Shanti – Seductive Adulteress Ch. 05

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I, Shanti was very agitated and aroused after hearing to the ‘sexy’ narration.

Lying naked on the bed with my hands massaging my lovely boobs, Ramanlal had been really getting me wet once more- he suddenly got up and sucked my left boob into his mouth with a big force and holding my head from the back started to position his cock back into my pussy.

“Knock’! Knock! Knock!’

There was a bang on the door and made both of us shiver right in our act- then and there.

Ramanlal quickly went into the back yard and vanished into the bathroom just outside the house and I rearranged my crumpled nightie over my ‘used’ body and somehow managed to re-arrange the bed, all this took 3-5 minutes and finally rushed to open the main door.

I just unlatched it to get the surprise of my life – Ratan had returned.

That was too much to believe- he was supposed to come back the next day- I was later to understand that RamanLal’s friend from whose house he had come in the evening – knew of RamanLal’s plan and this was his way of playing spoil sport.

RayaLal – RamanLal’s friend was going to pay for this.

Anyway, Ratan did not suspect anything- just wanted to meet his father. When he learnt that RamanLal was taking a bath- slumped on the chair in the living room and asked me to get him a cup of hot tea.

This gave me good time to recover and quickly changed into some tights and wore a cotton top – Ratan was very concerned that I should wear such clothes in front of his father but I just shrugged it off telling him- in the night this would be okay- what would anyone notice especially with the ‘low voltage’ and dim lighting.

RamanLal came out and both of them exchanged words – RamanLal behaved very elderly with me- avoided my way- gave me respect and did all which is usually reserved for women in such families- only I and he knew that a few minutes back he had the pleasure of knowing and learning all moles and holes in my naked body.

After a late dinner- RamanLal retired to the terrace and slept on the charpoy(cot bed) there – whereas Ratan and I went to our bedroom.

I could not sleep and kept tossing in the bed- tried to wake up Ratan and make him suck my cunt, which still was unwashed and had his father’s sperm. To no effort could I succeed and finally gave up.

Somehow a got wink of sleeps and was shocked to be woken early morning by some instinct.

In front of me standing rather confidently was RamanLal – RamanLal. He used his finger and told me to climb up the terrace- I looked around and found both my son and husband sound asleep- one snoring and the other cuddling up to that snore.

I slowly but stealthily got up from the bed and before I could do anything – he grabbed me and embraced my shapely body with his arms, pressing my full breasts firmly into his chest. I wanted, needed, to feel him against me.

He told me his one wish in life was to hold me forever, and feel my warmness and beauty.

Bask in it. Revel in it. Luxuriate in it.

I knew that would be wonderful.

The bahis firmaları two of us kissed each other slowly, completely, making sure each and every single reachable area of the others’ mouth had been served and taken care of.

I loved the feeling of a shared kiss with him and that too right there in front of his son sleeping, it was different this time around… it’s always, always more pleasurable in such risky moments.

“You like that, don’t you?” I giggled, sneering at me.

“Oh yes,” was all he could muster.

“Then let’s make it even better for you,” I said, sliding off the FLOOR towards the back door- climbed towards the terrace and there went down to my knees. “Let’s get you out of your clothes.”

In an instant, I used both of my hands to unbuckle his belt around the pant and slip it off. Then I undid my TIGHTS and pulled them downward, leaving behind my panty.

I lifted both legs and stretched them out to make it easier for me to get the garment off. I had already taken my cotton top off earlier; all I wore now was a pair of mangalsutra and the flimsy cotton panty.

I positioned him directly between my parted legs as I sat on the charpoy, and then I grasped his cock again this night with my right hand, began to pump away at it. I extended my knees out beyond so they weren’t bent… this was a more comfortable position.

My misty eyes soon met his, and he gasped in return.

“Big, beautiful cock,” I taunted, whispering up at him, with my hand…OHHHH, my hand, I pumped away on the quivering cock; sometimes gentle, sometimes hard and a little rough. I never knew what to expect each time. It was incredible. Simply incredible.

“So – you’ve been a bad little girl, have you?” he said, making me feel his dick rapidly stiffening as his eyes roamed across my incredibly firm and shapely little rear.

“Oh, yes RamanLal … I’ve been a bad girl … a very bad and nasty little girl,” I told him between long languid tugs with my hand on his lollipop, “And I MUST be taught a lesson. You really must fuck me hard – I’m so bad! Please, Uncle, screw me!”

RamanLal began this round by running his hand across my sexy ass, cupping each cheek and playfully squeezing each one before slipping his hand into the waistband of my tight, thin cotton panties and pulling them down around my knees. He gave each cheek one more squeeze before

slapping my sweet little rear – first on the right then the left cheek.

The firmness of each spank made me wince, my firm tits pressed against his leg as he stroked my hair tresses with one hand, and spanked my backside again with the other hand. He spanked me twice, three times, four, and six with increasingly hard smacks before pausing and running his hand all across her now brightly red ass cheeks. He caressed my lovely ass-cheeks, and let his fingertips slip down between my thighs.

I obligingly opened my shapely legs and allowed him to reach in, feeling the sweet wetness of my tight little twat, rub his forefinger along my swollen pussy lips, kaçak iddaa slowly spreading them to find my stiff little clit, erect and begging for attention.

He surprised me by dipping one finger into my love-hole, thoroughly wetting his finger before pulling it out and using the slick, sweet cunt juices to lube my excited clit.

He made a circular movement around the stiff little love-button, making me moan and spread my legs wider. With that he wriggled first one, then two fingers up inside my snug little pussy.

He could feel my cunt muscles clamp hungrily around his fingers and hear me murmur a long “Ooo-o-o-o-o” in the late still darkness of the early dawn.

The excitation of my clitoris had aroused the young wife in me to such an extent that my body began to heave with his every move.

I was moaning and calling out to him in MY thick, sexy voice.

“Oh, Mavayya, why don’t you hump me now? Fuck me, as you have never done before. I want your prick inside my cunt, you must screw me now.”

But RamanLal was in no hurry. He wanted to experience every stage of the fucking of his son’s slut that was me to the maximum extent, to savor each detail of my body before he finally entered my lovely cunt again.

RamanLal LAID me on the charpoy and got between my legs to suck and lick my lovely clitoris and after a few minutes forced his tongue an inch or so into my vagina, which was now wet with my incessant secretions.

I writhed in pleasure and anticipation as he did so, forcing my cunt up against his mouth. Soon his nose was buried as deep as possible in the vaginal entrance where he savored the now stronger female cunt-odor mixed with his own secretions earlier in the evening.

Then he covered the short distance from my vaginal opening to my ass-hole, where he forced his nose into the crinkled hole. Then he licked me with his tongue from the top of my gash to my anus – clitoris, vulva, and delicate cunt-flesh between.

He felt the excitement mount within him as his prick reached full erection and he knew that he was ready to fuck me, that he was now ready to shove his prick up my lovely vagina.

Rigid and enlarged to its maximum extent, his cock was now throbbing and he knew that if he carried on too long he would ejaculate prematurely, such was his excitement at my lovely body.

He now got ready to place his dick at the entrance to my waiting cunt-hole.

He knelt between my beautiful thighs and parted legs and placed his dong in between my provocative cunt-lips, the charpoy sagged.

It was now at the very entrance to my cunt-hole and RamanLal allowed his dick to enter a little way for a few seconds.

Now he leaned over me, straightened his legs and lowered his body so that his weight rested on my pelvis and stomach.

As he did so the prick slid slowly into my wet hot cunt that was gripping him tightly.

I sighed as the prick reached into my cunt, and his dick-head felt for the clit touch of the vortex – the very base of my felinity.

Deep inside me, he relaxed kaçak bahis as our lips met in a long sensual kiss of complete blissful fuck.

For a few moments he held my head in his hands, then reached under my armpits and took me firmly in his grasp by the shoulders.

RamanLal now forced his prick into my receptive cunt up to its very hilt so that the pelvises met hard.

The cock had probed the very depths of my lovely pussy and was now up against my womb, deeply embedded in the clinging moist membranes.

He kissed me passionately and I clung to him tightly.

Then he took his hands from my shoulders, brought them down under my back to grip me with all his force by the buttocks, bringing my cunt into even closer proximity, his massive prick forcing itself into my tight cunt.

As a master, which he was at sex, he slowly withdrew his prick, his dick-head rubbing against my womb as he did so.

He stopped at this point and thrust his cock back and forth lightly, the hard rim of his dick-head rubbing against the firm fleshes of my pussy base.

Then, forcing his cock up and down with almost grinding, powerful strokes in unison with my own movements. I was arching my cunt up to meet his thrusts and he was at the same time virtually lifting me by my ass-cheeks to meet him.

Moaning and crying out, I writhed and moved to the tune of our fucking.

Then, began to cry out, demanding from him everything he could give.

“Ramanlal Uncle, you must fuck me. Fuck me with all your power. Screw me and lave me with your sperm”

“Yes, my love, I’m going to fuck you as you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Fuck me, fuck me, Uncle, take me, do what you will with me, I want to be frigged to hell by your prick. I want you to force it into my very vitals. Fuck me, FUCK ME! For God’s sake go on. Ooooh! Oh!”

Suddenly I fell back in my climax, writhing and shouting in ecstasy.

But as usual RamanLal was not ready and he went on grinding away at his lovely twenty five-year-old son’s slut, despite the fact that the climax was over.

He forced his cock with cruel power into my flesh, back and forth, ramming it home, regardless of the woman herself or what I felt any longer.

He was carried away by his lust now and he simply wanted to burst the cunt apart, rip it open if necessary for his now almost sadistic lust.

He wanted the maximum hump pleasure from ME now and my body was simply an instrument for his purpose. He bit into my breasts as he rammed his prick home as high up my pussy as he could, raking his fingers down my buttocks and digging them into my lovely ass-cheeks.

Then with one smashing thrust that took his dick-head into the deep extremity of my pussy depths, he exploded and the seminal liquid spurted against my innermost vagina, as if I had been sprayed with paint from a sprout.

I felt the hot sperm hit deep inside me, he jerked his cock in rhythm to the powerful spurts still being released from him.

In one final shove, his cock rammed into my cunt and splashed the final load of semen as he gripped my buttocks and dug in his nails, his teeth biting into my breast.

And soon he lay at my side, his penis limp and flaccid, his cock and balls were now fully deflated.

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