Emma’s Brother and His Buddies

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Emma’s Brother and His Buddies

Hi! My name is Emma!

Before telling you what happened two weeks ago, let me tell you about myself.

I am a bubbly high school student with blonde hair and big blue eyes.

My body type is fit and sexy.

Fit, as in I am healthy enough to be the captain of our cheerleading team.

Sexy, as in all guys and girls in my school are chasing me, hoping to date, kiss, and fuck me. Some got lucky, some don’t.

Now that you have an idea about me, I will explain what happened two weeks ago, inside our sacred family home.

I came home from school and found a note on the kitchen table. My mom and dad were visiting my grandpa and were going to stay there for the night. My brother and I would be the only ones inside our home, a farmhouse in rural Iowa.

I texted my brother, and he said he will be late, meeting with friends.

I took a warm shower, washed, combed my long blonde hair, braided french pigtails, took a selfie, posted on Instagram, and got over a thousand likes in 15 minutes.

I then shaved my pussy, waxed my legs, tweezed my eyebrows, and put body lotion on my arms, legs, boobs, tits, butt, and sensitive areas.

I laid down on my bed and started playing with myself, as I was talking to my friend Emily on the phone.

I heard my brother came home, and it seemed like he brought his buddies with him to hang out!

I heard them laughing and having loud bro-talk. Then I started hearing moaning women and men. I went to the top of the staircase to see what’s going on.

My brother and his four friends were in the living room, watching porn, talking about the girls they fucked. They had raided my dad’s liquor cabinet and drank whatever they found: beer, vodka, bourbon. My dad was going to be so mad when he finds out, I thought.

I went back to my room and tried to sleep, but they were so noisy, I couldn’t. I tried sleeping pills, that didn’t help. Then I drank a glass from my mom’s secret vodka bottle in her dresser, hoping to pass out from alcohol, which made me drunk, but I still couldn’t sleep.

I had to pee and headed to the bathroom. When I opened the door, I heard someone peeing. The lights were off, and my brother’s friend Alex was urinating, standing up.

I wasn’t able to see his cock, but his pee stream was thick. He must have a big opening in his cock, I thought. Does that mean he would shoot thicker strings of cum than other guys, I wondered,

After peeing, Alex started to masturbate. I moved closer in the semi-dark bathroom, just by the sink, and started watching him.

He had a thick cock, with a mushroom head, and he was stroking it violently. On his phone, he was looking at my Instagram picture with pigtails I just posted earlier. He was fantasizing about me!

I esat escort was in my nightgown, with no bra or underwear. I got wet from the sight of Alex’s cock and started to finger myself, rub my clit with one hand, and rub my nipple with the other.

After a while, I couldn’t contain myself and moaned, squealed, and bit my lip. Alex heard me and saw me standing 3 feet from him, looking at his cock, fingering myself, blush from the orgasm I just had.

Without saying anything, Alex came to me. He was drunk. He lifted my nightgown and put me up on the bathroom vanity.

I was facing him. He grabbed my snow-white soft, smooth legs I just waxed, pushing them to his shoulder, and shoved his cock in my already wet pussy in one long thrust as I moaned with pleasure.

Alex then started kissing my neck, grabbing my boobs, and pounding my pussy as hard as he can. My tight, wet, warm pussy was creaming on his cock.

After two minutes, he grunted, “you are so tight and wet, oh, shit, oh, shit, I am coming, I am coming, shit, shit, shit!” and shot his fertile sweet cum in my pussy in long thick streams of goodness.

Alex pulled out, gave me a kiss on the lips, zipped up his pants, and headed downstairs.

I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do. I was on the bath vanity, with my legs open, cum leaking out of my pussy. At that moment, I saw my brother came to pee. He was peeing with a thick stream as well. He had an even bigger cock than Alex.

My pussy got wet, lips opened up, hungry to receive this magnificent brotherly cock, causing the remaining cum inside me to leak and run down my legs.

When my brother is done peeing, he turned to the sink to wash his hands. That is when he saw me. “What are you doing here, Emma?” my brother said. “Nothing, I am waiting for my turn to pee,” I said.

“Hmm, what is that?” asked my brother, pointing my bare pussy leaking cum. “Alex was peeing here, and he then saw me, fucked me hard, and came inside me. I don’t know what to do,” I replied.

“Nice! Did you want it?” my brother questioned, “No, I didn’t ask for it, but I didn’t refuse either,” I responded.

“Did you like Alex’s cock and cum?” my brother asked, “It was nice,” I replied with a blush.

“Do you want to try my cock?” my brother grinned, “I don’t know. You are my brother,” I replied playfully.

“My buddies and I share everything,” my brother replied, “one for all, all for one!”. “If Alex fucked you, I must fuck you too, my little sister, whether we are siblings or not doesn’t matter,” he said.

“I can’t agree more!” I giggled. I wanted to fuck my brother and his buddies for a while, but I didn’t dare so far, as he was my brother. Now I had an opportunity to say we were drunk and didn’t know what we were doing.

etimesgut escort “Bend over!” my brother commanded. I obeyed and bent over the vanity. “Keep your ass up, or I will destroy your asshole fucking you dry!” my brother yelled, spanking my ass.

I lowered my belly and pushed up my ass, presenting my white soft-skinned bubble butt, tight, wet, and warm pussy and butt hole to my loving brother.

He exclaimed, “Wow, Emma, I should have fucked this ass earlier! I will fuck you so hard you will remember your brother’s first time fucking your ass for years.”

My brother then shoved his cock in my pussy without any wait. ‘Fuck, Emma, you are amazing! Your pussy is so tight! I love it!” he said. His cock was thick and long, and it hurt, stretching me to my limits, but my brother was happy. That was what mattered to me, to show my sisterly love, to make him happy.

My brother grabbed my waist and started pounding my ass, “Oh sister, your pussy texture is fantastic!”, “Thanks, brother! I love your mushroom head pounding my womb!” I replied.

He sped up, grabbed my pigtails, pulling my head back, “My cock is having a blast!” he said, slapping his balls on my pussy and slamming his whole body into my butt cheeks.

Next, he started to spank my ass with the shampoo bottle in the bath, using it as a paddle, as he yelled, “I am going to make your ass so red it will look like a ripened tomato!”

“Yes, brother, yes, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can and come deep inside me and make my ass all red!” I shouted.

He fucked faster and faster, grunting. He suddenly froze, and his cock started throbbing, shooting his fertile sweet hot cum deep inside my pussy. Just like a fire hose extinguishes the fire with water, my brother was putting out my lust fire with his fire hose cock, and his cum was his water.

When I felt the warmth of my brother’s loving cum, deep inside of me, his sperms trying to get into my womb, I started to have an orgasm.

First, I had a warm feeling radiating from my pussy, to my womb, boobs, face, arm, legs, and whole body.

Next, my womb and vagina started to have throbbing contractions, and I was shaking. I hugged my brother’s warm body like a lifeline to save me from drowning in my ecstasy, scratching his back with my fingernails.

As we were at the peak of our orgasmic unity, someone turned on the bathroom lights. My brother and I saw my brother’s buddies at the door, stroking their cock. It took us a minute or two to come back to reality from our mutual orgasm and be able to respond.

His cock still inside me, “Emma, I always share what I have with my buddies, you know,” my brother said. “and I want to share your beauty with my buddies here. Is that OK with you?”

I nodded, ankara escort “It’s OK, brother,” and added, “if they are your buddies, they are like brothers to me, so I will show my sisterly love to them, and they will show their brotherly love to me.”

My brother turned to his buddies and said, “Emma is all yours now, guys,” he then turned to me and added, “My buddies are all yours too, Emma!”

“We know!” his buddies said, “we will take care of our sister!”. They undressed completely. They then slowly removed my nightgown, leaving me totally nude.

That nightgown was special for me because it was the nightgown when my uncle sneaked into my room at night and fucked me earlier that year. Now it will be extra special, reminding me of my uncle, brother, and brother’s friends.

Getting the go-ahead from my brother and approval from me, my brother and his buddies fucked me all night long from my pussy, ass, and mouth, in all possible positions and combinations.

They ate, rested, fucked, took turns, and repeated all over. Our home was like a brothel with one whore and five customers. I was filled with so much cum; I was leaking from all my holes whether I laid down or stood up.

The following day, my brother woke me up, “Emma, go clean up! Mom and dad are coming in an hour”.

He and his buddies quickly get rid of the beer bottles, put water in the liquor bottles to fake missing liquor, put them back in the cabinet, and cleaned up the mess. Before leaving, they found me in the shower, and we all had a “goodbye fuck” before they go, gang-bang style.

When my mom and dad came, dad learned what happened to me from my brother. My dad sent mom shopping for groceries so we can be alone and told me if I fuck him, he won’t tell my mom. I had no choice, so I allowed my dad to creampie my already cum filled pussy.

I was sore for two weeks from all night fucking with five people, and then fucking with my dad, and couldn’t sit.

I just recovered today, and now I am sharing my experience with all other sisters out there.

It seems taboo at first, and you could be sore after a gang bang with your brother and his buddies, but it was worth it.

Now, my dad and brother visit me in the middle of the night, whenever they are horny, fucking my ass, mouth, pussy, and leave me leaking cum.

Sometimes they both come at the same time and wait for their turn, sometimes they fuck me together, double penetrating me, sometimes they fuck me in my sleep. I find cum in my panties and my bedsheets the following day.

I became their sex slave, but I have no choice because I would be in trouble if they tell my overprotective mom that I was sleeping with men. Plus, I have to show sisterly love to my brother and daughterly love to my dad.

As I write these last lines, my dad and brother are horny again, stroking their cocks and rubbing their mushroom heads on my face and mouth, expecting love from their sister and daughter.

Well, I gotta take care of my family! Bye!

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