The Morning After

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I woke up and looked over at the other body in the bed with me and it all came crashing back. I closed my eyes and willed it away until my partner shifted in her sleep and pressed her ass against my dick. It stirred and began to harden despite my efforts to stop it. Think of mom naked, old wrinkly people, the polar bear club, anything…but nothing stopped my erection, it was if it had a mind of its own. My cock reached its full length and as luck would have it the tip reached the warm wet lips of her pussy. I started to pull back just as she purred in her sleep and pushed against me, the tip sank into her without resistance. I honestly tried to free myself but all I ended up doing was sinking deeper into her fiery depths. She moaned in her sleep and started riding my cock, like some sensuous sleep walker I was caught up in her passion. I gave up and slipped my arms around her and went with it. I plunged as deep as I could into her and let go the guilt and fucked her silly. She began panting with the rhythm of our loveplay and her moaning drove me crazy. I rolled her onto her stomach and began pumping into her furiously now. Her orgasm woke her as I continued to pound into her grunting with desire.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me! Oh that feels so good!” I love being talked dirty to and she knew it. “Deeper, oh god!” I changed pace and slowed kartal escort grinding my dick against her clit. Now she simply growled as I pumped with nice long strokes in and out of her. Her second orgasm surprised both of us, it triphammered into her and nearly drove me over the edge. I pulled out of her and brought my cock to her mouth. After she had recuperated she took my cue and started licking and sucking the length of me, apparently she didn’t mind the taste of her own juices. Her hand and mouth worked their magic once more, she cupped my balls with her free hand and slowed when she felt me getting close. She was going to milk me and make my orgasm as intense as possible. She flickered the head all the while she stroked the length and her eyes smiled at me. She alternated the speed and fervor of her technique.

With a devilish grin she shifted her position and trapped my dick between her gravity defying 36 C’s. Nestled between those warm pillows of flesh it was a dream come true. She was fulfilling fantasies that had poured out of my drunken lips last night. I pumped between those twin pleasures and watched as her tongue snaked out to tease the head of my cock as it pushed passed. I looked deep into her eyes and knew that my lust for this woman was wrong but didn’t care. As long as she wanted me I would maltepe escort bayan fulfill every physical pleasure she desired. I felt my orgasm rising and nothing was going to stop it, my expression must have told her because she lunged and snared my dick in her mouth sucking and licking for all she was worth. Her hand stroking hard and fast she wanted to taste my cum again. I closed my eyes and grunted as I erupted into her mouth and she swallowed in long musical gulps. She pulled me close and snuggled pressing her breasts against my chest threatening to start this whole thing all over again. I never really softened up a whole lot.

“Damn bro, you’re still hard?! I am impressed, do I do that to you?” I could only nod. She rolled me onto my back and lay on top of me just snuggling for now. I felt myself harden again pushing deeper between her legs and she just giggled and shifted her body so she could take full advantage. “Hard again, that’s why you’re my favorite bother.”

“I am your only brother.” I replied as she snared me in her pussy again but she just sat there with me inside of her.

“Yes that is true, but hey what’s family for?” She rocked just a little feeling my shaft shifting and gliding inside of her. That stopped any reply, she felt so good wrapped around me like that. “Your face escort pendik is just blissful you know. Admit it, you like fucking me.” I opened my mouth to deny it but she squeezed me with her muscles just then. “Admit it.” I shook my head and she shifted and squeezed at the same time. “Say uncle.” I reached for her wrists but the sly little shit moved and I got two hands full of tit. “Say it.” I squeezed her tits and pushed up deeper into her.

“Okay, I admit it, you have the tightest most talented piece of ass I have ever fucked.” She rewarded me with a little squeeze and off we went racing again for the orgasmic finish line. We moved in time anticipating each others moves easily, we were twins after all, and the pleasure just doubled. We never missed a beat and I think that made it more sinful, but that was far from my mind as I looked down and watched as I slid in and out of her. She was crying out her sexual mantra, “Oh yeah fuck me!” And I met each of her strokes with one of my own. Until neck and neck our mutual orgasms struck us like a crashing wave of body shuddering pleasure.

“Fuck…” her voice trailed off and I just lay there panting. Yes, I had done it again, but you know what, who the hell cares. I kissed her and drifted off for a while still inside of her, still quasi-hard and satisfied. No other woman has come even close to pleasing me the way she did. In the dark stillness of early morning predawn I lay awake mulling over what has transpired and come to grips with it. A sinful little smile comes to my face as I drift off again with my sister next to me. Pleasant dreams!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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