South Carolina for the Summer Ch. 09

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Pam lay on her back and held the magazine up at arm’s length. “Wow he’s so cute,” she gushed. She and Amy were alone in Pam’s room. Pam laid on her back on the bed, next to Amy, looking up at the teen heart throb magazine.

“Let me see,” Amy squealed, rolling on her back to look up at the magazine. “Oh god, he’s adorable.”

“Look at his ass. He’s got such a small ass.”

“His eyes are gorgeous.”

Pam squeezed her legs tight and rubbed her thighs together.

“He gets me wet,” she said. “Look, his nipples are hard.” Pam spread her legs and her hand drifted down to the soft mound at her crotch. “Wouldn’t it be great if he was here right now and made love to both of us?”

“Yeah,” Amy whispered dreamily, and laid her hand on Pam’s thigh. “I bet he’s got a long dick.”

Pam tossed the magazine aside. “Have you still got that rubber cock?”

“Yeah. Do you want it?”

“Yeah. I’m in the mood.”

“Right now?”

Pam rubbed her pussy. “Yeah, I want to do it.”

Amy climbed off the bed and hunted through her purse for Pam’s rubber cock. Pam took off all her clothes and piled them neatly on the chair beside the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, her feet on the floor, with a smile on her face as Amy approached with the dildo.

“Lay back,” Amy said, fondling the head of the dildo.

Pam giggled and laid back on the bed, her head craned up to watch Amy.

“Don’t hurt me,” Pam said, teasing her nipples.

“You won’t feel a thing.”

Amy crouched between Pam’s spread legs and placed her hand on her thigh. Pam’s cunt was moist and glistened in the sunlight from the window. Amy spread her lips and touched her with the tip of the dildo. Pam tensed her thighs as Amy pushed the dildo in her cunt.

“Oh yes,” Pam moaned. She clutched the blanket tightly in her hands and the length of the dildo slid into her. She felt the head push her open and the shaft slid past her lips.

“You like it like that?” Amy asked, pumping it in and out.

“Oh yeah,” Pam moaned, biting her lip.

“You’ve got such a beautiful pussy, Pam. Do you like it when it gets licked?”

“Yes. Are you going to lick it?”


Amy leaned forward and licked Pam’s pussy, and Pam moaned with delight. She bucked her hips up to Amy’s tongue and put her hand around the back of her head to hold her down. Amy licked her around the dildo, and the bed rocked side to side with them.

Amy stood up and pulled off her clothes. Pam watched, smiling, while the dildo was still lodged deep in her cunt.

“Are you going to join me?” Pam asked, holding the other end of the dildo up like it was her own dick.


Pam admired Amy’s beautiful body. She was wonderfully built. They both hoped to have great bodies when they got older.

Amy climbed on the bed between Pam’s legs, slipping one leg over one of Pam’s legs, and the other leg under Pam’s other leg, so that the end of the thick, pink dildo pointed directly at her pussy.

Pam rubbed her thigh and held the dildo up as Amy scooted closer on the bed. Amy split her pussy lips just over the head of the rubber cock, nervously trembling with excitement as it got closer. It touched her cunt, Amy scooted closer, and it pushed its way into her.

Amy groaned and it was quickly stabbing up into her womb. She and Pam moved closer together until their pussies pressed tight against each other with the dildo up their cunts.

As Amy moved, Pam could feel the dildo twisting in her cunt, pumping itself in and out like a real cock, except that Amy’s warm, wet pussy lips rubbed against her’s. Their pussies contrasted each other in color. Pam’s was pale yellow and Amy’s was dark black. Pam pushed herself closer to Amy, grinding her mound against Amy’s mound.

“Oh god,” Amy moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

“I’m cumming, too,” Pam gasped.

They writhed on the bed and orgasmed. Amy writhed uncontrollably, and Pam watched her with fascination. She especially liked how her hair fell over her eyes when she tossed her head and how her boobs jiggled as her body shook.

They laid panting to catch their breaths. Pam reached down where their crotches met and fingered Amy’s pussy. Amy wiggled her hips and smiled at Pam.

“Did you ever get fucked in the ass?” Pam asked.

Amy shook her head. “Oh God I could never take it in the ass.” She looked at Pam. “Did you ever get fucked in the ass?”


“Did you like it?”

Pam pulled the dildo out of her cunt and climbed off the bed, leaving Amy with the other half of the dildo still in her cunt.

“Not the first time,” Pam said, picking up her black panties.

“Didn’t it kill you? Didn’t it hurt like hell?”

“Yeah, but the second time felt great.” Pam strapped the black bra over her young breasts and shifted the cups to fit comfortably.

Amy pulled the dildo out of her cunt and touched the head to her lower lip. “You’re just saying that because you want to see me get fucked in the ass,” she said, and licked some of the izmir escort bayan juices of the rubber cock.

“No, I’m not lying, but I’d love to see you get your ass fucked.”

“No way. No way I’m gonna let you do it to me that way.”

“Well then, come on with me. I want to get Todd to fuck my ass.”

* * *

“Hi, Todd. Are you busy?”

“Of course. What’s up?”

Todd sat with his feet up on the rail of the porch, leaning back in the rocker with a glass of lemonade.

“We were wondering if you could help us,” Pam said, leaning back against the railing.

“She was wondering, not me,” Amy said.

“Okay, what’d you want?”

Pam ran her hand up his leg and leaned close to him.

“I’m in the mood,” she whispered. Her hand neared his crotch and a lump quickly grew in the front of his pants.

“Right now?”


Todd looked up at Amy, who stood just over his shoulder.

“And you’re not?”

“Not for what she wants.”

Todd looked at Pam with skepticism. “What do you want?”

She whispered it in his ear and Todd smiled broadly.

“You do?”

“Yeah,” Pam nodded, with a cunning grin.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

* * *

They went to Todd’s room and Todd shut the door. Pam stood by the bed and stripped out of her clothes.

Todd turned to Amy. “Are you gonna watch?” he asked.

“Yeah. I don’t want to do it that way.”

“You never tried it like this?”


“Okay. That’s cool.” Todd kicked off his shoes and unzipped his pants.

Pam’s skin was a luscious golden brown, and the contrast between her dark skin and light hair was striking. She wore black, lacy panties and a matching black bra that made her look much older than she was. As she removed the lingerie, she exposed the areas of her body that the bikini covered when she was lying in the sun.

Todd watched her bend over to push her panties down, and the pale skin of her ass made his mouth water.

She climbed on his bed on her hands and knees and looked back at him over her shoulder. Todd smiled back at her and quickly yanked off his shirt and the rest of his clothes. Pam liked the sight of his cock standing out, pointed right at her.

Amy sat in chair beside the bed, rubbing her thighs together anxiously as she watched Todd approaching Pam from behind. She could hear Pam panting heavily, and her nipples tingled just watching it about to happen.

Todd put his hand between her legs and rubbed her crotch. Pam squirmed, and the corners of her mouth turned up in a delighted smile. He held his cock in his hand like a pipe and rubbed the shaft along the wet groove of her crotch. Pam pushed her hips back to grind her mound on his cock.

Todd split the lips of her cunt and pushed the head of his cock in. Pam moaned and remained very still as he slipped the rest of his cock inside her.

He turned to Amy. “There’s a tube of grease in the drawer of the table right beside you,” he said. “Could you bring it to me?”

Amy opened the top drawer and took out the clear plastic tube of lubricating jelly and handed it to Todd. Todd, his cock still in Pam’s cunt, squeezed a big dab of the grease on his fingers and spread it all over Pam’s asshole.

“Oh yeah,” Pam groaned, squirming on the bed. She squeezed all her muscles, and tightened her cunt on his cock. Todd smeared another big dab on her asshole, pushing a pair of fingers inside her.

“Oh god. Come on fuck me,” Pam whispered. Todd wrapped his hand around her hips and ground his cock into her cunt. Pam tossed her head and grunted with each thrust.

Todd handed the tube to Amy. “Could you help me?” he asked.

Amy took the tube, but felt a little confused. “Sure,” she said. “What?”

“Could you grease up my dick?”

“Sure.” She started to squeeze some grease on her fingers.

“Wait,” Todd said, drawing his cock out of Pam. “Use your tongue.”

“What? Are you crazy?”

“No. Just squirt it on your tongue and use your tongue to wipe it all over the end.”

Amy crinkled up her nose. “Oh god, that sounds awful.”

“It’s not. Let me show you.” He took the tube from her. “Open you mouth and stick out your tongue,” he instructed. Amy opened her mouth and stuck her little, pink tongue way out. Todd put the end of the tube on her tongue and squirted out a big gob. Amy blinked a couple of times and giggled.

“Okay, now wipe it on my cock,” Todd told her, holding his cock out for her.

Amy touched her tongue to the underside of his cock head, and the sweet-tasting, candy-like jelly squished around it. Amy giggled again and licked his shaft like licking a lollipop, up the side in long strokes, smearing the grease all over the thick flesh.

Todd watched her intently. His cock grew harder and looked like it was turning redder each time she licked. Amy looked like she was enjoying it.

“It’s so sweet,” she said, her lips smacking. Most of her face around her mouth was coated with it, as if she was a messy eater.

Pam escort izmir watched them over her shoulder. “Okay, enough,” she said. “I want him to put it in my ass already.”

Todd pulled his cock out of Amy’s mouth and lined it up with Pam’s asshole. Pam continued to look back over her shoulder until she felt the head touch her hole.

“Oooo yeah do it,” she breathed. Todd pushed the head in and Pam clenched her teeth. She was still tight and she knew it was going to hurt.

Todd moved his hips in a circular motion to slowly work it in. The big head popped in, and Pam cried out, dropping her head to the pillow.

“Oh god, don’t stop,” she sobbed. She pushed herself back against him. “Give me some more.”

She was very tight, but she was also very slick. It was such a tight fit that when he drew his hips back to plunge into her again, she moved back with him. The rest of his cock gradually disappeared inside her without much difficulty, and Pam squeezed her eyes shut, panting. His cock was far bigger than Pam thought she could handle, but holding her breath and biting her tongue to keep from screaming, he impaled her on most of his huge, thick cock.

Pam’s fingernails dug into the mattress. Her forehead scrunched up into tight knots. She had a look of extreme discomfort as Todd plowed into her, but Pam did not want to make him let up. She knew that it would feel better once he got inside her and worked her up.

Todd bent over her and cupped her breasts, kneading her warm, soft mounds. Pam felt a strong tingling in her nipples.

“Oh yeah oh yeah,” she moaned. “Push push push.” His cock was pretty much just lodged in her ass, unable to slide in and out. Todd rocked his hips and Pam rocked hers with, or more accurately, her hips moved when his moved.

She felt a strong orgasm building rapidly. The head of his cock poked around insistently, as if trying to find somewhere to hide inside her. She was sore now and she was sure to be sore for the next few days, but it was worth it for getting high this way.

Pam screamed as she came, and when thrashed on the bed, she stopped suddenly, because Todd’s cock caused a slight, but sharp pain. In her flying buzz, she had difficulty discerning the pain from the exquisite pleasure.

She felt Todd’s orgasm gushing in her ass, filling her with thick, warm cum. The soothing sensation spread all through her belly. Her own orgasm washed over her body in spasms, shaking her again and again. Her knees trembled and collapsed under her, and Todd fell on top of her.

Pam’s back was covered with a sheen of moisture. She was breathing hard from exhaustion, huffing to catch her breath. A drop of sweat touched her lips and she licked it up, savoring the salty taste.

Todd leaned over and kissed her on her cheek. He ground his cock in her ass once more, and Pam felt the last spasms of her orgasm pass. She turned her head back and returned Todd’s kiss.

Todd got up and drew his hips back. His cock tugged out of her asshole with a soft, wet “pop”, followed by a stream of cum.

“Oh god,” Pam moaned. “You make me feel so empty when you take it out.”

“You like it when it’s in?” Todd asked.

“Yeah. I wish you could leave it in.”

“I can do that. We can fuck for hours if you like.”

Pam rolled on her side. “Not today. I’ve had enough fucking today.”

Pam got up. Her knees were weak and still trembling from the fantastic orgasm she just had, and Todd’s cum dribbled down the back of her leg.

Todd turned to Amy. She was in the big arm chair with her legs spread and her fingers busy in her crotch like little bees building a nest.

“Okay, now it’s your turn,” Todd said.

“I don’t think I want to do this,” she said.

“Sure you do. I can see it in your eyes.” Todd laid back on the bed, his hard dick pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Reluctantly, Amy stood and slowly unbuttoned her dark blue shirt. Pam came up behind her. Amy stopped undressing for a moment as Pam reached around her and unbuttoned her faded jeans. Amy was trembling with fear and excitement. Pam pulled her jeans down over her hips and let them fall to the floor, followed by her skimpy, pink panties.

Pam brought her hand up the inside of Amy’s thigh, and Amy sucked in her breath. Pam softly touched Amy’s pussy. Amy whimpered, and Pam pressed her fingers between her warm, swollen lips. Amy was already very moist.

Amy stepped out of her jeans and panties and cautiously approached the bed. Pam came up behind her again and placed her hands on Amy’s hips.

“Go ahead,” she whispered in her ear. “Just relax and let him do it.”

Amy turned around. “Lick me, first, please,” she asked.


Amy climbed on the bed on her hands and knees and rolled over on her back with her knees up and her legs spread. Pam got on the bed between her legs, and Todd got up to sit in the chair and watch.

Amy’s ass squirmed as Pam’s mouth neared her cunt. Pam poked her tongue out and licked Amy’s soft lips. Amy izmir escort moaned.

“Oh god oh yes,” she cried softly. Pam realized she had worked herself up pretty good while she watched her get fucked in the ass by Todd, and it wasn’t going to take much to make her cum.

Pam strained her tongue to make it as long as she could and pushed it as deep into Amy’s cunt as she could, twirling it around like a tiny, wet, pink fish. She felt a strong twinge from Amy’s thighs, followed by a couple more quick jerks, and she realized Amy was cumming right there. Her moans and cries were loud and strong.

Pam found her tiny clitoris and rapidly rubbed it with her tongue. Amy’s whole body shuddered as she came, and she grunted “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!”

Her orgasm worked itself out and her body gradually stopped shaking. Pam continued to lick her, and she ground her pussy against Pam’s mouth.

“Okay, I think you’re ready now,” Pam said. She sat up and pushed Amy over on her belly and pulled her hips to get her ass in the air. She had a firm, round ass and taut, smooth skin.

“This is going to feel so weird,” Amy said, hiding in the pillow.

Pam picked up the tube of grease and squirted a fat gob on her finger. Amy’s ass quivered with expectation, and Pam smiled. She put her free hand on Amy’s ass cheek to hold her open, and placed the gob of grease right on her asshole. Amy gasped and squealed.

“That’s so cold,” Amy cried.

“You’re so hot, you shouldn’t notice,” Pam told her, as she smeared the grease around her hole. Very gently and carefully, she pushed a finger inside, and Amy moaned. She was deliciously tight and warm inside.

“Oh god it feels so good. I’m gonna cum again,” Amy whimpered.

Pam folded her arms across her soft tits. “Not til he fucks you.”

Amy looked over at Todd sitting in the chair, holding his long erection. “Oh god,” she moaned, rolling her eyes back.

Pam looked up at Todd. “She’s got a tight ass. You ready?”

Todd stood up and walked towards the bed. Pam spread Amy open. Todd climbed on the bed and positioned the tip of his dick against her hole. Amy gasped.

“No, don’t,” Amy shouted. “It’s too big. You’re going to kill me.”

Todd held her hips firmly as she tried to squirm away, and pressed his hips firmly. Amy raised her head and screamed, and the head of Todd’s cock disappeared inside her.

“Oh god oh god no please take it out,” Amy sobbed.

Pam went around to look in Amy’s face. “Relax,” she whispered. “It’ll feel better once he’s got it in you.”

“Oh god, take it out. I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can. You’ll enjoy it.” Pam wiped the tears from Amy’s cheek with her hand, and Todd shoved his cock in again. Amy screamed again.

Pam looked back at Todd. He had got the head of his cock inside her and was pushing steadily. She watched him slowly, but forcefully, inch the full length of it inside Amy, and Amy groaned all the way. She sucked in a fluttery breath and blinked away the tears in her eyes.

Todd pumped Amy gently with his hips, and Amy grunted each time he pushed her forward. Pam sat back, watching Todd fuck her friend in the ass. She guessed that she was tighter than she was just a few minutes before, but she wondered whether either of them was enjoying it, or just doing it because she had asked them to.

She looked in Amy’s face to see if she could tell how she felt, and Amy wore a look of wild, forbidden passion. She moaned and squirmed, and a cloud of vague obscenities drifted from her mouth. Pam could tell she loved it.

“Do you like his cock in your ass?” she asked teasingly. Amy whimpered and sniffled, her lower lip pouting. “Suck my tongue. It’s just been in your pussy.”

Amy opened her mouth and Pam plunged her tongue in. Amy eagerly sucked her tongue, as she moaned and gasped for air. Todd pounded her fast and hard, and Pam was amazed that Amy was able to take it.

Suddenly Amy pulled away.

“I’m cumming I’m cumming oh god oh god,” she screamed, and dropped her head to the pillow and screamed into it.

Pam looked back at Todd. He grunted loud. All his muscles were tight and hard. He held Amy’s hips like they were the only thing keeping him from falling off the earth. From the way his body jerked, Pam knew he was flooding Amy with fresh sperm.

He pulled it slowly out of Amy’s ass. Amy groaned as the head popped out. Pam took his hard, slick cock in her hand and licked, opened her mouth and dropped her head. He sighed as she rolled his head on her tongue and gently closed her lips over the end. Knowing that he just pulled it from Amy’s ass made it deliciously exciting to eat him.

Amy looked back at them over her shoulder.

“Wow. That is so wild, so intimate. I love to watch you suck him like that after it’s been in my ass.”

Pam looked at her and smiled. “You want to try it?” Pam asked. Her mouth and cheeks were covered with the hot grease from his cock.

“No. I just want to watch.” Amy climbed off the bed and steadied herself on the bedpost.

“Oh my god,” she whispered, holding herself up. “I’m going to be sore for a week.”

Todd and Pam laughed as she hobbled to the chair to get her clothes, her legs spread like she had just been on a horse for ten hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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