Shower And Massage

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I meet you at the door wearing only my robe as you return home from work. You look so exhausted and it pains my heart. I wrap my arms around you, holding you tight as we kiss hello. The house is dark except for the pale light coming from our bedroom. Arms wrapped around each other, we enter the bedroom and you stop, surprised to see what greets you. There are lightly scented candles everywhere, soft jazz playing, a chilled bottle of wine and a large platter of finger foods settled on top of our bed. You smile, take my face between your hands and kiss me, softly, gently and with love. Your kiss fills my heart and soul with warmth and happiness.

You undress and put on your robe. We sit on the bed drinking, eating and telling each other about our day. I can see the pressure and tension of your day begin to ease but still not enough for me. I empty the bed of our dining items and pull back the cover to expose the new silk sheets I had just purchased. You raise one eyebrow but say nothing. I remove my robe and instruct you to do the same. I take you by the hand and lead you into the shower, grab the soap, lather up my hands and begin to wash your shoulders, your chest, your tummy, turn you around and wash your back.

I slide my lathered hands down your hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet; move to the front of you and move up until I reach your balls, cup them in one hand then gently grab your cock, sliding my soapy hand up and down; you’re pushing into my hand, wanting me to go faster and hold you tighter.

I remove my hand from your cock and once more step behind you, kneeling and lather your ass cheeks with soap, slide one hand down your ass crack, down to your ass hole, rubbing softly, rimming it with my soapy finger. I, oh so, gently ease the tip of my finger into your ass, you press against it, wanting it deeper, deeper, deeper. I slide my finger deep into your ass then all the way out, in and out, sooo bahis firmaları very slowly. I reach around you and grab your steel hard, aching, throbbing cock with my hand, sliding up and down, from base to tip.

You spread your legs wide, leaning against the shower wall to support yourself. I’m fucking your cock with my hand and fucking your ass with my finger; you’re groaning and ready to cum. I remove my hand and finger and step away from you, grab the shower massage head and lovingly rinse you off from head to toe, my hands following the trail of water.

I replace the shower head and grab the soap, lathering my body, my shoulders, my breasts, my belly, reach down between my legs and rub my pussy and clit. You stand back and watch me touch myself, your cock in your hand. I take the shower head and rinse my body, change it to massage and place it a few inches from my pussy; leaning into and enjoying the pounding of the water. I replace the shower head and turn the water off. We step out of the shower and I quickly wrap a towel around me, grab another one and gently, lovingly towel you dry.

I lead you to our 4 poster bed and have you lie down on your tummy, straddling the small of your back. I grab some hot oil and begin to massage your neck, shoulders, back, pressing down hard on your back to relieve your muscles of all stress and tension. I lift myself up and kneel between your legs, rubbing my hands down to the small of your back, down your ass cheeks, down your ass crack to your thighs, the back of your knees, your calves, your ankles, your feet and toes, rubbing the oil in deeply.

I have you turn over on your back, straddling your chest. I kiss your forehead, eyes, tip of your nose, rubbing the sides of your neck with my oil laced hands, massaging your shoulders, down your arms, lacing your fingers with mine, kiss your cheeks and jaw then take your chin hair between my lips and tug, nipping and kaçak iddaa nuzzling, kiss the very corner of your mouth, take your upper lip between mine and lick and suck. I open your lips with my tongue, find yours and our tongues dance then fight. I suck your tongue, kissing your mouth, you can feel my dripping wet pussy on your chest.

I give you one final kiss then move down to kneel between your legs, running my still oily hands down your chest, flicking your nipples, circling them with my fingers, trail my hands down your ribs, your tummy, rimming your navel, leaning over to gently blow on your cock but not to touch. I slide down further, massaging your thighs all the way down to your feet again. I get up and have you turn back over on your tummy. I grab 4 soft, silky scarves and tie your wrists and ankles to the bed posts. I kneel between your wide open legs and slowly run my tongue down your ass crack.

I slip a pillow under your hips so your ass is sticking up in the air, allowing me better access to it. I massage your ass cheeks and spread them open. I gently and lightly flick my tongue against your ass hole, over and over and over again. I rim your ass hole, sliding the very tip of my tongue inside you a tiny bit, in and out, faster and faster, you’re trying to push your ass against my tongue to take it deeper but the scarves prevent this.

I slowly ease my tongue inside you, deeper and deeper until I can’t go any further. I fuck your ass hole with my tongue, you’re biting the pillow under your head, trying to stifle your moans but I can hear you. I remove my tongue, slip my little finger inside my very, very wet pussy then rim your ass hole with it, circling around and around, teasing you by inserting just the tiny tip of my finger.

I reach under you with my other hand and wrap it around your cock, stroking you from base to tip, ease my finger inside your ass, slowly, oh so slowly and gently, all kaçak bahis the way in then all the way out, in and out, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I’m fucking your ass with my finger and fucking your cock with my hand.

Once again you are about to cum. I stop and get up, untie you and have you turn over onto your back. I tie you down once again and straddle your chest. I rape your mouth with mine, grinding my pussy into your chest, hearing you whimper as I fuck your mouth with mine. I slide down your body until I’m kneeling between your wide open legs again, I fuck your navel with my tongue, you’re pushing your cock up to me, wanting my mouth on you.

I lean down and gently blow on your cock, just a puff of air, lightly flick the tip of your cock with my tongue, licking the pre-cum, trailing my tongue down to your balls. I cup your balls with one hand and wrap my other hand around your cock, take the tip of your cock in between my lips and suck, gently at first then harder and harder, you’re pushing your cock into me, wanting me to take you all the way into my mouth and this time I do. I slam my mouth down until your entire cock is in my mouth, sucking harder and deeper.

Fucking your cock with my mouth, you’re arms are straining at the scarves, wanting to be free to hold the back of my head and keep your cock deep in my mouth. You are about to burst; I take my mouth from your cock, straddle you and take your cock with my hand and rub my pussy and clit. I am dripping wet, teasing my pussy, my clit, your cock, slipping just the tip of your cock into my pussy, then all the way out, rubbing my clit, back to my pussy.

I slam my pussy down on your cock then stop moving, clenching your cock with my pussy muscles, tightening then releasing, over and over, rubbing my clit with my finger, grinding into you but still not moving up and down. I begin to ride you, up and down, harder, faster, rubbing my clit, both of us moaning. I lean over and once again rape your mouth with mine, fucking your cock with my pussy, your mouth with my mouth. I’m going to cum, you’re going to cum, we cum together as we scream into each other’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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