A Clandestine Desire

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Early Sunday morning

It was such a wonderful feeling. Waves of sweaty, sensual delights washed over her entire body, as she felt the sexual assault on her senses. She struggled playfully, only to happy to let him have his way with her completely. His muscular arms held her wrists against the cool sheets, making her give in to him even more, trying to take him deeper inside with each stroke of his plunging tool. His face was blurred, hidden in the semi-darkness, but it didn’t matter to Megan. The pleasure she was experiencing kept her head clouded from all reality around her, as the mysterious stranger fucked her into ecstasy.

Something was wrong. He began fading away from her on the bed, like a distant dream slowly evaporating from her memory. Megan reached out for him, unable to stop his escape. She felt her voice cry out for him to return to her, her body lying wanting and vulnerable. Megan could hear not only her own distant gasps now, but another’s echoing through her head.

Megan suddenly awoke, stirred by the sounds coming from the adjoining room. Her eyes still barely open, she could plainly hear the grunts and moans coming from Adrian’s room. Disappointed in losing her idyllic, dreamy moment, Megan’s head fell forlornly back onto her pillow.

For a moment, Megan even considered throwing the nearest thing she could grasp at the wall, but at the same time, was more than a little curious to listen in. The headboard rattled against the wall as she heard Adrian through the wall, obviously banging the ass off some dirty slut he had picked up the night before. His lady-friend was squealing and clearly gasping in delight, as Megan listened intently. David lay silently beside her, totally oblivious to the animalistic passions from the next room.

It was slowly turning her on. Megan tried to ignore it but the sounds alone were causing very vivid images in her head. Not yet fully awake, she started dreamingly imagining that it was she that Adrian was fucking so wildly. Was Adrian the mysterious stranger that had turned up in her dreams of late? Megan’s hands began to glide over her body as she listened to the intense pants of passion coming from Adrian’s room.

Megan rolled over in bed. She could feel the dampness between her legs as David lay snoozing beside her, unaware of her building desire. Unable to turn off from Adrian’s noisy but welcome distraction, her hand slowly glided down her stomach and through her lightly trimmed bush, before she ran her fingertips over her swelling pussy lips. The folds of moist, sensitive skin parted easily, allowing Megan to probe for the opening with her fingertip.

Lightly, Megan began to rub and stroke her wetness with her finger and thumb, moaning softly at her own exquisite touch. Her palm rested on her crotch, using the pad of her thumb to stimulate her clitoris into life.

The curtains billowed with the slight breeze coming through the open window, as Megan continued her self pleasure. Her fingertips squeezed and teased at her hardening nipples, as she rubbed herself gently, taking time to build up the momentum. David stirred for a moment and Megan’s heart raced as she gently rubbed the nub of her clitoris, in expectation of a reaction from him.

“Baby, are you awake?” she whispered breathlessly.

No response. She moved up against him, her skin buzzing with anticipation as she ran her fingers over his back. Her breasts pushed into his back, her protruding nipples stirring him into life. Her hand slithered round his waist and she found his cock with ease, disappointed that signs of life were minimal. He grunted something incoherent before rejecting her advances, with an ignorant shrug.

“Meg…not now, I’m tired. Maybe later…” David mumbled, before turning away from her further still.

Megan sighed at his apparent lack of interest, disgusted that she would have to resort to self-pleasure once again, before falling back to her own side of the bed. It was the same old story. Meanwhile, Adrian’s rampant thrusting was having the desired effect on his latest conquest, her lusty orgasmic moans only infuriating Megan even further.

She was beginning to grow tired of David’s lack of attention. Long hours, always tired, never in the mood for sex, wasn’t this supposed to be her role? It had been this gradual change from David over the last few months that had drawn Megan to her newest friend and housemate, Adrian. He was carefree, passionate and had a wicked way with the ladies, as Miss Fuck-Fest in the adjoining room would obviously testify to. Megan began to question had she chose the right guy to settle down with.


David and Megan had dated for three years, before Megan had moved in with David, a year previous. Their sex life had been good to average, although Megan would argue that a little more effort from David would be nice. Around the same time, Adrian, a work colleague of David’s, had been looking for a place to rent, only for David to invite him to bursa escort rent a room in the house.

At first, Megan had been against David’s decision, arguing that she didn’t want to share the house with anyone else but David, but David had explained that it made sense in the long run, what with sharing the bills and the general upkeep of the house, besides it was only a temporary measure for now…Megan had gave in, realising that David made sense.

In fact, against her initial doubts, Megan had grown quite fond of Adrian over the twelve months that had passed by. They had become close friends, perhaps closer than either would admit to, but they had a deep understanding of each other, two people who had an unspoken bond. Adrian had become an ally in little arguments Megan had with David in the house, he also cooked, cleaned and was pretty much the perfect housemate.

Things with David had really never been better, apart from the usual boring sex, until he had got his cursed promotion at work some four months earlier. As was the way in the cities financial world, it meant longer hours, meetings and entire days and weekends spent in other parts of the country, meaning less time for the lovers. When he was home, he was too tired to go out or spending his time with “work friends” playing golf, lunching and meeting contacts. It really had drove Megan to distraction. She was tired of being ignored, tired of spending some nights and weekends in bed alone and most of all, tired of not being sexually fulfilled.

Megan had begun to pleasure herself at every opportunity she had, whether she was taking a warm shower or watching weekend television, but it wasn’t enough for a sexually alive woman. Having purchased a vibrator and used it until she was sore, it still wasn’t the same as having a man ravish her entire body. Megan knew there was no substitute for a big, stiff, hard cock to play with.

Then, one weekend, when David had been away, she had spent the entire time with Adrian and had seen him in a whole different light. They had cooked together, talked and laughed over three or four bottles of wine, when Megan had initially felt the first urges of horniness towards him. Sitting closely, his arm would brush against her, they were looking into each others eyes as they talked and the atmosphere was getting more and more intimate. With the alcohol clouding her head, she had thought of Adrian sexually for the first time. How would he be in bed? Would we satisfy each other? What would he do, and me to him? She had felt the first shudders in her stomach, her insides constricting and tightening as her pussy began to dampen. Adrian, oblivious to Megan’s rising lustiness had continued talking.

Nothing had happened between them that night, but Megan had rubbed herself silly in bed that night, knowing Adrian was only in the next room. She had wanted so badly to act on her drunken impulses, to go to him, to touch him, to feel him inside her, but in the end Megan let it pass her by.

She had thought about it since and on more than one occasion Megan had innocently flirted with Adrian. They were spending more and more time together and as a result, Megan knew it may only be a matter of time before something would be said or acted upon. What tore Megan up the most though, was the question of did Adrian ever think of her, in the same sexual way?


Frustrated and angry, Megan clambered out of bed, cursing David under her breath as she pulled on a robe. She stood looking at David’s snoring heap, still lying motionless in bed. Sighing deeply, Megan quietly opened the bedroom door and tip-toed out to the hall. Closing the door behind her, Megan walked across the hall to the bathroom, determined to finish her-self off in a warm shower. Without thinking, Megan automatically breezed into the bathroom, unaware of anyone’s presence.

“Oh! Sorry…I…” Megan stammered at the sight of Adrian’s naked body, standing with his back to her at the toilet peeing.

Megan caught sight of Adrian’s firm, masculine buttocks and back and heard the splash of his piss, before retreating from the bathroom. Embarrassed and feeling her face reddening quickly, Megan didn’t know where to turn in the hall.

“Adrian…I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were in there…you know…the door wasn’t locked or anything?” Megan explained through the closed door.

The toilet flushed and the door opened, Megan stood staring at the ground as Adrian walked out. This time he had wrapped a towel around himself, much to Megan’s slight disappointment.

“Sorry Megs…my fault, I wasn’t thinking” Adrian apologised, a little smirk on his face.

“No…not at all…Its okay…just a little shocked when I walked in, that’s all!” Megan said nervously.

Adrian beamed a smile at her, before turning back to his room. As he walked in, Megan got a clear glimpse of the slut he had pleasured, all blonde hair and posing breathlessly in bed.

“Bitch…” she whispered to bursa escort bayan herself, before the door closed and Megan came back to her senses.

Megan realised she was getting wet again. God what an ass…what a body! Holding the moment and the image of Adrian naked and peeing, Megan went into the bathroom and turned on the shower in eager anticipation.

“Well? Who was that then?” Liz asked as Adrian walked back in, closing the door behind him.

“It’s only Meg…my housemate. Don’t worry about it, in fact there’s something here you should be more concerned with” Adrian replied, dropping the towel from around his waist.

Liz’s mouth watered as she eyed his beautiful cock standing semi-erect already.

“I hope it wasn’t her that made you all excited like that?” Liz said, putting on her huffy face.

“Maybe it was…” Adrian grinned, crawling onto the bed towards Liz, “You jealous?”

“Hmm…what has she got that I don’t?” Liz snarled playfully, pulling the sheet gently away from her naked, pink, heaving breasts.

Adrian’s eyes lit up at the sight of Liz cupping her big, round titties, teasing her hardening nips with her fingers and thumbs.

“Maybe…a pair of big, luscious jugs like these perhaps? Or maybe it’s this little thing down here…” Liz said softly, pulling the remainder of the sheet down her stomach seductively and eventually revealing her still pinkish raw, shaved snatch and prominent pussy flaps, sitting snugly between her opened legs.

Licking her finger first, Liz then ran it the full length of her gash, before stretching open the swollen lips of her cunt, to reveal it’s damp, dark interior. With a cheeky smile, Liz could clearly see Adrian’s immediate reaction as his dick swelled further upwards and outwards.

“Well…ah, what more can I say?” Adrian smiled, moving towards her at the top of the bed.

Liz grabbed him and pulled him into a wet, sloppy kiss. Her hands ran down his stomach to his fully hard cock, tugging forcefully at its girth as she bit and licked his mouth. Her thumb ran over its reddening tip, rubbing its sensitive underside, before she stopped and pulled herself back.

“I’ll show you what else I can do with these lips” she whispered raunchily, licking her lips with a smack.

Pushing Adrian onto his back, Liz sat up and proceeded to get on all fours, right in front of Adrian’s stiff erection

His eyes closed in anticipation, as he felt Liz’s tongue lapping at his belly, slowly finding its way to his shaft and balls, leaving a wet trail of saliva behind. Gasping loudly, Adrian opened his eyes to see Liz taking the glowing purple helmet of his penis, inside her mouth. Her pendulous tits swung below her, as she began gobbling him hungrily.

Moving up him, she held his dick between her bobbling breasts, slowly pushing it between them, before squezzing them around it, titty-fucking him very, very slowly. Liz let a little giggly laugh out, as she watched his swollen, purple helmet appear and then disappear again into her cleavage. After releasing Adrian’s cock from her breasts, Liz started pointing her firm, erect nipples in its direction, before she rubbed them teasingly over his sensitive tip.

She wobbled them in Adrian’s face before sliding down him again, to resume sucking him off.

Liz slurped and gradually took a good four inches of Adrian’s towering cock into her mouth, before stopping to tease his balls with her glorious tongue. The sheer sight alone of watching her perform, was enough to make him almost ejaculate, without having her suck him like this, like she was sucking a large, red lollipop.

“Mmmm…mmmm…you like that…mmmm…that tastes so good…mmm” Liz muttered between lengthy sucks at his tool.

She used her tongue to dart over his glans, taking time to work its magic over the highly sensitive tip. Liz used her fingers to encircle the base of the shaft, pulling back the skin as hard as she could, while sucking his cock with long, wet strokes.

Adrian’s head buzzed with the sensations. This girl was good. She was obviously a seasoned pro and Adrian laughed to himself how lucky he had been with meeting her last night, instead of some inexperienced girl. He knew this was a one-off, just friendly, easy going, meaningless sex. No strings attached and that was the way he liked it.

“Do me…do me from behind…I want your cock in me…now!” Liz stated, snapping Adrian out of his daydream.

Turning herself one hundred and eighty degrees, Liz immediately raised her arse in the air, pushing it in the general direction of Adrian’s stiff cock. Without having to think, Adrian jumped up and positioned himself behind her, taking his dick in his hand. His mouth watered at the sight of Liz’s sweet, damp snatch begging to be fucked raw once again.

“Fuck me like a dog, fuck me rough and hard big-boy!” Liz snarled.

Her dirty talk nearly made Adrian laugh, before he concentrated fully, positioning escort bursa his cock, before pushing it between her damp fanny lips.

Liz pushed her ass back quickly onto his penis, taking him inside instantly, making Adrian jerk with the suddenness. Shit, this one was a real firecracker, Adrian mused to himself in obvious delight. Liz bucked wildly onto him, as Adrian began thrusting his shaft in and out of her with a steady, hard rhythm. Focusing his thoughts and actions, he grabbed hold of the sides of her waist firmly, controlling the speed and depth of his strokes. Liz pushed her beautifully, curvy arse further upwards towards him, as her head fell onto the pillow, muffling her groans.

Liz shrieked, muttering incomprehensible words of lust, as Adrian buried his tool deep within her, time and time again. She was insatiable in her horniness, as he continued fucking her faster each time. Her ass met each thrust of his cock with a slapping sound, as his balls banged against her asshole. Bending into her like a spoon, Adrian’s hand reached underneath, fumbling for her tits, kneading them roughly with his fingers.

Liz began moaning loudly, making Adrian aware of Megan or David awakening again, hearing their actions and maybe not being pleased at Liz’s noisy, rampant reactions next door.

Fucking Liz even harder now, Adrian felt it was time to finish this and hopefully order his latest conquest a taxi home, as soon as possible. He would make up some brilliant excuse that he had to work overtime and hopefully that would get her out of his hair and the house, as soon as he’d emptied his balls into her.

Suddenly, a surge of cum began travelling though his balls and up his shaft, as Adrian pounded Liz with greater ferocity. Holding her waist and pulling out, Adrian watched as his dick shot jets of creamy white fluid over her peachy white ass. Liz screamed into the pillow, her buttocks circling the air just below Adrian’s jerking cock, as she felt the gobs of cum rain down on her lower back and ass.

Adrian’s hand rubbed frantically between her legs, stimulating her clit, as Liz came herself. Adrian buried a finger inside her, encircling her slimy cunt, as sticky fluid began running over his fingertips.

Megan wandered happily out of the bathroom, satisfied with just having had her own little, manual orgasm, when she heard the noisy sex still coming from Adrian’s room. She shook her head in frustration as she walked back into her bedroom, seeing David lying snoring like a lazy, fat pig in bed, totally unaware and clueless, as the blonde slut in Adrian’s room continued her dying, horny moans.

“What a complete fucking bitch!” Megan snapped quietly under her breath, before getting back into bed.

A few weeks had passed by, David had gone on a weekend business trip again and Megan found herself on a well earned, girl’s night out.

Megan was enjoying herself immensely, touring the bars and clubs with her friends, checking out the talent on show. As the night passed and the wine flowed, Megan found herself thinking of Adrian again. She couldn’t stop herself thinking of him home alone, with David hundreds of miles away. As the alcohol consumption grew, Megan became more and more eager to confront Adrian on his feelings for her.

Eager to find out and acting on impulse, Megan made her excuses to leave her friends and made her way home in a taxi, more determined than ever to quench her secret desires. Adrian, home alone, had planned a quiet night in and Megan’s heart raced with the prospect of the two of them alone together in the house.

Tipsy, Megan walked to the front door and let herself in, not knowing what she was prepared to do or say. Her head raced with a million thoughts, as she walked in and closed the door behind her. How would she explain to Adrian why she was home so early? Would she just rush him and start tearing at his clothes in a moment of passion? How would he respond? Would he push her away or take her in his arms and give her what she so desperately wanted?

Her head swayed with all the questions, all the excitement, all the expectation. She discarded her jacket and bag onto the floor, before slipping off her heels, as Megan prepared for the inevitable.

Nervously, Megan listened for signs of life in the house. She could hear activity from upstairs and slowly began creeping up the stairs, towards where the noise came from.

Megan giggled like a schoolgirl, when she heard Adrian in the bathroom, singing as he took a shower. The door was slightly ajar. Megan relished the opportunity to peak in, knowing Adrian was completely unaware of her presence. Carefully sneaking to outside the door, Megan took a deep breath and slowly looked through the small opening into the bathroom.

Adrian stood completely naked, obscured behind the steamy glass door of the shower, much to Megan’s disappointment. Biting her bottom lip and without thinking, Megan found herself unbuttoning her top, before unzipping the fastening of her short skirt in a moment. As quickly and quietly as she could, Megan released her remaining brassiere and tugged down her thong in a swift downward action, almost tripping over herself in the process.

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