Survival Ch. 2

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Survival Part II: Such Was Our Lot

Survival II: Such Was Our Lot in Life

We came to think of that season as the time that our father departed from us for a while, and the man Lot came, and dwelt among us: a hale, strong, man still in his prime, newly widowed, deprived of the pleasure of a woman that he’d been used to for many years, finding himself in a cave with a pair of two young women determined to lie with him. No competition. Nothing to lose. Nothing to stop him from doing anything he wanted, and what he wanted, he did. I will give him that he admitted to feeling uncomfortable with us addressing him as father, but we couldn’t help it if we’d slip up a lot—we’d had considerable more years with Pa than with this man.

It was as if, while God had gone forth, raving, raining down fire and brimstone on the world, He had left untended the garden from which our first father and mother had been driven, even the fiery sword taken away because He needed that too, and the three of us had sneaked back in, to gather up and taste a whole lot of fruits that we had only heard about. The only serpent that seemed to be in evidence was the supple tongue of our man…

That which Temara had shown me, that got him ready and eased his way within us—a man could do that for a woman, too, as we found out. The following night, he thought to take his time with her, as he had promised. He kissed her and stroked her body all over, and suckled at the tender tips of her breasts, but then he fitted his mouth to the secret mouth between her thighs, his tongue stroked and fluttered against the complication of slippery flesh there, and she seemed to go mad. He had wanted to get her excited, ready to receive his rod, but a few flicks of his tongue hurled her over the edge, and she was like one possessed. She clamped her thighs around his head, thrusting strongly against his mouth and making the cave ring with her strangely guttural shouts. At last he managed to get his head free of her thighs, and the first intelligible thing she was able to say was, “Stick that thing of yours up inside me now! Fill me up with it! Please!”

He was glad to do that. He spread her legs wide and pushed his hard, clublike member deep into her wet, swollen, twitching opening. She shouted again. He settled on top of her and took his vigorous, thrusting pleasure in her, the muscles in his back and buttocks flexing. She scored his back with her nails, and wrapped her legs around his. He finished in her with a fierce cry.

I had watched Temara’s uncontrolled movements and listened to the noises she had made, and thought, I am not going to carry on like that, but when he had recovered and turned his attention to me, and I felt his tongue, hot, wet, flexible and strong, flicker and plunge between my lips, and swirl and flutter around my pearl, I was just as bad as she had been. I, too, howled like an animal in heat and rubbed my other mouth against his; my whole flesh contracted furiously and longed to squeeze something—I remembered the way Temara and I had planned to serve him before he’d awakened and taken the whole game away from us. I let him go and he sat up. I rose up and mounted him, impaling myself on his shaft. He smiled at me and lay
back, allowing me to ride him. I worked myself up and down his big, hard, pole, scratching away at something inside me that felt like an itch, only much lovelier. I had leaned forward, my hair hanging down in a swaying curtain as I moved, but he said, “Sit up, sweet—I want to see your breasts move. Spread your thighs wide so I can see us joined!” I did as he bade me.

It felt so good, working myself on that hard prick of my man’s—I felt as if I could go on doing it for hours, except I could feel that thing was about to happen to me yet again, and I wanted it—wanted it!—wanted it! “Touch me,” I said to him. “Put your finger on it. Make me shiver again.”

“Why don’t you do it for yourself, little girl?”

“Oh, I couldn’t!”

“Why not? It’s yours; you can find it as easily as I can!” He reached for my right hand, placed it between my legs. I felt where my lower lips were stretched, moving, around his thick pole. Above it, I discovered that what he had described as a pearl was more like a nub of flesh that got hard the same way in which his shaft did, and felt like a little ridge when I put my fingers on it. “That’s my girl. Doesn’t that feel good? Don’t you like the way it feels when you touch it? Put your fingers on either side of it—slide them up and down. Don’t stop moving—“

“I can’t stop!” I cried, bearing down on him. I needed to keep sliding up and down on that hard rod inside of me, and I needed to keep on stroking that pearl of flesh above my opening, and I needed to keep my balance, and I didn’t know how I was going to do all three. He grabbed my free hand and held me upright, and I rode him until that feeling slammed into me, my sight dimmed, and I rocked and ground, letting out a shout with every shock of pleasure that went through my ataşehir escort body. I heard him cry out, and felt his hot seed filling me, and close by us, the rising and waning cries of Temara’s pleasure. She had been watching, and she lay quivering and gasping still, her legs spread wide and her fingers busy between them.

We were determined to try to keep some order in our lives, so we decided that we would live our normal lives during the day. It was hard, living in the close quarters of the cave, trying to go about our daily business with our father’s hot eyes on us, knowing that he was living, even as we were, for nightfall. Nightfall when the chores of the day would be done, the lamps lit, and Temara and I would be naked and ready for his pleasure—his pleasure and ours.

There seemed to be no limit to the angles and positions from which he could stick that rod of his into us, and he tried them all, eliminating only the ones that didn’t work—either because they gave little pleasure, or were just not comfortable. He said that some of them he had seen in the brothels he used to go to when he wasn’t married, and some of them, he said, he had thought up himself. There were a few things he said he would not do at this time—he would not release his seed into our mouths, because as long as he was trying to start a baby in us he didn’t want to waste any of it, and he would not go up our arses; for the same reason; further, he said, that was one of the habits of those men of Sodom, the ones who preferred each other to women, and, he felt, unclean besides. He did not feel it necessary. We were not that curious about it. Maybe later, we thought—when we’d accomplished our mission.

Which was why we were troubled and mystified by what he asked Temara and me to do next. He wanted us to love each other—kiss, play with each other’s breasts and private parts, while he looked. That had been one of the things he had seen in the brothel, and it was a thing many men enjoyed. It made them hotter for the women, even, than they were.

“In the days before the world was destroyed,” I pointed out, “there were prophets saying that acts like these would bring the wrath of God on us. Do you not fear He will come back and finish us?”

“It’s just the sort of thing a prophet would say,” Pa said. “I think that living out in the desert and not having any women turns their brains. Besides, it’s so much easier to judge what people do in the bedchamber than it is to tell them to change any of their other ways. The foolery that women get up to with each other, even the men who’d rather run after boys with eye makeup, than marry and beget children, was not the worst of what was going wrong in Sodom! What was going wrong in that city—not to mention Gomorrah, and Zoar, was lack of charity, lack of respect for other people. No honesty left in business or government—you couldn’t sell as much as a bag of rags without knowing someone on the town council. Nobody was willing to do a thing for anybody that didn’t come with a price; nobody had any mercy on anybody. And plain bad hospitality! I’ve seen more civility among hyenas. Take those lads who visited us. Even if I thought they were inclined towards other men, I still would have pressed them to come inside the way I did, because the men who were going after them weren’t going to give them a chance to say yea or nay! As for God’s wrath—I’ve lost my wife, my sons, my grandchildren, my friends, and much of my property. If there’s anything further He wants to do to me, He knows where this cave is.”

“What about us?” I said. “We’re here, too.”

“I’ll answer for that,” he said. “Come on, girls—humor me. If you really don’t like it, you can quit.”

As it was, it was a little frightening, how pleasurable Temara and I found each other. Maybe it was because we had had so little experience, having only known one man, for a few days. Maybe it had done something to our minds, seeing the world change as quickly as it did. Kissing each other was as good as kissing a man—the man, it was not as if there were going to be any others! In some ways, it was better—it seemed so strange not to feel a beard. We loved the way our nipples hardened under each others’ fingers, and in each others’ mouths. I traced my fingers over her sensitive skin, and she moaned and writhed and urged her breasts into my hands and her swollen, juicy love-opening to meet my fingers. When she could not stand being teased any longer, she grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. She was hot and slippery everywhere. I put a finger, two fingers, inside her, a thumb on her pearl. “Put all your fingers in there! Put your hand in there and move it the way he does!” she said. I slid them in and out, and she stiffened, cried out, and tightened, again, again, and again, around my hand. Pa had been sitting close by watching, his eyes shining and lips parted with lust. He spooned himself up behind me and entered me from the back, and when he did, Temara suckled my breasts and stroked kadıköy escort me with her fingers. Pleasure shot through me like lightning, and through my own cries I could hear his, as he spilled into me. He had never been so quick before.

Another night, and he asked us to lie top to tail, so we could use our mouths on each other, saying the same thing he had said before—“If you really don’t like it, you can quit.” Again, we liked it better than we’d expected. We had been no strangers to the taste—I’d tasted Temara, and she’d tasted me, on Pa’s prick, we’d tasted ourselves on his lips. It was nothing we had to learn. We knew what we liked, and we did what we thought would please the other. Oh, the taste and feel of her, so slippery and soft, while at the same time she was tasting me—it was like nothing I could have imagined. I could hardly tell where I ended and she began; we were like lightning in the clouds, our thunder the reverberating pleasure we felt, the cries we made, muffled against each other’s flesh. Later on, when he’d seen how very much we enjoyed it, he liked to mount whichever of us was on top, and plunge into her while the one underneath her licked the underside of his rod as well. I very much preferred being on top and without doubt, so did she. It was not so much that it was hard to keep licking something that never was still, but there was also the heavy, hairy, musky-smelling sack of stones that swung down in one’s face. It got confusing down there. It was sometimes hard to breathe But when I felt him thrusting into me from behind while Temara licked me from underneath, I needed all the breath I could get because in very little time, all I could do was scream.

At some point, we were going to have to convince Pa to go hunting again. He was loath to go out and leave us in the cave. He was not worried about any predators molesting us in our cave, none had come before. I think what he feared was us violating the no-daylight stricture we had imposed on ourselves, while he was gone.

One night we woke up and found that we had drifted together, cuddled in each other’s arms. A long time ago, we had slept that way in all innocence, when the nights were cold. Things were different now. I felt Temara rise up and her mouth cover mine, tongue flickering, nudging my lips apart. Her cool, slender fingers drew my nipples up into points. She got up on top of me and fitted her body to mine. Moist lips met moist lips, above and below, as we kissed and rubbed and thrust against each other.

We heard a soft laugh in the darkness, not from either of us. “You sneaky little bitches,” Pa said. “Trying to have fun without me?” “Guess it’s too late now,” Temara said, starting to move away from me.

“No, don’t go away,” he said, and he separated us just enough so that he could switch from one of us to the other, a few strokes in her, then a few strokes in me. He happened to be in Temara when he finished up, and then she slipped her hand between my thighs and finished me.

“You want to watch out,” he said at breakfast later that morning, “about having too much fun without me. You think having a husband is that much different from a father? You still have to do as I tell you. I won’t put up with it. I’m going to tell you something that may surprise you. I promised your mother I wouldn’t ever tell you while she was alive, but I think I can tell you now. You never knew this, but your mother was not my only wife.”

“Lots of men have more than one wife,” Temara pointed out. “So what happened? What became of her?”

“You knew her as the wife of one of my distant cousins, but at one time, she was mine, and she lived with me and your mother,” Pa said.

“Idreh?” I said. “Idreh? You’re telling me a story, Pa!” I said

“It’s a true story,” he said.

“So what happened, why is—was—she not in our household any longer? Did she and Ma not get along?”

Pa gave a great bark of laughter. “Not get along? They got along, all right. They got along too well. I made the mistake of telling them about the same tricks I told you about, and they took off running with them. Oh, we had our good times. Once they’d worn me out, they’d go at it with each other. They could lose half a day, twined together like mating serpents, or curled up with their heads between each other’s thighs; I didn’t mind the occasional day when I would come in from my day’s labors, and have to exist on bread and cheese and olives, because they’d been too busy eating each other to even start a cooking fire, let alone think about what I’d be eating, especially when they pulled me down to our bed and I could start on them. But I looked ahead, and I got worried: I imagined our children, wailing with hunger, their breechclouts unchanged, putting their fingers in the fire or walking into the street to be run over by a cart, while those two sluts were rolling about in our bedchamber tied in the lovers’ knot. Of course I didn’t realize that lust cools, and love settles down to an even heat; bostancı escort bayan I was young, too. What can I say? Idreh was the junior wife, so I decided it was she who had to go. I saw her settled down in a good marriage, it was the least I could do. As far as I know, she’s—she was—happy…

“Needless to say, your mother was not happy about that, and that was why we struck our bargain. You probably don’t appreciate this, but I never went to harlots, not even when your mother was too big with child to serve me in bed, and that was something most men can’t say! It was simple—if she could not have other women, then neither would I.”

“It sounds like a fair bargain to me,” I said. “But in our case, there’s nowhere else for any of us to go.”

True, there was no other place for us to go. But he had not been above playing us against each other when we were little girls; he was an attractive and charming man, and he couldn’t help it; it’s in the blood of a man like that. And I could well imagine ways that he could do it now, now that he had all of us.

“Come here and sit down on my lap, honey,” he said, taking my hand.

“Now, Pa, you said no love play during daylight hours,” I said.

“So you did,” he said, letting me stand up. “All right, tonight then.” He whispered something to me, which I could not quite catch.

“What did you tell her?” asked Temara. I shrugged.

“It’s a secret,” Pa said.

“Ha!” Temara snorted. “In this place!” She looked at him critically. “I pray you, don’t play us against each other like you did when we were little girls. The situation is completely different. You’ve got it as good as a man ever gets it, and we’re all friends here. Why do anything to ruin it? And speaking of living on bread and cheese, that’s about what we’re down to now. And not because Dina and I have been getting up to mischief. When have you given us time? We would dearly love it if you’d at least bring us a few rock doves, or a deer, or even go and slaughter one of the goats. We could do with some meat in our diet…and before you say anything, I’m not talking about the salt meat you’ve been having us taste for the last several nights.”

“Oh, all right,” he said. “I’ll go out and hunt something. Remember what I told you, though, girls—you keep your hands off each other while I’m gone.”

Temara stuck her tongue out at him as he turned away and gathered up his bow and arrows and his knife.

At last we were alone in the cave. We’d almost forgotten what that was like. But then, we were not of a people who set much value on being alone; when you have grown up in, or near, a desert, hearing tales about the desert, where there is not a landmark to be seen and the wind swirls sand into your footprints while you are leaving them, you learn from an early age that a person who is alone is a person who is about to find himself in trouble. Once she was sure that Pa was truly gone from the cave, she grinned mischievously and was beside me on my sleeping pallet in a flash. Pushing me onto my back, she pulled down the neck of my robe. My full, round breasts popped out and she took them in her hands, flicking the nipples with her tongue and pulling at them with her lips until they stood out, red and shiny. Throbbing, barbarous heat raged between my legs. With great difficulty, I sat up and pushed her off.

“We promised him, Temara. We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s daylight,” I said.

“We shouldn’t be doing any of the things we’re doing,” Temara said. “All right, if you insist. Besides, don’t you think we know how to have fun without laying a finger on each other?”

“True enough,” I said. “Tem, this whole adventure—do you think it is going to work?”

“It had better work. If this union with our father bears fruit, then it has worked. As he said, why would we be left alone in the world, if not to re-populate it? If not, we were not meant to repopulate the world, and all in the world we’ve done is sin…”

For the first time in days, I was thinking about something besides the extraordinary activities that had been going on in our cave. How big was the world, anyway?

“I hope our children will be…all right. Healthy and intelligent.”

“I hope some of them will be boys. When they grow of an age to know women, won’t they be great fun to instruct? Pa could stand the competition—besides, if there are any more girls around here, he’s going to be hard-pressed to serve them all.”

“I’m sure he’ll give it his best try,” I said.

“For that matter, he’ll give it his best try later on this evening,” Temara said. “God, I feel hot!”

“Take off your dress then,” I said. “Nobody here but me.”

“I didn’t mean that kind of hot,” Temara said, giggling. She wriggled out of her dress and cast it aside, lying naked on her bed. “Why’d you stop me just now, Dina? I just love seeing you get excited. You might think I wasn’t in a condition to notice anything at the time, but I saw that look on your face while Pa was using his tongue on me. I could tell you were thinking, Ha! I’m not going to lose my dignity like she did—and then when he started on you! Afterwards you couldn’t even wait for him to mount you—you were all over him! You’re just as much a rutting bitch as I am.”

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