A Bit of Roleplay

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We have decided to do things a little differently tonight and are going to try out “role-playing”. As I dress myself in a very short, red plaid skirt and white button up blouse, I go over the initial plan of our encounter in my head. I pull my hair up into two pigtails on either side of my head. I let my bangs fall forward and they lay just over my eyes. I pull white ribbons around each of the pigtails and tie small bows, letting the ends fall along the sides. I pull on a pair of knee high white socks and my black mary janes. I unbutton my blouse so that the tops of my breasts are revealed.

I head out to the library and find a book about Astronomy. I take a seat at one of the long tables and dig into the book. I glance around the room and see several men taking an interest in my long legs and unbuttoned blouse. I go back to reading my book when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look up and say, “Oh hi, Professor.”

“Hello,” you say. “I figured that you would be home working on your assignments from my class.”

“Well,” I say as I start to twirl one of my pigtails around my fingers. “I started on it, but then remembered there was something that I wanted to look up. That’s why I’m here.”

“I am getting a little concerned about your grade in my class,” you say. “You don’t seem to be putting in the effort you should be.”

“I guess I’ve been a little distracted,” I say, licking my lips as I look into your eyes. “I’ll try harder.”

“Well, I may have some extra credit work for you,” you reply. “Would you like to come up to bahis firmaları my office?”

“Well,” I begin, “I guess some extra credit wouldn’t hurt any.” I get up and pick up the book I was reading and follow you through the library and outside. You walk along and I follow behind, my pigtails swinging as I sway my hips. You come to your office door and let me inside. I turn my head slightly and see you look at my ass as I walk past.

“Please, take a seat,” you say. I seat myself on your desk and wait for you to speak. “Now then…there are a few tasks that I can have you complete that will significantly increase your grade. Would you like me to tell you the first task?”

I nod and wait for your first task.

You walk around your desk and stand before me. “Your first task is to unbutton your blouse,” you say. I look at you with a shy smile and unbutton two buttons of my blouse. I stop and look at your hungry eyes, seeking to see what lies beneath.

You look at me for a moment and then say, “All of the buttons, please.”. I look down at myself and finish undoing the rest of my buttons. I keep the material covering my breasts, hiding them from you for the time being. “Are you ready for your next task?”, you ask.

I again nod and wait for your order.

“Next I want you to take your shirt off. You can leave your bra on, for now.” you say, looking me over like a starving man, ravenous for satisfaction. I let my blouse slide off my shoulders and down along my arms. Its a little cold in here and goosebumps pop up along my kaçak iddaa back and arms. I slip each side off around each wrist, then drop it to the floor.

I look up at you and say “what is my next task, professor?” You are still looking at me and I can see that your mind is working hard to not simply sprawl me across the desk and fuck me silly. “Please spread your legs wide. As wide as you can, in fact.” I oblige, giving you a full view of my bare, shaved pussy, barely shaded by my skirt.

“Now that I have my specimen in view, I’d like you to do a little in-depth investigation for me.” you say. “Your next task is to push two of your fingers into your pussy.”

As these words leave your lips, heat bursts from my crotch. I reach my up to my mouth, stick two fingers in and suck, covering them in my saliva. I then take them out of my mouth and slowly insert them inside. They slide in easily and I watch you watching me the whole time. You need for me is increasing, I can see it in how you’re looking at my fingers. You can see the slickeryness of them and I know you’re imagining your own fingers covered in the warmth of me.

“Alright, now that you’re examining, I want you to explain your findings to me, in detail. Tell me how does it feel, both upon your fingers and where your fingers are. Explain to me the thoughts running through your mind as you slip them in and out. This,” you tell me “is your next task.”

I ponder a moment how to word my response. I want to make it as amazingly tormenting for you as possible, but also honest. kaçak bahis The words start coming to me slowly and I begin with “On my fingers, it feels wet, warm and electrifying. Like a warm summer night on a beach, walking through the water with the moon shining down.” I continue with “Inside of me, it feels like a slight pressure thats building up to an explosion. Its simply waiting for an ignition to explode.”

Now to explain my thoughts to you. “Well professor, my thoughts are simply this. I believe that you intended to give me extra credit for my efforts here, but perhaps I can even achieve an A+ for performance. You see, I’ve gotten myself all kinds of wet, wild and excited while doing your investigation and I think that its about time you come over here and fuck my brains out.”

As I say these words, you come forward, biting into my neck and grabbing my breast, still in my bra. Your other hand joins mine between my thighs as your fingertip brushes against my clit. You lean me back on your desk and start to undo your pants. “Yes, you’ll definitely get an A+ out of this class, pending the final exam.” you say as you pull my hand away and pentrate my waiting pussy.

I grab the edge of the desk as you push into me, pushing back during your inward thrusts. I put my head back as your motions cause waves of lust, desire and pleasure to wash across my skin, penetrating me the way you are now between my legs. Your hands are again at my breasts and playing with the nipples through the material. Your speed increases, as I buck against you, feeling every inch as it fills me again and again.

You come inside me and lay against my stomach and chest. “You’ve passed the final exam, congratulations.” is all you say as you slowly go soft still inside of me.

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