Showing His Mother Off Pt. 01

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A trilogy of stories first issued when I was NewForester. Now re-issued…hope you enjoy. Thanks. Rockycoveboy!


Showing his Mother Off…and Taking Control. (Part 1)

Annie worked hard for her family…she seemed to never stop, and at the end of most days, she was whacked out and always enjoyed flopping into bed with nothing more on her mind than a good night’s sleep. She was only 39, with 3 children, but every day seemed to be filled with either her work job or running about after her children, especially her eldest son who appeared to take part in every college activity that was on offer.

Luckily, Annie’s husband was a long distance truck driver, often away for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, so Annie didn’t have to worry about him too often, although she always looked forward to him coming home, so that she could enjoy, if only briefly, some wonderful love making that had been pent up for both of them for some time.

Otherwise, Annie was a taxi, she was a cook, she was a clothes washer, and she was chief adviser to all her teenage children’s problems and needs. Whooooooo! Life seemed so hectic and there never seemed any time for a life of her own, with her friends, or even for a quick look down the shops for some retail therapy.

The only good thing about this lifestyle, Annie thought, was that all this rushing about kept her figure in great shape. She didn’t seem to have to work at her body, but tried to eat the right foods and get some exercise whenever the opportunity occurred, but, by God, what a superb figure she had.

She stood only just over 5′, but she had magnificent breasts, about 36DD, accentuated by a slim waist and a hard curvy ass, and her shoulder length blonde hair ensured that she attracted attention wherever she went. She didn’t try to be sexy, it just happened naturally, and she always noticed men checking her out, watching her figure sway as she went to work or dropped her son off at one of his activities.

The attention was nice, but Annie had never wandered once in her married life. She loved her husband, and looked forward to him coming home from each trip, but she just didn’t have time for anything else, least of all coming on to other guys…no way!

Her eldest son, Junior (he was christened Denis, but everyone called him Junior, now) had just turned 19 and was certainly a handsome young man. He was in all the sports teams at college, and was bright and engaging, over 6’tall and muscular with a shock of fair hair, popular with the girls, and he was now a source of immense pride to his parents. If the two girls grew up like Junior, then Annie and her husband would have cause to be really proud.

It was while Annie was watching Junior at one of his baseball matches one Sunday afternoon that she realised quite suddenly what a handsome and attractive young man he had become. There was always a big crowd for the games at the diamond, and Annie watched from the stands as her son played in the hot afternoon sun. My God, she thought, he’s suddenly a man, no longer a boy, and as she drove Junior home after the game, she gently teased her son about him being the man of the family each time his father was away working.

‘You know, young Junior, you’ve certainly turned into an adult now, haven’t you? I could see all the girls watching you run around the diamond…I’ll have to keep my eye on you now, won’t I?’ Annie laughed. ‘You’ll soon be telling me what to do, just like your father does.’

Junior blushed and smiled back at his mother, and for the first time ever, Annie thought she caught her son glancing at her stunning breasts and then down at her thighs in the short skirt she wore. Junior quickly moved his eyes away but it had sent a shock wave down Annie’s spine and there was silence for a few seconds. Did he now see her as a woman…she certainly saw him as a man, but she quickly put the thoughts to the back of her mind as she continued the drive back to their home just on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Back home, Junior’s two sisters were still not home, so he went out into the yard to sunbathe in the late afternoon sun. Annie got some coke and ice in glasses and joined him, and she had changed into one of her smart bikinis. It was the most natural thing to do, but as she handed the coke to Junior, she realised straight away that her 19 year old son would have to converse and sunbathe with her while she was wearing this black garment that left little to the imagination.

It was halter neck, with scooped cups only just holding her fabulous breasts in place. The material pushed her breasts up and together, and her bronze flesh was so sexily on view. The bottom wasn’t a thong, but it was cut so high on her thighs, almost to her hips, that her wonderful legs were on show in all their glory, and her superb bottom was clearly outlined in the clingy material. It was all Junior could do to keep from blatantly ogling his mother as she moved around the yard.

It had been a year or two since Junior had realised what a superb figure his mother had, fake cop porno but she was his mother and most of the time she was dressed only in normal household clothes, jogging pants and baggy sweaters, but every so often she wore something that revealed her wonderful figure and made Junior just take a second look that lingered just that little bit longer.

Today was one of those days!

He was only in his trunks, and when Annie came and sat in her lounger only a couple of feet from his own, Junior gulped and made a point of keeping his eyes on the pool just a few yards away. His mom had big sunglasses on, so Junior didn’t know whether she was looking at him or not, so he tried very hard not to ogle her body, although the temptation was immense.

He couldn’t handle his mother’s fabulous figure in that stunning bikini, so he jumped in the small pool and tried a few lengths, just to take his mind off the flesh sitting next to him, but each time he swam back towards the patio, he couldn’t help looking at his mom on the lounger. She was on her back, with her head facing up, as though asleep, so Junior swam lazily through the water, watching her legs and the gap between them where the black bikini was tight against her vagina. He also watched the mounds of wonderful flesh encased in the bikini top, trying to spill out as his mother breathed in and out.

Even in the water, Junior could feel his cock stirring at the stunning sight, and wondered what he could do in order to get out of the pool in a decent state. So he thought of his father briefly, and how he loved going fishing and to the games with his father. His cock seemed to calm down so Junior got out of the pool quickly, and shook droplets of water over his mom when he reached his seat.

Annie shot up with a start, shaken out of her slumber by the cold water.

‘Junior, Junior, you little…,’ she yelled. ‘I’ll kill…,’ and she struggled to get up from her lounger to chase her son. They ran round the pool, Annie chasing her son, and him laughing at her efforts. He watched her tits moving like melons as she ran, and eventually, Junior let her mother catch him. They gently grappled by the pool’s edge, hand to hand, Junior obviously being so much stronger than his mom, but he would never hurt her in a million years.

Annie tried to push her son in the water, and as they overbalanced, Junior held his mother’s wrists and they both fell in together, a huge splash of water washing over the sides. The pretend fighting went on in the water, but Junior was concentrating more on the wonderful body in just the tiny bikini that was so close to him!

As they fought, his hand went onto her tight ass, he had an arm round her waist, and his mom was trying to dunk his head underwater. He picked her up in the water, his hand still on her bikini bottoms, feeling the wonderful hardness of his mom’s ass, while his other hand went round her back to lift her up, his fingers coming to rest under her armpit and on the bikini top right over Annie’s firm breast.

It all appeared totally accidental, and neither Annie nor her son said anything, but the moment was electrifying. As Annie protested meekly at being soaked in the water, and Junior kept pretending to throw her, he still held her breast firmly as his arm held her aloft, and he still kept her up by holding the shapely ass in his other hand. In return, Annie kept her balance by putting both hands around Junior’s neck and there the two stayed, just standing in the pool, trying to ignore the moment, but finding it almost impossible.

‘My, young Junior,’ Annie broke the ice. ‘You’re a strong young man, now, aren’t you, holding your Mom so firmly in your arms.’ She didn’t remonstrate that his hand was over her breast, nor that she could feel his fingers tightly over her bottom and, in fact, she was quite enjoying the moment. It made her feel tingly, it brought a guilty thrill to her body that had never been there before. Her son was touching her, albeit over her bikini, and Annie didn’t really want the moment to end.

Junior, for his part, was enjoying feeling his Mom’s body, and he could see directly down the bikini top to admire the stunning tits that were only just being held by the black material. He thought he saw the mound of a hard nipple pushing the top out, but looked away quickly, as though it would burn his fingers. He was also getting excited by having the mounds of flesh of her bottom in his grasp, but he didn’t really know what to say next. He could feel his cock begin to throb again in his trunks, but he would never dream…or would he…of taking liberties with his Mom, and he just smiled and tried to be complimentary.

‘And you’re so beautiful, Mom, and it’s easy to hold you here. You don’t have an ounce of fat on you, do you?’

‘Wow, son, you are a flattering young man…I bet you say that to all the girls,’ and Annie just reached up and pecked her son on the cheek, while he took the opportunity to have an even better look down the front of his mother’s bikini fake hospital porno top. His cock grew a little more!

Suddenly, the atmosphere and the moment were broken by Junior’s two younger sisters charging through the house and coming out into the yard.

‘Hi you guys,’ one of them shouted, and Junior threw his Mom out of his arms and straight into the water. Whatever was happening in the pool was gone with the arrival of the girls, and Junior’s hard cock soon wilted in the water and he was able to clamber from the pool to join them all lazing in the loungers in the yard.

Annie got some food and more drinks which they all had at the side of the pool, there was some more swimming, but Junior still enjoyed the sight of his Mom moving about, glancing as often as he could at her shape, the breasts, the flat stomach, the legs, the awesome ass. He didn’t want the scene to end and, suddenly, he had an idea.

He went to his room and retrieved the digital camera that his parents had bought him for Christmas. He had taken loads of photos with it since the winter, and knew just how to work it properly.

‘Hey, I’m going to take some pictures, just to remember this hot afternoon in the yard.’ Girls being girls, his sisters tried to hide their eyes, or turned the other way as Junior snapped away at anything and everything. He took pictures of the pool, he took his sisters playing in the pool with their Mom, he took the back of the house, but most of all, he was going to take pictures of his Mom!

He clicked away, without trying to appear too obvious, but he got Annie bending over, he got her in the pool, he focussed and got her head and shoulders, with the fabulous breasts in close up, and then he threw caution to the wind.

‘Mom, will you sit still for a few minutes, and let me take some pictures of you…you’re never still Mom, so just stay there.’ Annie just smiled and sat back in her lounger.

Luckily, Junior’s two sisters were in the pool as he took the first picture of his Mom. She was laid on the lounger as Junior went ‘click.’ One knee was drawn up and Junior ‘clicked’ again.

‘Will you sit up, Mom, and just look at the camera.’ Annie smiled again and sat up, her knees bent and her hands round her knees. ‘Click’ and the camera caught those wonderful breasts again as Annie leaned forward. A couple more like this and Junior asked again.

‘Would you stand up now, Mom, please.’

‘Oh Junior, haven’t you got enough of me, now,’ Annie teased. Junior didn’t want to push his luck, but Mom stood up and her son ‘clicked’ almost non stop for the next minute or so. He took her whole body in a few frames, he panned in and got her top again, he got Mom to turn round and subtly ‘clicked’ away at her legs and bottom, in fact he took any part of her that he could focus on.

Annie felt excited again at her son taking pictures of her, as she well knew that was the only reason he had brought his camera to the yard, but her daughters splashed out of the pool to join them, and it was time to act properly once more. But for Annie, she knew the effect she was having on her son…and it brought a nice tingly feeling into her tummy! Junior took his camera back to his room and they all had another drink in the yard.

Later in the evening, after the evening meal, Junior made an excuse and went to his room to post the pictures to his computer. He had no qualms about what he would do. Any picture that did not have his Mom in it, he just deleted, and he was left with about 30 digital pictures of his Mom in that fabulous black bikini. As he studied them in detail, Junior felt the stirrings in his shorts once more.

Not wanting to be embarrassed by nosy visitors, he saved the pictures, knowing that he could look at them later, when he came to bed. Wow, he thought… Mom looks so hot, and I’m going to enjoy looking at these pictures for ever!!

Later, after they had all gone to bed, Junior opened his computer and brought up the pictures again. He was able to study them in peace and quiet, not having to worry about being disturbed. He played with the pictures, zoomed in, zoomed out, inverted, cropped, and just admired that fabulous body that was his Mom. The bikini looked as though it had been painted onto her body, it was so figure hugging and tight, especially when it was wet, and he could feel his cock growing in his shorts once more.

He was torn between love and respect for his wonderful Mom, but the sexual appeal of her stunning shape was gradually getting to Junior. Although he caressed his cock as he admired the breasts, the legs and that shapely ass, he just couldn’t bring himself to jack off completely, thinking somehow that that would just be an insult to his loving Mom…but, by God, it was a difficult decision!

It wasn’t helped by the fact that he knew his father was returning for a few days tomorrow. What would he say, how would he treat Junior if he thought his grown up son was jacking off to pictures of his own mother? Never mind! fake taxi porno Junior closed down the pictures, knowing that he would be able to look at them any time he wanted, and he went to sleep with a smile on his face.

The next few days, father was at home, and it was great. Junior spent each day at college but in the evenings, he tried to pack in as much activity as he could with his dad. They went fishing in the warm evening sun, the family all dined together round the pool, his sisters romped with their father and it was just one big happy family.

Junior didn’t even think about his Mom in a sexual way, it just wasn’t right at that time, especially when she was doing the housework in her baggy shorts and sweat shirt. However, he did notice that on one evening, she was wearing some short shorts and a hot T shirt, and then she went out for the evening with his Dad. He knew what they would probably be doing when they returned, so Junior went off for the evening with some friends and the wicked thoughts never crossed his mind again, and he flopped into bed and was asleep before taboo visions of his Mom could take over.

And then Dad went away again on Friday morning.

‘Take care, Junior,’ he had said. ‘You’re the man of the house, now, so look after your Mom and sisters. See you soon!’

He had said, ‘You’re the man of the house, now!’ The same words his Mom had used. Had Mom been talking about him to Dad? If she had, what had she told him? Junior tried to put the thoughts to the back of his mind. The next few days would reveal his Mom’s attitude.

On Saturday morning, Junior went to the gym for a workout, and then he had a swim in the pool. His Mom was downtown at the mall when he got back, and his sisters were playing in the yard. Mom returned and they all had lunch in the sun. Mom still had on her baggy shorts and a sweat shirt, and then she asked Junior.

‘Your sisters are having a sleepover tonight at Jodie’s. So what are you and I going to do, big boy?’ and Annie laughed jokingly at her son. Junior suddenly thought about being alone with Mom for the whole evening, and his mind was working overtime at the possibilities! Perhaps absolutely nothing would happen…after all, he’d only taken a few slightly risqué pictures of her, hadn’t he, completely innocent, and his Dad had been here for 4 days…but he became more and more excited at just being alone with his Mom.

Could he persuade her to wear something sexy for the evening? Could he persuade her to pose for his camera again? The butterflies started, and Junior was in turmoil for a few hours. At about 6.30, Mom took the sisters to the other side of town to Jodie’s and he was waiting in the yard when she returned.

‘Gee, Junior. I’m whacked tonight. Did you have anything in mind for the evening? Do you want some food?’ He quickly thought.

‘What about visiting Pizza House, Mom. You know you like pizza, and it’ll save you cooking? I’ll drive and you can have a drink if you want.’ Annie smiled a wonderful grin at her son.

‘Wow, that’s kind of you, honey. It’s been ages since I visited a Pizza House. Shall we go now?’

‘Only on one condition, Mom…you’re not going like that, are you? The baggy shorts?’ There was a pregnant pause as they both looked at one another and grinned, both working out what the other was thinking. Annie knew what her son was getting at, and wanted to just embarrass him a little, and see Junior fluster.

‘Oh, and what do you think I should wear then, big boy, to go out with my hunky young man on a date?’ She was right, Junior blushed a little as he knew his Mom was teasing him, but he wasn’t going to waste this offer, no matter how much courage it took.

‘Well, Mom. Can we say you’re my date, and can you wear something that’s…well, you know, Mom! You know you look hot when you want to, and…and…!’

‘You want your mother to wear something hot to go on a date with her son, do you? Well, I don’t know about that…I might embarrass you, Junior…you might think I’m too old to wear something ‘hot’ to a Pizza House, and…’ He interrupted her.

‘Mom, you’re not 40 yet, and I think you’re as sexy and as beautiful as any woman I know. You’re never too old, you’re just teasing me now! Pleeeeease Mom. I’ve seen you in that hot bikini, so why not just get something nice out of your wardrobe, and I’m sure you’ll look fabulous!’ Annie grinned again and ruffled her son’s blonde hair.

‘Well, I’ll go and have a shower and see if I can think of something suitable.’

Junior fidgeted waiting for his mother. He was only in jeans and a Tshirt, but he looked reasonably smart and butterflies ran round his stomach as he could hear his Mom in her bedroom. After a few minutes more, Junior could hear Mom coming along the hallway. He tried not to let his eyes pop out as he turned to greet her. Only his ‘adam’s apple’ moved in his throat!

Annie looked fabulous! Her blonde hair was brushed seductively behind her ears, she had added mascara and some light lip stick, and her outfit…well, Junior thought she looked a million dollars. She wore a tight, black, denim skirt and some black high heels, and the skirt ended three or four inches above her knees. Her bronze legs looked superb and the way she moved in the heels was getting Junior’s cock twitching already.

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