My Babysitting Business

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It all started when I lost my job. I was working as a waitress at a restaurant downtown and I kind of enjoyed it. I started working there when I was sixteen and the uniforms were these skimpy little things of short shorts and tight low cut t-shirts. Because of my age, the owner had to make sure I only worked the early hours right after school, as the later crowd was a little more raucous.

High school graduation was coming up and I had college plans. I had talked with the owner and he said that he’d work around my schedule and as I was now 18, he could work me later in the evening. He warned me though that the men that came in later had a tendency to touch the waitresses.

I wasn’t sure how I’d like that, but soon found I enjoyed it a lot. My body was good, actually it was damn good. I wasn’t super skinny like some of the girls, but in no way was I fat. I just had these great soft lush curves, big D-cup boobs, and a nicely rounded ass and thighs that caught men’s attention pretty quick. My hair was actually a natural blond to go with my big, blue eyes. I kept it just below my shoulders so I could wear it either up or down easily.

I would pull down the neck of my t shirt so that it always showed the top of my lacy bras. The men loved that, which of course made my tips better. That night I had on a new red lace bra so it showed up good against the black t shirt.

The restaurant was swamped, I didn’t hardly get a break from running back and forth to the kitchen and bar all night. The trouble began when a guy grabbed my ass to get my attention. I turned to face him with a tight smile and found a table full of men. I took their orders with a smile and left to turn it in.

Every time I passed that table though, one of the men would grab my ass. I tried to be nice and I asked them not to do that. Nothing worked so I complained to the manager on duty. He coached me to just do my job and try to stay out of reach. We were too busy for him to assign someone else to the table.

What happened next truly wasn’t my fault. One of the men grabbed me and pulled me into his lap. Another one reached over and tried to pull me into his; I still had a few full drinks on my tray. I was really good at balancing trays of drinks, but not when being pulled in different directions by men trying to cop a feel.

So, I went one way, the tray another, and we both ended up in the floor. Only the drinks on the tray ended up on about five different people. Once the dust had settled, customers soothed and offered free drinks and appetizers, the table full of men escorted from the restaurant, I was given my walking papers. Supposedly I should have managed to keep control of the tray and not spilled the drinks even after I hit the floor. Two years of service down the drain because of a few handsy guys.

Thus I found myself out of a job and facing college with no income, which brings us to finding out how I ended up with the absolutely best career a naughty, nympho of a girl could ever have. I’ve even been thinking of skipping college because the money I’m making is pretty damn awesome.

What am I doing you ask that is so great and wonderful? Well, I babysit. That’s right, I’m hired to watch people kids. How is that a good job? Because I get to fuck the daddies and sometimes even the mommies for extra money.

Let me explain.

The day after I lost my job I was sitting at home after school, moping really and wondering what to do about a job. Mom came in and asked me what was up, and I told her the whole story. Of course hearing that her daughter got groped in public put her squarely on my side and she wanted to march down to the restaurant and demand my job back.

I talked her out of that thankfully. A bit later the phone rang and she answered from the kitchen. I heard her say, “Just a minute and I’ll ask Macy.”

She poked her head in the living room where I was and asked, “Honey, Stella’s babysitter just canceled on her and they need one fast, can you help them out?”

I dropped my head back against the couch. Babysitting? I hadn’t done that since I got the job at the restaurant. I had sat for Stella and her husband before when their little girl was a tiny baby. What the hell, it wasn’t like I had anything better to do. I told my mom I would and to tell them I’d be on my way. I had just put on my shoes and gathered up my purse when mom came back in.

“Oh, Macy I need your car, mine’s got a flat tire. I’m just going to drop you off okay.” So this was truly to be as if I was 15 again.

A short time later, Stella was opening the door to me and thanking me profusely. She chatted about her now three year old little girl named Kinsey had been fed and bathed and all I had to do was put her to bed. Stella was a good looking woman, tall and slender with long, fake red hair.

Her husband Ron though, that was a piece of nice man meat. He had excited my girlish fantasies back when I was 15, and still made my pussy tingle now. He had thick, black hair that escort ataşehir had a new addition of little sprinklings of silver at the temples which made him seem even yummier than before. His dark brown eyes reminded me of melted chocolate.

I told them both to go enjoy themselves and even threw a wink at Ron behind Stella’s back. Spending the next hour with cute little Kinsey wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be. Surprisingly she went to bed with no problems and I soon found myself slouched on the couch staring at the TV.

As I flipped channels I discovered that Ron and Stella had a subscription to a soft porn channel. Throwing a glance at the time, I thought I could work in a nice pussy rub before they returned. I unzipped my daisy duke shorts and pushed them down just low enough to get to the damp slit of my cleanly shaved mound.

With my eyes glued to the TV, and imagining Ron in place of the actor, I slowly rubbed a finger through my snatch. Working the edges for a bit, I was careful not to touch my clit to bring the tension up. Slopping my finger through the juices now flooding out, I smeared it all around.

I settled in to some serious frigging, my breathing coming in shallow pants, while I worked my fingers expertly over and around my clit, flicking it just often enough to build things up nicely. Before I could get off though, I heard car doors slam from the garage. Cursing, I changed the channel on the TV and jerked up my shorts. Luckily there was a box of tissues handy for me to wipe my fingers on. I sniffed the air hoping for no obvious signs of what I had been doing.

Ron and Stella came in all smiles. Stella thanked me repeatedly and I told them it was no problem and that until I could get a job, they could call me anytime. She went upstairs to check on Kinsey and Ron just stood and smiled at me. I told him I’d call my mom to come get me and he brushed that aside.

“I’ll take you home.”

“Oh I wouldn’t want to put you out.” I protested. My pussy was still screaming for release and I didn’t really trust myself to be alone in a car with such a hot looking guy.

Ron chuckled and said softly “You won’t be putting me out, although I wouldn’t mind of you put out.”

I blinked. He did not say what I just thought he said, did he? He called up the stairs that he was taking me home and then putting a hand on my back, guided me to the garage door. I let him escort me to the big SUV parked inside that they drove. Meanwhile, my curiosity was flying high.

It was only a couple of miles to my house, but before we got there Ron pulled into a dark parking lot and parked around behind an empty building. I looked at him a little cautiously. As much as I’d be happy to let him take care of the insane itch in my pants, this was a bit weird too.

“So, did you get yourself off earlier?”

“Umm, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I evaded.

“Come on Macy, I know what wet pussy smells like and it’s all over you.” He deliberately let his eyes take in my big boobs pushing against my tight t shirt and the long legs exposed by my shorts. “You’ve grown up very nicely. A hot young woman like you, I bet you got a tight, steaming pussy.”

He put a hand behind my neck and pulled me slowly to him. I could have pulled away very easily. A quick glance at the huge bulge in his pants though and I was flooding my shorts all over again. Our mouths met in a hot kiss, his tongue sliding into my mouth to dance with mine.

The hand left my neck and molded around a tit while his other hand slid up my bare leg to brush against the hem of my shorts. My nipples were instantly rock hard and when his thumb started playing with one I couldn’t stop the little kitten moan from escaping. He stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes, the question clear.

I pulled back far enough to jerk my t shirt over my head exposing breasts that bulged over a white lace bra. Ron jerked his head to the backseat and stepped from the SUV and climbed into the back. I simply scooted between the seats and met him there and started working my shorts down my legs.

Ron sat back in the seat and shoved his pants down, exposing a monster of a seven inch cock. It was thick and veiny and looked oh so yummy. I immediately stuck my ass in the air and dropped my face into his lap to take that luscious thing in my mouth. As I slurped and sucked happily, Ron’s fingers pushed into my wet pussy.

He finger fucked me to a small orgasm and my moans were a bit strangled as I refused to take his big rod from my mouth. It wasn’t long after that though that he was pushing my head off of him. A quick question about birth control, which I confirmed I had been on since I was 16 and he was ordering me onto his cock.

I happily threw a leg over him and with his help, pushed that rock-hard pole into my tight tunnel. I’d had sex only two other times with previous boyfriends and each remarked on how tight I was. Ron was no different. His sudden hissing through kadıköy escort his teeth and cursing added to how hard it was to get him in me totaled up to a tight ride.

“Oh my fucking god you are so fucking tight.” Ron’s head was back against the seat and his teeth gritted. “Fuck, you better get it quick girl, ‘cuz I don’t know how long I’ll last. Not even Stella was this tight when we first got together.”

Once I got his fat head in, I was having a bit of trouble getting myself on down his shaft. I had to keep pulling up and easing down, going a little further each time. Of course that felt really damn good, having that mushroom head working its way deeper and deeper in me, feeling it stretch me out, god that was good.

I couldn’t stop the little gasps and moans as I finally got him in me. Ron kept on cussing as he grabbed my hips and started jack-rabbiting his on the seat, bouncing me roughly on him. I grabbed my tits and squeezed as that big dick slammed into me. I don’t know if it was the whole idea of fucking another woman’s husband or what, but I came fast and hard.

Squealing, I clamped down hard on his penis, contracting and convulsing on top of him while I wondered if the top of my head was going to fly off. Evidently that was more than he could handle and with a final loud “fuck” Ron came, shooting loads of jizz deep inside me. I could feel my pussy milking his cock and his shudders as he lost all control.

Finally his dick went dry and my pussy stopped trying to squeeze more out of him. I simply sat on his lap, panting for air and trying to get up the motivation to move off of him. Ron reached up and started playing with my tits again. We never managed to get my bra off, but my nipples were clearly visible though the white lace.

Eventually he gave me a slap to my hip and motioned for me move. I swung myself off of him to sit in the seat beside him. He reached into the center console and pulled out a box of wet wipes and chucked about having toddler proofed everything. We cleaned up and redressed before getting back in the front of the SUV.

Ron took me home but before letting me out, gave me another hot, wet kiss. He thanked me for everything and handed me what felt like a wad of cash. I told him anytime I could babysit for them I’d be happy to. He assured me that I was now at the top of their list to call. He gave me a final quick fondle of my tits, so I gave him a last squeeze of his cock before I got out. I deliberately twitched my hips as I walked to the door of my house, giving him a wave and blowing him a kiss before going inside.

My parents were evidently asleep as the house was dark and quiet. Heading for my room I flopped on my bed at looked at the cash Ron had given me. I quickly counted out $200. Holy shit, I thought. This was an awesome haul for a few hours taking care of a kid and then the having daylights fucked outta me. I hoped Ron and Stella needed a night out again real soon.

Turns out it wasn’t Ron and Stella who called next, but some friends of theirs. I was once again parked on the couch in front of the TV when the phone rang.

“Is this Macy?” A female voice asked.

“Yes it is.”

“This is Diane from just down the street and Stella says you do babysitting now.”

A picture of a plump friendly woman came into my mind. She was always smiling and waving at me. She and her husband lived about two blocks down. I couldn’t seem to get a picture of her husband and his name completely escaped me.

“Well, I’m just doing it until I can get another job.”

“Oh I see. Would you by chance be available tonight? We have a bit of an emergency and little Cindy who usually sits for us can’t so I’m a bit at my wits end. Is there any way you can help us out?”

I sighed. Hey, it was easy money. “Sure, what time to do need me?”

It turned out that I had like 15 minutes to get there. Good thing they lived close. Shoving shoes on my feet and checking to make sure I was somewhat presentably dressed, I headed out. The red halter top I was wearing had a built in bra and my big tits showed off quite well in the deep neckline. The denim skirt that was probably shorter than it should be but was one of my favorites so I wore it all the time.

I walked quickly down the street catching the eye of nearly every man and boy that I passed. Knocking on the door of a pretty blue house, I listened to some crashing coming from inside. The door was finally opened by Diane who looked quite stressed.

“I’m so sorry. The boys are a bit wound up tonight. I hope they won’t cause you too much trouble.” Diane was as I remembered, short and plump but not too fat. I followed her in to what seemed to be a den where a man was holding two young boys be the scruff of their necks.

“You will clean this up and you will mind your sitter or there’s no TV or video games for a week. Is that understood?” He gave the boys a bit of a shake and released them. He watched as the boys picked up the pieces maltepe escort bayan of something broken in the floor.

Diane cleared her throat to get his attention, “Dear, this is Macy, I’m not sure you’ve met. She’s going to be watching the boys since Cindy can’t. Macy this is my husband Bob.” The man turned and looked at us. He wasn’t real tall and was rather stocky but not overly so. Brown hair cut military short and gray eyes made him not real impressive but not ugly either.

He seemed to be a bit surprised to see me. I could see his eyes travel down my body and since I didn’t mind, I just smiled when his gaze returned to my face. He stammered out a hello and quickly turned back to the boys. The couple was soon gone and I was left with my charges for the evening.

The boys were Max aged 8 and Charlie age 11, and they looked at me like I was in for a rough night. They both had the same short brown hair as their dad and the same stocky, sturdy bodies.

“So, are we gonna have a good time or are we gonna do this the hard way?” I asked.

I simply crossed my arms over my chest and engaged in a stare down with the boys. Max had already lost interest in the conversation and asked to watch TV. I told him to go ahead but to keep the volume to a non-screaming level. Charlie and I continued to stare at each other.Finally he smiled. That smile actually worried me a bit as it was rather evil.

“Okay. We’ll see who wins. Go make me a sandwich woman.” He dropped down in a chair and started watching TV, and from there the evening only got worse.

Max wasn’t so bad but he followed Charlie’s lead. Charlie did his best to drive me nuts with his demands. I tried informing him I was only there to watch them and not wait on them but that did little to defuse the situation. Max whispered to me that Charlie was only like this to babysitters, he didn’t dare to this to their mom or dad.

Luckily I found the whole thing funny and took it good naturedly. Late in the evening a thunderstorm started up. The crashing and booming didn’t bother me, but Max was quite scared and trying to be brave. This of course just caused Charlie to tease him unmercifully as a big brother would.

I sat on the couch and pulled Max to me. He snuggled up close laying his head on my big pillow boob. I caught him sticking his tongue out at Charlie and I couldn’t stop the giggle. Before long Charlie joined us on the couch doing his best to get as close to me Max was, but I was smart enough not to let him. That was something I didn’t need to tangle with.

When Diane and Bob returned home both boys were snoozing on the couch. I quietly joined Diane outside the room and explained how the storm had scared Max and getting them to go to bed had been impossible. She knew her boys and understood the difficulties and had no problems with them sleeping on the couch that night.

When I mentioned leaving, she immediately ordered Bob to give me a ride home. She said there was no way she was going to let me walk home in that weather. Since I really didn’t want to walk even the two blocks in a storm, I didn’t protest.

Bob seemed uneasy at first, but then quickly ushered me out to the family minivan. He started the engine and pulled out of the drive, but stopped again before getting to my house. I looked over at him in confusion and he finally looked at me.

“Ron told me you’re a great fuck.” He said it so fast I wasn’t sure what he had said. I had to separate the words in my head to figure out what he had said. I turned beet red and stared out the window at the pouring rain.

“Oh no, I didn’t say that to embarrass you. You see Ron and I are friends and he knows that Diane and I… well we don’t… you know. Not since Max was born.”

He ran a hand over his short hair and blew out a breath. “I’m obviously not handling this well. Look, neither Ron nor I think you’re a bad girl, just a real damn sexy one. I, well I get a little tired of my own hand and Ron helps me find discreet women to help me out sometimes. He said that maybe you could help me.”

I looked over at him and his hang dog face was actually rather cute. So Ron had passed on our little fuck to his friend in hopes that I’d fuck him too. Thinking it over, I decided that as I had no boyfriend and hadn’t had one for a while and surprisingly, I had no qualms about fucking a stranger, I didn’t have any objections. What the hell, why not.

I simply moved from the front seat of the minivan to the middle seat and sat with my legs spread wide. Bob was staring and licking his lips. I reached up behind my neck and unfastened my halter letting it drop. My tits sprang out, proud and high and firm, nipples hardening in the air conditioned vehicle.

“Oh god you’re beautiful.” He whispered before struggling to reach me in the back of the van. He knelt on his knees in front me, and gently touched my big tit. “Oh my god,” He whispered again before leaning in to suckle.

His tongue dragged over my nipple, shooting tingles straight to my pussy. Bob spent quite some time playing with and sucking my tits. I slid a hand into my panties and rubbed the ache that had started there. When he finally noticed where my fingers had gone, he pulled back and helped me take off my skimpy red panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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