I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 05

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Bzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzt.

Madeline felt, rather than heard the soft buzzing, as her phone vibrated quietly. An incoming text!

The three of them – herself, her son Tommy and her mother – were on their way back home after an afternoon of hiking and playing at the party. Tommy was in the back seat, eyelids heavy and his head just starting to nod sleepily.

‘Finally,’ she thought. Glancing at her Mom in the driver’s seat, to make sure she wasn’t watching – Mother had already commented on how frequently Madeline had been looking at her phone – Madeline opened her text messaging app.

SHELLY: We moved to the pool deck.

Madeline glared at the phone, letting out an exasperated sigh.

That was it? That was all Shelly had written? After a full hour of being alone with her husband, “we moved to the pool deck” was Shelly’s only update???

“Again with the phone?” her mother asked accusingly.

“Sorry, mom. I’ve been expecting some important messages. From work. I, unh, need to reply to this one.”

Frustrated, Madeline typed quickly back: click, click, clickety-clack, click.

MADDY: And? AND?!? I’m dying here!! What is going on?

Jealous, insecure thoughts had been twisting knots in Madeline’s stomach for the past thirty minutes. She worried: did the silence mean Shelly’s flirtatious advances toward her husband Scott were working? Was Madeline’s marriage now over?

What would Shelly’s successful play at seduction look like? Was Scott sneaking peeks at Shelly’s shapely curves while she pranced around the pool deck in her skimpy, red bikini? Were they exchanging steamy, shared glances while sitting next to each other? Was Shelly gently touching his arm during their casual conversation? Were those touches lingering longer and longer? Was Scott succumbing to Shelly’s advances, finding excuses to move closer to her?

How far would Shelly take it before she determined that Scott was the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife? Afterall, Madeline had seen Shelly take things pretty far with perfect strangers she had just met at the nightclub.

Yet isn’t that why she had asked Shelly to do this act today? Wasn’t she the perfect temptress to test Scott’s infidelity? Shelly was quite practiced at the art of seduction and yet, she had also proven loyal to her husband. Madeline reminded herself that although she had caught Shelly kissing, getting felt up – even giving some random guy a blowjob at the nightclub – the two of them always drove home together. Shelly never begged off for a one night stand with any of the guys she got on with, even when her husband was away on business.

Suppose Shelly managed to get Scott’s swim trunks pulled down over his waist, and started giving him a blowjob: would THAT be cheating? Even if Scott was trying to valiantly fend her off?

Would Shelly be brazen enough to even try that? Madeline wasn’t sure. Yes, she’d caught her friend doing some pretty crazy things at the club, but that was only after she’d gotten a few drinks in her. Shelly probably wouldn’t take it nearly that far with Scott. No, Madeline suspected that would be crossing a line, even for her overly flirtatious friend.

Bzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzt.

Madeline’s phone vibrated. She looked at Shelly’s reply.

SHELLY: Nothing. Absolutely nothing is happening. I think your husband might be gay.

The text was soon followed by a short video clip. After another quick glance over at her Mother, Madeline tapped the video to play it. She thumbed the volume all the way down, so no one in the car would hear it playing.

In the video, Shelly was outside, lying down on one of the chaise lounge chairs by Madeline’s pool. She was laying on her stomach, the camera held out in front of her – as if she were taking a selfie, only she was shooting a video instead.

Propped up on both elbows, the camera caught a very generous view of the deep valley between Shelly’s large, shapely breasts. Her blonde hair tumbled down over both shoulders in long, gentle waves. Her makeup was sultry, sexy: dark eyeliner and mascara offset Shelly’s crystal blue eyes as she winked into the camera. Shelly then rotated the camera slightly so that it showed Scott in the background.

He was on the far side of the pool, vacuuming. His focus was entirely on the task at hand, his back slightly turned to Shelly, purposefully ignoring her. Shelly filmed him as he guided the underwater vacuum back and forth, back and forth.

There was a text message across the screen that read: “He’s been doing that since we got out here. Hasn’t give me a single glance.”

Madeline grinned happily as the video ended. The pool did not need to be vacuumed, she had taken care of that herself yesterday. She had checked it this morning, before leaving the house, too. The pool bottom was sparkling clear. The only reason Scott would be vacuuming now, would even bother to take all those supplies out of the pool shed and hook them up, was because Shelly had dragged him out to the pool, and he wanted to güvenilir bahis distract himself – ignoring Shelly at all cost!

Bzzzzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzt.

SHELLY: If you had a chance to work on the pool, or work on me, what would you do?

A new photo arrived in Madeline’s messenger app. Shelly was now sitting upright, straddling the lounge chair. She was taking a selfie, the phone held out far in front of her. Rather than look directly at the camera, Shelly’s head was turned coyishly to the side. She was pulling one of the cups of her bikini top to the side, as well. She was dangerously close to revealing her nipple, just a half inch more would do it! As it was, a hint of her areola was tantalizingly visible, a soft, pink crescent barely eclipsed by the rest of her bikini. Shelly’s back was to Scott; he wouldn’t have seen any of this, even if he did lift his head from vacuuming the pool. Madeline realized this private tease was just for her. She giggled merrily.

MADDY: Yasss, Queen! U so sexy!

MADDY: Can’t chat now tho. Driving with Mom.

MADDY: Keep updates coming, will text when back at house.

Then, a few seconds later, as a complete afterthought, Madeline sent:

MADDY: Have him oil you up. Sunscreen trick might push him over the edge!

Madeline looked out the window, now happily watching the scenery glide past. Her gorgeous BFF had been flaunting herself in front of the hubby all morning. She had been prancing around him practically naked, wearing the barest slip of a bathing suit. Yet despite her outrageously flirtatious gestures – Scott hadn’t put the moves on her! Perhaps Scott was as loyal and devoted a husband as Madeline had been telling Mother he was all these years!

The sunscreen lotion test. That’s the one Madeline wanted to hear about. After that, she’d feel in the clear.

— —

Twenty minutes later, Madeline sat on the front porch of her mother’s house, phone in hand, her finger paused over the play button. A new, much longer video had arrived. There was no accompanying text.

A timer in the bottom right corner indicated it was just under two and a half minutes long. Madeline’s finger was frozen because of what she saw on the video thumbnail. The image was a picture of Shelly, laying on a white towel on the pool deck. She was on her tummy, and her back was glistening from freshly applied tanning oil. Scott’s hands were in the thumbnail frame, too.

He’d done it. He’d applied tanning oil to Shelly’s back. What else did he do? What was the video going to show her? Why hadn’t Shelly included any incriminating text with the video?

Madeline looked around, making sure she was alone on the porch. She could hear the sounds of her mother puttering around the kitchen, prepping dinner. Tommy, she believed, was down in the basement with his grandfather. Madeline looked back at her phone. She exhaled slowly and then tapped Play.

The image changed, jumping to the start of the video. Shelly was sitting upright, holding the phone out in front of her. She seemed to be staring at the phone, turning her face slightly, side to side.

Madeline realized her girlfriend was using her camera phone like a compact mirror. She was inspecting her makeup through the live recording of herself, making sure everything was put together just so.

Once again, Madeline became a little envious as she watched the replay of Shelly inspecting her own flawless beauty: crystal blue eyes with tiny flecks of white in them, framed by thick, lush eyelashes. Fake ones, Madeline was certain, but gorgeously framed by her jet-black eyeliner and brushed thick with mascara. High, well-contoured cheekbones offset her delicate nose, and full, heart-shaped lips. Her face was flawless, no hint of blemishes, and the sun glinted off the glossy peach coloring of freshly applied lipstick. Looking in the camera, Shelly bit her lower lip seductively.

Shelly’s eyes shifted upward. She was now looking directly into the camera lens.

‘She’s looking right at me,’ Madeline thought.

Shelly raised both eyebrows. Her eyes twinkled with … what was that, Madeline wondered? Excitement? Delight?

Madeline felt an edge of trepidation creep in. She recognized this look. It was the guise Shelly wore when she was “on the prowl” at the nightclub.

What was about to happen? How would Scott react? Madeline squirmed nervously as the video played on.

There was a sudden jumble of motion as the camera twisted all around. Images of sky, water, the white beach towel spread flat across the cement deck, trees, fence and shrubbery bordering the pool, all tumbled by as Shelly repositioned herself on the towel. She lay down on her side, propped on one elbow. Shelly held the phone loosely in one hand, still recording. Madeline was able to glimpse the ample curves of her body, her lightly tanned skin.

“Scotty, could you come put some tanning oil on my back, please?” Shelly asked sweetly.

Her chest, with those magnificently round breasts, squeezed türkçe bahis into an overly tight bikini top, swelled as she took a big inhale of breath. The camera caught her nipples, hard and firm, poking at the fabric, and her flat tummy beyond. A large bottle of Hawaiian Dark Tropic tanning oil came into view, near Shelly’s tummy, as she wagged it back and forth in her free hand.

Off camera, Scott’s voice could be heard, hesitantly.

“Unh, sure.”

A lump caught in Madeline’s throat. The butterflies in her stomach were all taking flight now. She desperately wanted to turn the video off, but couldn’t tear her eyes away.

“Good,” Shelly said. She waited in this position a short time, while Scott walked around from the opposite end of the pool. Then, again, the video capture became topsy-turvy as she flipped onto her stomach. Shelly’s face came into frame, and her fingers reached for the display.

The camera view flipped. Madeline was looking at the concrete pool deck. It took a moment for her to realize what had happened. Shelly had just switched from front camera to back camera, and soon after became obvious why.

As Shelly stretched her hands out in front of her and lay flat on the towel, she lifted her arms at the elbow. The camera rotated such that her head, shoulders and the length of her body came into view. With the phone now filming from the back camera, and the backside facing in Scott’s direction, Shelly would be able to record Scott as he applied tanning oil to her back … all without him being able to see she was recording the whole thing.

‘Oh, you are devious, hon’, thought Madeline.

Of course, this meant Shelly could no longer see what she was filming either, but she did a fairly good job of keeping the camera lense focused on the action as it unfolded.

“Unh, where?” Scott asked dumbly.

“My back, please. But first, untie my bikini,” Shelly purred.

Madeline’s eyes grew wide.

Shelly managed to angle the camera such that Madeline could see her husband’s expression. He looked nervously along the length of Shelly’s body, his eyes fluttering from her shoulders to her waist to the calves of her legs.

“I, ahhh … ”

Shelly turned the camera back on her backside, as she wiggled her hips playfully.

“Go on, silly” she taunted. “You’re not going to see anything! I’m lying on my tummy.”

Shelly lowered the back camera so that it focused on her own face. She looked straight into the lense and winked. Shelly was having such fun with this, Madeline could tell.

“I want to get rid of these tan lines, Scott,” Shelly pouted. “Help a girl out.”

The video swayed as Shelly lifted the phone again a waved it around lazily. Madeline could see Scott’s knees, kneeling near the edge of her the towel. She recognized his strong hands, as well as the thick, band of gold on his ring finger – his wedding band.

Madeline gulped loudly as those hands moved forward and hesitated above the knotted ties of Shelly’s bikini.

“It’s just like unwrapping a Christmas present, Scotty,” Shelly said, her voice soft and husky. “Just grab the ends of the string and pull.”

Madeline held her breath, then watched as Scott grabbed the ends of both strings and slowly pulled them in opposite directions. The knots slipped loose, and the strings fell away.

“Oh my god,” Madeline gasped. She pressed the screen, pausing the video.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod,” Madeline said the words in rapid succession. Her pulse was racing, her breath coming in short gasps. “Shit!”

Madeline needed to stop and take stock of her current emotions. What was she feeling?

Jealousy, to be sure. A tiny amount of rage, too. She questioned herself, why?

“I planned for all of this to happen,” she told herself. “This is all my doing. Why am I upset?”

“Because,” Madeline answered her own question,”You just watched your fucking husband untie another woman’s bikini. She invited him to help take her clothes off – AND HE DID!”

Not for the first time that day, Madeline started to doubt the entire arrangement she had made with Shelly. She knew that if her BFF were to roll over onto her back right now, she would reveal her chest to Scott. Madeline had never seen Shelly naked before, but she could imagine what those large, soft melons might look like.

Madeline closed her eyes, envisioning how that scene might play out – Shelly, slowly rolling onto her back, her boobs swaying majestically. Scott’s eyes wide, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Shelly staring up into Scott’s eyes longingly, then reaching up to wrap both of her hands around his neck. It would be so easy for Shelly to pull his head down to her chest, toward one tender breast.

Madeline imagined Scott brushing his lips over her nipple briefly, then opening his mouth hungrily for it. In her mind’s eye, she could see Shelly’s back arch as Scott took the nipple between his lips. Both Shelly and Madeline gasped in that same moment-


“Madeline, güvenilir bahis siteleri do you want another glass of lemonade?”

The imagined scene evaporated in an instant when Madeline heard her mother’s voice. Her eyes blinked open.

“What?” Madeline asked, looking around confused.

“Lemonade.” Her mom said from the porch entryway. “Would you like me to get you another glass?”

Awareness came flooding back. She was at her Mom’s house, sitting on the porch. A tall glass, filled mostly with melting ice cubes, was on the table beside her.

“Oh. Umm, yes, please.”

Then there came a vision of Shelly’s tone, athletic figure, skinny, so sexy, in that tiny, red bikini.

“Actually, just ice water is fine, Mom. I’ll come get it. “

Her mom clucked disapprovingly. “No, dear, sit. You look tired when I just walked in. I’ll bring it right along.”

“Where’s Tommy?” Shelly asked, as her mom fetched up the glass.

“He’s still down in the basement with Grandpa. They’re playing with those silly choo-choo trains.”

Madeline smiled at that. Her father’s hobby was anything but silly. It was a private wonderland! Fully half of the entire basement had been converted into an elaborate, miniature community, complete with buildings, small, plastic townsfolk, a mountain, small lake, and hundreds of feet of model train tracks. It had taken her father years to build it, starting when Madeline had first gone to college. Her dad spent hours in that basement, and Tommy loved playing train engineer with Gramps!

“Are you alright, honey?” Her mom asked, bringing Madeline out of her reverie once again. “You seem, I don’t know … a little pale.”

The dutiful daughter patted the phone in her lap, mostly to reassure herself it was still there. Thankfully, the screen had turned off. She could only imagine what her mother might think if she caught a glimpse of the images that had been playing on that phone screen just now.

“Yes, fine. Do you need any help in the kitchen? Can I help with dinner?”

“No, I’ve got it. You relax here on the porch. I’ll be back out shortly with your water.”

After her mother left, Madeline picked up her phone and swiped her unlock pattern. The video was there, frozen where she had paused it: a still frame of Shelly’s well-tanned and now naked backside.

Madeline knew that Scott, now kneeling over her blonde bombshell of a girlfriend, had a much better view. With Shelly dressed in not but a thong, Scott was effectively looking down upon the backside of a fully naked woman. And he was just about to touch her … to FEEL her under his hands. What was he thinking? What thoughts were running through his head?

Tentatively, anxiously, Madeline pressed the screen. The video resumed play. She watched as her husband tipped the bottle upside down. Tanning oil fell oozed from the opening, onto Shelly’s back. Madeline imagined Scott’s resolve slowly trickling out of him, just as that oil now trickled out of the bottle.

“Mmmmmmm,” Shelly said, training the camera back on her face. She winked into the camera. “You have really nice hands, Scott.”

“I have a secret,” Shelly’s expression told Madeline plainly. “A very naughty, naughty secret.”

With her free hand, Shelly pulled her long, golden locks of hair to the side, barring her shoulders naked.

“Get my shoulders, too, please. That’s it. Very nice, Scott,” Shelly purred.

Madeline did not like the seductive tone of Shelly’s voice. She liked even less the glimpses she was getting of Scott’s hands working the tanning oil into Shelly’s skin.

Madeline had to remind herself that she had asked Shelly to do this. Then she had to remind herself that Shelly was her best friend. And finally she had to remind herself that Shelly was also married. Shelly would stop Scott if he tried to do anything. Madeline felt … certain. This was all part of Shelly’s act.

Shelly lifted the camera higher as Scott continued to rub her body. Her shoulders and back now glistened as he smoothed all of the excess oil into her skin. She glinted, like a goddess under the sun, and Scott’s hands were worshipping her.

“Mmmm, that’s good, Scott.” Shelly said softly.

Madeline watched as he massaged the oil into her shoulders, her back, and along her rib cage. She watched how closely his fingers came toward the curve of Shelly’s breast. When his hands did not linger, an expression of hope crept across her Madeline’s features.

True, Scott had rubbed the oil onto her back, but to Madeline’s eye, his motions seemed half-hearted, almost chaste.

“Your back is done,” Scott said, matter-of-factly.

“Do you, ahh, want to keep going?” Shelly asked innocently.

“Going?” Scott asked.

Madeline felt her throat tighten.

“The back of my legs, and umm, my bum still need to be oiled,” she encouraged him.

There was a long pause. And then Scott said softly, almost coldly, “I think you can reach those yourself, Shelly.”

The camera caught him putting the bottle down, then he standing up. There was a noticeable bulge at the front of his swim trunks, although Madeline really couldn’t find fault in him for that. Shelly was a sexy, intoxicating creature!

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