Thick and Hard, Please

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I went to see some strippers the other night for a girl’s night out. I sat there looking at guy after guy parade his body and package before me, imagining what each cock was like and boy did my mind go into fantasy mode quick. We sat there discussing which guy was best and who had the bigger package. “Connie” was on a roll and stuffed lots of bills in lots of G strings that night and gave us the dirt on what she got to see of them. There was one guy who had the most gorgeous bulge I’d seen on any of them and he became my focus. I spent twenty dollars for a couple of private dances and got to see what it looked like. Even limp it was impressive and I was drooling to see it hard. I loved playing with my toys when I was out and I had my new remote controlled bullet vibe in me that night. I was so horny when I got home that night, all I could think about was that cock and I wanted it in me. My toys barely helped me get through it and by the time the orgasm was over, I had that fantasy stick with me for days after.

Thick and Hard, Please

It was Friday afternoon when my phone rang and my friend, Connie called from her work. She was telling me how her husband was going to a fishing lodge for the weekend with his buddies and she wanted to have some girl fun. I asked her what she was in to for fun and her reply was fast and sure, strippers.

I wasn’t all that struck on just looking at a guy take his clothes off and do nothing to him. If he was getting undressed, I figured it was the least I could do was strip my clothes off too and join him naked for some real fun. Watching them was more frustrating than anything else. I received my caution from her about not repeating the actions I did last time and pretend to put a bill in his G string and pull it down to his knees. I figured I’d get my money’s worth and see what it looked like and not just some bulge in the material.

I said yes because I had nothing else to do, so I made it a group of four and said I’d meet up after work and had a chance to eat and change. The excitement wasn’t too contained in Connie’s voice and I knew she was ready to play tonight. If she had enough drinks in her, she might just rip the G string off the guy and have some fun with him. I sat at my desk giggling at the thought of that, watching three lust-starved females look at buff bods and bulging cock socks. I was positive the night would finish with one of them wanting to have a fling with one of the strippers.

Connie was still a hot looking woman at forty three and liked to flaunt her looks and get attention. She was more likely to give the stripper a flash of her tits as a tip, instead of a bill. Vivian was the same age and usually more sedate in how she acted, but drinking and semi-nude men brought out the wild thing in her. She was just a horny woman with a calm facade she wore in public. Nicky was the youngest at thirty two and wildest of the lot. She hardly ever wore a bra after she got her boobs done and flaunted them every chance she got. She had a great body too and word had it, she had fooled around on the side a couple of times. We were pretty sure her recent promotion was the result of them too.

I thought of the four of us together and I knew it was trouble waiting to happen, but it would be fun trouble to get in to. None of them got out that much to be really bad, but when they did, they let loose and threw caution to the wind at times. They were good women and good friends, but we all had our sides and putting them together was a volatile combination. I shifted my ass in the chair and felt the Ben Wa balls hitting a particularly nice spot inside me. I began doing some butt cheek clenches and making it move against the spot nicely. As I imagined cock after cock coming out on stage, my balls brought me to a juicy, little climax to help tie me over to quitting time.

I loved that none of my co-workers suspected anything, as I sat in my office and worked away happily, my discreet toys either in me or pressed against my clit. I loved cumming as a stress reliever and after a particularly hard time dealing with something, it was great to lock my door for a five or ten minute session with whatever I had that day and work the tension out. I felt wonderful after and I could deal with anything after that. I loved therapeutic sex. I chuckled sometimes to myself, as my fellow workers did stretches and exercises sitting at their desks, working the kinks out, I had remote control help that sat on my desk, looking everything like a car remote. I just had to touch a button or two and stress relief was on its way instantly. I liked my way better.

I left work and got home, getting out of my work clothes and tossing the day-liner soaked with cum into the trash basket. It never failed to make me chuckle, thinking of what I used the liners for, instead of a weak bladder. I headed in for a shower and got rid of the work day from me and ready for some night time fun. I hadn’t been out with the girls for a girl’s night out in a long canlı bahis time and some were asking where I’d been and been up to.

The last thing I needed them to know about was my sex life and what I had been exploring sexually and finding out about myself. Dating a guy off the net was tame, but being with other women and some of the other things I’d actually tried, certainly would test the bounds of our friendship. None of them would ever look at or think of me the same again. I hadn’t even told them of my new intimate jewelry. They thought Nicky getting a boob job was outrageous, so a couple of clit piercings and a tattoo beside my pussy spelled outrage to the max and I wasn’t about to defend myself to them.

I didn’t want to sit there horny as hell all night, so I tucked my bullet inside me and didn’t switch it on. I slid my finger in and pushed it back to my sweet spot. The vibes would be magical and get me wet in seconds. I wanted it to stay in that spot and not drop down, so I took the medium sized Ben Wa balls, about three quarters of an inch in diameter and slid those in to hold it. I walked around and felt how it worked and even without the vibration happening, it was a sinful feeling of pleasure all its own.

I went through my panty drawer and found the pair I wanted and smiled. The white see through material hid nothing and just gave an illusion of wearing something really, What I liked was the way it caressed my mound and I knew nothing would sneak out and embarrass me. That fabric did wonders to heighten my state of arousal too. Panties and toys, two of my favorite loves. A sexy pair of panties could be almost as good as a toy, if worn the right way and touched the right way as well. I was having a little of both tonight to go along with my third favorite thing, cock. As unaware as my friends were, they would provide me with my fourth favorite thing, the smell of aroused pussy.

I fell in love with that aroma and every time I get a chance to catch a whiff of a woman who’s aroused, I like to smell her and see who she is sexually that way. Sitting with three horny, sex-starved females was going to make this a wonderful night of pleasures for me and not one would know what I was enjoying. I was going to have my own fun and it was far more enjoyable than fantasizing about cock I wouldn’t be getting a chance to play with. I was the first to admit I had a bit of an obsession with cock.

I loved them since the first one I had a chance to play with and get to know intimately. I loved watching them swell from limp and become erect and hard as a rock in my hand, or mouth. I loved touching them, manipulating the key areas and see their owners writhe in pleasure. It was all about the erection and how mighty it felt holding a man’s power in my hands like that. What set it all off was cumming. Stroking that thing and feeling it tense and swell, the head engorging and then that first burst of cum coming out, then the second. I could cum from just doing that. I hated that guys were basically a one shot deal and after doing that once to them, they were done for the night.

Women, they were different. We could go as long as we had the strength to move, or have enough consciousness to us to continue having orgasms. That made being with another woman so much more satisfying in ways. Not better, just more satisfying. I loved how Kelly made sure I was well spent emotionally, as well as physically. She was such an ardent lover and only wanted one thing out of me, my pleasure. I gave that to her abundantly and she gave it back to me. We found something in each other and as I slid my black thigh highs up my legs, I couldn’t help but think of her and miss her.

Maybe fate would let us get together again, maybe it wouldn’t, but tonight was all about me and my passions and I felt ready to enjoy them to the fullest. I stepped into my tight black Lycra skirt and zipped the short zip at the back up and the big zipper in the front up as well. I stood looking in the mirror to see how high I could undo it and not really see anything. Standing up, I could almost undo it fully, before the crotch of my panties showed. I sat on the bed and even the slightest parting of my legs gave a full view of them and my pussy. I knew I couldn’t be that decadent and pulled the zipper down half way and moved and crossed my legs to see what showed and what didn’t.

I figured we were going for a big tease, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to tease them. I stood looking in the mirror at my boobs and tried to decide the level of tease I wanted to give the guys. I really was hoping one of them wasn’t gay and had a thing for women. I wanted to see if I could give him a hard on and give all the women something to enjoy.

I went through all my sexy, party, flirty, date type tops and found the right one. The sheer black was perfect and completed the look I wanted. If they could look like sluts, so could I. I know the girls would be dressing for the occasion too and would be showing some cleavage, bahis siteleri especially Nicky. Compared to her DD monsters, my natural B’s looked like baby boobs. I had my own attraction for guys to look and that was my big, juicy nipples. When those stood out, both male and female eyes took notice and I knew it. The solid black lines that ran through the sheer sat just right and hid my nipples from view. I wanted to see how good the tease would look and gave my girls a little perking up and looked in the mirror to see how noticeable they were. Even in the stage lighting they would have, no one could miss at how erect they were. I felt delicious.

I finished doing my hair, hoping the waves came right for once and checked myself out and even I thought what everyone else would think. Slut, with a capital S, slut. I smiled to myself in the reflection and started laughing, thinking of all the fun I was going to have. I put my light, white blazer on and headed out for a night of fun with the girls. We met up at the Dunkin’ Donuts and car pooled to the club in Connie’s Mercedes. She was doing well in real estate and her car was her status symbol she could still making money in a bad market. I received a few comments on how I looked and got eye-balled hard by a couple of them.

We pulled in and the place was already half full with cars. We went in and two things hit me the moment we got past the lobby. The sound and feel of the music and the air permeated heavily with aroused pussy. I reached in my blazer pocket and clicked the remote to turn my bullet on and tapped it to go up a level in intensity.

We were ushered to a table close to the stage and a row back from the front. I picked the chair that was closest to the stage, so that when I turned my chair around to look, my friends wouldn’t really see what I was doing, when I flashed the stripper. I was in the mood for fun and so far, everything was just what I hoped for. The DJ announced the next guy to come on and the curtains parted to Lance Goodthrust. I nearly pissed myself laughing when I heard the name, but the guy that came out made me think twice. He was built from head to toe and had a tight spandex jumpsuit on. I had no problem getting past all the sweet beefcake and looked at his cock. The spandex accentuated a package that caught most every woman’s eyes. He strutted up to the front and did some of those sexy hip grinds I love to feel guys do against me.

I knew enough about cocks to know he was tucking away a lot of man meat under the tight material. I was fixated on it, studying it as well as I could as he moved. I took more interest when he turned my way and then realized he was pumping his hips right at me. I looked up his body to his face and he was smiling broadly at me, catching me blatantly looking at him. I did what any confident woman would do in that situation. I stood up, pointed straight at his cock and gave two thumbs up to the crowd and started clapping.

Every woman whistled and cheered, hooting and hollering and applauding not only his cock, but me as well. I gave a quick bow and sat down and blatantly looked right at his cock and licked my lips hungrily. The women around me laughed and cheered me on, telling Lance he better be careful or I’d eat him right where he stood. I laughed and played along, gnashing my teeth at him. He lost a bit of his confidence in dealing with me and went to the other side of the stage to dance for the other women.

My friends were all over me about what I did and what got into me. I said I was just having fun and to lighten up. Connie was the DD, so she had virgin drinks, while the rest of us got into the real stuff and had a couple of jello shooters as well. We were all having fun watching the guy and all my passions were being enjoyed like I wanted. I reached in and took out my remote and checked which setting and mode I was on and put it back in my coat pocket, or thought I had.

It fell on the floor behind me and Vivian picked it up. She must have known what it was from being at the toy party we went to and turned to Connie beside her and whispered what it was and that it was mine. Connie let Nicky know and get in on the secret and the three sat and schemed behind my back, as I flashed a panty shot at the sweet thing on stage again. He looked college boy all the way and figured he was paying his tuition this way instead of washing dishes or fast food restaurants.

He was trying to keep his stage composure, smiling at the women, but his eyes were glancing over at me. I casually raised the zipper a few more inches and gave a quick look around to see if any woman had noticed me. I felt sure none had and as I raised my one hand hooting like other women, my other pulled my panties aside and gave him a bare pussy shot. I felt so sorry for him as he lost his entire train of thought on his routine. He looked away and tried to figure where he was in the song and gave up flustered and waited another half minute for it to end.

I cheered bahis şirketleri loudly for him and closed my legs again, crossing then and turning back to my friends. They were clapping and cheering like I was and I had no idea what was going to happen next. After I took a long drink of my spiced rum and ginger, I saw my friends look at me and show just the slightest of tells they were up to something. I was just about to say something and felt the increase in vibration happen inside me. It was only a level higher and nicely stimulating, but it was more than I needed at that moment to just act casual.

My tells must have showed, because a moment later, the vibes increased again. I started squirming in my chair and casually went to my pocket to turn it off. I know the look on my face gave away everything when I realized the remote wasn’t in my pocket. I looked at my friends again and they were looking at the stripper on stage and paying no mind to me.

I was getting into a bit of a panic trying to figure out where it went and casually looked around my chair. I looked at the other women and wondered if one had picked it up and pressed the buttons, wondering what it was. Whoever had it, just turned it up another notch, because my pussy became extremely active instantly. I couldn’t sit still, trying to deal with my pussy having the time of it’s life and I wasn’t in control of the pleasure being given to it.

I turned back to the stage and scanned the floor, spreading my legs and looking down. I was bent over when the bullet went full tilt and had me straighten up and hit the back of my chair. My legs were still spread wide and the stripper was looking at my pussy and rubbing his package with both hands. I looked at him and his eyes were looking at my crotch and bringing all the attention to me again. I was close to cumming from all the stimulation, as I writhed in my seat, making the balls and the bullet go to work on my juicy flesh.

I guess the stripper thought I was getting off on him, as he jumped off the stage in his G string and stood before me, still bumping and grinding away at me. He stood between my legs, keeping me spread wide and I knew my zipper was high enough my pussy was showing clear as day to him. I was succumbing to the vibes and didn’t know what to do, as my pussy enjoyed itself at my embarrassed expense. Knowing how active I was in getting wet, I knew there was a huge wet spot forming around my lips and I could feel the material I loved feeling so much, smearing more and more of it over me.

The stripper moved in and was almost close enough to touch his bulge against me. His body was there before me, his face looking down at me as he held the back of my chair. Whoever had the remote was paying close attention to me. I was making a move to push him away, when the vibe went off on full tilt and my hips shot up in response and right into his crotch. I felt his cock against my pussy and I grabbed his hips and just ground my clit against it. It was just what I needed to get off at that moment and I didn’t care that hundreds of eyes were on me. I could hear the sounds of women gasping in amazement at what I was doing, laughter and cheers were accompanying them, as the stripper let me grind his hardening cock against my clit.

The vibes stopped instantly and my need to grind stopped as well. I became aware of everything again, as the fuzziness of orgasmic euphoria wore off. I looked at the stripper looking at me with lust written all over him. I took stock of where my hands were and looked down at my crotch. His cock was almost fully erect and sticking out of the cock sock he had stuffed it into. It was wet from my cum and his sock was too. I looked the size of what I was rubbing against and public display or not. I wanted it in me.

Whoever had the remote saw me well enough to know hitting me at that moment full force would put me right back into an orgasmic state instantly. The vibes assaulted me again right on the sweet spot and I ground into him again. Up and down his shaft I rubbed him, relieving that insane desire inside to cum. My jacket fell open and my erect nipples were poking out proudly to all who could see them. I was trying to keep some sense of sanity to what I was doing.

I was being driven to orgasmic bliss by someone unknown and they were enjoying watching me make a public spectacle of myself this way. The stripper was grinding at me on his own now, wanting to get off himself. I looked down and saw at least five inches of thick cock sticking out and I was going crazy. It didn’t even feel real to me. This was like some crazy mixed up dream or something, except the wet feeling in my pussy was real and his hard cock rubbing against my clit kept making it more real.

I looked down and saw the shiny wetness on his cock where my pussy was soaking him. Embarrassment or not, I was enjoying the orgasmic pleasure of it all and my pussy wasn’t ready to stop having fun. I looked at the stripper looking at me and I knew he could see my desire to have his cock inside me. I knew he was wanting the same thing and the time was right, but the place wasn’t. I wasn’t paying much attention to anything around me, until I heard the voices start chanting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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