Sharlann , Dad: Punishment Day

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Looking back at things that Dad and I’ve shared is something we do now and then. One of the most awful… well, did I say “awful”… days of my life comes to mind as I sit here waiting for Dad to return from town. The story goes like this:

Occasionally, I did something that elicited great praise or great anger from Dad. Good grades were always worthy of new clothes, dinner at my favorite restaurant, and a movie. Overflowing the dishwasher by using liquid soap instead of dishwasher soap was enough to have Dad ground me for two weeks.

And, when I turned eighteen, I pulled the firecracker of my youth. I decided that it was time for me to buy a car. That’s right… “I” decided… just like that. And, worse yet, I knew the combination to the floor safe and so I just helped myself to a down payment on a car. I was working at the school library and at McDonald’s in the evenings and whenever school was in break, so I knew that I could make a monthly car payment. Without one bit of approval, or even discussion, I took myself to the car dealer and purchased a used Chevy… handed them $5000 of Dad’s money, signed the paperwork, and drove my new car home.

Well, la de dah… was I a grownup now! Pleased as punch, I set about making dinner for Dad and me.

All of a sudden the door opened and Dad stood there looking at me with one eyebrow raised higher than the other. “Have company, Sharlann?”

“No, Dad… no company.”

“Whose au – toe – moe – beel is that in the driveway?” Dad spoke slowly and more seriously than I’d ever heard.

“Well, Dad… it’s MY new car! Aren’t you proud of me?”

“W H A T?” “What in the HELL are you talking about Sharlann?”

Suddenly I realized that I’d probably made the mistake of my life. As Dad’s face turned redder and redder, and a dark cloud of anger settled over him, I actually began to shake. Oh, what had I done… and what would happen now?

Dad slowly walked into the kitchen and sat down. “Tell me, Sharlann… tell me all about how and why you bought a car… tell me how you did it without my permission… tell me where you got the money… TALK TO ME SHARLANN! NOW!”

Oh brother, this was serious. Shaking, I told Dad what I’d done. No lies. Just facts. Then I waited… not for long, though.

In one swoop, Dad grabbed my by the arm, put me over his lap, pulled down my panties, and began smacking my bare bottom again and again and again. It HURT! Terribly! türkçe alt yazı porno He was like a crazed man, slapping and slapping me until I began to cry loudly. Even then he didn’t slow down. Dad actually beat on my bottom until I could feel welts and blisters rising… and even then he didn’t seem to care how much he was hurting me. I was eighteen! And Dad appeared to be taking some degree of pleasure in my punishment… I could feel his cock growing harder and harder against my stomach as he continued spanking me.

Finally, Dad stopped and took a deep breath. He stood me up and said “Go upstairs and undress Sharlann… you have never been so naughty and you have never been punished the way I’m going to punish you tonight!”

Sobbing and clutching my aching bottom, I headed upstairs where I undressed. I dipped a washcloth in cold water and held it against my burning rear. Looking in the mirror, I was horrified… welts and ugly little blisters had risen all over my backside.

What more could Dad do to me?

Storming up the stairs behind me, Dad literally threw me on the bed with a fierceness I’d never seen in him. He smacked me a couple more times and then proceeded to tie my hands and feet to the head and foot boards, spread eagle. I was far too scared to do anything but whimper. “Dad, Dad… please… please stop… please don’t do this…” Dad laughed a mean, maniacal laugh and bent down to retrieve something from under the bed.

He pulled out a black box and opened it. I could see through my tears that inside the lovely velvet interior of the box were all sorts of metal items that looked like something a mechanic would use. There were pins and clamps and probes and… well, then I REALLY began to cry… loudly! Dad couldn’t, wouldn’t actually hurt me, would he? Looking at his angry face and hearing his loud breathing, I decided not to say anything else, since all of my pleas had gone unanwered.

“Sharlann, I though perhaps one day we could use these nifty items to play, to have fun. But today I am going to use them to PUNISH you for the most terrible thing you’ve ever done!”

With that, Dad picked up a long needle and ran his finger up and down it’s smooth surface. Then he bent down, grasped my left breast, and punctured the nipple through… all the way… just above my new nipple rings. I screamed bloody murder! I tossed and threw myself about against the leg and arm ties. türkçe ifşa porno I cussed at Dad. I even threatened Dad. Then I screamed some more. It all fell on deaf ears and it was as if Dad didn’t even notice my misery. His face looked so evil, almost filled with a sort of glee.

Dad picked up another long needle and expertly pierced my right nipple, leaving both needles in place. I shrieked and shrieked! To no avail.

Next Dad removed a ball of silky looking rope from the box and tied each breast around and around starting closest to my chest and stretching my breasts as he wound them with the rope. They began turning red… then an ugly purple. Each breast felt like it had a hot ice pick stabbed into it. Now I was crying and sobbing so loudly that Dad had had enough. He picked up my panties and stuffed them in my mouth. Oh! Could THIS be my “dad”…?

Dad then took dozens of little, thin needles from the box and poked them into my breasts… just like pin cushions. By now I couldn’t feel the pain of the needles since the overall agony was incredible. I even stopped squirming and just lay there sobbing, looking at the amazing gleam in Dad’s eyes.

Dad had gone mad. I was sure of it. Remember, in those days there was no internet and no dungeons for the world to see. I couldn’t imagine where Dad had gotten the box and its awful contents. And I certainly didn’t know that this kind of torture could be linked to raw, passionate sex.

Glancing at Dad through my tears, I saw that he had removed all of his clothes and his cock was HUGE and HARD and THROBBING. It bobbed up and down with every move he made. He massaged his balls and I could see that he was completely possessed by what he was doing to me… my punishment was sexually stimulating my half crazed Dad…

Walking to the mantle, Dad picked up the candle that we keep for emergency lighting and lighted the wick. Oh gawd… what now?

As the candle began to drip, Dad moved it over my body, letting hot, burning wax drip on my breasts, in my navel… all over my smoothly shaved pussie… I could feel the burning wax traveling between my pussie lips and over the sides of my navel onto my stomach.

I was beginning to think that Dad was going to kill me… punishment gone too far… when, just at that moment, I felt his warm, strong hand push my legs apart. The next thing I felt was his long, hot tongue on my clit, sucking vivid porno hard and licking around it in circles. He slipped his hands beneath my burning bottom and lifted me to his face. His tongue slipped into my now very wet pussie and started licking and sucking me like mad as he finger fucked me at the same time.

My tits experienced a strange, new, exquisitely sensual feeling. The pins and rope no longer hurt… hurt had been replaced by an animalistic, sexual desire! I groaned and moaned as Dad continued his invasion. He was driving me over the edge. My breasts were swelling and tingling more as I wanted Dad more.

Dad pulled back and laughed at me: “Think I’m going to let you cum Sharlann? Wrong! This is PUNISHMENT!” With that Dad moved to the head of the bed, removed my panties from my mouth, and SHOVED his DOWN MY THROAT! He proceeded to ram his cock in and out of my lips until he moaned and I tasted salty globs of his cum. When he had shot his last drop, Dad pulled away from me, leaned against the headboard and laughed… a loud, ugly, nasty, evil laugh.

“We’re taking the car back tonight, Sharlann. I trust we need no discussion about the matter.”

I shook my head “yes” and continued to suffer from my dramatically increasing need for sexual release. I wanted to cum so badly. My cunt was throbbing inside as I felt Dad removing the small needles from my breasts. Next he removed the two large needles and lovingly sucked each nipple until they stopped bleeding. Then he unwound the rope and let my suffering tits free of bondage. He released my legs and feet and sat there stroking his growing hard cock.

“Dad, we’ll take the car back. I’ll never steal again. I’ll never do something so rash without permission… ever again… except, well, for THIS…”

With that I pounced on Dad, straddling him and ramming his cock deep inside me. We began moving against each other like machines, ramming and ramming each other. Not seeming to get enough! Craving more and more! This continued what seemed an eternity… we were both out of breath… we were covered with sweat… we smelled of sex… and lust… Dad came out of his evil trance… He reached up and sucked hard on my nipples. I pinched and rolled his… we were WILD and building up to an earth shattering climax.

When we came it was an explosion of lust and passion… it was deafening… it simply defied description… we could scarcely catch out breaths…

At the same moment, we looked into each others eyes with a new recognition… THIS was UNIMAGINABLE PASSION… THIS was BEYOND fucking… THIS was PAINFULLY, FULLY, DEEPLY, the MOST STIMULATING SEX we’d ever experienced…

THIS was to be repeated… and… next time… it was MY turn…

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