David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 05

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The days following Vivienne’s wedding were busy. Business was picking up and my appointment book was getting full. I really needed an assistant fairly soon.

I had finished the outfit of the studio. Reception, office, an area to do photo or video shoots. The place wasn’t big, but it would suffice. Most of my work would take me out of the place anyway.

It was Wednesday, and I been on the mobile all morning. It rang again.

“Wilde photography,” I answered.

“Hello? Mr. Wilde?” came a lilting female voice.

“David Wilde speaking,” I responded.

“Oh, Mr. Wilde. My name is Aleksandra Roberts. I believe you spoke to my sister Amber about some work you might available?”

Her voice was like silk.

“Yes, yes,” I stumbled for words. “Ummm, Amber told me that you were finishing a degree and looking for a position that involved photography?”

“Oh yes!” she replied enthusiastically. “It’s really difficult to find decent work in the field at the moment.”

“Listen, I’ve got time later this afternoon if you’d like to come in for a chat? Bring a portfolio of your work if you can.”

“Yes, yes, I can do that. What time would suit you?” she responded, the eagerness evident in her voice.

“About six if you could. It’s after hours so that way we won’t be disturbed.”

“Oh! Thank you Mr. Wilde, thank you so much!”

“David, please, call me David.”

“Thank you so much David!”

I gave her the address and hung up the phone, remembering my last sight of Alex was in the photo in the lounge of her house. The image of her burning into my brain as I came deep into her mother’s pussy.

Not the best preparation for an interview. Keep it professional David as I chided myself.

The rest of the afternoon passed with less intensity, allowing me to complete a number of tasks without having a phone glued to my ear.

The chime on the door sounded. I looked up at the clock on the wall of my office. Six o’clock. I jotted a few more notes before they departed my head forever and stepped out to see my visitor.

I rounded the corner and stopped.

She was standing there in the reception looking at the display of some of my best work arrayed on the walls.

Her position was half profile to me allowing a good view of her face and form. The image of her in real life put the photo of her to shame.

I stared in awe. She was tall, despite the high heels. Her dark grey business suit accentuating her slender form. The top held with a single button near the waist, a pure white blouse underneath pushing out slightly with the swell of her breasts.

The skirt finished mid-thigh on bare, well-defined long athletic legs. The bulge of her calves complementing the musculature of her thighs.

My eyes drifted up to her face. Her raven hair fell straight by the sides of her face to the top of her chest and an equal distance down her back. The fringe cut directly across just above her eyebrows.

Large eyes looked out atop high set cheekbones that gave her face a beautiful and delicate look. A strong but feminine jaw line sat beneath full lips and a sculpted nose. Her lips pouted slightly as she examined the images before her.

She exuded sensuality.

“You should be in front of a camera, not behind one,” I said.

She snapped out of her reverie and turn to me.

“Oh! Mr. Wilde, I didn’t see you there!” she exclaimed.

“I’m sorry if I startled you,” I said apologetically. “Please, call me David.”

“David,” she said as she walked towards me, the high heels of her shoes clicking gently on the hard floor, accentuating the alluring roll of her gait.

“I’m Aleksandra Roberts. Alex to my friends.”

“I’m pleased to me you Alex,” I said reaching out my hand. “I can call you Alex?”

“Please do,” she replied as she took my hand and shook it and a beautiful smile spread across her face.

The palm of her hand was warm and soft, her grip firm. I liked that.

As I held her hand I let my index and middle fingers rest on the inside of her wrist, feeling the soft skin there beneath the pads.

Our eyes connected. She had the brightest green eyes, flecked with hazel that looked out warmly beneath thin black eyebrows and raven-haired fringe.

I could have stared into them for all eternity.

Releasing my grip, her hand slid slowly away, fingers trailing down my palm, sending a shiver of excitement up my arm and down into my groin.

“Please, come this way,” I said, trying to regain composure. “We can talk in my office.”

I showed her in and directed her to a lounge seat.

“Excuse me for a moment. I’ll lock the front door so we aren’t disturbed.”

I locked the door and poured two glasses of water from the fountain. Entering my office I saw she had placed a large folder of her work on the coffee table before her. I sat down opposite, placing the glasses to one side.

She sat upright; hands folded neatly in her lap, legs together and leant to one side.

“Do you have your resume with you?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s bizimkent escort just inside here,” as she opened the folder and reached for some papers.

Handing them to me I quickly scanned the document.

Aleksandra Roberts, twenty-three, car and bike license. I raised an eyebrow slightly. Education, primary, high school, university. Work experiences, mostly part time work, generally unrelated to her studies. Academic results, very impressive.

“Very good,” I commented. “Your results are outstanding.”

She smiled and blushed slightly. “Thank you. Would you like to see some of my work?”

“Please,” I replied encouragingly.

We spent the better part of the next hour looking through her project and private work, discussing various aspects of the shots and getting a good picture of her technical ability.

I gave her a run down of the business and its scope.

“I love your work Alex,” I complimented. “You have a great eye for detail and a wonderful artistic flair. Your use of lighting is especially nice.”

She blushed. “Thank you David.”

“I’d like to take you onboard, at least part-time if that’s ok?”

“Really?” she queried excitedly. She leant forward, her eyes opening wider and her pupils dilated as looked directly at me.

My groin stirred. It was getting a little warm in the room, or so it felt.

I nodded in affirmation.

“Oh! Yes! That would be awesome!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Great! Work out your availability and we can go from there. Would you like a little drink to celebrate? I have a few beers in the fridge if that’s ok?”

“Beer is fine,” she responded. “It’s kinda warm in here so a cool drink would be nice.

“Ummm, is there a ladies I could use? The glass of water has gone right through me!” she added with a little blush.

“Sure, down the hallway, door on the left. It leads to the toilets for this set of units. Can’t miss them.”

“Thanks!” and she trotted lightly off, my eyes following the sway of her hips as she left the room.

Alex returned a few minutes later and once again sat opposite me. I offered her a beer and as she leant forward to take it I noticed her blouse was unbuttoned down below her sternum. No bra was evident. Her arm reached out and the top bloomed outwards giving me a clear view of her naked breast underneath.

It was perfect. Her orb hung down off her chest, beautifully curving upwards to a slightly erect nipple surrounded by a dark small areola.

My heart pounded in my chest and I tore my eyes off the sight with difficulty and locked them with her own large green eyes, a smile was on her lips.

“Congratulations!” I said heartily as we clinked the bottles together and drank. She put the bottle to her lips and raised it, exposing her throat, the long line of skin from her jaw to sternum drawing me in to the soft heavy breasts hidden just beneath her loose top.

My cock started to throb. I had been sitting with this goddess for over an hour now, so close and yet so far. The heady scent of her perfume was playing with my senses, making me a little giddy.

“I see you have a motorbike license,” I said, trying to take my mind off her chest. “Do you have a bike?”

“I couldn’t afford one,” she replied. “I’ve got a scooter instead, just to get to uni and back and to visit friends. I use mum’s car if I need to carry more or it’s raining.

“Amber tells me you have a motorbike.”

“Yes, a Ducati ST4S. A nice sports tourer. I can load it with panniers and a gear pack for a weekend getaway, or have a bit of fun with it in the twisties.”

Her eyes lit up and her legs parted slightly. I caught a glimpse of smooth inner thighs leading to white panties.

“You must have a lot of fun on it,” she replied with eagerness.

“More than you might imagine!” I blurted out. The beer was affecting me more than it should. The warmth of the room, her perfume and sight of her naked breast making me careless.

“Really?” she asked with a smile on her face.

I blushed and she continued. “I can imagine a lot. Amber said the throb of a big engine between her legs was quite a turn on.”

I wondered how much Amber had told Alex.

Her legs parted further, giving me a clear view of her panty-covered mound. Plump labia bulged against the material, a dark spot forming lower down as moisture leaked from her pussy.

My chest thumped as she put her empty bottle down and stood up, walking around the coffee table to stand in front of me. Her skirt covered groin inches from my face.

I swear I could smell her sex, mixed with her perfume. The combination working my libido into overdrive.

I looked up at her and her eyes connected to mine.

“Think I can have a ride?” she purred in a low voice.

My hand moved of its own volition, stroking up her calf, to the back of her knee and thigh. I held it there, gripping her lightly just under her buttock.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she sighed softly, closing her eyes and tilting her head back a little.

Leaning bostancı escort forward I slid my free hand up her other leg, pulling her body to my face.

My forehead rested just above her pubic mound, pressing on her tight belly. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, savoring her scent through the skirt and massaged the back of her legs directly where they joined her body.

“Ohhhhhh! God that feels nice,” she purred, hands reaching for my head, fingers gripping my hair.

I continued my ministrations, working my fingers into the muscles of the joint as she held me and started to make little thrusting movements with her hips.

Positioning a hand further around I let the middle finger graze the base of her panty-covered sex, feeling the dampness on my skin.

“Mmmmmmmmm, oh! Don’t stop! Fuck, that is sooooo nice!” she said throatily.

I kept up my massage on her, the dampness increasing on her panties. My cock was stiffening uncomfortably in my jeans, the seating position restricting its growth.

I dropped a hand away from her leg as the other kept stroking her sex lips and bought it around her back searching for the zip of the skirt.

Alex responded to my movement and withdrew her hands from my hair and deftly reached behind and unlatched and unzipped the garment. Her hands quickly returned to my head.

The fine woven skirt slipped to the floor as I pulled my head off her belly. The scent from her pussy wafted up almost unrestricted. The white panty thong was almost completely soaked with her juice. A clear outline of her labia outlined against the clinging material.

Grasping both sides of it I slowly peeled it off her hips. The string eased over her firm round behind leaving the material over her mound to slowly fall off. As I pulled down more the last remaining piece clung to her sex lips, reluctant to part.

A final tug and it fell to the floor.

I viewed the treasure before me. There were no tan lines. A long thin strip of black pubic hair ran directly down to the top of her slit, pointing the way to the hairless lips below.

Thick labia protruded out towards me. Like her sister she had beautiful inner lips, but tinged dark at the edges. I leant forward and breathed deeply of her scent.

The sweet musky odor drove into my brain fuelling my desire even more.

God! She was gorgeous!

Grasping her naked butt cheeks in my hands I pulled her to me as I leant back in the sofa, guiding her body so she was standing on the cushion over me. The semi reclined position immediately released the pressure on my cock and it expanded out along my hip drawing a sigh of relief from me.

Holding her buttocks in my hands I guided her pussy down onto my mouth, my tongue reaching out to her swollen glistening sex.

Alex steadied herself and lowered her pussy to my face. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I wrapped my lips around her whole bulging vulva and sucked it gently into my hot cavity.

“OH! Fuck! Yessssss!” she hissed.

I sucked harder, pulling more of her into me and lashed my tongue along her lips.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she panted as her knees pushed into the cushions next to my head and her strong fingers gripped my hair pulling my face hard to her cunt.

The feel of all of her labia in my mouth was overpowering and I alternately released the suction and reapplied it as my tongue lapped near her hole.

“Oh shit! Eat my pussy David. Eat my cunt. Aghhhhhhh!” her cries ended in a strangled sound.

Gradually I released her vulva from my sucking mouth and licked the whole area, relishing the feel of her delicate sex skin between my lips as I tongued them.

“Mmmmmmm, that is so fucking nice. Keep on eating my pussy,” she moaned.

I moved in for the kill. Sliding my tongue up the cleft of her inner labia I wrapped my lips around the protruding clitoris, now exposed from its hood. I sucked it in gently.

“Oh GOD!” she cried and bucked her hips, grinding her mound into my face. I held her buttocks firmly, pulling them apart slightly and ran a finger down over her anus to the sensitive area beyond and circled it.

“Oh fuck! David! I think I’m gunna cum!” she panted. Pussy juice ran from her hole like a river, down my finger and soaking my palm.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and stroked strongly under it with the tip of my tongue as I placed my drenched finger against her anus and rimmed it.

“AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the wail cracked from her throat as she tensed and then shuddered strongly. Her anal hole pulsing on the tip of my finger as I continued to circle it.

She held like that for an eternity till her body suddenly slumped and I released her from my mouth, moving my hands to grip behind her thighs and steady her.

She panted above me, struggling to regain breath. All I could smell was her deep sex scent, now triggering an irresistible urge to mate with her.

As she gained strength, I released her legs and undid my belt and lowered the zip. Pushing the garment from my legs büyükçekmece escort my rock hard erection sprang up, wobbling from side to side.

Alex looked down at it and then at me, her eyes wild. Bending at the knees she slowly lowered her groin to my throbbing shaft.

I looked at my chest. It was soaked in her juices. I then looked at hers. The blouse had opened as she squatted down, her perfect swollen orbs dangling freely behind the material.

She laced her fingers around the back of my neck as I held my cock in position until her pulsing hole touched my bloated knob.

“Fuck me Alex,” I said looking into her eyes. “Fuck my cock with your pussy.”

A smile played at her lips and closing her eyes she eased her body down on me.

As wet as she was, her entrance resisted me.

“God! Your knob is so big!” she exclaimed.

Rising up slightly, she let her breath out slowly and lowered down again. The tight ring of the entrance wrapped around my glans like a hot slippery glove and as she sunk further down I felt her incredible tightness hold my manhood like a fist.

“Ohhhhhhh! Alex, you are so fucking tight! God, that is nice!”

“Mmmmmmmm,” she purred. “You are opening me up like I’ve never felt before!”

She rose up again, just keeping the bloated knob inside her pussy and then slowly lowered down again, this time enveloping more of me.

“This is incredible! Your cock feels sooooo good!”

I looked down to where we were joined. Her fat outer labia bulged large between her legs, the girth of my cock stretching her hole and causing her clitoral hood to protrude out far from her vulva. I could see the tip of the glistening clitoris peeking out.

My hands moved between us pushing apart the open blouse as she thrust gently up and down, enjoying my girth inside of her. I grasped a pendulous orb in each hand and squeezed gently, feeling the weight and silky soft skin in my palms.

“Ohhhh yesssss!” she hissed. “Play with my nipples. They are so horny right now.”

I pulled and rolled her long and very erect nipples. Her cunt spasmed on my cock.

“Aghhhhhhhhh!” she grunted and threw her head back, raven hair creating a shimmering halo around her crown before falling back into place.

She picked up the pace of her thrusts, penetrating me deeper into her slick tunnel with each motion.

Suddenly she stopped on one down stroke, leaving the last inch of me still outside her sex. I looked her in the eyes. She looked back, staring through me, pussy pulsing around my organ.

With a final move, she dropped her weight onto me, impaling my shaft fully into her.

“AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried and pulled me close.

Her cunt clamped around my cock with a vice like grip as she climaxed. Every muscle in her body seizing up.

I was at the end of my tether.

“FUCK! ALEX! I’m gunna cum” I screamed.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes! Fuck! Fuck! Cum in my pussy. Cum in my fucking pussy!” she sobbed as her cunt spasmed uncontrollably on my throbbing cock.

Semen gushed from the head of my cock as my loins tightened up, the muscles deep within pumping my fluid into her pulsing tunnel.

My hands gripped her breasts hard as we came together in a duet of orgasmic bliss.

I held rigid, impaling her body as the last of my cum splashed against the walls of her pussy then slumped, spent entirely.

“Ohhhhhh shit!” she grunted as the last of her shudders ceased. Her head fell to my shoulder and we held close, breathing hard, trying to recover.

I was buried in her completely, the spasms of her orgasm still firing in her pussy. It felt delicious on my turgid flesh as the tremors triggered my own cock to flex within her.

“Oh god!” she whispered next to my ear. “I’ve never been so full with a man before. It feels incredible.”

“I can feel your heartbeat through my knob,” I whispered back.

She shuddered and her pussy gripped me hard again.

“Oh fuck! I just came again!” she whispered with difficulty. “That’s never happened like that before! Kiss me David!”

Our mouths met, tongues intertwining. I left a hand on her breast, caressing it gently and moved the other hand to her buttocks, kneading the tight flesh.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned into my mouth and ground her pussy around on my cock. I felt more semen leak out into her.

She pulled her mouth off mine. “Oh! David, I can’t believe how hot and big you feel inside my pussy. And so wet! Fuck it feels good.”

She thrust her mouth down on mine again as she rocked her hips to and fro slightly. I could feel the end of her vagina, milking my glans, sending electric bolts down into my groin.

As we kissed deeply, I moved my middle finger underneath her and felt for where we joined. I stroked and pressed the slippery area.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned again into to mouth, trying to thrust her tongue into my throat. The rocking of her hips increased. She was almost panting in my mouth with the effort.

I squeezed her breast, and drew my finger up to her anus, slipping the wet digit up to the second knuckle.

Her mouth clamped on mine, tongue lapping at my tonsils as she tensed up and climaxed again on me, with my finger thrusting into her soft tight anal passage.

She came down quickly, seemingly spent. I put my arms around her and held her close as she recovered.

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