Traci Runs Into Eric

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The trail’s one-mile marker passed with Traci glancing at her watch. She was right on pace despite an unseasonably warm sun beating down. By July she would want to knock off a few seconds, but for late April she was doing fine.

Perspiration was only now beginning to discolor the top of her Coolmax jogging bra. She was prepared to suffer the awkwardness of running without a t-shirt in order to work on her tan. Besides, maybe that guy with the gray eyes and killer butt would be here today. Otherwise, she had worn the size-too-small Lycra shorts for nothing. The ones that easily could have passed for black body paint.

One and a half miles and Traci was running effortlessly, her leg muscles fully warmed up and loose. The crunching of dirt under her feet eventually was joined by a second set of rhythmic strides. She listened intently as the sound approached, halted for a couple dozen strides, then got closer still.


Traci looked to her left…into a pair of gray eyes below blonde hair swishing in the wind.

“Hi,” she said with a smile. She wanted to add, “Talk to me”, but chose to say, instead, “Perfect day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. This is great.” They ran side by side without speaking. If Traci had spent half as much time thinking of what to say rather than chiding herself for being so childish about this she would have been better off.

“How far you going today?” the man with the eyes asked.

“Six miles,” Traci replied. “How about you?”

“I think only four. We’ll see.”

He was looking at her; the bounce of her breasts and the flat stomach and the long legs. And that ass.

He looked ahead when she turned to look at him. If…no, when…he did run ahead of her, at least she would get a look at that beautiful butt. She would have nearly half a mile to imagine her hands clutching it as he drove his hard cock into her….

“You live nearby?”

Traci nearly stumbled as her mind re-entered the real world.

“Uh, yeah. A few blocks. Sometimes I can’t believe I drive up here. I’m so lazy,” Traci said.

He laughed as Traci contemplated the stupidity of her statement. This guy was turning her into mush and she had no clue who he was.

“I know. Me, too.”

OK. So now we’ve established he’s a well-mannered, gorgeous dude, she thought. Why is he talking to me?

“You look like you run a lot. Do you compete?” he asked.

How did he know she was a frustrated Olympic marathon champ? That she had won the NCAA cross-country title four years straight…in her dreams?

“No. I ran cross-country in school, but just for fun…and to meet guys.”

Shit. Jesus, Traci, you are SO damned brain dead. If she could have grabbed the words out of the air before they got to him she would have. Instead, his laughter rang through the woods surrounding the trail.

She was 24 and felt like a 14 year old. He looked to be at least five years older than her. In Traci’s mind, all hope of him treating her like an equal were now shot.

“Did it work?”

It was Traci’s turn to laugh. She hadn’t expected that one, lost as she was in her self-deprecating funk.

“Well, yes and no. I got dates but nothing serious.”

“That’s hard to believe,” he said. When she looked up at him, he appeared to be ready to add another comment. But, he didn’t

Nor would she reveal that the other girls on the team received as much of her attention as the guys. This could wait.

They were approaching the two-mile mark and Traci felt no more relaxed than when he first said hi. However, she wouldn’t have hesitated to turn off into the woods, rip off his shorts and fuck him until they came together. She questioned her own sanity. But, only briefly. She bet he liked to do it from behind.

It hadn’t struck her that he’d be turning around at the two-mile mark because, of course, her mind wasn’t really there when he said he was doing four miles. So, his comment that he hoped she had a good run came somewhat as a disappointing surprise.

“Oh. Yeah. Thanks. You, too.”

“See ya.” He turned. He was gone…with no butt to watch.

Traci felt as if a weight was lifted from her shoulders. She spent much of the next mile rehashing their conversation, what there was of it. At the three-mile mark she realized she was a good twenty seconds ahead of her normal pace.

“Relax, girl. He’s gone,” she told herself. She felt his hands on her waist as she bent over the side of the bed…

The end of the trail finally loomed around the corner. Her mind had been lost in various fantasies for almost three miles. Her bra was drenched, her nipples were clearly outlined in the material and she felt like fucking that 53-year-old bald, fat guy that just passed her. She needed to get home.

She looked at her watch, smiled and walked to her car. As she hit the remote and heard the doors unlock, she noticed something on the windshield. A white piece of paper was stuck under the wiper. She leaned over, removed it and started to open the folded note.

In neatly written script, she read, “Thanks for chatting. Eric. bahis firmaları 864-9753.”

Fuck. How’d he know that was my car? The nerve. She read the note again. She opened the car door and plopped into the seat. She threw the note on the passenger seat next to a CD. Traci’s head fell back against the headrest. She felt her heart thumping in her chest.

She looked over toward the note; almost hoping it wasn’t there. “Eric. 864-9753” was all she could see of the folded message. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Traci drove home barely cognizant of the traffic around her. She was angry, excited, scared and unsure. Once inside her condo, she finished a half empty bottle of water and headed for the shower.

She peeled off her bra and shorts; chilled by the air hitting her exposed, damp flesh. Hastily, she turned on the shower and stepped inside. Adjusting the temperature slightly, she placed herself under the spray and let it fall over her. She ran her hands over the top of her head and down the back of neck, soaking the length of her long blonde hair.

Traci covered a large, yellow sponge with body wash and cleaned off the sweat from her run. The soap bubbled quickly and she let it slide down her body before finally rinsing. At one point during the shower she even thought about food rather than “Eric. 864-9753.” But not for long.

Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, she turned on the TV and threw herself on the couch. She reached for the remote…but grabbed the phone. Then a vision of her dead body in the woods flashed before her. She laid down the phone.

Five minutes later, it was back in her hands. 8-6-4-9-7-5-…3. She cleared her throat during the first ring.


Silence. “You’re welcome,” Traci said.

More silence. “I hope I wasn’t bothering you while you ran.”

“Of course not,” Traci answered quickly, pulling her legs under her. “I’m just not a very good conversationalist.”

“Oh, no. You are,” he said with emphasis. “I just hope you weren’t offended by my directness…leaving the note and all.”

“Nope,” she lied. “I’m glad you did.”

“I’ll look for you the next time I’m there. And I hope you’d let me buy you dinner some day soon.”

Are you dessert, she thought?

“Sure. Tell me more about you.”

He hesitated for a second. “Well, there’s not much to tell. I sell specialized computer software. I live on the east side…and like pretty girls.”

“Then why did you leave me that note?” Traci asked with a grin.

Eric chuckled. “I said I like pretty girls. Especially when I know their name. Yours is…?”


“Hi, Traci. I’m Eric.”

“Hi, Eric.”

“Have dinner with me,” he almost demanded.

“Tonight?” Traci asked with a tone of disbelief.

“Well, not unless you want to. You tell me when you can go.”

Traci’s calendar did not take that long to review in her mind. “Friday.”

“Perfect. Should I pick you up or do you want to come here?” Eric asked.

Traci provided her address and directions. They established a mutually agreeable time and the conversation ended.

Traci could feel her body instantly relax the moment she set the phone down. She’d have to settle down before her date or it would be a disaster, she convinced herself. How long could she keep her hands off his butt?

She went into the kitchen pondering other questions she didn’t know why she was asking. Deep in the recesses of the refrigerator was a single bottle of beer. She pulled it out and twisted off the cap. She needed this.

Although she contemplated what to wear all week, Thursday evening brought on a heightened state of anxiety. She had no idea where they were going. Thus, an attire dilemma.

Traci picked up the phone from the side of her bed and dialed the number she now had memorized.


She somehow felt relieved it was his voice and not another female’s. “Hi. It’s me. Traci.”

“Hi. What’s up?”

“What will you be wearing tomorrow? I mean…I don’t know how formal to get,” she stammered.

“God. Formal? You don’t know me, obviously. I was going to wear Dockers. Does that help?”

Traci stepped to the business casual portion of her closet. “Sure does. Thanks. How’s your week been?” She complimented herself on the transition.

“Good. Got a lot done. You?”

“Not bad. Nothing as interesting as dinner with a new friend though,” she said.

“Well, I’ll try not to ruin your week for you,” Eric said with mock disgust.

Traci giggled nervously. “I doubt that you will. See you tomorrow.”

She tossed the phone on the bed and returned to the closet. She pushed aside half a dozen outfits before eyeing an Abercrombie embroidered top that cost her far too much. Traci held it up, smiling wryly at the intricate design sewn around the plunging neckline. A pair of light blue flared Chinos completed the set.

“So, you like my butt,” she said out loud, turning the pants so she could see the back.

The outfit was re-hung and the closet door closed noisily.

Friday went slowly at work for Traci and Eric. kaçak iddaa Eric prepared himself for the worst and hoped for the best. The best, in Eric’s mind, would be a second date. His expectations were always understated.

Traci dreamed big and usually kicked herself afterwards for harboring unrealistic aspirations. She envisioned the two of them having wild sex with clothes strewn about the floor. Too often, she settled for a kiss, never to see the guy again.

That’s when she would call Judy. Judy always made things better. Judy kissed her, too. But it wasn’t the same.

It was only ten minutes after Eric was to arrive that she heard the doorbell. One of Traci’s weaknesses was being unforgiving to anyone who was late. She could tolerate this one, under the circumstances.

She looked down at her shirt as she walked to the door. Good. Her hands reached back and swiped across her butt. Good.

The door opened to a much better looking Eric than the one from the trail. They exchanged greetings and Traci let him in. Both were pleasantly surprised with the dressed up version of the person they were attracted to even in sweaty running gear.

Traci didn’t do makeup, except for a very faint eye shadow. Her mouth was too wide to accent, she always reasoned. So, guys were stuck with the “natural” her. For better or worse.

Eric had hair that didn’t need anything done to it to look great. While his face might have been average at best, Traci gave extra credit for the body. If he had a brain and manners…well, that deserved being rewarded.

The evening proved that he had all of that and more. She was impressed with his maturity and ability to discuss nearly any topic she brought up. Her fear that she might seem childish to him by comparison was unfounded. Eric found Traci adorable and fun.

All of this without either one having to get drunk. Rare, indeed, for Traci.

Eric had picked out one of Traci’s favorite places to eat and neither one stumbled over the ordering, tipping or paying pitfalls that often beset first dates. Eric’s main concern was a second date. Traci’s was not being overly aggressive. At least until they were naked.

She invited him in when they got back to her place and he accepted. This was normally an uncomfortable time for Traci, but she felt relaxed after spending more than two hours with him in a restaurant talking about more than she had anticipated.

Traci got them beers. If they needed more than six, Traci knew she’d be passed out on the floor by then anyway. Hopefully, naked and not alone.

She sat on the couch next to Eric. They talked, but her mind was elsewhere. Did he find her attractive? Too young? Too dumb? Too skinny? Too fat?

She was handing him a refill twenty minutes later and didn’t yet have a single answer to her questions. The fact he was still there should have said something.

Then, even THAT assurance crumbled as Eric said, “I really should go.”

Traci gave her best pouty look and said, “OK. I hope you had a good time.”

They were standing now and Eric stepped closer to her. “I had a great time.”

He didn’t want to ask her if she would do it again. He’d give her an opportunity later to answer that. She had the number.

Eric leaned into Traci, put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her. It was a short, soft kiss. Just long enough for Traci to put her hands on his waist. When the kiss ended, she didn’t let go.

Instead, she looked up into his eyes and pulled him even closer. Their bodies met and Traci lifted her head to his once more. They kissed again.

This time it was long and hard and passionate. Traci didn’t get this opportunity often and she wasn’t going to let him escape without making a statement first. Their heads tilted and their mouths opened wider. Eric’s hands were now behind Traci, feeling her body press against his.

He couldn’t help it now. He couldn’t have stopped the hardness between his legs from growing if he’d tried. And she had to know it.

Traci wrapped her arms around him and felt every inch of him against her. It was one of the more electric kisses she had ever experienced. A new man. A real man. A man she really wanted.

“Don’t go yet.”

She couldn’t believe she said it. She wasn’t even looking at him when she said it. But, she meant it sincerely.

“If I stay…” he began. Then stopped.


The silence filled the room.

“If I stay, I’m going to want you,” he finished.

Traci smiled; almost laughed. “I can tell.”

Her hand slid between them and came to rest on the bulge in the front of his pants. Traci’s palm caressed it.

Now she was looking up at him again. “You can have me.”

Eric’s hands moved from her back to her sides, then to her chest. She felt his fingers embrace the outside of her breasts and travel around until they enveloped her. Part of his hands lay on the open front of her shirt and she felt his skin on hers.

They kissed and he squeezed her. She returned the favor, feeling his cock strain under her tightened grip. kaçak bahis As their kiss grew in intensity, Eric’s hand felt for the top of Traci’s exposed breast. His fingers slipped inside her shirt and felt the softness of her breast. When the fingers reached the edge of her bra, he stopped.

Traci supposed Eric was going to be shy about this. If left to his own impulses, she may not get the desired result. Therefore, it was up to her to move first.

Never the bashful type, Traci went straight for the zipper. She amazed even herself at the speed with which she found it and had it half way down. Another tug and she had it opened.

Their kiss was over now as she concentrated on getting her long fingers inside his pants. Then his boxers. She was impressed with what she found. Eric’s cock was hard and long, escaping from the boxers right on cue. While not what she would consider excessively thick, she expected that once insider her it would do just fine.

Eric took the opportunity to lift off Traci’s shirt while she still stood in front of him. She let go of his cock long enough for the shirt to rise over her head and reveal her thin, silky black bra. It barely covered her nipples and the very bottom of her breasts, leaving a lot for Eric to gaze at as he dropped her shirt to the floor.

He ran his fingers over the edge of the black material as Traci regained hold of his cock. She dropped to her knees. The cock pointed skyward, exposing the underside to her tongue.

She licked him from the base to the tip. Traci’s hands pulled his shirt out of his pants and her hands slid up his tight stomach. Her tongue once again rose up his hard shaft.

Now her hands fell to his belt, which she unfastened easily, followed by the button on his pants. She watched as the pants fell in a heap at his feet. Her hand wrapped around his cock and she felt it throb.

Little by little, she pulled down on his boxers. Once they were clear of the protruding cock, she lowered them to his ankles. His shirt covered just the tip of his cock and she pushed it aside. After one last lick, she put it in her mouth.

She felt Eric’s body tense as she tightened her lips around his cock and sucked. Then, she finally had a chance to feel the entirety of his butt with her bare hands. She clutched it firmly and pulled him toward her.

Traci could feel the firmness, and fullness, of his ass. It was cool and smooth…just what she had imagined since first seeing it on the trail. And she would make sure he knew that she admired it even more now.

Traci pulled away from Eric and reached behind her. She unclipped her bra and let it fall from her shoulders. Eric watched while removing his shirt. Traci’s bra hit the floor several seconds before his shirt fell on top of it.

She leaned forward again and allowed his cock to rest on her naked breasts. Traci pressed forward and squeezed the cock against Eric’s lower abdomen. Moving slightly, she positioned the cock between her breasts.

Very deliberately, she raised and lowered herself so that she was massaging the cock with her chest. A hint of precum oozed from the tip. She bent down, licked it off and heard a soft moan come from above.

Traci could feel the heat rising between her legs. She had to have him inside her. Now.

She took off his shoes and yanked the pants and boxers from around his ankles. Eric struggled at first to regain his balance, but now he stood naked, his legs free of any encumbrances.

Eric looked down at the topless girl in front of him, watching her breasts sway with her movements. Then she sat on the floor facing him before slowly leaning back until she was lying down. Her feet stretched between his legs.

Without a word, she unbuttoned her pants and pulled down the zipper. Eric did not wait. He lowered himself to the floor and helped her pull the pants down her legs. He got them to her feet before removing her shoes, then the pants.

Eric looked at the long legs, small waist and inviting breasts. But, his eyes quickly returned to the small pair of panties covering her pussy. A faint outline of her slit could be seen through the material. He felt his cock harden at the sight and he moved rapidly.

The man’s hands slid up the inside of her thighs, across the warm pussy and up to the waistband of the panties. Traci raised her hips as he pulled them down. A thin strip of light brown hair cut neatly above her clit gave way to a shaven pussy. He continued to look at her as the panties slid off Traci’s feet.

Traci spread her legs slightly and ran her hand over her stomach, down to her clit. She bent her knees outward as she played with herself. Eric was mesmerized, wondering what she would do next.

Again, Traci didn’t use words. She held her arms out in a beckoning motion. Eric tenderly fell into them, allowing his body to press down into hers. He took a second to enjoy the feel of her breasts, thighs and cunt brush against him. Then they were lost in a kiss.

Eric’s mouth proceeded down Traci’s neck to the area between her breasts. Light kisses and licks turned more frenetic as he closed his mouth around her left breast. He pushed it up with one hand and sucked on the erect nipple. After engulfing more of the breast again, Traci moaned her approval.

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