Big Mike Ch. 20

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I woke up like it was Groudhog Day, and everything seemed to repeat again. Mike’s crushing weight and CPAP Vader breaths surrounded me. I nuzzled into his armpit and stroked his huge belly until he woke and rose for work. We didn’t say much at first, but I knew that that would be the day he would leave his mark on me.

He was surprisingly quiet in the morning, sparing me the cocky teasing that he’d been laying on thick as of late. We ate a measly breakfast and he’d cleaned himself up briefly before work. I found him staring at me while I ate, wearing the same clothes I’d worn for the last two days. I asked him what his plans were for me, but he’d just eaten his cereal and kept mum. It was foreboding.

“Suck my cock before I head out,” he commanded.

He stood in the center of his bedroom, cereal bowl in hand, and waited for me to kneel down under his belly. I did so gladly; it was only the strong smell of his unwashed crotch that gave me pause. A few days worth of sweat and musk filled my nostrils as I planted my lips on his thick, flaccid cock. I relieved the buildup of smegma from the thick folds of his hairy foreskin, though he didn’t let me relieve anything else.

“Hold on there, thirsty girl.” He planted a hand on my head and pushed me off his cock. “I’m saving a big load up for you tonight.”

Mike had been so busy playing with my ass the last couple days that he hadn’t ejaculated himself. I looked at those big testicles and imagined the swelling spunk that he was going to pump into me that night.

“Oh dear…so…what will I do until then?”

Mike had to lean forward to look down at me over the slope of his belly.

“How about some yoga?” Mike’s arrogant smile returned and his plan for my day began to manifest.

First, he ordered me to strip naked and lie on his bed. He then took my black collar out of his bedside drawer and fastened it around my neck. The feeling of the leather strap in place was a physical reminder of his hold on me. I lay there, naked and collared, waiting for him to act. He was fully clothed in his usual sweats, hoody, runners, and glasses.

“Pretzel yourself.”

I groaned at his command, but complied. I pulled one leg behind my head, then slowly the other. I was barely able to stretch that far, but Mike locked me in place by fastening my ankles with some cord. He then flipped me over, face down, and did the same with my wrists behind my back. Once he’d made me perfectly immobile, I was back face up, completely naked in the groove of his bed, and tied up so tight I couldn’t move an inch. My splayed legs left me embarrassingly exposed, which Mike seemed quite amused over.

“Nice and comfy?”

“Uh, I guess. It depends how long I’ll be in pretzel-form.”

Mike stared down at me silently, smirking. He turned and slowly walked away, leaving me alone in his room. I waited for some response, but only heard him rustling about in the kitchen.

“Mike? Hello?”

My anxiety began to grow as it was nearing the time he’d depart for work. Luckily, he returned before long. As he walked back in I noticed he had my phone in one of his big hands, wrapped in plastic wrap. He put one knee on the bed loomed high over me. He stared down, smacking his lips as his eyes examined my bound, collared body.

My heart was beating, wondering what he was going to do to me. It was like torture-foreplay, causing my nervous system to tingle without him even touching my flesh. As incredibly arousing as his huge body was, it was his big brain that was driving me crazy in that moment. He showed me the screen of my phone.

“You like Lofi beats?”

It was an odd yet harmless question. Lofi Hip Chillhop was a Youtube channel that had music beats running 24-7 so you could listen non-stop.


Mike had wrapped my phone completely in saran with earbuds plugged into the jack. He put one in each of my ears so I was hearing the music, and mouthed some muted words over the bassy beats. “Sony Extra Bass Earbuds,” I was pretty sure he said.

While the chill music muted everything around me, Mike reached over to his bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube. I watched him open the cap and let some liquid spill onto my navel. His fingertips pressed into my skin as he spread the lubricant down across my pubis, over my clit, along my labia, and around my smooth anus. It was a strangely sublime experience, at nine thirty in the morning, being bound by restraints, subdued by the music, and manipulated by the fingers of his big hand.

Mike mouthed more words but I didn’t understand, at least not consciously. I felt a thick finger press in between my labia, and then two, and then three. I opened my mouth and gasped at the girth of his fat digits, plunging with casual confidence. Mike spread me apart with one hand and picked up my tightly wrapped phone with the other. Mike’s lips curled into a sinister smile, and I sucked in a breath and he shoved my phone inside of me.

I was more surprised than angry, anadolu yakası escort but I was also too aroused to do anything but submit to the moment. More than being physically restrained, Mike was forcing me to enjoy his makeshift dominance. It wasn’t the awkward shape of my phone thrusting in and out of me that aroused me, it was feeling like a piece of silly putty being modeled into a new toy for Mike to play with.

The music still played while my phone was halfway inserted into me, but Mike took one bud out of my ear and slid it between my lubricated thighs. I couldn’t even respond before the earbud began circling my anus. I locked eyes with him sharply but there was no stopping his game. He shoved the little speaker into my asshole and forced it a good inch in with his finger.

“Nice and bassy, huh?”

I grunted in discomfort and frustration. The earbud was small enough that it didn’t hurt, but the speaker did its job of pumping me with the bassy beat. To add injury to insult, Mike produced a glossy, white buttplug in his hands, and sucked on it like a lollipop in front of me. He teased my ass with it for a few seconds before gently twisting it in. I whimpered and closed my eyes as he stretched me. Two days ago I wouldn’t have been able to withstand the fat plug, but after Mike’s games, it slid in slowly but surely.

With one bud in my ear and the other in my ass, I could feel the music at one end of my body and hear it at the other. My asshole felt stretched taut but bearable. It was bizarre and ridiculous, and I was starting to get angry more than aroused because I had realized that he was planning on leaving me there like that.

Mike rose to his feet and started texting on his own phone. I soon felt the buzz of vibration in between my thighs.

“Alright…” He was clearly pleased to see his plan come to life.

“Are you really going to leave me here all day?”

“Yup.” He spoke without an ounce of hesitation.

“But…what if…I choke on my vomit and die? Huh?” I had to joke rather than plead, just to dampen the genuine frustration I felt.

“Oh, I’ll keep an eye on you. Don’t worry.”

He started playing with his pc and adjusted the camera above his monitor. He clicked a red button and I saw myself in a box on his screen.

“Noooo fucking way.” I lost any humour or plea in my voice at the sight of Mike livestreaming me.

“Don’t worry, it’s private. So I can check in on you. When I’m at work I’ll watch you squirming helplessly, waiting for daddy to come home and fuck you in the ass. Fuck, I’m gonna be rock hard all day…”

I started to urge Mike to reconsider, unsure I could withstand what he had planned. He was quick to shut me up though. He leaned overtop of me, grabbed a handful of my hair, and planted a strong wet kiss on my lips. The force of his kiss was the final straw that really made me feel desperate and helpless.

“See you tonight, kitty.” Mike smirked as he closed the door behind him.

I shouted his name, unsure of what I would even do if he’d walked back in and untied me. He did not. I soon heard the front door close.


I huffed and puffed and almost cried, but no tears came. I had no chance of breaking out of the restraints. There was nothing for me to do or decide upon; all I could do was submit to Mike’s game.

After my initial frustration subsided, I calmed my breath and stared up at the ceiling. The bass of Lofi’s beats pumped in my rectum and in one cochlea. The poles of my body became attuned to the chill music. At least the music was calming; I would’ve been more annoyed by a top 40 playlist.

Time passed, I accepted my fate, and only occasional text messages disrupted a somewhat meditative state. My own phone was acting like a vibrator inside me, and Mike held the switch. He would send a few volleys of texts, followed by a phone call. Every time it would buzz, I’d look over at the camera. I knew he was watching me, and that meager form of communication somehow kept me entertained.

I blew kisses at the camera and imagined him at work, behind the counter, grabbing his big cock. The more I reacted, the more he would text me and create tremors within my pussy. The bassy music kept thumping in my ass. This would happen every half hour or so, and then he’d give me a rest.

I found myself enjoying it, or more accurately, trying to enjoy it. Even in that utterly embarrassing position, I still wanted to please Mike, to reward the game he’d concocted. I became aware of my own thoughts, and realized that I must’ve really lost it. A month earlier I’d been perfectly happy being single, and now I was tied up with a plug in my ass waiting eight hours for an obese comic nerd to tear me a new asshole. My short few years of psych in university failed to lead me to any great epiphany. I just figured Mike’s huge sexy body had been the key to unlock my nymph gene and now I was physiologically dependant on him.


The ataşehir escort phone kept buzzing occasionally, which would cause me to fall in love with the camera on Mike’s pc. I stared into it, longing for his touch and his scent, hoping that I was amusing him with the slight, rhythmic pumping of my otherwise firmly bound body. The buzzes and rings were volleyed at me in satisfying cadence, and I found myself getting plenty damp thinking about him. Once the phone and his attention stopped, I was suddenly frustrated and desperate for more. And it was only noon.

Around twelve thirty, a flicker on the screen caught my attention. I looked over, shocked, to see Mike staring at me in a new pop-up.


“Hey there, little kitty.” His voice came across his pc speakers in our surprise facetime. “How’s your day going?”

I couldn’t speak right away, trying to reconcile my frustration and my arousal. To no surprise, my arousal won out instantly.

“I’m good, daddy.”

Mike put his camera down on something low, so my view looked way up at him over the giant slope of his belly. We still made eye contact, but I was looking up at him from a worm’s eye view. He wasn’t in the store; it looked like a back room, with a shelf in the background. He pulled out a big foil-wrapped burger and I realized he was on his lunch break.

“I know how much you like watching me eat, so I figured I’d let you.”

He took a big bite and then let his arm rest on one knee, the burger hanging close to the camera, being held by the hairy knuckles of his fat hand. He looked only into the camera, into me, as he satisfied his appetite. The sight of his oppressive, downward glare and the noise of him chewing were incredibly stimulating. After half an hour of stillness, he was giving me quite the show.

As Mike took another big bite, his opposite hand slid up the curve of his wide, round belly. He gently patted himself and moaned quiet sounds of pleasure from his meal. It was subtle at first, but soon he was rubbing big circles around that huge gut. I started to tilt my pelvis, my ankles still firmly secured behind my head, following the instinct to grind my hips as best I could.

Mike was flushing my body with arousal, and it only intensified when his fingers curled under the hem of his shirt. Slowly, he revealed inch after inch of his furry wall of dark body hair. He pulled his shirt up over the mound of his gut, and gave his belly a good firm smack. The sight and sound of it all made my pussy clench around the phone that filled me. The bass beats of Lofi still vibrated in me.

Mike had almost finished his burger, while the index finger of his opposite hand slid down into the deep crevice of his belly button. His slipped it in, disappearing half his finger into the sweaty hole.

“Can you feel it?” He asked with a full mouth. My heart was beating faster as his distant touch teased me.

“Yes, daddy.”


He started slipping his finger in and out of his navel, slowly at first, then faster, then paired with his thick middle finger. I huffed out a long, slow breath of sexual exasperation. It had been a game when he’d first done it days earlier, but now I almost couldn’t tell the difference between his fingers in me and this psychic penetration.

He wolfed down the last of his burger as he casually brought me closer and closer to climax. With his other hand, now free, he held up different, bigger phone. As his fat thumb started dialing numbers, I realized it was the comic shop’s work phone, and what he was doing.

“Shit.” I sucked in a quick breath before my buzzer rang inside of me. “Fuuuck…”

I clenched my thighs as best I could as I reached orgasm, though my locked position had barely any give. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to climax in that position, but Mike had brought it out of me easily, almost indifferently. He continued to finger his hairy navel as my body buzzed with the after effects. My skin was flushed hot and my pussy was wet as hell.

Mike released a deep, satisfied belch and kneaded his belly fat like dough. He gave it a few finals slaps before covering himself up and bringing his lunch break to an end.

“What do you say?”

I panted, satisfied yet frustrated.

“Thank you, daddy.” He smirked, looking quite pleased with himself.

“That’s just the warm up. You wait till I get home and I’m gonna fuck you harder than you can even imagine.”

He shut off the livestream before I could say anything else. I was left alone, staring at his blank pc screen. It didn’t look like he was even watching me anymore. I stared back up at the ceiling, exasperated. I thought of his words, ‘fucked harder than I could imagine’. He was probably right. I had never thought anyone could stimulate me that way. Once again, Mike had complete control over me, not with his big sexy body but with his huge, powerful brain.

I spent the next four hours without feeling a buzz from Mike. ümraniye escort Time passed slowly with Lofi’s chill beats.

When Mike got home I heard the front door open. My heart instantly started beating faster. I didn’t call out to him and he didn’t come into the bedroom. He just stayed in the living room, on the opposite side of that door, for a good thirty minutes. The whole time I was electric in anticipation. Every heavy footstep could’ve been the one that brought him to me.

When the bedroom door finally swung open, things happened surprisingly quickly. His face was blank and he wasted no time taking off his pants and untying me. I’d thought that he would tease me, torture me, and delight in my helplessness for longer. The restraints made no difference, I realized; even free to move I was still powerless against his whims.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head to one end of the bed under his crotch. He kneeled next to me, one huge thigh caving in the shape of his mattress next to my skull, and guided me face into the sweaty mass of his genitals. My lips quickly fumbled for his cock, sucking his shaft in a defensive effort to please him. As I did, he removed the buttplug from me with an abrupt yank, followed by the earbuds and the phone. The second I was free to move he flipped me over on all fours and delivered a brutal smack to my ass. I yelped at the pain of his impact, and his response was to shove me face first into the mattress.

One hand held me down, but it was soon replaced by his shin pressing down over my arm. It almost felt like he was going to snap my humerus like a twig, but instead it just kept my shoulders and chest pressed down into the bed. His hands were then positioned on my lower back and between the backs of my thighs. His fingers found my pussy and ass, still somewhat wet from the lubricant, both natural and artificial.

I had thoughts to say something, anything, in protest. The speed at which he moved surprised and scared me, but I knew there was no point in even speaking. Mike’s force was unyielding and the prospect of arguing with him was intimidating. There was nothing to do but submit.

I suddenly felt the impact of his huge belly slamming down on my back. He even seemed to be leaning into me a bit, bearing a brutal amount of his weight down onto me. I felt crushed, barely able to maintain my sloppy doggy-style position. My moans were muffled by his duvet cover.

His hand grabbed his cock and begun to swab my labia up and down with the growing head. Once he’d teased himself into arousal by mashing our genitals together, he shoved a middle finger into my pussy and guided the tip of his cock inside me. His big shaft slid in, causing me to moan harder in an exclamation of pleasure, pain, and fear.

Mike grunted as he thrust into me. He was moving so quickly that he didn’t even seem to be enjoying himself but rather, possessed by the urge to punish me with his cock. And my pussy wasn’t the way he planned on doing that. He pulled out, leaving me with the exquisite sensation of being stretched and then evacuated. I moaned into his mattress while he fumbled the cock ring around his big dick. He spurted lube over his shaft and tossed the bottle on the floor. Big Mike was unstoppable.

Those big hands clenched my buttcheeks and peeled them apart with his thumbs. His grip already hurt me, and there was nothing about his actions that suggested any restraint. I felt the head of his penis, now engorged with blood like a fat tomato, thump against my asshole. The big lubed shift was aimed like a cannon over the target; there was only one thing missing from Mike’s complete destruction of a woman.

“Beg,” he commanded deeply.

I said nothing, but I wasn’t trying to resist him; I really felt too overwhelmed to speak.

“Beg for it, slut!” His voice boomed in a way I’d never heard before. The door behind us was open, although the threat of Aron coming home seemed like the most irrelevant thing in the world. Facedown in the bedding, I did my best to complete his fantasy.

“Please daddy! Pleeeease fuck me! I need it! I need youaaahh-“

In he went, and my words turned to nonsense. The sensation of his thick, rock hard erection stretching my anus, flooding my rectum, made me see stars. He only pushed in an inch at first, but soon thrust in another inch, and then another. The abundant lube allowed him to slide in without great resistance, and within seconds had found his rhythm as he fucked me in the ass.

I continued to moan and scream, my pain and desperation just another muffled irrelevance. Mike’s huge belly weight had collapsed me from all fours down to two with my ass in the air. My chest was pressed flat and my back curved under the ocean of furry bulk as he pounded me again and again.

To no great surprise Mike’s climax came quickly, but not before he squeezed out the last drop of dignity from me.

“Beg…” Mike’s breath was laboured and heavy. He huffed and puffed.

“Please, daddy. Harder…” My words were automatic, completely separate from my will.

“Nah…beg for me to stop.”

Mike’s rhythm had ceased, but his cock throbbed inside of me as hard as ever. It took me a moment to realize what he wanted form me, but again, my voice spoke without the slightest resistance.

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