The Assistant

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Scott is in his office staring out the window. He’s waiting on something. More like someone. His assistant Keysha. The beautiful yet older thick African-American woman he’s been fantasying about for weeks. The 5’7″ tall woman with curves that makes a man whimper like a puppy. Her hour glass figure causes a stirring in his body. Not only does she has an amazing body, but she’s smart, hardworking, a great multi tasker and detail oriented. He needs a person like her. Especially with his job. Scott is a business consultant.

There she is! He watches as she walks towards the building. He always thought she was an exotic dancer. She has a seductive walk; strong, purposeful and very sexy. He asked her when they were at the company’s holiday party. She told him she modeled most of her life. She grew tired of it and decided to go to college for accounting. She received her bachelor degree in the field. After years of working, now she’s going for her masters.

He hears the faint sound of the ding of the elevator. She’s almost at his office. He quickly sits at his desk and waits for her. Every morning she comes to his office with a cup of coffee and her notepad ready for today’s task. The sounds of heels click clacking on the hardwood floors echoes. Her perfume floats into his office. The scent of Egyptian Musk invades his nostrils. She knocks!

“Come in,” he announces.

“Good morning Scott,” she greets warmly as she walks in holding his cup of coffee.

“Good morning Keysha. How are you today?”

She places the cup on his desk before answering.

“I’m good. I’m glad it’s Friday. How about you?”

“Yeah, same here. Any plans?” he asks.

He stares at her attire. A soft blue button down V-neck top that shows a hint of cleavage. The top isn’t tuck into her black tight pencil skirt. Instead, she wears a thin black belt that flounces her curves perfectly. The soft blue stiletto heels add to the sexiness.

“No plans this weekend. How about you?”

He shakes his head no as well. He has no plans either. He wishes he was spending the weekend with her. She walks to the chair in front of his desk and sits down. She crosses her legs and places the notepad on her lap. With a pen in her hand, she ready. He stares at her legs. Such silky smooth legs. How he wants to feel them on his shoulders while he-!

“Excuse me, Scott. Do you need me to takes notes for today’s activities?” she asks breaking his concentration.

He blinks several times as he shakes his head slightly.

“I’m sorry. I have a lot of things on my mind,” he admits.

“I bet you do,” she murmurs.

He blushes as he heard what she said. He clears his throat and tells her the task for the day. She gets up from the chair and walks out. Scott bites his bottom lip as he watches her big ass jiggles with each step.

“Sexy creature,” he says to himself.

As the day progresses, each contract is typed and ready to be ship to their destination. Lunch was taken and it’s getting close to the end of the day. He hates when the day goes by fast. Usually, he tries to have lunch with her. It’s a ploy! His way of spending quality time with her without it being obvious. Today he was very busy and missed lunch.

It’s after 4pm when he gets a call from the latest client. The client needs his contract sooner than expected. Scott’s heart starts racing. He hasn’t start the contract yet. It’s ten pages long. With quick thinking, he assures the client he’ll receive the contract before midnight tonight. Pleased, the client ends the call. There’s no way he can finish this ten-page contract by himself. He needs help! He knows the person who can help him too. He hops from his desk and looks for Keysha. She’s at her cubicle finishing her work.

“Hey Keysha! I need your assistance,” he says.

She looks up from her computer and stares at him. Such beautiful eyes, he thinks. He clears his throat.

“Would you mind working late with me tonight?” he asks.

“My client called saying he’s going to need the contract before midnight tonight. Unfortunately, I didn’t start it yet. I need your help with it as well as making copies for other clients. Please help me,” he says as he clasps his hands together.

“As long as I’m getting pay overtime, I will,” she answers.

“Of course, it’s not a problem,” he says.

“Alright, I’ll bahis firmaları stay. I have to call my sitter to let her know she’s working late,” she tells him as she picks up her phone.

“I’ll give you a bonus too. Thank you so much for help.”

He heads back to his office. As he closes the door, he places his back against it and smiles. We’ll be alone in the building, he thinks. His cock grows as he thinks about what he wants to do her. He shakes his head as he begins to work.

Hours later, Scott and Keysha continues with the project. His fingers rapidly fly over the keys to his keyboard as he types the last statement in his document. He clicks the send button and he’s done. Scott stands and stretches. He takes his suit jacket off and places it on his chair. He heads out his office to look for Keysha. He walks to her cubicle. She’s not there. He heads to the copy room. As he gets closer, he hears the copier printing. He turns the corner and sees Keysha standing in front of it staring. Her arms are folded across her chest, but her arms are under her breasts. He stares at them as they sit higher. Then his eyes roam her body. The curviness of her body drives him crazy.

She unfolds her arms when the printer stops. It’s making noises as a red light pops up. She curses silently as she tries to remove the jam paper. She opens the side door and pulls out several papers. She leans down to see if more paper is stuck inside the machine. As she does, her back arches slightly having her ass protrudes more. He bites his bottom lip to suppress his moan. With the last paper remove, she closes the door and the printer restarts the job. She sighs in relief.

“Hi Keysha. Are the copies ready?” he asks as he enters into the room.

“Almost. The stupid thing jam,” she answers as she stares at him briefly.

He walks closer to her.

“I really appreciate your help. You are a lifesaver,” he tells her.

“I’m glad to help,” she says.

The printer stops. She reaches over to retrieve the documents, but Scott takes them. Their hands touching lightly. It sends an electric charge throughout their bodies. She stares at him. He stares at her as he catches a small glimpse of desire burning in her eyes. She stares down at the floor breaking eye contact.

“I’m sorry Scott,” she tells him.

“No, it’s my fault. I didn’t know you were going to grab the documents,” he says.

He moves closer to her. She places her back on the printer. Their breathing heavy as their heart races. He leans in and kisses her. It’s a soft peck. A test to get a reaction. He pulls back slightly and stares into her eyes.

“I’m really sorry. I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful, smart and amazingly sexy. I would have to be blind not to notice,” he tells her.

She licks her lips. It’s the sexiest thing he seen as his cock hardens. She gets on her toes and kisses him. Her full lips pressing on his. He moans as he pulls her into his arms. A strong embrace as the kissing intensifies. She parts her lips as her tongue slips pass his and into his mouth. He leans in deepening the kiss as he presses his body on hers. Their kissing heightens as they start caressing each other through their clothes. She tears her lips away from his.

“I always knew you wanted me, but did you know I want you?” she asks.

He stares at her and smirks.

“No idea,” he answers as he kisses her neck.

He holds one breast in his hand and squeezes as her head falls back giving him more access to her neck. She tugs his shirt from his pants while buttoning it. With the last button, she slides it off his shoulders. His shirt floats down to the floor. She places her hands on his chest as she caresses his strong muscle chest.

“Damn, I knew you had an amazing body,” she tells him.

Her long manicure nails lightly scratching his chest as they move down to his abdomen. He bites his bottom lip as an idea comes to his mind. He grips her wrist and tugs on it lightly.

“Come with me,” he whispers.

He grabs his shirt in his free hand as they head to his office. As soon as they walk in, he walks to his desk and looks inside one of his drawer. He found his Bluetooth speakers. He places it towards the front of his desk. He grabs his phone and places it near the speakers.

“What are you doing?” she asks giggling.

He looks up at kaçak iddaa her with a devilish smirk.

“I’d been dying to see you do a strip tease for me. You have an amazing body and I want to watch you slowly remove your clothes,” he answers.

She smiles.

“Oh, I see. Well, I think that could be arrange,” she tells him.

His cock hardens as he moans softly. He scrolls through his song list until he finds the perfect song. Before playing the song, he gets his table that sits in the corner and pulls it to the middle of his office. He turns the chair that sits in front of his desk around. He’s so happy that he has a large office. More than enough space for her to dance. Once everything is set, he hits the play button and sits in the chair. Kelly Rowland’s song “Kisses Down Low” plays.

“I love this song,” she tells him.

She places her hands on her waist having her arms bend towards her back as she arches her body looking like the letter S. Then she does the bust thrust a few times slowly before squatting all the way down and do a spread eagle. Each movement she does goes with the music. Then she does a body roll as she takes steps to the table. She places her hand on the edge. Then using the strength of her arms and balancing her core, she lifts herself onto the table landing on her knees. She crawls to the middle of it having her back arch.

“Holy mother of -,” he cuts himself off as he bites his knuckles.

Staying on her knees, she does a slow bounce like she riding his cock while her hands move up her body caressing it. She removes the thin belt first. Then she begins to unbutton her blouse. She pulls it off and tosses it to him. It lands on his lap. Her perfume fills his nostrils. She reaches behind her and pulls the zipper of her skirt down. With her fingers inside the waistline, she pulls it down to her knees. She goes from being on her knees to sitting on her fat ass as she pulls her skirt off her legs. Now in her heels, bra and thong, she continues dancing on the table. She lies on her back and arches her body as she moves her arms in the air. Her neck and back are bend as she kicks each leg in the air. She slowly sits up and slowly spins herself until she’s facing him. She wants him, badly! Her pussy throbs and aches as her wetness flows.

“Damn baby, you got me sweating over here,” he tells her as he wipes his forehead.

She leans back slightly as she opens her legs wide. Straighten her legs as she takes her left leg and flings it over to her right side as she rolls of the table. Now standing, she shimmies her hips as she reaches behind her and unhook her bra. As soon as they’re free, she tosses the bra. She holds her large breasts in her hands squeezing them. She lifts her right breast and starts licking it. He watches as her tongue becomes a pointy tip as it reaches her nipple. She opens her mouth to suck on it gently. She does the same to the left one. Without warning, she drops to her knees. The sudden movement surprises him. She starts crawling towards him. Her hands gripping his knees as she gets closer. Her head moving towards his crotch. She stares up at him and smiles. Her fingers crawling up to the zipper of his pants as she pulls it down. Then she slips her hand inside to pull his cock out. He’s so turn on right now, he starts leaking precum. Her long tongue begins to lick the length of his cock until she removes the precum with the tip of it. He closes his eyes, but quickly opens them as he doesn’t want to miss anything she does. Then she takes her tongue and flicks on the tip of his head as he becomes harder. If that was possible!

“My goodness woman. You’re driving me crazy. I must have you,” he tells her breathing heavily.

She moves closer to him until her body is between his legs. She holds her breasts in her hands. She straightens her body and holds her breasts apart slightly. Then she puts them together around his cock. Squeezing her breasts together, she starts bobbing up and down on his cock. His head falls back from the pleasure.

“Fuck!” he calls out.

His cock is long and thick. Every time she slides down, the head is expose. She leans down and takes the head in her mouth while continuing to bobbing her breasts around his cock. A double pleasure as his cock swells to a larger size. He can’t take it anymore. He wants to fuck her. He pulls away kaçak bahis and stands up. A big mistake as she grabs his ass and pulls him to her. She swallows his cock. He grabs her head and starts fucking her throat. He’s on edge! He’s so fucking horny. His cock and her throat creates the music of gagging as he slides in and out feverishly. He’s about to cum and he forces her off his cock.

“Oh no, you’re not going to make me cum first without you having yours first,” he says in a deep voice.

He walks behind her and pulls her to her feet. He moves her to the table and bends her on top of it. He rips her thong from her body. The fabric tearing from her body causes her pussy to throb and ooze of wetness. He kneels behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart. She’s so wet, it’s glistens in the light of his office. He licks his lips as he moves closer inhaling her scent. With a long lick, his tongue caresses her clit and work its way to her asshole.

“Damn, Scott,” she hisses through clench teeth.

He slides his tongue inside her. Having the tip of his tongue pointy, he starts stabbing at her opening. Her moans become louder as she grinds on his face. She reaches behind her and hold his head. Her pleasure mounting! He begins stroking his cock as he’s ready to fuck her. He flicks his tongue on her clit a few times. He loves how it gets harder with each flick of his tongue. He stops as he stands up. He pulls his pants down. He takes his cock and slaps it on her ass. She feels how hard he is. She can’t wait to feel him inside her. It’s something she doesn’t have to wait long for as he slowly enters her. He leans down and kisses the middle of her back.

“God woman, you’re so tight,” he moans.

He holds her waist and starts pumping slowly. He watches his cock go in and out of her as her pussy grips his cock like a firm hand shake. She holds the table’s edge as she starts squealing with every deep stroke. Her pussy is dripping wet. Each withdrawal of his cock, her juices flow to her inner thighs.

“I’m going to cum to hard and deep inside you, baby,” he tells her.

Her pussy clamps down on his cock after his statement. She starts banging against him. She wants him to pick up the pace as she’s ready to cum herself. His grip tightens on her waist as her big ass slams against him. He starts pounding her. Her body rocks as the table squeaks from the intense fucking. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back making her back arch deeper than before.

“Yes! That’s it. Keep going,” she cries.

With the free hand, he starts smacking her ass hard. She flinches, but she keep with the pace. Then he grips her right shoulder and begins going faster and harder. Her pussy begins to swell as her orgasm takes over causing her to squirt on the floor. The intense shaking from her body as well as how her pussy keeps squeezing his cock is enough to send him over the edge and join her in paradise. His eyes roll back as he fills her with every drop of cum that erupts from his cock. He holds himself deep inside her as his thighs quivers slightly. A couple of more thrusts and he pulls out.

“Fuck! That was so good,” he says.

She pushes herself off the table and turns around to stare at him.

“I agree. Something we both wanted and it was worth it,” she tells him.

They stare at the clock on the wall in the corner. Almost midnight. He stares at her.

“Would you want me to drive you home?” he asks.

“I’m good. I’ll call car service to pick me up,” she answers.

He nods as he gather his clothes. He stares at her body. He wants her again, but he knows she have to go home.

“If you want, you can take the day off. I kept you longer than normal,” he says.

She shakes her head no.

“Nah, I can make it here on time,” she tells him.

He nods and moves towards her. He kisses her lips.

“I really appreciate you being here. Thank you for everything,” he smiles.

“Like I said before, I’m glad to help,” she says.

She grabs her belongings and heads to his door. Before leaving, she turns and stare at him.

“Maybe, we can have another late night meeting?” she asks.

His eyes grow large in surprise.

“Of course. I would like that very much. Good night, Keysha. Get home safe,” he tells her.

“Thank you, Scott. You have a good night and safe travels,” she tells him as she walks out his office naked as the day she was born.

He sits in his chair as he thinks about the potential fuck feast they’ll be having in the near future. This puts a huge smile on his face.

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