Lydia, Oh Lydia Pt. 01 (corrected)

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Part I

(the corrected version)

I need to preface this story with an apology. I submitted this story the other day and discovered, to my horror, that I had submitted the wrong version. Microsoft word on a Mac works in weird ways and sometimes documents end up in the wrong place. The previous story I submitted was a first draft and hadn’t been edited. This one has been edited and, hopefully, all of the errors in the previous one have been corrected. Thank you for your patience…


Lydia and I have been dating for a couple of years and just moved in together about 3 months ago. We have a very good relationship, though sex between us is pretty basic. You see, Lydia grew up in a religious household with her father a minister of one of the more conservative protestant churches. Her formative years were full of church youth groups, Sunday school, Sunday services and admonitions to remain chaste until marriage.

I, on the other hand, was raised in a very non-religious household, but was taught to respect others views and so on. When I first met Lydia, I was struck by her beauty and her kind personality. After a few dates I found out about her religious upbringing, but liked her enough to be patient. Trying to have sex with her was slow going, with many dates ending with just kissing for a while. But, years ago a friend told me that all things come to he who waits and I liked Lydia enough to wait as long as necessary.

After several months, I was able to stroke her breasts during one make out session, even getting her shirt and bra off. She had spectacular breasts which turned out to be quite sensitive as I pawed and then later sucked on her nipples. After that first time with her breasts the dam burst and we moved along exponentially with fingering her pussy and, finally, to having coitus. I was so pleased to be able to have sex with Lydia, that I didn’t push anything else.

When we moved in together, I thought our sex would become a little more daring and experimental, but that didn’t really happen at first. After several weeks, I managed to talk her into trying oral sex. She seemed to like it when I went down on her, but she wasn’t too keen on sucking me off and definitely didn’t want to swallow. But, I took her trying oral as a small victory which meant we did something other than missionary sex.

Another thing that I managed to get Lydia to do was to dress a little sexier. Her wardrobe was very conservative and stodgy and I wanted to show her off a little more. She has a fabulous body, but you couldn’t tell through the layers of formless clothes she wore. I began by buying her some nice sundresses (she always wears dresses) that displayed her curves a little and exposed some cleavage a bit. I, also, bought her some sexy underwear to go with the sundresses, which she would wear on occasion to please me.

One weekend we were invited to a pool party at the house of a co-worker of mine. This seemed like a good opportunity to get Lydia out of her shell a little bit, so I made a point of telling her we were going to go and that she should get a nice swimsuit. I was pushing for a fairly skimpy bikini, but she fought me tooth and nail on that one. But, with perseverance I won the battle and got her to wear a pretty sexy bikini that showed off her breasts, flat tummy and luscious ass.


Mark and I have been living together for several months which put a damper on my relationship with my family. They thought that I should only live with a man when I was married and not before. I saw my parents point, but I wanted to establish a good relationship with Mark and it seemed the best way to do it was by living together. He had definite ideas about how our relationship should move ahead and most of those ideas revolved around me throwing off the yoke of my religious upbringing and moving into the 21st century by dressing sexy and being more experimental and willing in the sex department.

I was able to keep our experimenting down to a slow pace that I was more comfortable with, but truth be told, I was enjoying the new things we were trying. Mark started dressing me in sexy, more revealing clothes and, after I got used to it, I was beginning to like the looks I was getting from other men. I kept these feelings to myself because I didn’t want Mark to get too carried away with things.

When we were invited to a pool party, Mark insisted that I get a very revealing bikini to wear. I put up a fight for a few days, but, in the end, I relented. I put it on one day when he wasn’t home and checked myself out. I looked really good in it, but really needed to trim my pubic area because a lot of hairs were showing. I used some scissors to trim things down and then covered the patch of hair that was left with shaving cream and shaved everything off until I was as bald as I was as a little girl. Mark had been pestering me to shave my pubes for quite a while because he didn’t like it when he got a hair in his mouth when he went down on me. Boy, was he going to be surprised! demetevler escoırt As I thought about it, my family and the people I grew up with would be shocked to know I shaved my pubic hair!

So, the day of the party finally arrived and I made my first public appearance in a skimpy bikini. Mark was very pleased with himself as he showed me off to all of his friends and others we both met for the first time. There were about 50 people at the party, mostly couples. Some of the women were wearing much skimpier bikinis than I had on and I had to admit that those women looked really good. I thought to myself that I could wear something like that and look really good, but decided that I would stay the course and take baby steps for the time being.

When I was introduced to our hosts, Brad and Barb Cullen, I was taken by how good looking they both looked. Barb was about my height with a stunning body that she showed off in the smallest bikini at the party. Brad was about 6’2″ tall and had a fantastic physique. He was wearing a very skimpy Speedo style swim suit that showed off his rather large looking penis. Even with a suit on I could tell he was circumcised! I was glad that I had my dark glasses on so that my eyes wouldn’t betray where I was looking. I looked over at Mark and could tell he was checking out Barb pretty intensely.

We had a lot of fun at the party and met a lot of very interesting people. It seemed that everyone knew each other because there was a lot of sexual innuendo being bantered about. After a couple of hours, Barb came up to me and drug me away from Mark. “So, it’s nice to finally meet you, Lydia.” Barb said. “I’ve known Mark for quite a while since he and Brad work together. Mark talks about you quite a bit, so it’s nice to be able to put a face to the name. So, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself.”

I gave Barb a quick autobiography about myself and then she told me about herself. She was very easy to talk to and we seemed to hit it off. We talked about all sorts of things and she introduced me to some of the other women at the party. We decided to make a lunch date for Wednesday so that we could get to know each other a little better without all of the other people interrupting our conversation.

As the party went on and people were drinking more, some of the women lost the tops of their bikinis. I was shocked at first, but got used to seeing the women running around topless after a while. My ultimate shock came when Mark suggested that I should lose my top! I had never exposed my breasts to anyone but him and wasn’t sure why he was suggesting I take my top off.

“Mark, you know I’m not comfortable with exposing myself. Why would you suggest such a thing?”

Mark smiled and said, “Because you have the best breasts here and I’m proud that you are my girlfriend. Besides, you would make me the envy of all of my friends, so come on, what will it hurt”

I was stunned that Mark was urging me to bare myself, so I asked, “You really want me to do this?”

“I really do. I think it would be hot!”

As I pondered his request, I was wondering what it would be like. As I mentioned before, I was enjoying the looks I got from other men when I started dressing sexier and the idea of a bunch of strangers staring at my tits was starting to turn me on, so I said to Mark, “Well, if you’re sure…” I reached back undid the bow knot on the strings around my back and pulled my top off over my head. My nipples were very hard with my excitement as they were exposed to the world for the first time.


I was really surprised when Lydia took off her bikini top. For a few seconds she looked kind of shy, but then she threw her shoulders back and showed off her glorious tits to everyone at the party. Most of the men stared at her without embarrassment and Lydia seemed to enjoy the effect she was having on them. After a while, Barb drug her away again and when they were out of earshot, Brad came over to me and said, “Holy shit, Mark! Lydia has the best-looking tits I have ever seen. I thought you said she was shy and reserved?”

“She usually is, but I have been working on her to become a little more outgoing and to dress sexier. Frankly, I’m pretty surprised that she bared herself today.”

Brad kept staring at my wife and said, “You know, there’s a group of us that get together every other week and party, if you know what I mean. You and Lydia would be welcome to join us if you think you would be interested. It can get pretty intense with a lot of sex. I can tell you that I have had sex with nearly every woman here and I can tell you it has brought Barb and I closer than ever. Why don’t you think about it and talk it over with Lydia? The next one is here at our place next Saturday evening. I think you will like it.”

My mind was spinning with the possibilities. I had always dreamed about fucking Barb and a few of the other women here and I thought that maybe exposure to some others might show rus escort Lydia that there was more to sex than just the missionary position. “Yeah, Brad, I will definitely talk to Lydia about the parties and try and talk her into coming.”

“It might help if you tell her that she doesn’t have to do anything that she doesn’t want to. She’s welcome to observe only if that would help. One thing though, we all have had blood tests done to make sure that nobody has an STD, so you will have to have a doctor’s note to join in the fun.”

“Yeah, I get that. I think that will take one of Lydia’s concerns away. I’ll get back to you on how it goes.”


I loved the idea that every man was looking at me as I bared my breasts. Mark seemed to be very surprised when I pulled my top off and then very pleased at the same time. A few seconds later, Barb grabbed me and we went off by ourselves to talk. She stared at my boobs with unconcealed adoration for several seconds and said, “My god, Lydia! You have the nicest tits I have ever seen! I can’t wait to see you naked!”

I laughed and said, “Don’t hold your breath on me being naked. I’ve surprised myself by taking my top off!”

“Well, I’ll hold my breath if necessary, but I look forward to the day you bare all! So, the reason I wanted to talk to you is that Brad and I get together every other week with a group of people and party. We have lots of fun drinking, dancing and getting intimate. I think you and Mark would fit in nicely.”

I looked at Barb in shock and asked, “What do you mean exactly by ‘get intimate’?”

Barb laughed and said, “I mean exactly what you are thinking. We have sex. It’s a lot of fun and has brought Brad and I closer. Just think about it, okay? I’m pretty sure Brad is talking about it with Mark right now. We would really like to get to know you and Mark better.”

I laughed and said, “I have to tell you that I’m disinclined to accepting, but I will think about it and talk it over with Mark.”

Barb smiled and said, “That’s all I ask is that you think about it. So, we’re still on for Wednesday, right?”

I said that we were and then Barb pulled me into a hug. I had never felt another woman’s breasts before, but here were Barb’s pressed into my own. She kissed me on my cheek and held me for several seconds and then let me go. I was flustered by the contact, but decided that Barb’s intent wasn’t malicious.

Mark and I stayed for several hours and as people got drunker more people began losing clothes. Several men were running around naked and I was surprised to find out that all penises were not the same as Mark had once told me. A couple of the guys had quite large cocks in both length and girth. I began wondering what one of those would feel like. A little while later, I saw both Brad and Barb were naked. Barb had a really nice body and Brad had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was getting a bit late and I was feeling, kind of, horny, so I told Mark that I wanted to leave. He was good about it as he helped me get my bikini top back on.

We said our goodbyes and then took our leave. Our drive home was quiet as we both had things to think about. As I got ready for bed, Mark saw that I had shaved my pubic area which brought a big smile to his face. I had so many things going through my head as I let Mark take me to bed. I was very horny with having exposed my breasts and seeing all of those penises running around. Mark dove in between my legs and began eating my pussy like it was his last meal.

Before now, Mark had never given me an orgasm, but his oral attention on this night was pushing the envelope and before long I had a nice climax. Finally, I wanted more, so I said, “Mark, I need you in me, now!” He didn’t hesitate and buried his erection in me in one fast hard push.

“Oh fuck, babe! You are so hot and wet! I’ve never seen you like this! I think baring yourself in public turned you on.”

I was pretty sure he was right, because I had never been this horny before. Mark was stroking into me harder than usual and I have to admit it felt really good and I could feel another orgasm begin to build. However, before I climaxed, Mark blew his load into me and then collapsed on top of me. I was a little upset since I was so close, but I did have one orgasm, so I felt I should be satisfied.

After Mark rolled off of me, we both lay in bed staring at the ceiling until Mark said, “You know, I was talking to Brad and he invited us to another party next Saturday. I think I’d really like to go if you would like to.”

I lay there thinking about what Barb had said about what to expect and replied, “I don’t know Mark. Barb invited us as well and it sounded as though those parties turn into a big orgy. Baring my breasts is one thing, but having sex with other people is another. I don’t think I would be comfortable with it.”

“Lydia, I know it sounds daunting, but Brad said that Barb and he have grown closer since they began attending these parties. I think that might work batıkent escort for you and me as well.”

“So, what happens if you have sex with some other woman and decide to be with her instead of me? I love you Mark, but I’m afraid of the risk.”

Mark was quiet for a while and then replied, “I don’t think I would ever want to be with anyone but you, but I would, also, like to try this at least once. It sounds really exciting to me.”

“Oh, Mark, I just don’t know. I’m really afraid you’ll leave me.”

“Oh baby, I’d never leave you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Please, just think about it. If you have any doubts you can always talk to Barb so you can understand what all will happen. Brad said, that we can do as much or as little as we want.”

I took a deep breath, let out a sigh and said, “I’ll think about it, but don’t get your hopes up.”

The next morning was Sunday and I usually went to church (years of going was ingrained in my consciousness), but I decided I didn’t want to go this Sunday. Mark didn’t say anything about the party for a while, but then asked me what I thought while we ate lunch. I told him I was still thinking, but didn’t tell him I was leaning towards no. He then told me that we should get our blood checked the next day, just in case I decided in favor. I went along just to keep his hopes up.

I had my blood drawn on Monday and then met Barb for lunch on Wednesday. She was dressed very sexily as she walked up to me. She pulled me into a hug and kissed me quickly on the lips and then asked how I was. We were shown to our table and after we ordered, Barb asked, “So, have you decided to join us on Saturday?”

I took a deep breath and said, “Not absolutely, but I’m leaning towards not going. It just seems like a really big step for me and I’m afraid that Mark might find someone he would rather be with than me.”

Barb smiled and said, “I don’t think that you need to fear Mark leaving you. He’s into you a lot. You should hear him talk about you when you aren’t around.”

I laughed and said, “Well, if he’s so into me then why hasn’t he asked me to marry him?”

Barb laughed and said, “I have no idea. Some guys are a little slow in that regard, but I’m sure he’ll get to it soon enough.”

Our food arrived and after a few bites Barb asked, “So, can I ask you a personal question?”

“I guess.”

“So, how satisfied are you with you sex life?”

I was a little stunned by the question, but got ahold of myself and said, “Pretty satisfied, why?”

“Does Mark get you off every time you have sex? Does he make the earth move for you?”


“Yeah, honestly.”

“No to both questions. He managed to get me off when he ate me when we got home from your party, but then he came just before I climaxed when we made love. It was pretty disappointing because I was pretty horny after baring my breasts, if you have to know.”

Barb smiled and said, “I thought as much. Look, if you come to our party I’ll guarantee you’ll have the best sex of your life. Brad wants you really bad and I have to tell you he’s the best lover I have ever had and I have had a lot of lovers. Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

Oh my god, is she really asking me this? I calmed myself and replied, “No, I have never had a sex with a woman.”

“You should try it because I think you’ll like it a lot. When I hugged you at the party, your nipples got really hard really fast. Just something to think about. Anyway, please come to the party, you’ll be glad you did.”

I couldn’t believe it, but at that moment I decided that we would go to the party. Mark would be very happy when I broke the news to him. “Okay, we’ll come to the party. Should I dress in any particular way?”

Barb broke into a huge smile and said, “Oh, Lydia, you’ve made my day! Yes, you should dress in a special way. We’ll go shopping right after we finish lunch! Oh, I can’t wait to tell Brad that you’re coming!”


When I got home on Wednesday night, Lydia told me that she had made up her mind and decided we would go to the party at Brad and Barbara’s place. She, also, told me that I should respect her wishes if she decided that she wanted to leave early for any reason. I told her I would honor her requests whatever she decided. On the afternoon of the party, Lydia took her leave of me and went to our bedroom to shower and get ready. I was expecting her to back out and was quite surprised when she came into the living room.

She had on a yellow dress that was very form fitting and when she got up close I could see that it was made up of some cloth with three-inch slits in it from top to bottom and front to back! I could see her nipples protrude through a couple of the slits and couldn’t believe my conservative wife was going to wear this dress in public!

“So, do you like my new dress? Barb helped me pick it out. What do you think?”

As she asked me what I thought, she spun slowly around so I could see the whole thing. Not only did she not have a bra on, but she didn’t have any panties either because I could make out the crack of her ass and saw nothing but skin around her waist. “Wow! I really like it! You look really hot and if we weren’t a little late I would take you right now!”

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