Taste of Mom

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She was 43 5’4’’ long hair, brunette. I knew it was wrong but I have had so many erections that I couldn’t control it. I was looking at her huge breasts and I would be in my room or the bathroom masturbating. I know almost everybody has fantasized having intercourse with his mother. It was the same with me until that lucky day I had. I was eighteen.

I came home from school a few hours earlier for reasons that don’t really matter. I walked normally to my room and I heard the shower in the bathroom running. The door was wide open. My mother thought that she would be alone for at least 2 hours more since she didn’t expect me. My father would come home after 8pm every day but Sundays.

I wasn’t going to see much behind the shower curtain but still I was going to have a clear image behind the clear shower curtains. But to my surprise, she was not in yet and she was undressing. I could see her through the gap between the door and frame. My heart was pounding so hard. Her breasts were big and beautiful with her nipples pointing out. Then she turned completely towards me walking to the tub. I had full view of her hairy pussy.

I was rubbing my hand over me jeans and imagining that I was fucking her. It was well trimmed though because I could see the triangle very clear. I was trying to see her lips but it wasn’t possible from the distance I was. She got in and cleaned her self for a good 10 minutes. I was holding my breath and masturbating over my pants. I could see her figure behind the curtain and her hands were running up and down. I wish I was the one doing the rubbing on her.

I didn’t want her to notice yet that I was home so that I could possibly have another peak at her. I walked slowly to my room and was hoping she wouldn’t notice that I am in. she got out of the bathroom and for my luck she went to her room. After a few minutes I heard the hairdryer working and figured that she would be decent for me to go and let her know that I was home.

I walked in her room and she was standing in front of the mirror naked. I wanted to grab her and … but I was frozen. I walked back slowly and back to my room. I was thinking that if she saw me then she would never act so freely another time. I was trying to calm down and wait a little bit longer and then go again.

After a while everything was so quiet. I walked silently back to her room and she was lying on her bed naked sleeping. She was on her stomach with her right leg bend giving a clear view to anyone walking in the room. I walked slowly to the bed and got a great look at her big mature labia. I just held myself from jumping on and taking them in my mouth. That was it. I had to release but I didn’t want to leave the room.

That’s when my mind started working. I walked silently to my father’s office and brought back his digital camera. I was hoping that she was still in the same position. For my luck she was. I took a few shots and plenty close-ups. I left back to my father’s office and loaded the photos on a CD-r and printed a close-up. Then, Back to my room and then “masturbation at its full glory.”

After an hour and a half the alarm clock in my mother’s room went off. I got up and walked to the bathroom making noise. A couple of minutes later she knocked on the door. “T? Is that bursa escort you?” That’s how she called me since I was a little kid.

“Yes mom. I came in a few minutes ago. We left school ten minutes earlier. How was your day?”

“As usual, sweetheart. Housework at its glory and then I took my noon nap. Nothing much.”

As usual? I thought. I have been missing a show for a long time now. I had to see her naked again and again… the pictures were fine but real flesh is different. I planned it well and one day after about a week, I faked being ill. I left around the same time as before and walked to my house that was a 15 teen minute walk.

When I reached my house I went to the side where the bathroom window is and waited to see if she would do it the same way as last week. She actually did. And from what I understood she was doing the same thing as a ritual everyday. The alarm clock was to wake her up before I got home from school.

But I had to get more than that. Just looking at her was not enough anymore. I couldn’t sleep at night and I masturbated like a maniac. That’s when I came up with the idea to see her reaction of me naked. I had a firm athletic body but not anything big. My cock was a 6 to 7 inch. But I had to see her reaction.

The coming Saturday after my father left for work my mother went to get some groceries. I hadn’t got up yet until she left. I took a shower and went back to my room. I relaxed on the bed. When I heard the car coming back, I started rubbing my cock to give it a full erection. She called my name but I pretended not hearing her.

She knocked on the door but I didn’t answer. I had my eyes closed faking the sleep. She almost screamed but she just released a small noise. I felt her eyes on my cock and it got harder. She stayed in the room for a long time being as quiet as possible trying not to wake me up. My cock was moving begging her to grab it. That is when she did what gave me an orgasm to remember.

I could feel her getting closer to the bed and as I was on the side she could reach without getting on the bed. I could feel her breathe over my erected cock. Then she whispers “my little boy is growing up to a man.” And she kissed my cock on my head and was getting up to leave me. But the same moment I ejaculated like a river. I felt her stop. My sperm kept running out for a few seconds.

A few seconds later I felt a finger on my stomach wiping some sperm off of it. I decided to peek and see what she was doing. Her finger was in her mouth and she was licking my sperm. That made my dick move again and again. I was getting uncomfortable. I still had a hard on. I could see her looking at my cock in a different way now.

She bended down again and this time licked the tip of my cock and cleaned it from the rest of my come. She was staring at it and I think she had forgotten that I was her son for that time. She moved her tongue and lips on my throbbing cock. I had my eyes almost opened while she was enjoying my cock. But I was breathing deeply so that she would think I was still asleep.

When she got to my balls I was holding my moaning so that I wouldn’t discourage her. After a few thought of hesitation, she took him in her mouth. Her movements were so gentle and slow I knew she was bursa escort bayan trying not to wake me up. I lost track of time and closed my eyes and enjoyed the best blowjob of my life.

I was going to come again. I don’t know if she could feel it but I was not going to do anything to prevent this blow out in my mother’s mouth. That is when I came releasing a light noise of relief. I could hear her gulping on my come. She swallowed every single drop. When I started to get soft, she smacked a kiss on him and got up slowly and went slowly to the door and out.

Holy smoke! That was the most amazing experience I ever had. But I had to fuck her. The blowjob was not enough. I needed to taste her too.

The rest of the day she was looking weird at me and believing that I didn’t know anything she was laughing in a very sexy way. I decided to open a conversation about sex with her. I was acting not knowing some things and asking her questions.

“Mom, is it ok to masturbate?”

“Well it is as long as you don’t abuse your self.”

“Do you masturbate mom?”

“Well sometimes I do”

“How often do you have sex with dad?”

“That is not your business.”

“I am sorry mom. But I just wondered how often dad wants to have sex. I almost always have the urge to masturbate especially when I see a beautiful woman.”

“That is natural too, son. But still you must not abuse yourself.”

“if I was dad I would want to have sex with you every day”

“T? What does that mean?”

“Nothing mom I just think you are a very beautiful woman.”

“Look son, at the beginning we used to have sex with your father very often but the older a man gets his sex drive falls. And that is natural especially if he works many hours.”

The weekend went quiet and on Sunday night I overheard her talking with dad and he was apologizing for not having any sex with her for the past three weeks.

I was going to risk my next move on the following Tuesday. My class was going to go to the museum of our town and after that we would go home. I hadn’t told my mother anything and I wasn’t going to.

We got back a little bit late but I ran back to the house. By now if she was on her usual schedule she would be fast asleep. I kept my fingers crossed. I got in silently as I could. When I got to her bedroom door it was almost closed but not completely. I pushed the door a few inches and peeked in the room.

I was very surprised to what I saw. She was lying on her back with my underwear in her hand with her legs spread. I got closer and took off my shoes and clothes except my underwear. I was going to give her back what she gave me last Saturday morning.

I climbed as silently as I could on the bed and brought my mouth over her black triangle looking at her lips that were kind of wet and the smell coming out of her beautiful pussy was the most arousing aroma. I slowly put my lips on her labia and kissed them. I took them in my mouth for a few seconds and sucked gently on them. I could hear her breathing getting louder so I stopped sucking on them.

Once she calmed down I opened her labia with my tongue and lick her entire opening from bottom to her clit. When I reached her clit she moaned and shifted her hips naturally escort bursa upwards pressing on my tongue. I stopped once again and then I grabbed her clit with my lips and sucked on it while my tongue was going in circles. I could hear her moaning getting louder and louder. I was beginning to doubt if she was asleep.

Was she acting like me? Did she know that I was awake when she gave me a blowjob? But that moment I didn’t care. If she was going to wake up I was going to tell her that I was awake. If she was faking I was going to go along with it. I could feel she was going to climax. But I didn’t want it to end that fast.

I looked up at her big breasts and wanted to taste them to. I was going to risk everything with my next move. I slowly pulled down my underwear and climbed placing my erected cock in front of her wet pussy. I didn’t think for a second time and pushed my cock in her and stopped before my stomach touched hers.

I took her breast in my mouth and could feel her warm pussy pulsing on my cock.

“T, what are you doing, stop.” she was awaken.

“I want you mom, I can’t stop. After you gave me those wonderful orgasms on Saturday I can’t stop thinking of being inside you.”

“You were awake? Of course I was. I loved every moment of it.”

“I am sorry T, but that was a mistake and you must stop.”

“I am not sorry and I won’t stop.”

“But this is a sin and you are my son”

“I was your son on Saturday too?”

“But what if your father finds out? He will kill us both”

“I won’t tell him. If you don’t then who is going to tell him.”

“T, please this is…”

I sealed her mouth with mine and stuck my tongue in her mouth looking for hers. At the same time I began moving my cock in and out slowly banging gently every time I reached her deep in her. I grabbed her beautiful breasts while kissing her.

I was fucking my mom. I couldn’t believe it.

It wasn’t going to last long now because I could fell my come blowing up my balls.

“Fuck me sweetheart, fuck your mother. Give me your delicious come.”

“I’m coming mom. I’m going to come in your pussy. Yes, yes…Ah”

I came inside her again and again. But I was so horny that my cock was hard even after my orgasm. I kept moving faster and faster like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh sweetheart, mommy is going to come. Make mommy come with your beautiful cock.” She came and squeezed me on her soft breasts while I kept fucking her harder and harder. She was coming so intensively that she was trembling. I kept moving slowly in and out and her moaning was gradually growing and getting louder again.

“T you are wonderful. You fuck me like an experienced lover. Oh yes, yes…I am going to come again.”

I loved her moaning and her comments.

“T I’m coming again, ohhh…”

“I am coming inside your pussy again mom.”

I exploded once again her hot vagina while she was kissing me with gratitude thanking me.

“T, this must not happen again. I loved every moment of it but it is wrong.”

“But why not? It will be our secret.”

“We could get caught?”

“We will be careful. I can’t stop this mom. I will go crazy if I can’t put my hands on you. I want to do much more things with you. Please mom.”

“We will discuss about it later now we have to get up clean up and change the sheets because your father will smell that someone had sex in this room. Go take a shower and we will have a serious discussion later…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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