Spying on my Parents’ Sexy Neighbor Pt. 03

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Rain drizzled down the glass. A flash lit the clouds above, and in an instant a crooked chain of light cut through the dark skies. The lights of the long stone garage flooded the courtyard with long stitches of light that disappeared into the paving stones. I stared at the silver Audi. I still couldn’t decide if I resented Janet or not.

Lisa, my mother, slipped back inside the room. She had removed the ball gag but still had it in her hand along with her phone. She closed the door and locked it.

She took my hand and sat me down on the bed. “Now, why would Janet do this? Tell me everything.” She said. She wasn’t harsh, but she was serious.

I told her everything, I started at the beginning when they first moved in. I explained how I saw her through the window from the on-suite bathroom. How I bought video cameras to get a closer view of her. I told her about Lou, when Nick would come home, and how I came up with the plan to join in. She sat and listened to the entire story. I even explained why I began training as hard as I did, and why I started the business I did. I felt like I talked for hours, but it was only 15 minutes.

She listened to everything I said and when I finished she took a deep breath.

“Go downstairs and wait for me in the weight room, no one will be using it. Put your mask on. When I get Janet there, I’ll do the talking.”

I stared at her blankly. “Mom, why aren’t you freaking out?”

“Going crazy won’t help anything, just use what I wrote it the manual,” she said.

“What manual? I only just found out about this as we were pulling in the driveway. I thought I was taking her to a dance club or some sales house party.” I said.

“She didn’t give you a manual? I was the one who invited her, your father and I have been trying to get her and Nick for years. Suddenly she accepted with this new boyfriend called Lou.” She tapped her front teeth with her nail and disappeared in thought. When she came to, she pointed a finger at me. “Get your mask on, I’ll explain things later. Do not talk!”

I slid the mask over my head. “She’s smart, it was my mistake, I thought she was a Bimbo,” I said.

“Sweetie, she’s not smart, she’s devious.” She said, patted me on the cheek and turned me towards the door with a smile.

I slipped out of the room, behind me a door opened. It was pinks room, two women giggled and high heels clicked on the hardwood. My heart skipped and footsteps quickened as I rounded the corner down the stairs.

My stomach turned, I envisioned a bar fight, frantic screaming, yelling, threats and all types of shit hitting the fan. I wanted to throw up, to pass out or break something.

Janet stepped into the room and looked at me. She gave me a smile and said, “Was it fun?”

I wanted to reply, but my mother told me to stay quiet. Lisa close the door and stood next to me. Her response shocked me.

“Did you enjoy it? Tonight I mean.” Lisa said.

Janet gave her a smile and shrugged her shoulders. “I won’t lie I expected larger, very good though, very skilled, I could see where your son gets his potential. Am I right?”

Lisa gave her a smile. “Doug told me everything, including the things he did, and all the things you two have started.”

Janet’s face twisted into a frown. “Did he tell you he blackmailed me into sex?”

“Like I said, everything, including how you came to enjoy his company. He will get dealt with. But tonight you two will leave as Janet and Lou. He’s going to drop you off, and the deal you two have is done.”

“What if I have more plans for Doug? I still enjoy our time together, I’ve passed on a lot of skills and I’m just now getting rewarded for the training.” Janet said. She took a step closer to Lisa and lifted her chin. “Besides, I control everything over him, I kept the letter and the original USB. And now that the divorce is final, it doesn’t matter.”

Screwed, I thought to myself.

Lisa smiled and lowered her hands in front of her waist. The softer response threw Janet off. Then Lisa said, “I know the divorce is final, but even if Nick got these files, the high-priced lawyer he has can cause you unwanted grief, say a month’s allowance. As for our group it’s your signature on our contract, you lied and forged my son’s signature said his name was Lou. What would your clients think of you if they found out the pudgy 19-year-old virgin tricked you into giving him sex?”

Janet’s smile dropped. She looked back at me and Lisa. “What would everyone think of you two? You two fucked each other.”

“If we did, that’s illegal too, something you coerced us into, through trickery and forgery? It’s far better for you if we didn’t have sex.” Lisa said. Lisa stepped closer this time. “This group of ours has strings in high places, you expose my son and I, you expose them. How well would your business do then? What about your friends, your entourage of young pretty hair dressers who worship you? You want to be the one who’s doing the seducing and controlling, not the one who’s bahis firmaları been outsmarted by a chubby kid with braces. You have pictures of him now, I have pictures of a gaming teen with braces, skinny arms and a belly.”

I had to admit, the comment stung more than a little. Was that how she saw me? Either way, I suppose I deserved it.

Janet opened her mouth to say something, then looked at me. Maybe she remembered the kid who stood in the doorway as she held the purse of money. She brought a hand up to her cheek and tried to wipe a tear from the corner of her eye. “Like you said before its only sex, it’s not like, well.” She looked away and her quivering hand covered her mouth and stopped a tear from running down her nose.

Lisa spoke in a soft tone. “You’ve started a new and larger building, its expensive land in that part of the city, can you afford to lose face and money right now? Considering you gained a lot of pleasure from the deal.”

Janet scowled at Lisa, her eyes filled with tears. She wasn’t one who took losing well. On short notice my mother landed a sharp sting that took the fight from her.

Lisa clasp her hands in front of her and gave her a smile. “I think we can agree none of us wants any of this to come out. The little thing you two have going on is over, even if you don’t want it to be. I can report to Red that you two had fun, but it wasn’t for you and we continue on with our lives.” She looked at me. “And believe me, Doug will earn his way.”

Janet looked different. She sat down on a workout bench, put her knees together and her hands on her lap. She looked up at Lisa and said, “what if I don’t want it to end?”

“You mean punishing him?” Lisa said.

“No,” she looked down to her feet and wiggled her toes. “To explore more, just to know there’re others like me.” a tear ran down the side of her nose and landed on the black mat. She shook her head and stood up. “I just wanted to know if it’s normal to fall in love with family.” She crushed the mask in her hand and stormed pass us out into the hall.

Lisa covered her mouth with one hand. We both stood there and stared at the open door.

She put her hands on her forehead and looked down. “Shit.” She turned to me and looked straight at me. “Dammit Doug, she didn’t need this or you,” She waved her hand over me. “She needed a therapist. Just take her home and let me think we’ll talk more when your father flies out in two days.”

“We’re not going to tell dad, are we?”

“I will.” She said.

I looked at her in horror.

“I’ll tell him the story about Janet and how she plotted to get you here. I’ll say that as we were undressing close to the window, we saw each other’s faces, and that’s was where we ended it.”

I nodded my head, put my mask back on and went out to the car. Before anyone else could see me, I slipped out the back and ran through the rain towards Janet’s car.

She was already in it. Her clothes were soaked and hair clung to her scalp. A bit of mascara stained her cheeks and the sides of her eyes. I jumped in the drivers. We drove home in silence. I wanted to say something, but each time I tried my mouth refused to open.

I pulled into the drive and parked in front of the garage door.

“You can still sneak over, your mother wouldn’t know.” She said, she stared straight ahead.

I shook my head, “I am so sorry, I wish that service van at was never park there. Or I should have just looked like I was stealing your mail. Or just none of this happened to begin with.”

We sat together in silence and watched the rain bounce off the hood and windshield of the car.

She looked at me. “I knew what your parents were, I saw the way your father looked at me. I wanted to come, but I could tell Nick didn’t want to.” She reached over and took me by the back of the head and pulled me into her lips.

Her tongue forced its way through my lips and pressed against my teeth. She pulled away, grabbed the keys and ran for her front door.

Back home, I waited in my room until my parents returned. Before they returned, I threw the clothes I wore that night in the garbage. Four hours later, my parent’s car pulled in.

“Doug.” My father called out from downstairs.

I was a man, but that didn’t stop my knees from trembling as I walk towards the banister and looked down. He looked up at me and motioned for me to come down. When I got down the stairs the two of them stood together.

A grin spread across his face and he said, “I guess we have the same taste in women.”

My mother shot him an icy stare and slapped his arm. “Bill!”

“It’s true, him and I had sex with the same woman.” He said.

My mother and I looked at each other than back to Bill. I said nothing, I just pressed my lips together and raised my eyebrows.

“Right, I don’t approve of the method, you took short-term gains for long-term losses.” He shook a finger at me, then tapped his forehead. “If you had thought it out better, you could have shown up as kaçak iddaa Doug.” He said.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. I always knew dad was a bit of a lecher. Now it took a whole other level.

“Oh my god Bill,” Lisa said.

“He’s a grown man, Rachel knows. Eventually he would have found out. At least we could have introduced him better than Janet,” Bill said.

“Okay, that’s enough I’ll deal with this tomorrow. Bill, go sleep it off. Doug, downstairs you’re sleeping on the couch.”

Bill sighed and said, “Okay, mistakes were made, we’ve made them in the past too, can you two clean it up with the group?”

Both my mother and I nodded our heads.

He put his hands together and said, “Good, tomorrow after you’re done your work you and I will do some volunteer work.” He pointed his finger at me.

My father kissed Lisa on the cheek and went upstairs. When he disappeared in the bedroom, my mother brought me to the bookshelf in the office. She pulled out a box labelled ‘work’ and handed it to me. “Read it, it’s all the rules Janet was supposed to give to you.”

“Rachel knows?” I said.

Lisa nodded her head and said, “Yes, she’s known for a few years.” She squeezed me on the shoulder and walked out. She turned back to me at the door, “Hey, Doug, this doesn’t change anything between us, okay.” She smiled. “I love you.”

I don’t recall saying ‘I love you’ to her as a child. The words felt strange and took effort to leave my tongue, but I didn’t want to leave her hanging. “I love you too mom.”

The following day I did as dad said. After work he took me to a woman’s shelter where I anonymously donated all the money I had made from my business. I also donate two full days every weekend for the next year, stocking shelves and helping organize their thrift store.


The day after we visited the women shelter, my father flew to Africa for a major deal. My mother woke up early and made the two of us breakfast. She wore a light silver silk robe that came down to her mid-thigh. She didn’t wear a bra and had her hair up in a bun, exposing her neck and chest. For me I found it quite distracting, but for her she sat next to me and talked like nothing happened.

“Mom, I’m still having problems with the other night and this outfit isn’t helping.” I said.

She gave me a smile and said, “Did you read the Manual?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Every time you think about that night you shut it down and think three times about when I was your mother. Years ago, your father and I used the sales trick to remind ourselves we loved one another and what we did at the parties was nothing different from a hobby. We found like-minded couples who understood. They were successful business and sales people. Over time, we all built our wealth together. It helped fund Red’s dream home five years ago, and it’s been our club ever since.”

I looked at my plate and then to the opening in her robes and the top of her breasts. “Did you enjoy it, our night? If you did, how are you getting over it?” I said.

She put her fork down on her plate and smiled to herself. “Yes.” She reached out and took me by the hand. “I enjoyed it very much, I never thought I would.” She let go of my hand and turned her attention back to her plate. “But we move on, it was fun for both of us, but we move on and when we’re here, we’re mother and son.”

I nodded my head. But there was a thought that continued to swirl in my head. “I can’t help it. One more thing, the condom. What if you and I, what if you get pregnant?”

She dropped her fork and grabbed my hand in hers. “Oh no. You’ve been worrying about that? Don’t, a long time ago after I had you and had complications, I got tied. We’re safe, you don’t need to worry about that.”

She took a sip from her coffee cup and smiled. “Still, it’s a shame you can’t come anymore, you’re the largest in the group. I’m kind of proud of it.” She laughed.

I shook my head and grinned. “Oh my god, mom.”


Months passed and my mother was right. Things settled down, I forced the thoughts from my head and continued on with life. Business, fitness and developing indie games. At least that’s what I told myself.

I continued to pound the pavement, but only for fitness and attention from girls. Without the need to impress Janet, I found myself less eager to meet new people. I ran, lifted weights and worked harder at programming my game. As for my internet business that was online and anything new, I just forwarded onto my employee. She loved people. She could chat all day at college, go to outings and still have energy to talk at night. I couldn’t understand it.

Janet moved across the city after a month. But I broke my promise to my mother and had sex with her one last time. I felt I owed it to her, and I wanted to know what she meant by her comment. I’m certain now, curiosity will get me before old age or disease.

I told her Lisa and I sat by the tablet and saw one another’s kaçak bahis faces from a light outside. But we undressed one another before seeing each other’s faces. She seemed to buy it and in return she told me she seduced her brother when she was my age. Their father caught them one afternoon. Since then, the family shunned them. Her brother, who she loved, blamed her and hasn’t spoken to her in twenty years.

Three days later, a moving van arrived, and a realtor put a sign out front.

Turns out Janet’s not the only devious one. My mother still visits her, like a cat toying with a mouse. She said she wants to play nice and continues to funnel high value business towards her.

Behind the scenes, my mother’s been taking steps to ensure Janet continues to pay financially. Through her gossip connections, she learnt Janet’s paying two mortgages and a business loan.

Mom pays the realtor each month to keep the sign in an obscure area, shaded by trees. As well as limiting its exposure on the market and with other realtors. According to rumors, her expansion had some unexpected delays and added costs. Coincidently, it’s the same contractor my mother used on a major project down town.

In a way she’s playing a game of chicken with her, only she’s using one another’s reputation. Strange thing is, she seems to enjoy it. Even stranger thing is, it’s not doing anything to turn me off thinking about our night together.

I’ve read the manual multiple times. The rules were complicated, but I could see why they were in place. The group treated party night as a hobby. There was a list about etiquette, games and their rules, plus rules and recommendations about how to act outside of the mansion. Even a help group was available if couples became jealous or had other complications. My mother was head of that group.

I expected harsher punishment from my parents, but I felt like they let me off the hook. I had to move into the basement, even though Janet moved. It was like my own suite. I paid rent in an expensive area. Because they let the cleaning lady go, I had to start taking care of my own clothes, food and mess. The free ride had ended, but they were still willing to support me.

But that didn’t stop my mother from helping me with some of my laundry or inviting me up to eat. Funny thing was, she hadn’t worked a dishwasher for so long she had to relearn. Being at home more often, she asked me to sleep in my old room, which still had a bed. I think it was because she felt lonely in the house or because she was trying to reconnect as a mother.


My mother flew out for a week across country to handle a big deal. When she returned father joined us. We had dinner and drinks.

Bill patted Lisa on the knee and took a sip of wine. His eyes were dark, and he had little conversation in him.

Still, the two couldn’t keep their hands off one another, since they had returned at the same time. It was the first time in two months they were in the same city.

Before dad made any awkward jokes, I figured I better leave. When he drank two things happened, he became the funny man and his pervy side shone much brighter.

“I’m going to head down, get some work done. Good night.” I gave my dad a smile and my mother a quick peck on the cheek.

“Good night,” She said.

“That’s new?” Bill Said.

“We’ve been getting closer.” Lisa said.

I looked over my shoulder to see her give me a smile. I undressed downstairs and took a shower. The past week I had broken through a programming problem on my AI. Free of thought, my mind wandered.

The warm water ran down my body and felt like a wave of relaxation. It wasn’t a hard day, no stress or hard workout, just a simple day. My mind drifted back to the night with “Purple.” I thought of what I would do differently, what I would say, or what I would touch.

I wanted to see and feel her body, not just imagine it. My cock grew hard, and I gave in after months. She had been working hard, lifting weights, riding the bike and even bought a Stairmaster. Before we had a treadmill, bike and a few weights, now it looked like a complete gym.

The clothes she wore around home didn’t help. Her legs showed the round shapes of muscle, curves and angles. Her waist line frequently caught my attention, now that she wore smaller shirts which revealed her tighter figure.

I shook my thoughts and turned the shower off. Dried and went upstairs. I had forgotten they were home, routine set in and I went up for a drink of water wearing only my towel. I found myself wishing Fay, our cleaning lady still worked for us. She was another mature woman I wished I could show my new body off too. Maybe even get more than a glance. Perhaps that’s why they let her go.

They didn’t close the door to their room all the way. The faintest sound came from it, a sweet sound of lust. One I hadn’t heard for months. I felt my cock turn hard in an instant, as if I were one of Pavlov’s dogs.

I may not have been a virgin anymore, but I had gotten a taste of sex. Then suddenly it had been taken away. At first it didn’t seem like much, I even enjoyed the break. But now I thought of it every free minute.

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