Elise Ch. 14: Jacques’ New Friends

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It was a Sunday so Lisa was day-off and prolly down by Star Ferry with the Filipino Community. Elise was out shopping, prolly down in Causeway Bay which was her favourite haunt, and Jacques was still in his pyjamas. The doorbell rang, and Jacques realised he was the only one around to answer it. Grabbing his dressing -gown he hurried to the front door.

Jacques opened the door, and there was a Chinese girl in an old skirt and top. Away on the street he could see others, boys and girls going to his neighbours.

“Please Master,” commenced the girl,” me no money for food. You small job I do. You give me 5 dollar, OK?”

Jacques’ head was in a whirl. What could he give her to do? Just givee her 5 dollars and close the door? He remembered that Elise had taken a bath and rushed out so the bathtub was still messy. “Come in, I have a little job for you,” said Jacques.

The girl looked up at Jacques and grinned, kicked off her flip-flops and then brushed past him inside. She stopped and looked around her, “Wah, ho ho leng nido,” she said, obviously impressed by the double-height living area.

Jacques, pointing across the room at the staircase, said “Seung bin.” Jacques turned and locked the door, then followed her up the staircase. He could see up her short skirt her taut rounded bum with white panties, but ragged with holes in several places. A very firm package between her legs. He noticed his cock giving a quick jump and wondered how he was going to handle this.

The girl paused at the top of the stairs and turned, flashing Jacques a broad smile and Jacques indicated towards the master en-suite bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, Jacques headed straight for the bathroom. He grabbed a brush, sponge and Fairy liquid, handing them to the girl and pointing to the bath. The girl needed no more bidding and immediately set to work bending over the bath to clean the bottom of the bath. Jacques took a seat on the bathroom chair alongside the bath. Once more the ragged white panties were now in full view, with that enticing package taunting him, with those peep-holes too and the girl was moving along the side of the bath, closer and closer. Jacques found his right hand trembling and realised that he was incapable of escaping illegal bahis the next move, and so as she came near his knee he half-turned and then slipped his hand between her legs, fondling the enticing package. The girl stopped what she was doing and, to Jacques’ relief, simply moved her feet back while opening her legs wider, hands firmly on the edge of the bath. She turned her head in Jacques’ direction, “You likee me!” she said with a broad grin. “Uncle likee me too. But he go back China. He likee put fingers in me and givee me 5 dollars. Sometime makee fukee-fukee and givee me 50 dollars. No tell mama. He say she no happy. You likee fukee-fukee too?”

Jacques was not sure whether to be happy or amazed, “But you are still very young,” he said.

“Me big girl now. Me sap bat soi,” she continued.

18, huh, fully run-in and willing. No choice. He sighed, visibly relieved and excited at having this little treasure for himself. He pulled the girl towards him, face to face, then reached under her skirt and rolled down the ragged white panties revealing a wonderful black bush. Willingly she raised her feet one by one to remove them completely. “Uncle say panties good smell. You likee?” Jacques took a deep and long sniff and nodded his head. “Ho leng,” said Jacques.

Smiling brightly the girl put her hands round Jacques’ neck and hoisted herself onto his lap straddling his knees so her legs were well apart. She then rolled back her top for Jacques to suck and lick the long nipples. Her breasts were still braless and taut but large.

Jacques’ head was in a whirl. He was in Heaven. Lovingly he massaged her clit and gently finger-fucked her with one, then two, and then three fingers. The girl let her head fall back and, with small groans of pleasure, moved her pelvis to meet Jacques’ fingers. Pussy-juice started to ooze from between her legs.

As they continued this magic foreplay, the girl fumbled with the front of Jacques’ PJ bottoms and slipped her hand inside the vent gripping Jacques’ hot, rigid cock. “Tai dai, maybe too big,” she said, “But we try”.

Jacques stood up and picked up the girl heading back into the bedroom. He threw back the covers and lay down face up, head to the edge. The girl mounted illegal bahis siteleri the bed and knelt alongside him, unfastening the pyjama cord and allowing his erect member to emerge. Now she straddled Jacques with her wet pussy in his face while she licked and sucked his rigid cock. Soon she stood up and turned locating the tip of his cock in her passage and gradually moved up and down coaxing the large member all the way in. She slid up and down over and over until Jacques could hold on no longer and shot loads of hot, sticky cum up towards her cervix. Jacques pulled her towards him and placed her back on his mouth to clean up.

“Best you take a bath,” said Jacques heading to the bathroom, putting in the plug and turning on the taps. “I wonder if we still have any of Angel’s old clothes. I shall check her room.”

Jacques came back shortly carrying a few tops and shorts plus a bag to put them all in. The girl was dressed and he gave her 10 by 10 dollar notes so mum would not be suspicious.

“Me come back next week with sister. Sister same me. You likee?”

“No, leung gaw laibai, two weeks, OK?”

“OK. Leung gaw laibai fanlai,” she replied. “Me Chiu Yuk Ching. Sister Chiu Yuk Ming. Dorche sai,” she said waving the fistful of bills and slipping on her flip-flops. “Joi geen.”

Jacques’ head was still reeling from the encounter. What a magic day. And what would two of them be like?

Two weeks went by quickly. Sunday, and the doorbell rang. Elise was ready to go out shopping as usual, and answered the door. “Jacques, dear, there are two young ladies here asking for you. Have fun! Catch you later, I’m off. Bye.”

Jacques got up from the sofa and headed towards the door, and sure enough there were two girls smiling at him, identical. Presumably one was Ching and one was Ming. But which? Later he found one had the same white raggy panties, and the other had little bunches of cherries and the tops were slightly different, but who cares?

The girls had discarded their flip-flops and were already heading for the stairs. Jacques followed and noticed the differing panties and tops as they climbed the stairs so he now knew who was the newcomer. The girls went straight to the master bedroom and canlı bahis siteleri Jacques popped into the en-suite bathroom to grab a large, white bath-towel. When he emerged, the girls had already discarded their panties which were hanging on the bedpost at the foot of the bed and rolled back their tops to expose their braless taut tits. They got up from sitting on the bed as Jacques emerged. Jacques threw back the blankets and placed the towel across the bed, discarded his pants and underwear and lay across the bed on the towel and he had done before.

The girls had clearly discussed how they were going to proceed, and Ching pushed back Jacques’ shirt then straddled his chest. While Jacques fondled her taut tits, Ching French-kissed Jacques. Meanwhile Ming was busy sucking his balls then taking his erect cock into her mouth and sucking hard. This continued for about 5 minutes until Ching looked round and called to Ming. They immediately changed positions but stayed facing each other with Ming’s pussy in Jacques’ face and Ching working her pussy down Jacques’ throbbing cock. The girls French-kissed each other as they worked their pussies into Jacques’ face and onto his cock. Shortly they changed with now Ching working her pussy into Jacques’ face and Ming working her pussy down Jacques’ shaft for the first time.

The girls had clearly agreed that they were not going to let Jacques cum, and kept changing from French-kissing Jacques and sucking his cock and balls to putting their pussies in his face and riding his shaft. After about 15 minutes, Jacques clearly was going to cum and so both girls moved to his cock. Ching sucked Jacques’ cock hard and long and Jacques exploded in her mouth. Immediately she offered his cock to Ming who quickly took the head and received the second burst. Gradually the girls slowed down with Ming continuing to lick the still-pulsing cock and Ching grinding her pussy into Jacques face.

The day ended with the girls enjoying a hot bath and Jacques sitting next to the bath enjoying watching the girls play with each other. Later he gave the girls a single Hung Sam Yiu, a red 100-dollar bill, and 10 by 10-dollar bills. When Jacques mentioned a revisit in two weeks they shook their heads and indicated a flow movement, so he assumed they were going to have their period so they agreed on three weeks. When Elise returned she got a full story and realised that Jacques now had a new regular commitment. Maybe she could stay around and watch next time?

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