Trimming Up

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I had just completed 6 years in the Marine Corps and returned home for a long summer before I was to start school in the fall. I had some leave saved up and was looking forward to spending some time with my Mom. She had endured two deployments and wanted me to get out rather than stay in for a career.

We had lost my Dad when I was 14 in a boating accident. My older sister was in California working as a CPA and our older brother was working as a PA in Alaska. This left Mom alone in Florida for long periods of time.

Growing up, we had several neighbors. All the houses in our neighborhood had swimming pools and were well manicured by the HOA. Mom enjoyed the mild winter weather and had made a lot of friends in the area as a teacher and summer tutor. She kept me updated with who was moving out and who was moving in as the years passed. Now that I was home, I could keep tabs on the perimeter myself.

When I was 10 a younger couple moved in next door and seemed to fit right in with everyone else. They did not have children and Charles (the husband) traveled frequently. This left Nancy alone at home.

One of my fondest childhood memories was my 12th birthday and “taking notice” of Nancy’s body. Nancy loved to garden and grow roses. She could have been a movie star for all I knew at such as young age. As I “noticed” her, I also noticed others in the neighborhood stealing glances and “eye-fucking” her really hard when she hand washed her VW Bug or was bent over pulling weeds.

Now I was 24 years old, a Marine Corps Veteran and unpacking my things in my old room. It was just like I left it.

My room was upstairs and faced Nancy and Charles’s back yard. While I was unpacking my stuff when I felt the need to open the window and get some fresh air. As I pulled the blinds open, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I quickly lowered the blinds and took a deep breath.

Mom was running a few errands and would be gone for hours. I had the house to myself. So I could do almost as I pleased. I still walked across the room and shut my door before I rushed back to the window and opened the slats just enough to get another view.

(To my advantage) I had a full view of Charles’s back yard from my second story window. He had a 6 foot tall privacy fence put up and then the extra 14″ lattice around the top. NOBODY could see in without a ladder. He did this because Nancy like to sunbathe topless. She had requested this so she could lay out during the day and no one would be the wiser.

As I peeked through the slats, there was Nancy laying out in the back yard, topless. She was laying on her back, her large breasts were perky for the size they carried. I remembered Nancy being a little heavier before I left for Boot Camp. I also remember watching her wash her Bug in the driveway and keeping those memories with me during my deployments. “They served a wonderful purpose.”

She seemed a little more lean now. The look agreed with her. As I watched in amazement of her being topless, she stood up next to the lounge chair and peeled her bikini bottoms OFF!! My jaw was wide open!!

Nancy sprayed more oil on herself and rubbed it into her skin, covering her ass cheeks. She gulped down some water and then laid down (face down) on the chair.

“OH MY GAWD” I caught myself saying out loud.

“I am the dog that caught the car!!” I thought to myself.

I looked out the window some more, studying her body and realizing she had zero tan lines.

“She does this all the time!!” I thought to myself.

I lowered the blinds and pulled out my gear. I put away everything and then stuffed my OD Green bags under the bed. It felt good to be without responsibility.

I glanced at my phone and thought to myself, “Has she turned over yet?”

My room was silent. When the phone rang, I literally jumped out of my own shoes. It was my Mom calling to tell me she would be late.

“We should just order pizza … This fucking traffic is miserable.” she said.

“Mom!! Watch your language .. Aren’t you a teacher?” I asked in a smartass tone.

“Not right now!!” she fired back. “I will be another hour.” she said.

“Okay Mom … Don’t rush on my account.” I said.

She cleared her throat, “Have you introduced yourself to the neighbors across the street?” (Something she had asked me to do a day ago.)

“I will Mom.” I replied.

I could hear her smiling.

“As soon as this throbbing cock fades …” I thought to myself.

“Ok … See ya soon Hon. LOVE YA!!” she concluded and hung up.

I closed my phone and then rushed to the window. Nancy güvenilir bahis had turned over and was laying on her back, with her thighs slightly spread. She had a thin line of hair down the middle of her pussy. Her “landing strip” neatly trimmed between her legs and covered her face with a small white towel.

“I could get used to this.” I said out loud. “Welcome Home Josh … Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!!”

I made sure the blinds were “untouched” and went down stairs. I grabbed some water and then walked across the street to introduce myself to the neighbors. Nobody was home.

As I was walking back, I heard a loud scream from Nancy’s back yard. I bolted to the area between the houses and yelled over the fence, “IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT?”

“NOOO … THERE’S A FUCKING RAT IN MY ROSES!!” Nancy screamed back.

Without thinking, I yelled back, “Open the gate and I will take care of it.”

Another scream let out and then the gate latch clicked.

“JOSH?” Nancy said in disbelief.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied confidently. “All grown up and out of the Marines.”

Nancy was half way wrapped in a small towel that barely covered her ass cheeks. Her body was sweaty and her face was flush. She didn’t wear any makeup (didn’t need to).

We “eyed” each other for a brief moment and then she pointed to the bushes – without taking her eyes off of me.

I moved quickly towards a ball of movement. I found a small kitten in the bushes. She had fallen in the pool, splashed and then bolted across the open into the bushes. All Nancy saw was a gray blurry ball of movement.

I reached in and grabbed the “rookie scuba diver” by the scruff of the neck. She was wearing a collar, so that was helpful.

I chuckled as I stood up with the kitten in my arm. My “Marine Mentality” took over. I turned and looked at Nancy, “Nothing in here but a really wet pussy.”

“What?” She replied (sounding offended).

I quickly clarified, “Just a wet kitten. She has a collar.”

“Oh my GAWD …” Nancy sounded a little embarrassed. She raised her hand to cover her face and the towel came undone, dropping to the ground and exposing her breasts and a better than average view of her freshly trimmed pussy.

My cock twitched to life at such a site. I stared in disbelief and admiration of her body. I am man enough to admit that she did catch me staring. I am also man enough to know she liked that I was looking.

Nancy looked at with a playful scorn on her face. She slowly grabbed the corner of the towel and lifted it off the ground. She opened it and blocked my view before wrapping it around her body again.

I looked at Nancy and smiled. “That is about the best welcome home gift I could have asked for, Thank you.”

Nancy was embarrassed, but flattered at the same time. “You grew into a fine young man, like I knew you would.” Nancy said. “Don’t ruin that image of yourself.”

“Not at all Nancy … I didn’t see a thing.” I said.

I pulled my shirt off and dried the kitten, wrapping her up in the shirt and then cradling it in my arms.

I caught Nancy staring at me out the corner of my eye, more than once. I watched her out of the corner of my eye while playing with the kitten – which was purring now.

“Do you know this number Mrs. Charles?” I asked.

I read the number to her.

“No …” she replied.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Nancy sighed. “Yes … I’m fine.”

I saw an opening. A wild chance. An opportunity to shift things my way .. and I took it.

“From what I just saw, you are fine as frog hair.” I said in a calm and cool voice.

Nancy turned as red as the Marine Corps Flag.

“JOSHUA!!” she tried to sound upset.

“I’m just saying … You have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of – from my point of view.” I tried to take things a little further. “You’d shame any woman 10 years younger than you.” I complemented her. “Clothes on or off.” I teased.

Nancy turned red again. “Thank-you Josh.” she mumbled. She didn’t say another word. We admired the kitten.

“This is only between us Nancy … I grew up a lot in the Marine Corps.” I said.

Nancy smiled. “I appreciate that Josh. Its a little embarrassing.”

“We are neighbors, so it will not go any further.” I reassured her.

Nancy smiled again. This time she was biting her lower lip a little bit.

“Like I said, I grew up a lot in the Marines.” I repeated.

Nancy took a step towards me. She whispered, “I see some parts grew more than others during those 6 long years.”

Nancy was staring at my cock, türkçe bahis which was bulging against my shorts.

I should have been embarrassed, but I played along. “He knows what he likes …” I laughed.

Nancy chuckled. She tugged at her towel and tried to pull it down to cover her ass.

“Don’t hide your body for my sake … it doesn’t hurt when I have a hard-on.” I joked.

“It hurts ME to look at it.” Nancy said, “Its been way too long since I have seen one like that.” she finished.

She looked right into my eyes as she said it too. Not just sending the message home, but drilling it into my brain.

She reached out and rubbed my cock through my shorts. Things shifted from humorous and embarrassing to VERY serious really fast.

“I’m glad you are home.” she whispered in my ear.

She kissed my ear as she rubbed my cock through my shorts.

“I have another wet pussy that needs to be rescued.” she whispered in my ear with a husky longing in her voice. “Can you help me out?”

Again, she kissed my ear as she told me what she wanted.

The hunger in her eyes was undeniable. Her hands felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I set the cat on the chair.

I grabbed Nancy and pulled her towards me, my cock pressed against her body as I kissed her mouth. Her arms wrapped around my body and her hands ran up and down my skin. I was in heaven.

Our tongues tangled. I ran my fingers though her hair and squeezed her firm round ass as she held me against her body.

She broke this embrace and led me inside through the sliding glass door. I slid the door shut and latched it.

I turned to follow Nancy through the kitchen. She had dropped the towel and stood before me, completely naked. No longer embarrassed. No longer the “prim and proper neighbor”. No longer an adolescent’s dream of the past. Nancy was a woman on fire with an undeniable hunger.

My cock bulged in my shorts. Nancy smiled at me as I moved across the kitchen floor. She reached out and grabbed the waistband. She pulled them down and had to reposition her hands to work the material over my cock. As she pushed the shorts off of my thighs, she squatted down, lowering herself to my waist. Nancy looked up and and said, “Its nicer than I thought it would be.”

Before I could say “thank you” she took my cock in her mouth.

I had traveled the world in six years time. I had been to Japan, Indonesia, Italy and the west coast of the United States. Nancy put every woman I had ever been with to complete shame.

She kissed the head, opened her lips and slid her lips down the shaft. She moved her tongue side to side as she moved back and forth. Her head bobbed up and down. I watched her work on my cock. It was pure lust.

Just as I was about to announce that I was going to cum, she stopped. She stood up slowly, kissing my chest and neck on her way up. She slowly and loosely worked her hand up and down the shaft as she kissed my neck and ear.

“Your turn.” she whispered in my ear.

I pushed her back, lifted her up by the ass cheeks and sat her on the counter. I dropped to my knees and knelt between her thighs. I used my nose to part her pussy lips and I found her swollen clit waiting on me. I opened my lips and stuck my tongue out. I gently massaged her clit and she gently moaned.

I could feel her hands on the back of my head. I had both of my hands on her ass. (The SAME ass I was just staring at a few minutes ago.)

The SAME ass everyone in the neighborhood used to stare at, long for and talk about. THAT ASS was in my hands!!

I opened my mouth even further and used more of my tongue.

Nancy gasped for air.

A flood of juices washed my face as Nancy’s hands pulled my face in tighter.



“Keep going … Baby … OOOHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.” Nancy cried out again and again.

The “flow” of her juices kept inspiring me to keep doing what I was doing.

Then things got a little quiet … Nancy moaned deeply a couple of times … but nothing like before. This came from deeper within her.

The sounds of sloppy pussy eating filled the room.

I was about to stop.

Something told me to keep going.

I continued a little more. Her hands pressed the back of my head.

Without warning, Nancy drew a sharp and quick breath.


Feverishly she held my face güvenilir bahis siteleri against her hips – tightly. She moaned loudly and pushed me away. A stream of liquid shot out from her pussy and struck me in the face and chest. She was rendered speechless as her body convulsed. She gasped for air between the spasms. Each spasm shot forth more fluid. She could not control it, this was controlling her.

When it all came to an end, she pulled me to her face and kissed me deeply, with more passion than I had ever experienced.

There was a small puddle on the counter. The same juice covered her ass cheeks. There was a big puddle on the floor of the kitchen. Her “juices” trickled down my chest and dripped off of my chin. Secretly, I wanted to rub it in.

She was speechless.

“THANK GOD for the perverts I had served with in the Marines. Had I never seen this in a movie before now, I would be freaking out.” I thought to myself.

I was very proud of myself. This was a rare “treat” in nature and it was my understanding that once a woman orgasms like this, that lover has a special place in her mind, her soul and her heart … for life.

As my thoughts raced through my mind, Nancy was both speechless and out of breath. She looked at me like I had just solved all of her problems in life. Her naked body was sprawled out on the kitchen counter. Her abdomen moved up and down in an exaggerated manner as she fought to catch her breath.

My cock ached for her.

I wanted her to enjoy this moment. The way she looked at me, she was not just enjoying it, she was LIVING it.

“That … has NEVER happened to me …” she panted.

I smiled at her. I didn’t know what to say.

“It was amazing just to be a part of it.” I stumbled.

Nancy smiled. She sat up and caught her breath. She looked down at my cock. She looked up at me, “Now there is just one thing left to do …” she smiled.

She leaned over and kissed me. It was slightly erotic to have a woman French Kiss you after she had squirted in your mouth and all over your face and chest.

She stroked my cock as she “tongue fucked” my mouth. She ran her finger tips over my balls and used her other hand to caress my head.

Nancy broke the seal and turned my head to the side. “Get on the counter, Stud.” she ordered.

I lifted myself onto the counter and leaned back. Nancy wasted no time in finding her way to my cock. Her eager mouth wrapped around my shaft and her quivering tongue went to work on the underside. I held her hair out of the way and watched as her head bobbed up and down. She pumped the shaft with her free hand and braced herself with the other.

My mind went blank and my body went numb. The vision before me was poetic, lustful and a thing of beauty. The musk from her juices filled the room. The echoes of her pleasure echoed in my head. I was lost in the moment.

Seconds later, “the switch” turned on inside of me.

“Ohh Shit … I’m going to cum Baby.” I said plain as day.

No sooner did I get the words out, I started shooting streams of cum inside of her mouth. Nancy gulped my load as I watched her nearly choke herself through the effort. I moaned deeper than I ever had in my life and came harder than I ever remember in my adult life. She backed off a little bit, coughed and “attacked” my cock again. She pumped the shaft as she licked some “stray drips” off of my balls and my thighs. She lifted her head up, looked me directly in the eyes and swallowed hard, as if to say “I have been waiting on THAT for a while …”

I stared in amazement as she “showed off” some of her hidden skills. She smiled, wiped her chin with her finger and then licked THAT clean too.

“I just saw multiple stars.” I said to her.

She smiled, “The entire fucking galaxy flashed before my eyes a few minutes ago … and I want to ride again.”

We both laughed out loud.

“If you are willing?” Nancy asked.

“Absolutely.” I said.

Nancy smiled. “Good. I need a man to take care of things around here, like wet pussies and stars.”

We smiled at each other.

Nancy excused herself and I heard the bathroom door close.

I grabbed some paper towels and started to mop up the mess in the kitchen. I ran some water over some paper towels and wiped my body down before washing my face in the sink.

Nancy came back into the kitchen wearing nothing but a smile. I could see her nipples were still hard and I could still smell her pussy juices. She had a grin in her face that went from ear to ear.

We both looked at each other, very pleased with ourselves. No words were needed. We kissed each other like long lost lovers.

Our summer had just started, and was it EVER going to be epic.

I was 24 years old and was going to live out the dreams of every man I knew. Life was good.

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