House Sitter

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You’ll be away for a few days. The favor you ask of me is to keep an eye on the place. That request is simple enough. I stop by to water the plant and catch the mail and.

It’s odd being in your home without you. The space takes on a whole new energy. I must be really missing you because your memory is beckoning me to areas of your house that will surely cause me to think of you. I sit on the sofa and kick my feet out. This is the spot where you must have sat while we’ve talked on the phone. I rest my head back into the cushion and recall your voice close to my ear. It’s a voice that has made me laugh and much more.

I pull myself up and walk into the kitchen. My finger drags across notes on the refrigerator door. I continue to wander, heading down the hall. I poke my head into the bathroom. All of your toiletries are lined neatly on the counter. In the mirror, I see your robe behind the door. Unable to resist I remove it from the hook. I inhale the scents trapped within the fabric and instantly you are there with me, materializing in a vapor of soap and after-shave. I inhale deeply once more to smell that familiar fragrance lying just beneath the others. It’s a smell that is uniquely you and it floods my senses. My heart responds by fluttering a bit. I adorn myself in your robe. I hug the oversized cuffs around me. Your robe warms me much in the way I wish you body could right now. I pull the sash loosely around my waist and creep into your bedroom.

The afternoon light is straining to enter through the closed blinds. Pleated shadows are cast across the bed I have yet the pleasure to be in. I walk around the bedside with my hand trailing along the comforter as I try to picture you there. What side do you sleep on? What shape does your body take when you are deep in sleep? I kick my shoes off tuzla escort before crawling on hands and knees up to the pillows. I stretch my body along your bed, my head on your pillows.

I shift to my side to face the wall. My hands caress an imagined form of you. I truly desire to feel your warm naked skin under my hands. I want to caress the smooth muscles of your back and continue down to your sexy bottom. One of the overstuffed pillows is the recipient of a tight squeeze.

I roll over on my back. My eyes travel around the room looking at the same things that you see and touch everyday. I can see the wick burned candles. In bundles on the floor are shirts and jeans that didn’t make it into the laundry. I spot the napkins and scraps of paper which house your random thoughts. I know those aren’t items that belong in the trash, rather they are works in progress, so I leave them unmolested, despite the urge to read them. This room is a page in the book, one of many pages that reveal a man who has made me intensely curious.

Oddly enough I feel close to you. My eyes drift close. I want to hear your voice again. I take a deep breath and concentrate. I wish I knew a magic spells. I’d say it if it meant you would appear next to me. I would be heaven to feel your artist’s fingers run through the strands of my hair and caress my face. I need to look into your eyes and see that you want me. I’m ready to be with you. I’m becoming aroused by my present situation.

I arch my back in the imagined response to your touch. It’s not the touch of a friend because it has the passionate awareness of a lover. My face blushes with the flood of desire pulsing between my legs. I part them and raise my skirt hem to reach the cotton fabric covering my crotch. My fingers find my clit swollen and aching to be touched. I can tuzla escort bayan feel your lips on my neck caressing me in wide mouth kisses. I press harder on my clit as I feel your mouth kiss my nipples through my shirt. Your lips close around them, creating a sexy surge through my body and making each nipple stand erect. I cup my hand over my pussy as if to calm the feelings. I can see you climbing on top of me. You use your leg to further open my legs and make room for your body. Your eyes hold my gaze and you push your hips into me. The teasing is working. My clit throbs harder.

I slip my right hand into my panties and my left finds my left nipple under my shirt. I move against your growing hard on. I continue to imagine your foreplay while using two fingers on either side of my clit to rub up and down. You seize my lips with yours. I moan into your mouth as your tongue searches for mine. I gladly offer it and succumb to a hot lusty kiss. Your hips press harder into me. My fingers find the soft, shaven strands of your hair at the nape of your neck. I kiss down your strong jaw to your neck. I kiss then I suck and finally bite down playfully into your neck, hard enough to leave an indentation. Your moans and gasps thrill me. One of my fingers slides down my wet slit. My inner folds are soaked and ready.

My two fingers enter me. Being in your room while I pleasure myself is exciting me more than I would have expected. The thoughts of you are filling my mind. My chest is warm and flushed as my fingers caress inside me. I know that your cock in their place would be exquisite! I position my body so that my fingers gain easier access. I push them deeper and deeper. A slick wet sound fills the room. I begin to rub my clit with the finger from my other hand. I tease it with tiny circles, smoothing the moisture escort tuzla over it. This added stimulation quickens my breath. I want to look down and see your hard shaft disappear inside me. I need to hear you tell me how good I feel around you. I want to know that you have wanted this as much as I have.

I can see you watching me, learning all the ways to please me just by looking into my eyes and hearing my pleasure-filled moans. Rhythmically, my fingers enter my wet hole. I push them in deeper and faster as I desire you more. I yearn to be fulfilled as my mind runs vividly wild. I press my body back into the soft layers of your bed as I imagine your weight on top of me. The sensations build and build until my entire body is tense with anticipation.

I can hear you telling me in my ear, “Come Mandy.”….a deeper thrust… “I want to make you come.” …harder penetration… “I love being inside you.”… faster strokes.

Just like that, just like that, until my body bursts, quivers and spasms with a heavy wave of pleasure. The muscles of my pussy quickly contract and release around my fingers. A wonderfully hot and heady sensation floods my body from within the deepest regions of my pussy. I remove my glistening wet fingers and softly stroke the outer lips of my pussy as baby quakes rock my body. All I can see now are your eyes, dark and dilated with your desire, staring back at me as my touch brings me down from the most heavenly of highs.

I lie in your bed glowing and sated when I hear a key turn in the front door. I bolt upright and listen!


Confused I glance around me. My heart pounding wildly in my chest, I take in the familiar surroundings of my bedroom slowly begin to register. I slam my hand down on the alarm to stop the annoying blare.

I remove my sweat-dampened nightgown and find an oversized t-shirt. I start to shake off the fog of sleep as I make my way to my computer. I proceed to compose and email to you:

Last night I had the strangest dream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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