The Trip Ch. 03

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One would think that workin’ all night and having more orgasms than one can count all day, you might be able to get some sleep, but no, my men had other plans for me on the trip up to KC.

Seeing as how we were riding in Froggie’s truck, he opted to drive the first part of the trip, Jr the second, and me the third and final trip. That all worked out fine for me, seeing as how I was completely and utterly exhausted from the previous activities of the day.

As I grabbed my pillow and blanket to catch a few hrs. shut-eye, I could hear my men talkin’ in the front seat, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. They were obviously trying to be quiet so I might easier fall asleep.

It wasn’t long before I was easing into the land of Knod (a.k.a. utter bliss of sleepdom) when I felt soft butterflies fluttering around my face and body. I would attempt to swat them away, and they would flutter around other parts of my body. I was almost asleep when I felt the light blanket slowly move its way up my legs. It was hotter than hell outside, so it really didn’t bother me. I relished the cool breeze on my legs as well as the soft fluttering of the butterflies.

As my blanket moved up, I felt the butterflies flutter their way up my legs. Then the strangest thing happened, I felt one of my dogs land on the seat…Hmmm, I thought we left them bedava bahis at home.

As I fall deeper into sleep, I feel warm hands rubbing my legs, gently massaging and warming them, then spreading them slowly. As I turn to get a little more comfortable, I feel warm kisses run first up one leg and then the other.

I feel someone tugging at my shorts, slowly, as to ease them off of me. Well, since I usually sleep in the nude, I thought, I’ll definitely be more comfortable with them off, so I raise my hips slightly and allow whomever’s helpin’ me, to get them off.

“Whew Froggie, she forgot to put her panties on.”

Ahh, yeah, that’s better. The next thing I feel, is more wondrous hands and kisses. God I didn’t even know I was hurting there.

I feel the butterflies on my toes, my hips, Kisses on my knees, inner thighs. “Ohhhhh” I moan as I feel lips and hot breath on my throbbing pussy. I feel hands on my hips, gently and soothingly caress up my belly to my breasts. As I feel my nipples being pinched, I feel a tongue flick my clit…I inhale sharply…and moan again.

Slowly and gently, I feel a tongue lick me as though I were a favored ice cream cone. Starting at the bottom of my woman’s opening, slowly thrusts into my pussy, then out and upwards, ending with a nibble and suck on my clit. Over and over one single bedava bonus tortuous stroke at a time, never breaking contact. In, out, up, nibble, suck, in, out, up, nibble, suck. Over and over…gradually going faster and faster, the nibbles and sucks slowly getting harder and harder.

This continues for what felt like hours…”Damn!!!” I think to myself, “If this is a dream, I hope to never wake up.”

The next thing I feel is one finger inside me, followed shortly by a second finger. The pressure on my clit increases as the fingers pushing in and out of me, over and over again.

I hear someone in the background moaning and moaning over and over, getting louder and louder, closer and closer to climax, then I realize it’s me moaning, but not just me, whoever it is between my legs is also moaning, and I feel the vibrations all throughout my body.

As I come fully awake to my surroundings, I scream my completion as I notice Jr has somehow made it over the seat and is between my legs giving me the best oral sex I have had ever.

While I am still throbbing from yet another mind-shattering orgasm, I look over and catch Froggie watching me in the rear-view mirror. I notice that he’s only driving one handed, and the other one is moving up and down. I catch all of this in just a matter of seconds when I feel Jr thrust deneme bonusu himself into me. “OHHHH!!!!” I moan as another, smaller orgasm takes me again.

I feel Jr thrust in and out, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder…I try to concentrate on Froggie’s face, I love to watch and to be watched…and knowing that Froggie’s in the front seat jackin’ off to Jr making love to me…it just gets me all the more excited.

I close my eyes because I feel another orgasm working its way through my body from my toes and hair. I feel it creeping up my nerve paths, on its way to my dripping pussy. As I feel the orgasm closer and closer, I moan louder and louder…Jr pumping into me faster and faster, harder and harder “C’mon baby, cum for me, cum for me. I want to feel that hot pussy clam down on my hard dick…C’mon baby, cum, baby cum”

Jr knows that when he talks like that to me, it just increases the intensity of my orgasm…

“Oh god baby, I’m gonna’ cum, I’m GONNA CUM!!!”

“C’mon baby, cum for me Cum for me CUM for me”

“Oh, oh, OH, OH, OHHH, ah, Ah, ah, AHHHHH!!!”

“YeAHHHHH!!!!!!!! God Yes baby!!!”

Then from the front seat we hear “AHHHH!!!!!” Once again, we all cum together…

As Jr reluctantly eases from my body, Froggie announces, “We’re in Springdale, let’s grab a bite to eat and then we’ll be on our way, Jr, it’s your turn to drive man. Rosie probably needs to go to the bathroom, I know I do.”

“Yeah, I really do need to go to the bathroom. Order me a Cheeseburger and fries, I’ll meet ya’ll in the dining room.” I say as I stiff leggedly walk away.

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