The Beach

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My name is peter, I am 19 years old, and I am still living at home with my mom, my mom and dad got divorced almost 8 years ago, he had found another woman which he thought was much more exciting than my mom.

My mom is 38 years, She is about 5ft 4in high, and weighs about 165 lb, She has, if you ask me, a body to die for, her ass makes most men turn their heads on the street, and a couple of nice breasts, something I of course have noticed when she was either wearing her bathing suit or seeing her in her underwear.

I am as I said 19 years old, and working as an electrician apprentice, I am 6 ft even and weighs 200 lb, other than that my body is quite average, I have always been some of a mothers boy, but I don’t see that as a problem at all.

I began to notice how sexy my mom really was about a year ago, and I have often dreamt about her when I was masturbating, and I have of course, tried to catch a few glimpse of her when she was naked, though without any luck, but that was about to change, and that is the story I am about to tell you now.

This story is about 1 month old, and it happened on one of the first real days of summer, the weather was actually so good that my mom suggested that we went to the beach, and I thought that it was a very good idea.

When we came down to the beach, there wasn’t really that many people there, But it was of course one of the first days this year, where the weather was good enough to go, we quickly found a quiet and undisturbed spot, where we could enjoy the sun, my mom was in her usual bathing suit, and I had a couple of swim trouser on, seeing my mom in her bathing suit, caused me to have a big boner, so I had to lay down on my stomach, as I didn’t want my mom to see me with an erection on.

After a while she asked if I didn’t want to go in to the water with her, but I told her that I thought it was too cold, but she eventually did persuade me to follow her, on the way down to the water I walked behind my mom, thereby giving me a view to the best ass in the whole world, pendik escort my cock began to grow hard again, but luckily there wasn’t many people on the beach that day, and my mom was in front of me so she couldn’t see the bulge in my swim trousers either.

The water WAS cold, but now that we were there we had to go in, my mom said, slowly but surely we walked out in the water, and when the water reached our waist, my mom dived under, I followed her example, and after a few minutes id didn’t feel so cold anymore, we began to play around with each other, at first we splashed water at each other, but suddenly my mom gave me a hard push so I went completely under, but I managed to take advantage of it, and dived over to my mom, lifted her out of the water and dropped her down again, so that she went completely under, when she surfaced again we just stood there laughing at each other.

My mom started moving towards me, but this time I was prepared, so when she jumped towards me I simply catched her instead, and she ended up with a leg on each side of my waist, but we still ended up falling over and going under the water again.

As we were messing around under the water I suddenly felt her pubic bone pressing against my cock, and it caused my cock to get hard again, I am sure my mom could feel it as well, as it took her a few extra seconds to let me go, and when we surfaced she had a strange look on her face.

We continued to play around, turning each other over in the water, and several times I could feel her grinding her groin against my hard cock, it was if it were for longer and longer periods of time that we held on to each other, and at some time when my mom again threw herself against me, I was so prepared that I just caught her, and sank in to my knees, so that she ended up sitting on me with a leg on each side, and our groins pressed firmly together.

None of us would take the initiative to get up again, but instead we looked each other deeply in the eyes and suddenly our lips met in a warm and wet kiss, maltepe escort then we started kissing each other more eagerly, an at the same time I could feel my mom starting to move her groin against my now very hard cock.

“What is it that I can feel? Is that your penis that has gotten hard? Is that my fault?”

“Yes, mom I’m afraid so, sorry mom I didn’t mean to”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about, I take it as a compliment, besides it is a long time since I have felt such a hard penis”

“I just couldn’t avoid getting a hard on, after our little water fight”

“I think that it is lovely to feel my son getting a hard on just by having a little water fight with his old mom”

“Mom you are not old, I think you are lovely and very beautiful”

“Thank you honey, try to hold on for a second”

My mom moved back a little, and I felt her hand grab hold of my cock, taking it out of my swim trousers, then she moved closer again, and suddenly I could feel my cock being led up into something wet and warm.

“Do you like this honey?”

“Yes mom, it feels so nice, am I really inside you, or are you performing some trick so it just feels like it?”

“Yes my darling you really are inside me, du you want me to stop?”

“Oh no, mom please don’t, this feels so good”

“Mmmm, I think so too my darling”

My mom began to move up and down on my cock, and we kissed each other very intimately, but after a couple of minutes she said.

“I know this is so nice, but I think the water is getting to cold now, what do you say, we get up and let the sun dry us, and then go home and continue this?”

“Yes mom; I think it is getting cold to, even if this is my best experience ever”

As we went out of the water, I still had a hard on, I just hoped that no one would notice it, when we got back to our secluded spot, we laid down on the carpet again, but this time I laid myself on my back, while my mom was lying on her side, as we were lying here we talked and laughed and kartal escort kissed, and then my mom crawled up on top of me, I pulled my swim trousers down to my thighs, so that my cock once again was out in the open, and my mom pulled her bathing suit to the side and slided down on my hard cock again.

“Oh mom, I just couldn’t wait till we got home, I just had to feel you again”

“I know what you mean honey, I couldn’t wait either, so just come on and fuck me”

“Yes mom, this is a dream come true”

“Ooooohhh yes my darling, I have dreamt of this too for a long time, just going to bed with you and make love to you”

I began to fuck my mom from beneath, and soon we had found a nice rhythm, I could feel that it wouldn’t take me long before I would be cumming.

“Uuuuuuhhh mom, you are making me cum soon”

“Oooooohhh that is quite all right darling, I want you to cum, I want you to put your sperm up inside my pussy”

“Yyeeessss mom, it’s happening, I’m going to cum inside you”

“Oooooohh this is so good, I can feel your cock grow inside me, come on honey cum inside me, put your lovely sperm up inside your mothers pussy”

“Yyyeeesssss mom here it comes, I’m cumming inside you now, I’m putting my sperm up into your wonderful pussy, ooooohh yes mom, aaaahh can you feel it, oooohhh yes I’m cumming deep inside you aahh yes mom, this is just so wonderful”

“Oooohhhh yes my darling, I’m cumming too, and I can feel you cumming, I can feel my son pumping his lovely fat sperm up inside of me, aaahh yesss pump your sperm up as deep into my pussy as you can, I love you honey, oh yes keep pumping that sperm deep inside me, oh I love you darling”

After our common orgasm had died out, my mom stayed on top of me, with my cock inside her lovely pussy, I wasn’t about to pull out of her again, she was without a doubt the loveliest and sexiest woman, that I ever had had sex with.

After about 5 minutes my cock slipped out of my mom again, we continued to kiss and hug, and after a little while we agreed to go home and continue our little game there.

All this happened as I said one month ago, and since then I have moved into my mom’s bedroom, and we basically have very hot sex almost every day, we just can’t get enough of each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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