Serendipity Ch. 17

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Painting the painter

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


I was dreaming I was in bed with my girls and they were having cock sucking lessons. I came awake to realize it was my hot hitch hiker.

“Sorry, I couldn’t let good morning wood go to waste.” and resumed a nice slow suck.

“As enjoyable as that is it isn’t fair to you. The girls said no pussy and I seriously doubt they put a vibrator in my stuff.” I was running a hand over her ass and a finger up and down her crease and over her rosebud to her pussy. It seemed to spur her on even more every time I ran it across her rosebud.

“Hell I never go anywhere without mine! Would you do me while I suck you? I don’t get to do a double very often and it would be kinda nice.” And she dived back to my cock like she needed to talk me into it, taking me deep enough to make her start to gag.

I slid my thumb into her pussy and put my finger against her rosebud.

“Well when you put it that way…” She said after coming up off my cock with a loud ‘pop’ and dived into her pack. She came out with a decent dildo, veins and all, and handed it to me. Then she got on her hands and knees beside me and resumed her cock sucking. I ran it between her wet lips and she moaned around my cock. Dragging it past her rosebud got a similar but slightly smaller groan. “Pussy or Ass?” as I left it nudging her ass and bumped the speed control giving her a little buzz…

She came up off my cock with a jerk and then dropped her face into my short pubic hair panting. “It’s been too long since I’ve had anything of decent size in my ass, so it will have to be my pussy. But take it easy; it’s been a while for anyone but me in there as well.” She put a leg over and straddled my chest as she resumed trying to inhale my cock as I turned it on low, then held her open as I began twisting and working it in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke, watching her lips darken almost with every stroke into her “Oh God that’s good with someone else at the controls.” Sam went back to cock sucking, abet a bit distracted, with her bells tinkling every so often.

Once I got it all the way in, I released her pussy lips and reached for a nice tit to play with. I turned the dildo to medium just as I slid my hand between us and grabbed a tit. Sam screamed around my cock and started a nice little cum, her bells going off like an alarm clock! Just as she was coming down from her orgasm it was time to do it up right. I flipped the dildo up to high and took the hand I was grabbing a tit with and slipped a finger in her ass, see-sawing back and forth between the two. She screeched, came up off me, and immediately collapsed on top of me, trapping my arm under her. Luckily I had been on the deep end of the stroke so I kept flexing my wrist and working the last few inches in and bumping the head up against her cervix, while I continued to finger fuck her ass. She was flopping around like a fish for a few minutes, then went limp. I turned the dildo off and left it in her as I closed her legs enough to keep it in her. Feeling her breath on my cock while feeling her rise and fall on me.

Seeing her pussy spasm with the last traces of her orgasm. I managed to roll her off me to one side and pull the blanket over her, but not before taking one run through her pussy with my finger and making sure the dildo was seated in her nice and deep.

I pulled my sweats from my suitcase and climbed up front to get some caffeine in me. I don’t do coffee or tea so it was Pepsi time. The ice was about gone, we were going to have to get some at the next gas stop. Sam came to enough to raise her head and look at me. “You didn’t cum did you?”

“No, but you did a little I think.”

Her head dropped back down. “Oh God did I ever! I’ve never come so hard in my life… Did I pass out?” I just made a BIG grin. “Oh god I did!” and she started to roll over on her back and squeaked when she realized I had left the dildo buried in her. She spread her legs and removed it SLOWLY. It made an audible ‘pop’ as it slid the last of the way out. She went into a laughing fit making her nipple bells make a muted tinkle laying against her skin. She tipped her head back to look at me upside down and cupped her tits. “Do you really think I have nice tits?”

“Well the safe answer to that question is always yes, but in your case it is very true.” She glowed. “They don’t need a bra. They certainly are to be admired. They stand out nicely, and have nice chewy nipples.” Her areola puckered up nicely. “Top that off with some attractive nipple jewelry and what’s not to like?”

“Are they something you would jack off to?”

“If I didn’t have kartal escort my ladies, of course.”

She smiled, “Would you cum on them?”


“No I mean would you PLEASE cum on them?” I must have had a stunned look on my face. “I know I don’t have enough for a real titty fuck like they do in the movies, but I’d like to know what it’s like for a man to like them enough to cum on them.”

I hesitated for a second and then started laughing. She looked like she was going to cry. I settled down enough to talk again. “You misunderstand Sam. You have the perfect tits for a titty fuck.” She was doing the fish out of water imitation, looking down at her tits like I was crazy. “You just don’t have the chest for a cleavage fuck!” I was still laughing a little.


“The girls in the movies get their cleavage fucked, and in real life it’s not an easy thing to do unless you have a pair of pendulum DDD’s.” Now she looked at me like I was growing horns. “If we had some Vaseline or something I would love to demonstrate.”

Now I had her curiosity up. “I think I’ve got some in my pack.” She turned her bare ass to me and again dug in the side pocket giving me a nice look at her glistening pussy and damp rosebud and came out with one of those little square ones you use for lips. I pulled off at the next ramp and stopped on the far side.

“If you would lay back I will demonstrate.” She laid back and I crawled in beside her and stripped my sweats back off. She handed me the Vaseline and I put a nice strip on the under side of my cock and another on the top then straddled her chest. Her realization came when I shifted to one side and laid my cock against the underside of her right tit, flipping her nipple jewelry up and out of the way. That oh so silky smooth underside of a woman’s tit! I began sliding up and down catching the head of my cock on her hard nipple.

Her eyes flashed WIDE open. “Oh that’s NICE!” and started to reach for her tits. I took her hand and put it on top letting her press my cock into her nipple with what ever pressure she was comfortable with while I reached back for her clit. “Oh no you don’t! I want you to concentrate on my tits and covering them with your hot sticky cum. Think about last night when I was sucking you down as far as I could while you ate my pussy, making me cum in your mouth.”

She said this as I was working her hard nipple back and forth under the head of my cock and watching her play and squeeze her other tit. “OH SHIT THAT’S IT, HERE I CUMMMMMM!”

She sat up enough to watch me cum on her tits as she stroked me in her lubricated hands doing wonders on my lubricated cock. This wasn’t a hand job, this was a hand fuck with her staring right at the end of my cock reveling in feeling and watching me shoot at her! The first two shots on one tit, the next on the other, then letting the last go in her cleavage before taking the head in her mouth and sucking the last of it out of me having her own little orgasm. The whole time stroking my lubed cock in a nice firm grip. She rested on her elbows looking at my cum on her tits and cleavage. Sitting up enough to keep it from running off, if I thought she glowed before she was positively radiant now! My cum was now covering the tops of her tits.

“You have no idea how hot and sexy that looks.” My cock only staying firm looking at her grin at my cum covering her chest.

“You have no idea how hot and sexy it feels having a man hot enough over my tits to cum on them. And I LOVE your version of a titty fuck! That felt wonderful sliding your cock against my tit and nipple under my fingers. Feeling you pulse in my hand while I squirted you on my chest made me cum all over again!… We’re going to have to do the other one later just to make sure it’s as good as I thought it was!”

I just chuckled. “Well either way, we need to get on the road.” I grabbed a towel and handed it to her, but she didn’t take it.

“You think I’m wiping this off you’re nuts! I’m going to let it dry enough to sit up and then I’m putting my skimpiest bikini top on so I can look at it. Maybe even my mini skirt as well! Listening to you and your ladies last night reminded me of when my sister and I used to run around the house naked enjoying the sun and breeze on our bodies.” She did catch one errant dribble in her cleavage and lick it off her finger just to prove her point.

“Works for me, but you might get a few looks along the way.”

“Don’t think I’ll ever see any of them again. And the guys will be looking at my body, not my face, so who cares?”

“OK.” And I pulled my sweats back on as we got back on the road. Sam turned around and laid back on her elbows again, knees up and spread for me to look at her spread wet pussy in the mirror. She was playing with a puddle of my cum on her right tit, spreading it out in circles to dry and licking her finger clean while watching me.

I saw a billboard for a truck stop a ways up. “We have about forty five minutes to the truck stop for a gas and pee stop. I have to get ice for the cooler there maltepe escort bayan too.”

She sat up enough to make sure my cum wasn’t going to run. “Works for me. I need coffee!” and started rummaging through her pack. She grinned over her shoulder watching me look at her ass and pussy in the mirror, even turned straight back to me to give me the best view between her legs for a bit. Traffic was picking up enough so I wasn’t able to watch her get dressed. She hopped up front in a day glow orange micro bikini top that just let the edges of her areola show and a black mini skirt that barely covered her pussy… but the bikini top…WOW.

“I take it you approve?”

“That’s an understatement, I think I’ve got band aids that cover more than that top, and your bells make it look like you have obscenely delicious nipples! I could rob the place blind and no one would see me with you in that top!”

She rubbed the actual tip of her nipples. “Well your girls got me so hot thinking about showing off I had to see if I could do it. Worst case I make a run for the van and hide.”

We pulled into the pumps. “It’s bit cool outside, but not bad. I’ll pull up to the building once we fill up and we can make the bathroom run and get our stuff.”

I got out and started pumping gas. I watched her in the mirror running her hands over my dried cum on her tits with her eyes closed. I love it when a woman realizes just how beautiful she is! The pump clicking off brought her out of her daze. I pulled up to the curb and parked. “You go ahead, I love to watch the effect a gorgeous woman has on a room.”, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. We got out and she started in ahead of me a few steps. It was like somebody had hit the mute button and parted the seas. Total silence except for a few gasps. I swear I could hear the muted tink, tink of her bells trapped between her skin and the bikini top as she made her way to the restrooms. I could hear the sound come back again as I made my way into the men’s room shortly after she disappeared into the ladies.

I came out just before she did, and there were actually guys waiting to watch her come out. She walked over to the coffee like she didn’t even see them, hips swinging like she was trying to shake her skirt off. One old farmer standing there in his bib over-alls looked like he had died and gone to heaven. She got her coffee and looked for the lids that were right in front of her. He handed her the lid. ‘Here you go Miss.’ she smiled and took it and made a production of pushing it on and flexing her muscles enough to make her tits bounce. “Thanks honey.” She said, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He looked like he was going to faint, I found out later it was a bit more than that. She headed for the register and I got in line behind her, some trucker behind me taking peaks at her ass and legs around me.

When the girl at the register was handing her her change she looked at Sam’s chest, “You know you… ah … you spilled something…

Sam looked down and then back up grinning at her. “Honey I didn’t spill anything. I had him put it right where I wanted it.” She turned back to me and gave me a nice but short kiss. “I’ll see you back out in the van dear.” The clerk was stunned and just took my money for the bag of ice.

The trucker behind me muttered. “You lucky son of a bitch!” with a disrespectful leer.

I just smiled and turned to him, my turn to have some fun. “Yeah don’t I know it. But the hard part is getting those girls to put their clothes back on.” Once again total silence as I turned to leave and grab my ice. By the time I got the ice, Sam had disappeared through the curtain behind the seats and a couple of guys were standing outside the front doors of the station keeping an eye on the van hoping for another look at my hot hitch hiker. I opened the door and opened the cooler. Quietly I said. “Sam, throw a couple of your bikini tops up on the dash one at a time.” As I was opening the ice bag one came flying through… the one she was wearing. “GIRLS!” I dumped the ice and closed the cooler as two more came through one after the other. “GIRLS I TOLD YOU, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THEM ON UNTIL WE GET BACK ON THE ROAD!” I closed the door, jumped in the driver’s side, and backed out.

I was barely started down the ramp when Sam laid back through the curtain on the cooler bare tits up and laughing her ass off. “Let me guess, you were gigging the asshole trucker checking my ass out standing behind you.”

“You got it. He made a nice comment but with a bad attitude. Said I was a lucky son of a bitch. I told him I was, but the hard part was getting you girls to put your clothes back on.”

Sam laid back in another laughing fit. I reached down to stroke her cheek and she moved my hand to the base of her left tit. It was a nice comfortable place, and I left it there with her hand over mine. I squeezed and played until her laughing fit wore off and she finally calmed down. She kissed my hand and put it back in my lap. “As nice as this is I need my coffee.” She grabbed escort pendik a towel and threw it on her seat and plopped down with her skirt around her waist and her foot against my seat spread legged and still topless sipping her coffee. “Your girls are lucky to have you.”

“Nope,” she almost spit her coffee out. “I’m lucky to have them, and I treasure the trust they give me.” Now I got a puppy dog look. She finished her coffee in silence looking at me. It was one of those looks I know I’ll never figure out, so I quit trying.

“You need to get an air freshener in here.”

“Nope, the best perfume ever is wet pussy.”, and swiped a finger through hers, making her jump. I then brought it to my nose to inhale before licking it off.

She grinned and ducked in the back, a towel went on top of the cooler, and then the pillow came forward. She leaned back against the console and laid down on the cooler still topless with her skirt pulled up around her waist, and took my hand and brought it to her tit for me to play. “So tell me how you got these girls to call you Master?” and squeezed her tit with my hand. I took the hint and started squeezing and massaging, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the soft underside of her tit.

“That’s easy Sam. The same way I got you naked in my van using my hand to play with your tits and tease the truckers.”

And she was doing the fish out of water thing again, “But…but…”

“That’s right, I didn’t get them to do anything. I merely provided the opportunity to do something they wanted to do but maybe needed the little push to do it.”

That got a smile and a hand in my crotch massaging my cock. Over the next few hours I went over the ins and outs of my relationship with my girls. I added the outlines of Shelly and Cathy without their names. I was needing to cum with all the paying she was doing and the aroma of her wet pussy filling the van. “Sam, you keep playing with me and I’m going to cum in my sweats.”

“We can’t have that! Find a place to pull over and cum on my tits again!” She jumped in back and pulled the curtain behind her. I pulled into the next rest area and pulled into the far end.

I stuck my head through the curtain and stopped. There was Sam laying back spread legged with her dildo in one hand and the Vaseline in the other. “DAMN YOU LOOK DELICIOUS!” She blushed from cheeks to pussy.

“I want you to do something for me.”

“If I can.”

She smiled at me. “I want a titty fuck, but don’t let me cum until you spray me. Shoot on both tits and my cleavage like before, but shove this in me slowly turned on full when I start to cum. Leave it in me and close my legs if I can’t.”

“You want to be my little sex slave don’t you?” She nodded. “And you’re going to be sitting on your hands squeezing your ass and fingering your asshole while I do this aren’t you?”

She got wide eyed, “Uh Huh.” And gulped.

“Give me the lube and dildo.” She handed them to me. “Now lift your butt and get a good grip on your cheeks, spread you ass and get your fingers in there. Show me how much you want a titty fuck.”

She raised her hips and got a nice spread cheek grip on her ass. “Hold it up there a second.” I took a dab of lube on the tip of my finger and pushed it in to her ass and kept my finger there. She gasped but didn’t move. “Good girl, we wouldn’t want you to have any difficulty putting your fingers in your ass now would we?” She shook her head vigorously. “You can let your ass down now.” She let herself back down. “I’m going to give you a choice. We can do this like we did the last time, or I can start like we did, and then I can stand over beside the bed where your pack is and jack off on your tits like you fantasized.”

“How did you…”

“It’s what you asked me before. You wanted me to jack off onto your tits before you asked me to cum on them. Is that what you’d really like? For me to get so hot and bothered looking at your delicious tits and nipples I have to jack off and squirt all over them? Feeling my hot cum hit your tits and nipples while I fill your pussy with your dildo?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want you to jack off onto my tits M…” Her eyes flew open.

I pulled her pack out from beside the bed and then slid up on her chest, sliding my cock up and down the bottom of her tit. Teasing her nipple with the head of my cock, while teasing her pussy with the dildo. She was starting to moan and groan, fingering her ass. “Don’t cum Sam, you can keep playing with your ass but don’t cum until I cum on your tits.” She hissed through clenched teeth with her eyes scrunched closed. I slipped off the side and stood hunched over by the side door. “What do you want Sam?”

“I want to cummmm.” closing her eyes and grinning.

“That’s what you get little one, what do you want?”

“I…I want you to jack off onto my tits Master.”

“Open your eyes little one.” her eyes flew open. “Look at my cock, watch me stroke it above your delicious tits. See it oozing already, see it turning dark purple? It’s getting ready to unload all over your magnificent tits and nipples.” She was trying to push down toward the dildo I was holding at her entrance and still keep her tits under my cock. Her areola were puckered so much they were holding her bells out side ways. Her eyes focused on the end of my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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