Mommie and Her Lance Ch. 06

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Author’s note: I thought I was done with this story. But apparently not. I’ve edited the previous two chapters a little, you might want to glance at the new version which should be posted by now. Just a few tweaks, nothing major.

But it allowed it to be a little easier to add on to the story.

So here we go.

(With a nod to Tacocarnitas for the inspiration. A number of my readers have requested an “incest story’. Here it is.)

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o )

Mommie and Lance had just finished their morning routine which consisted of Mommie waking Lance by ministering to his morning hard on until he blew his first load of the morning down her throat. He would then provide his Mommie with the morning pick-me-up that she needed each day.

After having a few orgasms and again milking his dick of all the cum that she could they adjourned to the bathroom to clean up.

“Honey, you take a shower first,” Mommie instructed Lance. “I’ll take mine a little later. And while I’m getting cleaned up I need you to lay out an outfit for me to wear today. Remember, we have that monthly home visit from the School Psychologist to evaluate your home schooling experience.

“Aw, Mommie, you know that’s just her way of keeping an eye on me. I think she still wants to have me try to jam my rock hard cock up her little pussy!”

“Well, I’m not saying your wrong, honey. What woman wouldn’t want to feel you cram that massive dick into her sopping wet pussy? It’s wonderful! And if we want to keep up our acclimation we have to keep her happy. So we’ll play along so do as I say, okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Are you sure you don’t want to shower with me, Mommie?” he turned so that she could see his half hard dick as it swung heavily in front of him.

“Oh, not today, darling.” With an effort she forced herself to look away from his massive prick. As much as she wanted to fall to her knees and worship his gigantic prick she needed to stay on schedule. “We’ll have plenty of time to fuck, ah, I mean, get acclimated to each other later today, Lance.”

A little later Mommie got out of her shower and stepped into her bedroom. On the bed was an array of clothing.

“Oh, this is precious,” she remarked as she examined the selection that Lance had made. “He really likes to see me show off!”

Slowly she slid the dark hose up her long legs and attached them to the garter belt she had put on moments before. There were no panties. She was sure that was not by accident. The massive bra, with more material than any two “normal” bras was almost too small to provide any support for her massive mounds. It only covered about one third of the expansive globes she so proudly displayed. Instead the bra forced her hemispheres close together to form an epic cleavage. There was a single closure between her breasts.

Slipping into the blouse she discovered that, no surprise here, almost the entirety of that cleavage was on display. When she buttoned the blouse all but the last inch or two of cleavage was clearly visible. When she moved she was sure that anyone would be able to see her enormous tits flex and bounce. Even breathing would create fetching movement in her bosom. Experimentally she pressed her tits together with her elbows and judged the results in the mirror. Huge mounds of breast flesh were pushed up, over the edges of the bra cups.

“Oh, Lance will love that!” she murmured.

Mommie had to shimmy and do a few little hops to get the skirt over her hips. The resultant reaction of her vast bosom was all that Lance could have hoped for. Once on, the hip-high slit allowed her leg to be seen almost in its entirety. Facing the mirror Mommie struck a few poses to judge the results. It didn’t really matter she decided. No matter how she stood her incredible tits drew almost all the attention. From behind her pert buttocks drew some attention away from the projection of her massive mounds on either side of her torso. She looked sexy as hell, she decided.

‘Maybe I should let Lance pick out all my outfits,’ she giggled to herself.

She made her way downstairs. Entering the kitchen she found Lance finishing a bowl of cereal. He looked up and his entire face lit up with excitement as he watched her sashay across the tile floor.

“Gosh! You look even sexier than I imagined” he gushed.

“Well, thank you, honey. I feel sexy in this outfit. You did a good job of picking out a teasing outfit. You know how I love to tease you, Lance!” She took a moment to shimmy her shoulders at him. The movement almost caused her breasts to leap to their freedom. His eyes were locked on the movement of her tits until they grew still.

“Well, I’m planing on working out this morning,” he told her as he placed his bowl in the dishwasher. “Call me when Ms. Grosenbusen gets here, won’t you?” He was out the door before she could reply.

Several hours later the door bell ankara escort rang. Mommie glanced out the window, to confirm that it was the School Psychologist, Ms. Grosenbusen. She was a few minutes early. Bundled up against the chilly weather she stood on the door step.

“Lance!” Mommie called, “It’s Ms. Grosenbusen! Time to stop working out and come meet us in the living room, honey!”

When Lance walked into the room Mommie and Ms. Grosenbusen were sitting at each end of the couch. Automatically Mommie sat up straighter, jutting her improbable bosom out in front of her. Her glance at him turned into a stare when she saw Lance was still in his workout clothes. Unthinkingly she licked her lips.

The sweatshirt he was wearing had the arms cut off and had been cropped to expose his well muscled abdomen. Sweat glistened on his arms as well as his well developed six pack. His shorts might not have been so tight if he did not have such a large set of genitalia. His balls and semi hard cock pulled the seams of his shorts taut. His masculine bulge was most impressive!

Stepping over his Mommies legs he sat between the women. Mommie in her enticing outfit that he had selected was the epitome of sexual allure. She always was. And as always she was doing everything she could to emphasize her sexy nature. Her upper arms pressed against the outside of her bosom to deepen her cleavage. She was brushing her finger tips across the skin of her breasts. As if she needed to draw attention to them! She smiled warmly as Lance kissed her cheek in greeting. She stopped her self from reaching out to caress Lance’s enormous shaft, but it took an effort.

Ms. Grosenbusen, still bundled up in her coat nodded a greeting to Lance and then stood up.

“Let me slip out of this coat,” she said. “It’s still cold out side, you know.”

Untying the belt she slipped the coat down her arms. Her shapely form was encased in a slightly too tight blouse and a slightly too short mini skirt. She was wearing her medium length hair pulled back into a pony tail and her green eyes sparkled at them both from behind heavy rimmed glasses. She looked like a porno-parody of an oversexed teacher.

The welt of her stockings could just be seen peeking out from under the hem of her micro-mini skirt. And there was a flash of smooth thigh as she sat down again.

Making a show of pulling her skirt down Ms. Grosenbusen managed to display even more leg to the other two. Her legs crossed at the ankles she wore a pair of sky high stiletto heels which made her shapely legs look even better!

She referred to the portfolio that she had in her lap.

“I must say,” she started, “that I am impressed with the obvious effort you two have put into the academic portion of the Home Schooling Curricula that you submitted last month. The essays and test results have been uniformly excellent!”

Mommie and Lance smiled at each other. They were holding hands as they listened to Ms. Grosenbusen as she went on.

“I’m pleased that things have gone so well. Some times there can be situations where students and parents think that home schooling is a free pass to do what ever they like.” Her voice reflected her disdain for people who took such shortcuts.

“But I am much more interested in the, shall we say, ‘non-academic’ issues that you are dealing with. At the start of the academic year Lance, you were acting extremely inappropriately with some of your class mates. Specifically the young ladies with the more developed secondary sexual characteristics.”

Lance looked to his Mommie with a question in his eyes.

“She means that you were groping girls with big tits, Lance.” Mommie explained while jutting her own improbably large boobs in his direction. They bounced fetchingly as both Ms. Grosenbusen and Lance watched.

“Um yes. Exactly,” Ms. Grosenbusen also puffed up her Triple D chest causing one button to pop while stress lines appeared between all the other buttons. She was not even close to the staggering measurements of Mommie, but she was not flat chested by any means.

Ms. Grosenbusen rested her hand on Lance’s thigh as she continued. When he glanced down Lance saw that her long nails were painted a bright red to match her lipstick.

“At the time I theorized that the reason for this was something I called “Late Onset Adolescence” caused, in part, by the fact that your Mommie had never allowed you to be exposed, that is, to learn what a woman could look like.” She glanced down at her own significantly busty figure. Noticing the button that had come adrift she took a moment to re-button her blouse.

Putting the portfolio in her lap she resumed speaking while resting both hands on Lance’s thigh.

“I advised your Mommie to make an effort to be more open, more inclusive if you will, in dressing so that these issues would not be so mysterious to you, Lance. I’m so pleased to see that she had followed my advice. And to such an, um, enormous, I mean, so well.” She was staring escort ankara at the cleavage shown by Mommie’s blouse. Her fingernails were scratching up and down his inner thigh which caused his semi rigid dick to gain heft and stiffness. His growing erection pushed up, forcing the hem of his pant leg to rise. This allowed Ms. Grosenbusen to caress more of his well muscled thigh.

“I wonder, Ms. Halbert if you could tell me a little about how you began to approach these issues with Lance and tell me how you feel you two are progressing?” Both hands were stroking Lance’s thigh. Her scratching was causing Lance’s shaft to continue to engorge.

Mommie smiled sweetly at Lance. Moving closer to him she placed her arm around him, drawing him to her and pressing her massively huge tit against his side. She was watching the results of Ms.G’s handiwork on Lance’s thigh.

Taking a deep breath she made sure that Lance could feel her stiff nipple press against his upper arm.

“Well, at first I started by no longer wearing layers of clothes as I had done. Then, I saw that Lance was, um, getting an erect.. I mean Lance was noticing the difference .

“Somewhat to my own surprise I found that I was reacting to how he was noticing my efforts to be more open with him about my looks.

“As a result, in an attempt to further our progress, I started to wear clothing that not only did not hide myself but showcased my appearance. Particularly the appearance of my upper, um, my huge ti… that is, my torso.” She smiled to her self as she recalled those early days of her and Lance’s acclimatization process. Unconsciously she shimmied her shoulders. Her breasts rocked back and forth as Lance and Ms. Grosenbusen watched in awe.

“What I discovered was that Lance was profoundly interested in the male/female dichotomy. And that he, like myself as a female, occupied an extreme position on the sexual spectrum.

“Lance had, I discovered, unusually over-sized genitalia. And I felt that we should be come acclimated to each other.” She smiled to herself as she recalled the hand jobs, the cock sucking sessions and the other various ministrations she had provided his massive cock and balls.

“I found that by dressing in a provocative manner I was able to induce more and more opportunities for our acclimation process to proceed.”

In fact she had begun to dress in more and more slutty clothes, teasing Lance to erection after erection as she wobbled her giant tits in his face. He had sprung boners multiple times a day as her dress became more and more exciting. And they had ‘acclimated’ time and again ; tit fucking, hand jobs, blow jobs and just plain fucking!

Mommie reached down and grasped Lance’s now throbbing erection.

Ms. Grosenbusen gasped to herself as she saw how long and thick his dick had become. ‘What a prong’, she thought. It wasn’t the first time she had seen it. In fact, she had had an even closer encounter with Lance and his lance just over a month ago. But she had not remembered that he was THIS long, THIS thick!

“So, Lance and I have been diligent in becoming acclimated to each other. He needs to learn, to appreciate, the feminine form that I so fully represent. And I need to become acclimated to how Lance represents the male essence in all of it’s magnificent glory!” Her voice was a husky lust filled moan as she finished. She was staring at Lance’s huge dick under his shorts. There was a damp spot forming where the end of his prick bulged through the fabric. The head was pushing the fabric far past his hip and pulling all the seams to the breaking point.

“I’d love to see, that is, if you wouldn’t mind, could you demonstrate, show me, how well you have become acclimated?” asked the aroused School Psychologist. Lance was the most masculine example she had ever seen. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘look at the sheer SIZE of that thing!’

“We would love to, wouldn’t we, Lance?” Mommie smiled at her son.

“Sure if you say so, Mommie!” It was obvious that Lance hadn’t followed the conversation. Understandable as his Mommie was pushing one of her gigantically huge tits up against him while Ms. Grosenbusen was clawing at his thigh, almost panting as she gazed at his erection.

“Okay, Lance. Stand up and turn to face us, honey.”

‘Christ! That thing is over a foot long!’ thought Ms. Grosenbusen. ‘Look at that, that…’ words failed her until she recalled the description she had first used. ‘Look at that MONSTER dick!’ Standing in front of her was a young man whose shorts only just covered his genitalia. Gonads as big as tennis ball framed the base of a shaft that she could only guess the size of!

“Would you like to do the honors?” asked Mommie as she smiled at Ms. Grosenbusen

“Me? Damn right!” she didn’t try to conceal her eagerness. Reaching out with both hands she pulled the waistband of his shorts straight out. To her surprise his dick did not spring out. Instead it was still entangled in the fabric. She glanced at Mommie ankara escort bayan who was smiling at her.

“You might have to work a little for it, Ms. Grosenbusen” she told her.

“No kidding,” she responded with a smile.

Holding the waistband away from his body she reached in with her other hand. Grasping the mighty shaft she pulled and tugged until it bent just enough to snap out. Too thick for her to surround with one hand Lance’s prick jutted straight up, quivering. The shaft was so stiff that it hugged his muscular abdomen. His dick head was now hidden by his cropped shirt. From the waistband of his shorts to the bottom of his shirt his rock hard dick, thicker than her wrist, pulsed in front of her. She could see about eight inches of the massive dick.

“Oh, God, oh God, oh God,” she was moaning. Reaching up she pulled his shirt off to reveal his fist sized dick head where is throbbed almost reaching his sternum. “Oh, GOD! What a fucking prick,” she groaned in excitement.

One hand was gripping his shaft half way up while the other dragged his shorts off and tossed them across the room.

Ms. Grosenbusen could feel her pussy leaking onto the sofa cushion as she gaped at the magnificent ball sack that swung arrogantly below his fuck shaft.

“I think I should take over now,” interrupted Mommie just before Ms. Grosenbusen was about to begin worshiping Lance’s gargantuan cock.

‘Um, yes. Yes, of course. You were going to show me how well acclimated you and Lance have become.” Reluctantly she moved over a few inches to let Mommie slide in front of Lance.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he?” asked Mommie.

Ms. Grosenbusen could only nod in agreement. She never took her eyes off of him. He in turn, was smiling down at his Mommie while she stroked him with both hands.

“Well, I told you that we have been quite diligent in trying to acclimate to each other’s uniqueness. I’ve tried to develop the skills needed to provide Lance with relieve on a regular basis.” If ‘regular basis’ meant several times a day!

“It’s taken me a long time but I’m very proud of how far we have come. Now, watch this!” there was pride in her voice as she spoke.

Pursing her lips, Mommie kissed the top of Lance’s dick head. Using her lips and tongue she slurped up the precum that was coming up from his balls so far below.

Smiling up at Lance, Mommie ran her tongue around the head of his cock several times letting her saliva drip down the shaft.

Without further ado Mommie pushed her head down the first several inches of his dick. Pulling his dick closer to horizontal she thrust her self forward and back. Again and again she pushed her mouth and throat down and down toward his oversized balls. She was absorbing his dick head and several inches of that magnificent shaft with out any problem.

“God, I love this dick, Lance, honey. You have the biggest, bestest big dick! I love to swallow it! I love to make you cum. So don’t make me wait, darling!”

She went back to work. Even harder and harder she pushed and pulled herself up and down his cock. In moments Ms. Grosenbusen could see Mommie’s throat expand as she started to deep throat his elephantine penis. In complete amazement she watched as Mommie slowly, slowly, took every bit that Lance had to offer.

Over a foot of dick was pressed down her throat. And Mommie was loving it! She was looking up at Lance worshipfully as she worked. Back and forth she went. Again and again until Lance was groaning and moaning in lust!

She popped his dick out of her mouth for a moment. “Now, Lance, Now! Feed your Mommie all your lovely cum! Fill me up with all that warm delicious jism!”

She took him back into her mouth and stroked him as fast as she could with both hands.

“Mommie, I’m cumming! Mommie, I can’t hold back anymore!” he groaned.

Mommie never stopped working. She was holding his dick on her lower lip while smiling into his eyes.


With howls of ecstasy Lance erupted into Mommie’s mouth. Again and again, rope after rope of jism filled her mouth to be swallowed just as quickly. She never fell behind. She kept up with the largest, longest eruption of cum that Ms. Grosenbusen could imagine. Eight, nine, ten times he spewed cum into her mouth!

Smiling in triumph, Mommie licked her lips, making sure that she didn’t miss any of his sperm. Not a drop soiled her blouse, skirt or decolletage. Dabbing neatly at the corners of her mouth Mommie turned to Ms. Grosenbusen

“That’s one example of how well Lance and I have become acclimated. If you would like we would be happy to show you many other ways that we have had success. I’m particularly pleased with how well Lance has learned to prepare his partner and provide a satisfying experience for her.” She stopped for a moment’s thought.

“Perhaps you would benefit from experiencing his abilities yourself? So that you can properly evaluate his ongoing acclimation to attractive members of the opposite sex?”

Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary,” Ms. Grosenbusen put up a token resistance. Was Mommie really suggesting that she and Lance engage in some sort of tryst? She couldn’t wait!

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