The Pennsylvania Dad , Daughter

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My job requires that I travel on business and it had allowed me to see most of the U.S. at no personal expense. Business had taken me to a mid size town in the center of Pennsylvania. It is an old town that grew in size during the last two decades which made the city a land of chain stores and fast food restaurants. Typically of smaller cities, there isn’t much for a traveler to do after hours. Thank god for the internet and 800 chat lines. After a few travels there, I found one local chat line that had ladies from the region that would lead to phone sex and sometimes physical encounters. During one late winter travel, I was safe and warm in the hotel room while inches of snow was filling up the parking lot. I chanced on speaking with a “Hanna” on the chat line. This eventually led to a hotel romp with her and a local father with his daughter.

I was on the last plane to arrive because of the snow that started to fall in the area. It was a slow drive with the rental car from the airport to the hotel with a few inches of fallen snow on the ground. After checking in, I ate at the hotel restaurant then settled in for the evening. The ground eventually had eight inches of snow before it stopped. From experience there was bound to be good hunting on chat lines because snow bound people have little else to do. After cruising through the voice ads of 60 women on line and leaving messages with some, a new caller’s ad come through the system. Her name was Hanna.

She described herself as attractive, around 25, with some piercings, and into goth. Her voice sounded pleasant enough to leave a reply message and I have found that people into “goth” on the chat lines usually end up in very sexually charged conversations. We exchanged some messages both and forth then I received a message from her inviting me for a live conversation. After pressing the three button on the phone keypad accepting her invitation, this pleasant “hello” came over the receiver. We exchanged some introductions and began some small talk in response to some basic questions. Some of the questions were; what do you look like, what do you like to do, what kind of music do you like, and where are you from.

After the introductory chat, the conversation grew more sexual. We discussed what we liked sexually and talked about some of the things that we had done that was out of the ordinary range of sex. She enjoyed being with more than one individual and was bi. Hanna said that she enjoyed dressing goth at times especially for sex but usually she dressed normal mainly because of her good job. The town hadn’t grown that big to where she wouldn’t stand out as “one of those people”. Surprisingly the conversion did not end in phone sex. She had to be up early in the morning and it was getting late into the evening but she did give me her phone number. She wanted to meet in person and preferred real sex to phone sex. I called Hanna the next day and we set up a time to meet on the day before I would leave town. It was going to be lunch but it was the only time that worked into our schedules that week.

Lunch was to be at a local chain restaurant which was a safe place for first meetings. I arrived a few minutes early and arranged for a quiet table for two then let the hostess know that I was expecting my party in a few minutes and if a “Hanna” arrived, to bring her to my table. I had just taken sip from my water glass when the hostess came to my table with an attractive woman in tow. We exchanged smiles and hellos as she sat across from me. Hanna had dyed jet black hair cut similar to the villainess in the latest Indy movie, average build, and pale green eyes. She looked very striking in her light yellow business suit coat with matching skirt and black blouse. Outside of the dark hair, there was nothing goth about her appearance. At first glance, we were attracted to each other which was surprising. People on the chat lines often lie about their looks and ages then are disappointed when they meet in person.

The conversation over salads was very agreeable and lively. After picking up the check, Hanna asked if my hotel was close by. It was and we went back for a quick one as we both had business to return to. It was very good for both of us and we made a promise to get together on my return visit. The following month I was back in town and her number was my first call. Hanna was happy to hear from me and we made arrangements for her to come to my hotel the following evening. Around seven o clock that following evening there was a knock on the door. I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door to a different Hanna. Heavy eye makeup surrounded those green eyes and her black leather coat reached down to her knee high lace up black stiletto boots. She strutted into my room and took a bottle of scotch from the inside coat pocket then placed it on the work desk. Hanna slipped off her thin black leather gloves and with a smile, she removed her coat revealing herself in a corset with black stockings and garters.

I brought 2 plastic cups and a bucket ataşehir escort of ice to the table. We shared conversation over iced scotches. Once we were done with our second drink, Hanna stood and removed her corset. Her naked body was again revealed to me except this time she had her nipples pierced with rings and jewelry in her naval. The remaining clothing was removed and we traversed to the king sized bed. We made love for an hour or so and during that time she never removed her boots. The pillow talk that followed made my next business travel an experience of a lifetime.

“Ummm… That was great. You have this much fun with everyone from the lines?” I asked.

“Well you know the lines.” smiled Hanna. “You never know who you will meet or what will happen but this was great fun.”

I got up from the bed and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. I handed Hanna the towel then poured another drink into the cups. Hanna wedged the towel between her thighs and accepted the drink from my extended hand. “Do you always wear the boots?” I teased.

She took a sip and said, “I get a kick out of having them on. Not often that I can go goth. Did it bother you?”

I smiled, “No. I have been with women that kept their high heels on but never been with anyone that kept their boots on. I imagine that some of the people that you meet really get off on foot wear.”

Hanna laughed and choked a little on her drink. “Sorry. I was thinking of something funny that happened when you mentioned the boots. I have a small foot fetish that I like to indulge once in awhile. I meet this guy online who was totally into it. It started out as fun and kinky but it progressed into just silliness…… You really don’t want to know.”

I smiled back and said, “You meet all kinds. The chat lines has everything imaginable, real or fantasy. I guess the goth thing attracts more people with more than normal tastes?”

“Well, I piqued your interest didn’t I.” grinned Hanna. “What attracted you to my voice ad? What desires are you hiding behind your normal exterior?”

“That night Iwas just looking for some good phone sex.” I said. “People who talk about goth stuff usually end up in some hot conversations. At least that has been my experience. On top of that I liked the sound of your voice.”

“I have been told that a lot.” she replied. “I don’t think my voice is that erotic but guys seem to think so. Even some women.”

I settled back in bed next to Hanna. After taking a sip of scotch, I asked “Do you meet a lot of women from the lines?”

“Just a few” said Hanna. “Most women on the line are into the fantasy but wouldn’t really do girl girl sex. I know that is every guy’s fantasy too. You ever been with two girls or watched girls together. For real, I mean.”

“Just on the net or in movies.” I sighed. “I have been in threesomes but it was with couples, I mean just a man and a woman.”

“Oh, those are fun” smiled Hanna. “You ever do bi.. like…. with those other couples?”

“One time” and I paused, “It was something that my friend’s wife always wanted to see. It was her birthday and we did it for her. If they weren’t good friends that I was close to…..I probably wouldn’t have tried it.”

“Did you enjoy it?” grinned Hanna.

“Yes and no” I said. “I mean it was fun and his wife really got off on it. But I am not really attracted to guys so………I guess if just the right situation to occur again, I would. I did enjoy having a guy suck me. I’m not so sure I was so skilled at giving head. My friend didn’t get off and maybe it was me or maybe he couldn’t get into the bi thing….even for his wife.”

” Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, men” teased Hanna. “I’m particular about my women. That is why I haven’t hooked up with that many. Most that are bi or gay women on the chat lines tend to be really heavy. Not that I have anything against heavy people….I’m just not into sex with heavy people.”

“What is the wildest thing you get asked about on the lines? I asked.

“Just curious or are you indulging in fantasies?” joked Hanna. “I guess there is one subject that comes up a lot. I mean outside of the usual…are you bi, into anal, like cum on your face sort of stuff. I guess it’s because of the Manson music associated with the goth lifestyle. I get asked about incest a lot.”

“Really” then I asked, “Callers just being curious if you are into it or have done it? Have you?”

“Now who is curious?” asked Hanna. “Have you indulged?”

“No” I said. “I am an only child and my parents were conservative. I guess my wilder life makes up for that conservative upbringing. I’m not adverse to incest. It’s just the situation has never presented itself. I have fantasized about being in a threesome with a brother and sister couple……And back to you.”

“You know, men who are the only child seem to be pretty wild from my experience” said Hanna. “Must be all the attention you get from your parents which makes you so self indulgent outside the norm. But kadıköy escort bayan back to you question. I haven’t done anything within my family. They were religious folk like a lot of people in this part of Pennsylvania and certainly looked down on that sort of thing. I am such the black sheep of the family. No goth pun intended. I have talked to a lot of people online about incest and they have told me a lot of their personal stories whether these are real or just made up. But…….I have met a few that are really into family love.”

“How so were they into family love?” I asked. “Like……”

“I have met a couple father and daughter couples.” she said nonchalantly. “No brothers or sisters. I did meet one mother daughter couple but I really can’t talk about it.” Most of the people I met were doing it as an expression of their love for each other. I mean there wasn’t anything violent or forced.”

“Wow” I exclaimed. “That sounds so wild. I thought most people on the chat lines just BS’ed about that. Hard to imagine that some incestuous couples really meet others so openly. What about that mother daughter thing?”

“Careful your perverted side is showing.” teased Hanna. “I can’t really talk about it for a number of reasons. Maybe if I get to really know you better, I might tell you. I prefer to be discreet on that one. So don’t ask again or beg.”

“Consider it dropped.” I said reassuringly.

“Since we are on the subject.” She said. “And you sound like you would enjoy this sort of thing. I have met a guy that lives nearby from the lines. He is nice …attractive… and not bad in bed. Anyway. He has told me that he is involved with his daughter. He would like to see her in a bi scene and wanted to know if I was interested.”

“Are you?” I asked with curiosity.

“Yes” she said. “I have never met her but he showed me a picture of her. Very cute. He has told me that they have talked about it and she would like to try it.”

“And where do I fit in?” I asked.

“Well, you have a fantasy about seeing two girls together and you seem to have more than a passing interest in the family fun.” smiled Hanna. “And I’m a little of unsure of this guy even though we have met a few times.”

“So I’m a bit of security on your side?” I asked.

“I would feel more comfortable.” said Hanna. “I mean like this guy and all but there is something I’m not sure about..especially when he talks about his daughter . Probably just being suspicious. Chat line jitters you know.”

“I wouldn’t think that I would be welcomed by this guy.” I said. “It really is about you and his daughter. He may be very uncomfortable with his daughter and me in the room. His daughter might not be happy about me being there either.”

“I think he is the kind of person that wants to watch this bi scene so bad that he wouldn’t mind a few extra bodies in the room. That’s just how it will be for him.” she said. “Whether he is happy about it or not. That is unless you want to pass?”

“Oh I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” I said eagerly. “It will have to be next month when I’m in town again.”

“Certainly” Hanna slyly smiled. “This is going to take a bit to set up anyway. Just let me know which week you are in so I get things arranged. That is if they agree.”

“I will let you know in advance as soon as I know my schedule next month.” I said. “And I understand there are no promises on this one. You sure this is for real and you’re not just playing with me.”

“As real as the two of us in bed right now.” grinned Hanna. “You know it’s still early. Got time for one more?”

Hanna and I picked up where we left off earlier and continued our love making until around midnight. Then she insisted on leaving since he had an early morning call. I offered to have her spend the night in my room but she declined and left. The thought of being with Hanna and this father daughter combination stayed on my mind for the next few weeks. There was a flurry of calls later that month back and forth between Hanna and myself. At first it was not going to happen then it was on. After I had my schedule arranged, I let Hanna know when I would be back. I even managed to have the company to cover my trip for a Friday night stay with a late Saturday return. It was supposed to be for a big business deal but it was more about my big deal. My mind was concentrating more on sex in Pennsylvania then business there. I can honestly say that business trip was a waste of business time but what a time for me personally.

Once I was back in town and settled in my hotel room, I contacted Hanna. Everything was still on for Friday night. We arranged to have dinner on Wednesday and have some fun afterwards if our schedules permitted. It was at the same restaurant where we had lunch a couple of months earlier. I arrived first and secured a table then about fifteen minutes later Hanna entered the restaurant. Since we both came straight from business activities, Hanna and I were in our business attire. escort maltepe We exchanged hugs and a kiss then continued to chat over a glass of wine or two. We eventually ordered dinner and in soft voices discussed Friday night.

“So everything is still on?” I asked.

Hanna wicked smiled “Sure is. This guy seemed very eager the last time I talked to him.”

“What are there names?” I asked. “It has been fairly mysterious to this point. Did you talk to them in person?”

“I don’t know who is more eager? You or the father.” she smiled. “Their names are Levi and Ami. I know what you are thinking.. Levi.. really? Remember you are in Amish, Quaker, and Pennsylvania Dutch country. Biblical names are common here. I have only spoken with him over the phone about this. I haven’t seen him in person in months.”

“You sound like you are anxious to do this too..” I said. “So, what is the plan?”

“I have to admit that I am looking forward to Friday.” she said. “Levi said his wife is going to Philadelphia that Friday to visit friends and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. He and his daughter are free til then. We are to meet here at this restaurant and have an early dinner together. Nice safe public place to get to know each other and see where it goes from there. A lot depends on Ami taking a liking to us. If everyone is agreeable, we go to your hotel room. If not, it will be just you and I going to the hotel.”

“Is Ami into goth?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” replied Hanna. “Levi has never mentioned it and you couldn’t tell by the photo I saw. I’m not dressing up for that evening. It may be too much for his daughter on the first meeting.”

“Besides it isn’t close to Halloween.” I joked.

“I see you want your hand to be your friend tonight.” She teased back.

“I think that I would rather be with Hanna than Mr. Hand. I replied. “So, how old are Levi and Ami?”

“I’m not sure about Levi.” Hanna paused. “My guess is he is about late 30ish. He told me that his daughter is 18.”

Dinner was consumed by this time and I was eager for a romp with Hanna for dessert. I suggested, with a smile “Let’s say I pick up the check and we go back to my room.” Hanna grinned and nodded. We left the table after I placed some cash under my water glass then stopped by the cashier to pay off the bill. Hanna followed me in her car as I drove the short distance back to the hotel. She stayed for a couple of hours then left. The next evening I was so horny thinking about the weekend. I started to cruise the chat lines for some fun conversation and jacked myself off after a three hour session then I drifted to sleep. Work on that Friday seemed to slowly tick away and after my last call, I rushed back to the hotel. I showered and changed then left for the restaurant.

I got a table for four towards a quiet area at the back of the restaurant. I sat in a chair where I could have a view of the people entered the restaurant. I was anxious and a bit jittery waiting for everyone to arrive. I was hoping that Hanna wouldn’t be late and arrive soon. Even my drink hadn’t calmed me down. I felt more relaxed when I saw Hanna walk with the hostess to my table. We exchanged broad smiles as she sat down. “Ready” I said. Hanna nodded and asked the passing waitress for a drink.

“Glad I got here when I did.” Hanna said quietly. “Traffic on the interstate is backed up. I hoping to get here sooner but it worked out. Didn’t want them to think we didn’t show up.”

“I wouldn’t have recognized them as I have never seen them before. They wouldn’t know me from Adam.” I said. “Well…I hope they show up.”

Hanna received her drink and said “He should. I spoke with Levi last night and nothing had changed in their plans. They were coming straight from the airport after dropping off his wife.”

“Does his wife know of any of this?” I asked.

“I talked to Levi about that some time ago.” Hanna replied. “His wife has no clue that he is banging their daughter. Seems that Ami and her mother don’t get along. Probably no secret conversions about daddy love between them.” Time still continued to drag along as the restaurant started to fill with customers.

Hanna was sitting to my right with almost the same view that I had and was watching the entrance as well. Then she pointed to the couple that was suddenly at the hostess podium. Hanna quickly left the table and walked to the hostess area. After standing there for a few seconds, the three followed the hostess to the table. I stood up and shook Levi’s hand then introduced myself. Levi was close to six feet in height with a medium build, broad shoulders, and brown hair with gray around his sideburns and temples. He was dressed casually in a black polo shirt and white khaki slacks. Then I introduced myself to Ami and clasped her extended hand with both of mine in a light calming handshake. Ami was about tall, about five foot six, thin, with the same shade of brown hair as her father, and blue eyes. Her hair was parted in the middle and left long, flowing to the middle of her back. Her face was rather plain but an attractive quality about it. Ami did have a wide mouth and when she spoke to say hello, she revealed a set of braces covering her upper teeth. The four of us took our seats and began some small talk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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