Wake Me

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It’s raining outside. Your boss is yelling again and your computer is frozen. Out of frustration you leave your desk, head outside to grab something to eat and hail a cab.

Despite your heavy coat a chill runs through your body as the winter winds swirl around you. A part of you wonders why you live in this god forsaken town. A cab pulls up to the curb and you hop in.

The cab driver asks you if you would like another drink. The stewardess hands you your drink and out your window you see nothing but miles and miles of crystal blue water. Dolphins trail the wake of the plane as it makes it’s way through the water.

A gentle breeze flows through your hair seemingly massaging your temples as southerly wind fills the sails and propels the boat silently through crystal blue waters. You lean back in the lounge chair and feel the sun shed its warmth on your naked body.

With the sun on your body, the sand beneath you . You look up at the clouds and feel their soft caress on your leg. Your mind focuses on the sensation of them traveling down your leg and back up again. You feel them as they round the curve of your ass, loiters for a moment on your hip and makes their way to the base of your neck.

You feel a familiar presence start to caress and massage your breasts. It works them slowly at first, but increases bedava bahis pace as you feel a strong arousal start to build in you. You try to get a glimpse of what is causing the wonderful sensations but all you see is darkness as your nipples are being massaged and tweaked just the way you like it.

Instinctively you thrust your hips back and are rewarded by the sensation of feeling a warm metal rod against the small of your back. The heat and firmness of the rod should be painful, but instead something about it arouses you even more. There is a familiarity there. You can feel your own heat starting to well up between your legs like a furnace.

You feel a nibbling on your neck, sending gentle waves of pleasure though your body. Again you try to see what is causing it, but all you see is darkness. You feel the rod slide in between your legs. It’s heat pressed against your heat slowly sliding back and forth. You can feel your warmth starting to part, welcoming the rod into your heat.

Suddenly you are awake and aware that you are not on a beach anymore and that you are in fact in your bedroom. You also quickly discover that the dream of being penetrated wasn’t just a dream and that the sensations you were dreaming about was me sliding slowly into your moistness. You hear me marveling at how bedava bonus wet you already are.

I start to pull back slowly, savoring the sensations racing through me while I withdraw. But you are not having any of that and thrust your hips back into me, taking me back deep inside of you. We quickly get into a rhythm and the room is filled with the sounds of our bodies coming together.

Wanting more penetration we quickly switch to our favorite position wit you on top. I put my hands on your hip and slide into your moistness. Moving just my hips position myself inside of you so that with every thrust the head of my cock cresses your g-spot. It stokes the already glowing fire deep inside of you. You can feel it starting to build up, ready to burst and spread throughout your entire body.

Inside of you I can feel your orgasm starting to build. You mash your hips down onto me and add your own thrust with mine. The room once again fills with the sounds of our bodies coming together. At this point the walls could fall down and I don’t think either one of us would notice.

Feeling you aroused this way stokes the already blazing fires of my own arousal even more. You feel me starting to stiffen inside of you, a sure sign that I am about to explode. It is enough to send you over the edge feel your deneme bonusu orgasm wash over you. It’s too much for me to bear and my own damn burst deep inside of you.

We collapse into each other, exhausted from the expenditures of our arousal. Your breast pressed flat against my chest, nipples still hard from excitement, and my hands reflexively caressing your back. To me this is almost better than the sex itself. You hear me say something about that was amazing and ask what were you dreaming about?

While you tell me about your dream, still inside of you, I can feel the post orgasm tremors still running through you. I find this so arousing and you can feel me starting to get hard again inside of you. I slowly start to thrust my hips, careful not to pop out before I am fully aroused again.

Once aroused we rollover so that you are on your back now. You rest your feet on my shoulders as I slowly work my way in and out of you. The sounds of our mixed juices can be heard in the quiet of the night.

As the sensitivity of your orgasm fades away I can feel you starting to ad your thrust to mine and take it as a sign to increase my own pace. It’s only a matter of minutes before the sound of our bodies coming together once again fills the room. However this time we are both wide awake and the sound of our passions is accompanied by the verbalizations of our pleasure to each other. It doesn’t take long before we both explode again onto each other and collapse in a tangled heap of spent passion and affection for each other.

Not a bad way to wake up if you ask me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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