Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 05

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Billy was lying on his bed trying to process what had just happened. His mother had asked him to give her a foot rub, which surprised, and excited him, as she had never asked him to do that before. Even better, she had asked him to rub her feet, AFTER going to the gym, and getting her feet extra sweaty and smelly, He had fantasized about it so many times, that he felt he was having a daydream at first, and thought he had heard his mother wrong. But it wasn’t a dream. She wanted him to rub her feet. Being able to touch her beautiful, soft, sexy feet for the first time, was almost more than he could handle. So many times had he stared at her feet and wished he could touch them, even if for but a moment. Do even hope to be able to kiss and lick them, seemed like a lost cause. This was his own mother. There was no reason she would ever have to allow him to do so. He thought he would only ever get to sniff and lick her filthy shoes. He enjoyed worshipping her foot smells, but he ached to be able to smell it straight from the source. To taste her sweat straight from her feet. To hold them to his face and breathe in her essence.

Today, that all changed. He got the opportunity he always thought impossible. She offered her feet up to him, to touch and to rub. As he had sat on the couch, taking off his mother’s shoes for the first time, he thought that if it was indeed a dream, he never wanted to wake up. The fact that it was reality, and that the woman he found sexiest in the world, gave a part of her he had admired for years, to him, made him intent on making the most of his windfall. As he rubbed her feet, he admired how well she took care of them. How each nail was trimmed just right. How soft they felt in his hand. And most importantly, how gloriously wonderful the smelled. She never wore nail polish, and she didn’t need to. They were absolutely perfect in every way.

Staring at, and touching, his obsession, made Billy’s animal instincts come out. He became animalistic. He had seen, and smelled his prey, and it was time to take what he wanted. He wasn’t able to hold back and he wrapped his mouth around his mother’s foot, hungrily trying to lick up as much of her sweat as he could. It was nectar to him, and he could never get enough. He didn’t stop until both feet had received a post-workout tongue bath. He was in ecstasy, and never wanted it to end. But he had snapped out of his animal state and looked at his mother’s face. He had forced himself on her. Her feet anyway. And he felt like the worst son. His mother had asked him for a foot rub for her sore feet, and he had taken advantage of her.

His first instinct was to apologize to her and run up to his room. To bury his head in his pillow. But she had stopped him. She wasn’t going to let him go. He was scared she might kick him of for being a pervert son, lusting after his own mother. But she didn’t. What she did made him feel 10 times worse. She pointed out that he had an erection from what had happened. He had lusted after his mother for years in secret, but now she must know, and she would call him a sicko, and never want to see him again. Once more his prediction was wrong. What his mother did was acknowledge it, and treat it simply as a problem he needed help with, and she was more than willing to help. She made him sit there as she gave him his ultimate fantasy. She had given him a foot-job, and it felt better than he thought it could be possible. Seeing, and feeling her amazing feet slide up and down over every veiny inch of his cock sent him straight to heaven. But then she had spoken like he never imagined she would. She had asked him to cum for her. To let her see his “Beautiful, thick, creamy little boy cum”. That’s the kind of thing he expected to hear in the incest porn’s he would watch regularly, but not coming out of his mother’s mouth. It almost seemed like she was enjoying it.

That couldn’t be the truth though. His mother was doing that to help him cum quicker, he told himself. She just wanted to help him get rid of his hard-on so he wouldn’t hurt himself. He made up his mind that had to be it. That didn’t change the fact that it was the greatest experience he ever had in his life. He knew it would never innovia escort happen again, but he would always have the memory of his amazing time with his mother.

Billy laid in bed for a couple hours, unable to think of anything else but his mother giving him a foot-job, and him cumming on her feet. He heard on knock on his door, and his mother said;

“Billy, I’m going to the grocery store, do you need anything?”

“No mom. I mean no mommy”

“OK, I’ll be back in about an hour. You OK in there?”

“Fine mommy. Just Resting.”

Billy waited to hear his mother’s car pull out of the drive way, and he sprung to his feet. He had about an hour to himself, and he had to make the most of it. Billy had a routine of regularly sneaking into his mom’s hamper when she stepped out, and grabbing her soiled panties. The dirtier the better. He had been doing this for 5 years now, and she had never caught him.

Billy walked out of his room, and made his way to his mother’s bedroom door that she always kept closed. As he was about to turn the knob, he noticed one pair of her panties was laying right in front of her door.

“She must of been bringing the washed laundry up to her room and dropped this pair, and not noticed,” he thought to himself.

He picked it up and he could still feel some moistness in it. He took a quick sniff and he immediately recognized the strong, and magnificent smell of his mommy’s pussy. From the first moment he had smelled it at a much younger age, he had become addicted to it. He became a hound for putting his mother’s unwashed underwear on his face and filling his nostrils with her most intimate of gifts. He could also tell when her panties had ridden up too. Those were bonus days for him. Today was no exception.

Billy turned the panties inside out and he could tell by the stains that she had dribbled a little piss. He could also tell that a part of her panties had been wedged up so far that it had touched her asshole. She hadn’t showered for a day, and worked out wearing these. This only made him harder than he already was. He was really going to enjoy these. For a moment he fantasized that she had purposely left them there, but of course that was crazy.

Billy went back to his room and took his shorts off. He immediately started stroking his cock with his right hand, while with his left he held the inside of his mothers soiled panties to his face as he licked every inch of the inside. He left no stain untouched by his tongue. For many years he had dreamed of bending his mother over and licking both her pussy and her asshole. Many of these times he did it with her smelly panties on his face. He would give anything to have her sit on his face and let him dine on her. But he knew he had to face the fact that it would remain just a fantasy forever. The realization killed Billy’s mood. He decided to not cum, and just drop his mother’s panties where he found them.

At the grocery store, Peggy had gotten all the food and toiletries she needed. She was walking down an aisle that had condoms. She had always hated the feeling when guys wore them with her, but she knew it was the smart thing to do. She giggled as she saw the magnums, and thought that Billy would need the largest ones they had. Thinking of her son’s young, long, thick cock made her feel she was going to drench the floor and they would have to do a clean up on the aisle.

“I would never use a condom with Billy. I would want to feel every inch of his veiny cock in my pus…”

Peggy stopped herself. She could believe she was having fantasies of her son fucking her pussy. Giving him a foot-job was really far already, and she had thought about doing other things with him, but letting him fuck her was a whole other level. Peggy grabbed one item from the aisle and made her way to check out.

Peggy got home and started making dinner. Billy’s favorite was spaghetti and meatballs, and she wanted to make something special for tonight. She busily moved around the kitchen, while Billy remained in his room. She hadn’t seen him since the earlier day’s fun.

Peggy yelled up the stairs,

“Billy! Dinner will istanbul escort be ready in 10 minutes. It’s your favorite; spaghetti and meatballs”.

Billy jumped out of bed and was excited.

“Thanks mom! I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Billy sat back down at his computer and watched a couple more minutes of the porn he was watching. It was billed as “Real mother’s and son’s fucking.” The scene he was watching had a mother come in to interrupt her son studying at the desk in his room, taking off her clothes, tossing his book aside, and then straddling him on his chair. Wasn’t much plot or build up, but it did the job. Billy got to see really young looking guys fucking older women, and picture himself doing those things with his own mother. Billy turned off his computer and waited a few more minutes for his hard-on to go away.

Peggy started to call out to Billy.

“Billy dinner is…”

Billy came bounding down the stairs.

“Hey there baby boy. Mommy has dinner ready.”

“Thank you mommy. That was really cool of you to do. What’s the occasion?”

“I don’t need an occasion to do something special for my baby boy do I?”

“No mommy. But thanks again!”

“You’re welcome baby. Let’s eat up!”

The first thought that came to Billy was that he did want to eat up. But what he wanted to eat up was his mother’s pussy.

The kitchen only had a small round table with 4 chairs. Billy sat down, and Peggy sat to the chair on his right. He wondered why she didn’t sit across from him, but quickly dismissed it. They chatted about graduating high school and about work for about half an hour, and finished up dinner. Peggy grabbed the plates and walked over to the sink. She put the dishes down and grabbed a dish towel to clean up some spaghetti sauce that had spilled on the table. She wiped it up and started walking back to the sink. Billy watched his mother’s sexy hips sway in the skirt she was wearing. half way to the sink she dropped the dish towel she had wiped the table with. She bent over to pick it up. As she did, and her skirt rose, Billy got a clear view of his mother’s pussy.

When Peggy left the house to go to the grocery store, she was still so horny, she decided she would go without her panties. She figured it would be easier to finger herself on the drive there, and it made her laugh to see men’s reactions when she flashed her pussy at the stores. But most importantly, she purposely went panty-less for this moment. She knew at some point she would be able to find an excuse to bend over in front of Billy, and she knew he would be watching her. She was right. Billy’s cock felt like it was harder than ever. He was staring at paradise, and he wanted to be in it more than anything. He wanted to walk across the room and shove his fat cock in his mother’s sweet hole. But he couldn’t force himself on his mother like that.

“That would be rape!” he thought to himself.

“I have to kill my boner before she sees”

Unfortunately for Billy, nothing was going to be able to kill his boner after he had seen his mother’s pussy for the first time. While he was staring down at his crotch trying to will his hard-on away, Peggy had already made her way back to the table.

“There’s my boy’s monster again! I missed him.”

Billy was startled at his mother’s sudden appearance right next to him, and he was also confused at what she said. He could swear she said she missed his cock. He told himself he must of misheard. Peggy put her hand on his shoulder and said;

“You know the policy Billy. You can’t walk around or go up the stairs with a hard-on because you might fall and hurt it. And mommy really really can’t have that.”

Billy was immediately excited.

“Are you gonna give me another…another…ffff…foot-job.”

Billy was quivering.

“No baby boy. It’s to awkward here in the kitchen to get my feet in the right spot, but I have an idea.”

Peggy got up and walked over to one of the grocery bags that was still sitting on the kitchen counter. She pulled out a small bottle with clear liquid. Billy was very confused as to what a bottle of clear liquid had kadıköy escort to do with helping his erection. Peggy opened up the lid and sat next to Billy again.

“OK Billy, now take of your shorts and let mommy see your penis.”

Billy nervously complied. He kicked his shorts to the side and Peggy felt warm all over.

“OK now Billy, what this liquid is, is lubrication. I’m going to poor it all over your cock and it’s going to help my hand not hurt you.”

Billy’s heart started pounding even harder. Did this mean she was going to give him a hand-job this time?!

“You sure you want to do this mommy?”

“Oh fuck yes baby. I mean… of course. Anything to help my little boy. You ready?”

“Yes mommy, I’m ready.”

Peggy poured a copious amount of lube on the tip of Billy’s cock and let it cascade down his shaft, and over his balls. She slowly moved her hand toward his cock, heart in her throat in anticipation of felling her young son’s cock in her bare hands for the first time. Peggy gripped him around the middle of the base and immediately felt the strength in it. She had felt it with her feet, but this was different. She could feel how absolutely solid and powerful it was. She began to stroke up and down in very slow motions. Billy’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and was moaning within seconds. She paid attention to every vein along his gorgeous shaft. The veins were very pronounced, as if from his cock straining from growing so incredibly large and thick. Peggy felt her pussy juices leaking out of her, she was so turned on. She increased her speed slightly, never loosening up on her tight grip. She was impressed that Billy had a two hand cock, and she started using both. Billy wriggled in his chair and his moans got louder. Finally he spoke.

“Mommy, I love your hands on my cock! It feels so good! Please don’t ever stop!”

Peggy smiled. She had him hooked, if he wasn’t already. She knew talking dirty would help him along, and even though she would have loved to stroke him for hours, she could see he was ready to shoot anyways.

Peggy leaned forward so the top of her tits could be seen, and she got his attention.

“Billy, look at these.”

Billy opened his eyes and stared at his mother’s tit’s.

“That’s it baby boy. Give mommy what she wants. Give her what she needs. She needs it so bad baby. Give mommy that tasty cream.”

Peggy started jacking him hard and fast.

“Here it comes mommy, all for you. I LOVE YOU!”

And with that Billy exploded, shooting his first cum-shot a foot into the air. One spurt after another came out. Peggy kept milking his cock in her hand until not a single drop was left to come out. Billy was breathing heavy and looked completely spent. He looked his mother over.

“Mommy, I’m so sorry. I got my cum on you. It’s on your left knee, some got in your hair, and there some on your skirt!”

“It’s OK baby, I don’t mind at all. I just have to clean us up now.”

“Do you want me to grab a towel?”

“No we don’t need one right now. I’ve got this.”

With that Peggy took her middle and index finger, and scooped up the cum that had landed on her skirt, and put it in her mouth. Billy’s eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. His mother had just taken his cum from her skirt and put it in her mouth. Peggy proceed to do the same with the cum on her hair and on her knee. Then she looked down at her son’s now softening cock, her right hand still wrapped around the shaft.

“Hmm. Looks like mommy’s hand is covered in your cum. No problem.”

Peggy let go of Billy’s cock and brought it up to her face with a smile.

“I told you mommy wanted your thick, sweet, creamy cum.”

Peggy started licking her hand, the whole time keeping her eyes on Billy, who was intently watching her slurp all him cum off her hand. She even sucked each finger to make sure she got every string of jizz webbing up her fingers.

“Do you want to go wash up now Billy.”

Billy just nodded yes and stumbled from the table. He slowly walked up the stairs while thinking to himself,

“She said before, when she was giving me a foot-job that she wanted my thick, sweet, creamy cum. I figured she was just talking dirty to get me off. But she said it again now. It’s like she had tasted it before. But how could she possibly have ever gotten any of my…”

Billy’s memory kicked in and he gasped.

“Oh my God! Mommy’s flat!”

To Be Continued…

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