a portable table in my truck.”

“I don’t know what you did to my foot, but I’ve never felt like this. I haven’t slept well this week. I’m tired. I’m just going to pass and go to catch up on my sleep. Thank you. But I couldn’t. Oh, what are you doing to both my feet? I feel a little light headed. Did you put something in my wine?

“Just grapes. You feel better because I’m doing a reki foot message. There is a point on each part of your feet that affects the rest of your body. You better have something to eat. I bet you didn’t have lunch.”

“You better go to your hotel room and order room service. Let me take you to your room. I’ll drive the car over. You do sound a little tipsy. I have drawings for my changes with me. I can leave them with you at your room and call me tomorrow once you review my ideas.”

“You are right. I didn’t have lunch. That’s a good idea. I do feel a little light headed. You will take advantage of me in my room, will you?” An embarrassed laugh came out after she realized she said it wrong.

“See, you are saying things you don’t mean.” I laughed with her.

She tried to lean down to get her boots but I stopped her and grabbed them.

“Let me put them on. It will be faster.”

I slide the one on the first foot I messaged easily, the second one was harder. I had to bend her leg up and out to get the right angle. Her legs spread with no objection. Her bright red panties and a bit of hair protruded out the sides. I took my time tying the laces as she finished her wine. I could see a wet spot showing. I wondered what her pussy looked like under her panties.

“Thank you for putting my boots on. I think I would have fainted. It felt good having something done for me. My feet feel so much better too. Now take me to my room.” Another giggle.

“Hey! How did you escort fethiye know what hotel I was staying at? Her eyes questioned me.

“A big bird told me. Actually, most of the out of town management people stay there.” I tried to make like it was common knowledge.

“Give me your car keys. I’ll get you to your room.”

I had the roll of drawings under one arm and her under the other. A few minutes later I got into her room.

“You better order your dinner before you fall asleep” I lead her to the phone.

“Will you stay and have dinner with me? I hate eating alone. I eat anything. You order. I need to use the bathroom right away.”

Before I could say anything, she was closing the door. I thought, what the heck, why not. I am hungry. I ordered a variety of appetizers and some fruit with a bottle of wine. I might as well eat too. We could talk about the changes and her curiosity about other things about my web site. Then again, did she mean what she said about taking advantage with her? She’s just going to fall asleep after she eats anyway. I’ll just leave right after we eat.

I could hear her pee. She didn’t close the door tight. She was singing, then I heard the shower. I was going to pull the door close, then a knock and a “Room service” voice changed my direction. I put the food on the coffee table and opened the bottle of wine. The scent of the shower came out from the opening of the door. It must have been her own shampoo and soap. It smelt very special, a little familiar. I started to think again if she did want me to take her. Before my mind drifted into that alley, she opened the door. She looked so different. Her hair was down. It flowed over a white silk robe with a red corral something just showing at the edge of the robe. I was back in that alley.

“Sorry I took so long, I had to get that construction dust off me. I hope you don’t mind me changing into this. It’s all I had left that was still clean. Oh, that food is just what I like. I was expecting a big steak and potatoes with a guy ordering. I’m starving. More wine. Oh goody. I feel so refreshed and special. Thank you for waiting” she wasn’t going to stop talking I thought.

I patted the sofa seat. Sit down and eat.”

“This is so good. And the wine, it’s the same as we had. I love it. “After that she went quite.

“No more wine for you. You must get some rest. I’ll put the rest of the food in the fridge for you later. I should go. You can over the project tomorrow.” I got up.

“Oh No. Please stay. I’m having such a beautiful time. At least rub my feet a little. Please.” Her head went sideways and gave a little pout.

“Ok, a little foot rub then I must go. Now lay on the sofa with your feet facing up over the end of the arm rest.”

Thinking she would fall asleep and I could go before I got my alley mind again.

She was in the position before I could say another word. Her robe was high on her thigh. Both arms to her side. I quickly started to rub both feet hoping she would fall asleep. She started to hum her song again. I stopped and was about to say good bye.

“Please don’t go, I need my hips and back rubbed to,” her fingers slide her robe up over her butt and her legs spread apart. “I want more.”

I didn’t say a thing. The alley was open. I went back to rubbing her feet. A clear view of pussy. The lips were bulging out. The outer edge, a forest of black hair and the valley, the colour of her inner gown. Her cheeks were open just enough to see a dark rosebud with black hair around then a thin line up to her belt line. Moving to the back of her calves I heard her moan. The moaning got louder when I worked the thighs, going up to the very inner place where they change at the crease. My fingers would barely touch her pubic hair. The moaning turned into a mix of grunting. I could see her asshole pulsating then a squirt from her pussy onto her gown. Wow, she came with just a simple leg massage.

I got up to take the food to the kitchen thinking she would fall asleep. I had to undo the button on my pants to give my cock some relief. By the time I cleaned up, I would be OK to walk out buttoned up.

“More please.” Then she bent her knees so her butt was sticking in the air more.

I moved the coffee table out of the way, then knelt just below her butt. This stern architect was a submissive. I thought, let’s see if I’m right.

In a commanding voice “I will do your hips and back then but first, spread your ass checks open and move your knee to the edge of the sofa.”

Without a word she followed my instructions.

I put my right arm on the small of her back, then bent over with my face a foot from her pussy. She know I was there because when I blew softly on her hair her asshole and pussy lips quivered. My left hand followed the flow of pussy juice to the source. Two fingers slipped in, then rubbed her clit. All the tips of my fingers went back to the honey hole. With all fingers lubed, my thumb rubbed her ass, the three middle stayed in the fethiye escort bayan honey hole with my pinky circling her clit. My right hand grabbed her hair. Grunting and foreign words came out of her mouth. Her pussy and asshole clinched my fingers as she came twice in a row.

My cock was sticking out the top of my pants. With my left hand spread her juice on the head of my cock. Pushing my pants down and kicking them off, I got behind her and slide my cock in her pussy. With her coming many times, I just was working on me coming. Fucking her hard, I put my thumb in her ass and with the other spanked her. This worked for me, I came really hard and fast. I could feel her come again too. I got up after cooling down and my cock slide out. She stayed in her position.

“Get up, take your clothes off, turn around a few times. Lay the on the sofa, then lay on your belly flat.”

Immediately, she got up, lifted her clothes off, placed them neatly on the sofa. She turned around a few times, stopped faced me for a moment, then laid down. Her juice and my cum was all down her legs with more on her pussy. I looked for a moment to see if she would do and have a real good look at her. As she just waited for me to do something next, I looked at nude body. Looked like she worked out. I liked everything about her. I decided to give her hips and back a rub. I usually have massage oil, then thought her pussy juice and my cum would work. I opened her legs and scooped up a fair bit. I put it in the small dimple in her lower back and spread it on her hips.

Then she spoke along with a little moan. “I thought you would leave after you fucked me. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. The foot and leg massage and special treatment. I have never cum like that in my whole life. Your cock knows how to fuck too. Please sir, I want more.”

I gave her a little slap on her ass. “That’s for being a naughty girl.” Another slap on the other cheek.

I worked my hands deeply into hips then up her back. Her moaning became rhythmic as repeated the same pattern. Everything was getting sticky so I dipped into her pussy for more lube. She clapped my hand. My middle finger on her clit. It was bigger than normal, so it was fun to play with. My cock was getting hard again, tapping on her thigh. Her head turned sideways.

“Can you rub my chest, please? I like that too and no one’s done it for years.”

I slapped her ass a few times. My other hand got loose. It was soaked. I licked. It was so good.

“Pour us another glass of wine. I need a moment, then I’ll rub your tits.”

I sat at the end of the sofa. She handed me my wine. I patted the seat beside me. She sat down with her wine.

“I thought you were tied. Now you want more?

“You pushed my button, you charged me up. I’ve never had anything like this done to me. It might never had again. I might as well take what I can get. I can see you are ready to go again. That’s never happened to me. Your touch is a dream. All I was used to was “suck my cock, spread your legs, 30 seconds of a rough fuck” I love my boobs touched, not grabbed and twisted. I know you will touch me like I fantasied about. Please? Her eyes looked like a puppy dog looking for rub on their belly.

“Ok, but let’s go to your bed. I guarantee you will fall asleep. Let’s finish our wine. I’m going stay here now I’ve had this wine.”

“I know this a dream come true. I must pee after this wine. Why don’t you go to the bed, I’ll be there in a minute. I’ll take care of that Hardon when I get there.” She stroked my cock, squeezed some precum out and licked her fingers.

I followed her looking at her ass on the way. She left the door open. I pulled the covers open. I lied down and watched her pee. She brought some towels and face clothes with her. One was hot and wet.

“Turn sideways away from me.” I wondered what she was up to.

I turned, she lifted one check and started to wash my ass. Then she gave my asshole a big kiss with tongue. Then squeezing my cock got more precum on her finger and slide it in my ass. Pulled me on my back and started sucking my cock. Her finger was deep in my ass, rubbing my prostate, sucking and stroking. I wanted to fuck her again but this was special. She knew I was going to cum, so I did told her. She just kept it in her mouth, shooting my load into her mouth.

With a big smile on her face and a little cum dribbling out the side of her mouth “Now how about that rub you promised me. That should complete my dream!

She jumped on the bed and lied down. I touched her belly, then worked my hands up to her tits. They were just a handful but firm. Her nipples were long, dark and hard. Suddenly, she spit the cum in mouth on to her tits. It made everything so slippery. I rubbed and lightly pinched her nipples.

“Lay on top of me. Put you cock on my pussy. I’m going to work my pussy if that’s ok?

“That’s OK. I don’t know if I can get a hard-on. You work your pussy and I’ll rub your tits. I’ve never used cum so much for lube. Your nipples feel so good sliding over my fingertips.” My lips lightly touched hers. Her tongue came out and licked my top lip. I could hear her breath in deeply smelling her sent on my moustache.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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