Adventure Night Ch. 01

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Teen (18+)

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

In truth, I didn’t really understand. I didn’t understand how it was I’d gotten myself into this position, but every time She spoke, I listened and did precisely what I was told.

“That’s a good slut,” She said into the phone, and then it went dead.

I sighed. Not even a “goodbye.” As I drove home from work, I realized that I was completely at Her mercy, and would do anything She asked – or told – me to do. There was nothing I could refuse Her. I was, as she put it, Her slut – to be used in any way She saw fit. Tonight would be no exception. She had just informed me that I was to head home directly from work, go up to the bedroom, and put on the things she laid out for me. I’d found the “Adventure Night” love coupon this morning, tucked discreetly into my briefcase. Adventure nights always promised something fun and different, and I grew excited at the prospect of whatever she’d lined up for me tonight.

The last one was what had me calling my beloved wife “Mistress.” The end of that adventure had me signing a contract that, if I could do it for a month, she would make sure that every adventure from here on out would be well worth it. So I agreed. That was the thing about Adventure Night – whoever left the card for the other one was assured total compliance. It was a trust game, really. I trusted her not to push it too far, and she trusted the same. That month from the last one ran out tomorrow, and now Mistress Ali was about to make good on her last bit of this adventure. In the last month, she’d tied me up, dressed me up, blindfolded me, forced me to suck her large dildos, and generally had her way with me, including even forcing a butt-plug up my virgin ass. I’d spent more time being hard in the last month than I could recall. I had no idea what I was in for tonight, but my cock was practically bursting from my pants as I walked into the house and ran up the steps to the bedroom.

There, on the bed, I found the outfit – if it could be called that – along with a letter.

“My sweet slut – tonight, you are Mine. You will shower and shave – and I do mean shave EVERYTHING – I want my slut smooth all over. Then, you will dress in your proper attire for the evening. Do not touch MY cock, except in the cleaning and shaving, and to dress yourself. You will greet me as I come in the door on your hands and knees. Tonight will be one you will remember for a long time, I assure you.” Mistress Ali

I looked at the outfit and my cock stirred in my pants once more. There was a pair of lacy black thong panties, stockings, and a barely there French maid’s uniform that would hide nothing, I was sure. A pair of black heels completed the outfit. She was right – I was pretty sure I would remember this night for a very long time indeed. I went into the bath and proceeded to shave my body and wash up, and then set about getting dressed. Rolling up the stockings, I loved how they caressed my now hairless legs, stretching over and smoothing out my masculine legs, making them look feminine even to me. The panties were next, and my cock was instantly hard in the skimpy lace. I put on the uniform last, followed by the shoes, and stood, looking in the mirror. I gasped at what I saw. I was completely lost in my reflection when my phone rang. I picked it up.

“Yes, Mistress Ali?”

“Are you dressed yet, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Send me a picture of you. Then, I want you to get the butt-plug from your nightstand and insert it. Be a good slut and have it done in five minutes.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The phone went dead again, and I hurriedly complied, snapping a picture of myself in the mirror and sending it to her, and then inserting the big plug into my ass. It hurt, and I had to rush it, but I managed to get it inside in 4 minutes, and sent her a message indicating so.

“Good slut. I will be home in 20 minutes.”

I eagerly went to the door to await my Mistress and waited, on hands and knees, just in case she was early. I only had to wait about 5 minutes when I heard the key in the door. I turned to greet Her, and was surprised to be looking dead into the face of my sister-in-law, Heather.

My face must have turned several shades of red instantly, as Heather first just gaped, and then burst out laughing, but she did not shut the door.

She put out a hand ataşehir escort to stop me from closing the door. “No you don’t. I want to enjoy this for a little while.”

I’d never really gotten along with Heather. While she was a nice enough person, and I was never outright mean to her or anything for my wife’s sake, there was just something that never really worked between us. Maybe it was that I took her sister away from the family – I don’t know, but we’d never really seen eye to eye, and now that she’d caught me in this situation, I suspected it was only going to get worse. I was right.

I heard the car pull into the driveway and knew that my Mistress was about to come in and see the whole situation. Me, with a plug up my ass, the panties straining to hold it and me in, the maid’s uniform, the whole thing, and my wife and Mistress about to enter the room. And I knew what I had to do. I went back to my hands and knees, awaiting my Mistress. Upon her appearance at the door, I greeted her, saying, “Good evening, Mistress Ali.”

She looked around, saw her sister still laughing in the corner of the foyer, and then looked at me.

“Well, I’m surprised, my slut. I didn’t think you had it in you to remember your place.”

“Thank You, Mistress,” was all I said, bowing my head.

She reached out a hand and patted me on the head. “Good slut. I shall reward you, assuming you continue to please me…and my sister.”

My look of panic must have been clear to her, because she laughed long and loudly while she shut the front door.

“Yes, my slut. Heather here told me several months ago how she wanted to try fucking a man’s ass. This last month, you’ve been coming to this point all along, and here you are, wearing panties and a servant’s uniform, a butt-plug stuck up your ass, all ready to service the two of us tonight.”

I looked over at Heather, only to see her expression had changed from laughing to lusting. “Does he really have a plug up his ass?” she asked.

“Turn around, slut, and show Mistress Heather your ass.”

Mortified, I did as my Mistress commanded, pulling aside the panties to show Mistress Heather. I felt a hand slap my ass – hard – and I let out a little yelp of surprise.

The two Mistresses laughed at me.

“Where would you like to do him, Heather?” asked my wife.

“Ali – are you sure? I mean, I know you said you’d get me a sissy to fuck, but, are you sure you’d like to offer up your own husband?”

“What do you say, slut?” Mistress asked me.

“I am Yours, Mistress Ali. I will do anything You command.”

“I don’t think Heather believes us, my sweet slut. We’re going to have to show her just how serious I can be.” With that, she took off her long coat and let it fall to the ground. She was dressed in heels and stockings, black lace panties and matching bra, and was also sporting a thick black strapon that must have been 8″ long. It looked huge – much bigger than the plug in my ass. It was about the same size as some of her dildos, but wearing it, it looked much more intimidating. “Get over here and suck my cock, slut.”

Still on my hands and knees, I crawled over to her and, looking up at her, simply said, “As my Mistress wishes,” and began sucking on the thick rubber black cock hanging from the harness she wore. I did my damnedest, sucking and licking the awesome spike between her legs, giving it all I was worth, no longer caring what my sister-in-law thought or saw. I knew this was what my Mistress wanted, and this was Her adventure night. I could not refuse Her. I looked up at Mistress Ali for approval, and She winked back at me, her fingers tracing my cheek as I sucked and slurped up and down Her cock.

“That’s a goooood slut, taking all of My cock. Tell me, slut – will you take all of Mistress Heather’s cock, too?”

I stopped sucking long enough to speak. “Yes, Mistress Ali. I will do as You command.” I looked first up at my Mistress and then over to Mistress Heather. Heather’s face was pure lust.

“Very good, slut. Your mistress approves.” She looked over at her sister. “Now, we just have to see if Mistress Heather has her own cock!”

Heather shook her head, her eyes still locked on me as I began to suck on Mistress Ali’s cock again, deliberately looking at her the entire time.

“Luckily, I stopped off and picked you kadıköy escort up a cock, Sis.”

For the first time, I noticed the bag my wife held. She handed it to her sister, who tore into it and pulled out a box with a picture of a huge rubber cock on the side. Her eyes gleamed wildly as she saw the box, and a smile spread across her lips.

“So – where would you like this slut, Heather?”

“Hmmm,” she said, “I think I’ll let the Lady of the House decide. He is, after all, Your slut, Sis!”

“I think the basement will do nicely, then. Slut, you may stand and lead Us to the basement.”

“Thank You, Mistress Ali.” I did as I was told.

“On second thought – “began my Mistress, “Maybe you should help Mistress Heather wear her cock. After all, you will be very familiar with it by the end of the night. You might as well get started now.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I moved over to Heather. “How may I be of assistance, Mistress Heather?”

By this time, Heather had pulled the dong out of the box, and was eyeing it playfully. She lightly tapped me across the cheek with the rubber cock and said, “Figure out this harness while I get naked, slut.”

Luckily, it was the same harness that my Mistress wore, so I had one to look at to understand it, and quickly untangled it and turned to help fit it to Heather. I stopped and stared as my wife and her sister were sharing a deep kiss with tongue. Mistress Ali was fondling Heather, her hands roaming over clothing as Heather kept trying to remove it. It afforded me a little time to figure out the harness completely, and stare at the two women for a moment.

Mistress Ali caught me looking and noticed my cock, hard in the lacy panties. “I think we’re making the slut very happy, Heather. Why don’t you help get her naked, too, slut?”

I quickly complied and began helping Heather remove her clothing. I’d never thought about her sexually before, but I had to admit, the sight of her naked body was thrilling. Who knew my sister-in-law was so sexy? I helped her into the harness and then she handed the cock to me.

“Attach my cock, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress Heather.” I eagerly attached the big pink cock – longer than Mistress Ali’s – to the harness and awaited my next command.

“Let’s get to that basement!”

Mistress Ali laughed and slapped my ass. “Lead on, slut!”

I led the two Mistresses down to the basement, and there, much to my surprise, the regular furniture was moved off to the side of the room and there, in the center of the room, was what looked like a sawhorse with a padded top. I turned to look at my wife, who only patted my ass and whispered lovingly, “Trust me, my sweet slut – you’re going to be begging for more of this!”

I walked towards the horse, and my Mistress told me to stop and remove my maid’s outfit. I did, and then she had me lean over the horse. Taking my hands, she clipped some cuffs onto my wrists and then chained the cuffs to some rings that I didn’t see originally, and I was then completely at their mercy. My ass was exposed as I bent over, the panties straining to contain both my cock and the plug in my ass. I could feel hands on my ass, but I couldn’t tell to which of the two they belonged, until Mistress Ali came around in front of me, telling me to suck her cock once more. My sister-in-law was the one running her hands over my body! I had to admit, it felt great.

I sucked and sucked on that cock, relaxing as I got used to my new position, until I felt a tug on the plug in my ass. It popped out and I yelped suddenly, both Mistresses laughing. I whimpered slightly.

“Awww, does My slut want his ass filled again?”

I wanted to shake my head side to side, to say no. But, I found myself instead nodding, knowing only that my ass was empty, and that was why I whimpered. I found my voice, and knew there was no turning back. “Yes, Mistress Ali, please fill my ass!”

“Mmmm, yes, My slut. I think you’re going to get your ass filled over and over tonight! But, I think I’ll give the rights to your virgin ass to Mistress Heather.”

That was when I felt the panties pulled to the side and the cold lube on my ass, as Heather prepared my back door for her big rubber cock. I moaned loudly at her touch, and received another swat on my ass.

“What was that, My slut? Did I hear you ask yet?”

“Please,” bostancı escort bayan I moaned, “Please take my ass, Heather!”

Another swat on my ass. “Mistress Heather!”

“Please take my ass, Mistress Heather!”

“That’s a good slut. I love to see My slut behaving and taking cock so eagerly,” said Mistress Ali, and she offered me her own cock, still wet with my saliva.

I sucked it into my mouth even as I felt the hard rubber tip of Heather’s cock at my opening. Whether it was the plug, the lube, or just my own eagerness, I’ll never know, but I do know that it didn’t take much effort for her to shove that big pink cock into me, and I moaned as I felt it fill my ass. She let it sit for a moment, and then started pulling back out. My ass gripped it like it was made of gold, and I gasped as I felt her pull most of the way out, and then practically screamed as she shoved it back in again, filling my ass once more. I eagerly slurped and sucked on Mistress Ali’s cock as Mistress Heather began slowly increasing her pace, fucking my ass full. There I was, in heels, hose and panties, bent over a horse while being spitted by two cocks at once. It was humiliating, degrading, and all I wanted was more. I began fucking back into Mistress Heather while working even harder on Mistress Ali’s cock, my face and ass getting fucked at the same time.

Mistress Heather began spanking my ass as she fucked me harder, saying, “Take it, you sissy slut!” as I eagerly accepted her. She picked up the pace of our fucking and rammed into me harder and harder, finally screaming out, “Oh shit…I’m cumming!” and kept impaling my now loosened ass on her incredible cock.

As she slowly came down from her orgasm, she slumped over me briefly, and I felt her cock move inside my ass as I groaned.

“Mmmmm that was so hot, slut!” said Mistress Ali. “I wonder if you can handle another one so soon?”

I nodded vigorously. “Yes, Mistress Ali, please fill me with your big black cock!”

“See, My slut? I said you would be begging for it – and here you are, begging like the little sissy slut you are!”

“Yes, Mistress Ali! I am a sissy slut, needing Your cock!”

She was not so gentle. My now used and gaping ass was still ready for her, though, and she slid in even easier than Mistress Heather, and began fucking my ass wildly immediately. I felt like I was going to pass out from the pleasure shooting through my body and arched my back up – and was hit in the face by Mistress Heather’s pink cock. I didn’t even look up, I just took it in my mouth and began sucking away on it like mad while Mistress Ali had her way with my open and inviting ass.

“Damn,” whispered Mistress Heather. “He didn’t even hesitate.”

Mistress Ali spanked my ass good and hard. “That’s because he knows that a good slut does what I tell him to!”

I nodded, my mouth still on Mistress Heather’s cock, and I felt that familiar tingle start way back in my balls. I couldn’t last much longer before I would cum all over from this, and Mistress Ali knew it.

“Mmmmm is My slut going to cum from all this?”

I could only moan and nod as I continued to suck on Mistress Heather’s pink cock.

“All yours if you want it, Sis,” said Mistress Ali, “but we’re going to have to hurry. This slut isn’t going to last much longer.”

Mistress Heather looked greedily up at her sister. “You know I’ve always had a thing for cum all over me.”

“Then you better get over here, quickly!”

I moaned loudly as Mistress Heather removed her cock from my mouth, and then felt the lace around my cock begin to pull away, and Mistress Heather’s hand wrap around my now aching cock. With no warning, I began to cum, shooting all over her as she aimed my cock, my orgasm taking me far away, and I blacked out for a moment or two. When I once again had control of my consciousness, I saw Mistress Heather, my cum covering her, under me, undoing the clips that had me bound. I couldn’t stand without help, and couldn’t walk in the heels. They led me to the couch and laid me down gently.

“Rest for a while, my slut,” said Mistress Ali. “There’s more for you tonight.”

The rest of that night was a blur. I lost track of how many times each woman achieved orgasm, and I had no idea how many I had, either. I know I ended up getting fucked at least twice more from each of them, and I loved every minute of it. Before finally fading off to sleep when it was all over, my wife, my Mistress, leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Next time, there will be some video cameras.”

I’m already looking forward to the next Adventure Night.

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