Cruising Altitude: Cloud 9

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Shelby lifted her purple carry-on suitcase up towards the overhead compartment. I really do need to pack lighter like Mark always says. She thought angrily to herself as she struggled to get it up to the compartment. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips as her 5’2″ height also did not help at all in the process of trying to get the bag to the compartment.

“Here let me help you with that,” a calm masculine voice behind her said as he reached above her head and pushed her bag into the overhead bin. “Is there anything else I can help you with, ma’am?”

Shelby spun around to face her savior. She was face to face with the sturdy chest of a man in a light blue button down shirt with a dark blue and red tie and a nametag that read “Stefan.” She raised her eyes up to his face to see light brown eyes and a brown complexion. His jawline had a stunning five o’clock shadow on, enhancing a strong jaw line. His clean cut short hair emphasized a perfectly shaped head. Shelby smiled, her ice blue eyes meeting his creamy milk chocolate ones.

“No, I’m good, thank you,” she muttered as she lowered her gaze and slid into her first class seat by the window. She sat down and wondered why he stood there a little longer and didn’t walk away. He reached up and closed the overhead door where her luggage was and she could smell the sweet, spicy sent of his cologne. He then walked away.

As he walked up front to the front of the plane, Shelby couldn’t help but look at him as he walked. His sharply ironed pants hugged his legs perfectly, his ass the perfect plump shape. His blue shirt was perfectly ironed and crisp, but she could see the outline of strong shoulders and forearms pushing through the fabric. Shelby shifted in her seat, realizing that warm wet liquid had just squeezed out through her pussy into her black lace panties. Shelby smoothed her pencil skirt out over her legs and grabbed the two sides of the seat belt, clicking them together. She looked out through the window to the dark, rainy sky, swallowing hard as her thoughts kept returning to Stefan’s strong shoulders and the shape of his ass. She cleared her throat.

What am I doing? Stop these crazy thoughts, Shelby! She commanded herself. Shelby was on her way to Asheville, NC to meet up with Mark, her fiancé as they looked at a possible wedding venue for the elaborate venue they were destined to have as Mark’s father was one of the wealthiest business men in the southern states. They were also a very traditional conservative family of privilege who didn’t know what it meant to have to work to make a living. Mark had grown up in private school, playing golf and having expensive, business parties at his house where he was able to sneak drinking alcohol and sneaking off with high school girlfriends to his pool house. Shelby shook her head sharply, exhaling at her negative attitude as she thought about everything Mark had grown up with and how her mom had managed to get them to meet in hopes that Shelby would have a better future for both herself and their family as a whole. Shelby’s mom cleaned the house of one of Mark’s father’s business partners. And though they lived a very simple life in a one bedroom apartment, Shelby had always been content growing up, never wanting more than they had.

“Would you like some ice water?” the sound of Stefan’s velvety smooth voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

Shelby once again brought her ice blue eyes to his brown eyes and nodded her head. “Yes, please.” She smiled shyly at him as he handed her a cup of ice water. His light brown hand brushed hers as she took the cup from him. His hand lingered on the cup for a few seconds, his fingertips touching hers. Her skin set ablaze where his fingertips met hers. The heat rushing down her hand and all the way up her arm, the hairs on her arms raising. She pulled the cup away quickly and looked down. What was going on with her? Her skin had never felt so alive. Her heart pounded in her ears and she willed Stefan to go away so he wouldn’t hear.

“Let me know if you need anything else, ok? You can just press the call button and I will come.” Stefan walked slowly away from her.


Stefan allowed his gaze to fall to her perfect ivory legs covered by a light gray pencil skirt that seemed out of place on her, but nonetheless accented her curves beautifully. Her calf muscles were perfectly toned, her creamy skin mesmerizing him. His eyes drifted up to her folded hands, fidgeting fingers as if she could sense his eyes on them. His eyes continued up to her royal purple blouse, unbuttoned enough where he could make out the outline of her black lace bra. He took in a quiet breath and strode bizimkent escort to the next row of people to offer cups of water.

This is going to be a long flight. He thought. His pulse returning to normal as he checked on the other people on the flight.

As he moved to the front of the plane, he glanced once more in her direction, smiling at her looking out into the window. Her blonde hair pulled back from her face in a classy half ponytail, the remainder of her blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders like a waterfall. He gulped and continued up to the front galley of the plane. Stefan closed and sealed the door to the airplane. He then stepped to the red intercom telephone to begin the announcements and emergency protocol for the flight.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for flying AirTo with a direct flight into Asheville, NC. Please turn your attention to the safety protocol as we taxi out onto the runway….” Stefan’s voice trailed off as his eyes met the piercing blue eyes of the beautiful blond woman in the second row of first class. He quickly caught himself and continued through the emergency details as quickly as possible, taking quick glances in her direction, noticing how her ivory skin shown out above the collared shirt, the lace from her bra enticing him. He sat down and buckled his seat belt, still able to see her blond hair above the seat in front of her. He imagined himself kissing her pale neck softly, feeling the warmth of her skin beneath his lips, feeling her body pressed up against his. He shook his head to clear his mind of its wandering. He pushed his hands down his legs to straighten out. That’s when he noticed his swollen cock pushing up through his pants. Mortified, he folded his arms over it, willing it to go away.


Shelby closed her eyes tight as the plane took off. She hated flying. Hated everything about it. She also hated where she was headed and the fact that Mark had gone on ahead of her, not waiting for her to be able to get off from work so that he could travel with her. In her anger with Mark, her thoughts drifted back to Stefan who was sitting at the front in his chair looking uncomfortable and shifting his weight back and forth. As he unbuckled his seatbelt to get up, Shelby noticed the outline of his cock through his black pants. She took a double take, blinking in disbelief. Even just through the pants, it was bigger than any cock she had ever seen. Not that there had been many. A few blowjobs in school to get her initial experiences out of the way. But she had never truly been sexually interested in anyone, not even Mark.

Shelby couldn’t help herself from imagining herself pressed up against Stefan’s rock solid body, his cock getting harder as it pressed into her clothed pussy. She imagined his hands combing through her blond hair, the contrast of his skin against hers. She imagined his fingers brushing her hair off of her cheek as he brought his big plump lips to her mouth. She imagined his fingers unbuttoning her blouse and his soft lips kissing a trail down her neck…his kisses hitting her collar bone and trailing alongside it as her body pushed rhythmically into his, his cock hardening even more. She imagined him kissing lightly along the top of her bra, and pushing her bra down out of the way to expose her light pink, erect nipple.

The hot liquid coming out of her pussy startled Shelby out of her daydream. She blushed and quickly unbuckled her seat belt. Her pussy was pulsating in arousal and need. She grunted at the inconvenience and glanced up to make sure that the bathroom was vacant. Shelby stood up and steadied her unsteady, aroused body. She headed quickly towards the bathroom door to clear her head.


Stefan looked up immediately from the middle of the plane where he was serving snacks and drinks when he heard some rustling towards the front of the plane. He noticed that the beautiful blond woman who he couldn’t stop thinking about had gotten up and was headed to the front towards the bathroom. He watched her steady herself to walk, wondering if she didn’t feel good. He couldn’t help but glance down at her perfectly shaped ass imprinted in the pencil skirt, her hips swaying seductively with each step forward.

He watched as she walked into the bathroom and shut the door. However she didn’t pull the door lock to lock the door shut. He wanted to make sure that she was ok so he headed up to the front of the airplane. He was glad he had the serving apron on across his lap which hid his still bulging cock, Which he could have sworn had swelled even more while he watched her hips sway.

Stefan bostancı escort walked up to the lavatory door and knocked lightly. “Ma’am are you OK?” He asked softly putting his face close to the door. He saw the door start to open and was shocked when the woman reached out and pulled him in by the tie. Stefan stumbled into the lavatory surprised and confused. He stared down at her ice blue eyes looking up at him. Her eyes looked determined and glazed.

The woman reached around him to shut the lavatory door behind them. Their bodies were so close they were nearly touching in the tight space and when she reached around him, her arm grazed over his hard cock that he felt was honestly trying to burst free of it’s clothed cage. As she reached back around him, Stefan was sure that she purposefully grazed his hard cock again, making it jump and pulse even more. He felt his cock release some pre-cum.


Shelby reached around Stefan to shut the lavatory door behind them as she had just pulled him in by his tie. As she reached around him her arm grazed what she assumed was the large hard cock she had seen earlier, only this time he had an apron on as he had been serving refreshments in the back of the plane. Her whole being excited at the feel of his hard cock against her arm. She purposefully drew her arm back around him, making sure to make contact with it again just to be sure that it was indeed what she had felt. She shuddered visibly. Shelby looked up at Stefan and saw that he was smiling at her, his chocolate eyes twinkling mischievously at her.

Shelby took a deep breath. “Look, I…” her voice trailed off as his brown fingers raised up to push a piece of her blond hair out of her face, his fingers gently trailing along her cheek. Shelby looked up at him again, his six foot solid body towering over her. She sucked in a deep breath as he leaned forward and cupping her face kissed her lips with the most velvety soft lips she had ever felt in her life. Shelby’s body ignited at the kiss, her skin getting goosebumps along it. Something awakened within her and Shelby threw her hands up around Stefan’s neck and raised her lips back up to his, standing on her tip toes and bringing her body up against his. She shuddered again as his rock solid cock bumped into her pulsing pussy. Her pussy feeling something she had never felt before. She realized that her pussy was bursting with fluid now and her lace panties were soaked through.

Stefan’s strong hands pulled her body from his as his body also shuddered at them being so close. He looked into her eyes, her eyes pleading with him to not stop. Stefan smiled down at her. He ran his hands up along her hips to the front of her silky blouse. He tugged on the top button, trying to open it so that he could get a better look at the black lacey bra.

Shelby couldn’t handle it any longer…he was taking too long and her body was screaming for him to touch her, to touch her in a way she has always dreamed of being touched by someone. Shelby pushed his hands away, noticing the shocked look on his face as he took a tiny step back. Her lips curled into a sly smile. She untucked her blouse from her pencil skirt and pulled it off, throwing the purple silk to the side. She smiled as Stefan was watching her, his eyes hungrily eating her ivory skin up inch by inch. His eyes lingered on the lace on her black bra. Her ivory skin showing through the see-through lace. Stefan’s hands came out to hold her waist, his thumbs brushing up and down her sides. Shelby leaned in to him, raising her face to his for another kiss. As he leaned down to kiss her lips, she felt the urgency in his own lips as they touched hers, softly and then harder. She melted into his body, and smiled against his lips as he felt her release her bra from her body, the material loosening around her and then falling to the ground. Her bare breasts pressed against his shirt and her nipples hardened at the feel of his solid chest through his shirt.

Shelby reached up and pulled on his tie. Stefan pulled his tie off and helped Shelby in unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off and letting it drop to the side. Shelby ran her fingers lightly over his finely chiseled chest. She reached up to his neck and placed her hands around his neck, pulling his lips down to hers again. Her nipples pressed hard into his chest as his hands placed on her ass pulled her up into him. She groaned at the sensations rippling through her.

Stefan dropped his head to her light pink nipples, and Shelby became completely undone, pressing his head hard onto her nipple. Stefan obliged her and sucked and licked harder at büyükçekmece escort her nipple, nibbling on it as her body pushed up against his, his cock about to explode at touch.


Stefan growled barely audibly as he knew his cock could only handle a tiny bit more of this before he needed to completely take her. Stefan was licking and nibbling at her light pink nipples, his mouth watering for more of her. His cock was becoming increasingly uncomfortable locked inside his pants and leaking cum out into his boxer briefs.

Stefan lowered one hand down to the hem of her skirt, pulling the material up over her perfectly shaped ivory thighs, giving glimpse to her black lace panties and the noticeable wetness soaking through them. He breathed in sharply at the sight. Stefan reached down and cupped her wet pussy with his hand, her back arching away from him at the sensation, and the feel of more warm liquid hitting his palm. Stefan grabbed the fabric harshly and ripped them off of her while he kissed her neckline, his need to be inside of her growing. He placed his hand back down to her wet pussy, the liquid spilling onto his palm. She gasped as he inserted a finger between her plush folds, sliding effortlessly inside of her. Her fingers landed on his belted waist. And she quickly fumbled with his belt as he pushed his fingers into her hole, causing her to gasp. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down his legs. His cock pulsated again in the direction of her bare pussy. She pulled his boxer briefs down to his knees and she gasped in shock as his cock bounced out from it’s prison. He grinned down at her as she steadied his cock with her hand.

“Do you like what you see?” Stefan asked her softly, combing his hands through her hair as she stared.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” She stated. “I’ve never seen a cock this big. I should probably tell you I’ve never had intercourse before, but I want to have intercourse with you…I want you to fuck me with your giant brown cock.” She giggled as she looked up at him. She then leaned down and licked up the white liquid seeping out of the head of his cock. He gasped at the sensation of her soft lips on the head of his cock. She smiled up at him and placed her lips completely around the head of his cock. Her hand running along the length of it. She licked down his cock along the vein that she knew would drive him crazy. She then shoved his cock all the way to the back of her throat, sucking on it like she had never sucked before.

Stefan’s head flew back and he grabbed her hair to push her head further down her cock. His cock began to shake and he knew that if he didn’t stop her he would cum into her mouth. He pulled her off of his cock and wiped a dribble of white liquid off of her lips with his fingers. “I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” he whispered to her. “I want to cum inside of you. I will be gentle.”


Shelby smiled up at him and stood up to wrap her arms around his neck. Stefan’s strong hands grabbed Shelby by the waist and hoisted her up to his waist as she wrapped her legs around him. His cock played with her dripping wet and oh too ready pussy as it moved around it, sliding in and out of the slit between her pussy lips. She was kissing him feverishly now, running her fingers all over his head. She leaned down to nibble on his ear and to whisper to him. “Take me now!” She whispered the command to him.

She felt his one hand reach down to his erect cock. She smiled as she felt him place it against the opening to her soaking wet pussy. He slid the head in, causing her to gasp slightly. He then lowered her body down until his cock filled her entire pussy, reaching all the way to the back wall. She smiled against his lips and bit his bottom lip with her teeth. He growled into her mouth and continued to help her ride his stiff cock, faster and faster. As her nails sunk into the his shoulder muscles, he groaned and she gasped as she felt that she was about to orgasm, his strong arms supporting her as she moved up and down on his giant cock. As she orgasmed, she felt warm liquid fill her pussy, spraying into her from his cock. He held her tightly on top of him as her body weakened and then he lowered her down so her feet could hit the ground. He continued to support her as she regained control of her body.

As they pulled their clothes back on clumsily in the small space of the airplane lavatory, bumping into each other constantly, Shelby giggled. “Do you even know my name, Stefan?”

Stefan looked up at her and smiled. “I don’t.”

“My name is Shelby. I’m going to be staying at the Grove Park Inn, and I would like to see you again. Will you be in town long?”

“I will be here for only two days before I fly back down to Florida.” He said with a sad look on his face.

Shelby reached up and brushed his cheek. “Come with me to the hotel. Stay with me.” Stefan smiled and nodded at her, opening the lavatory door for her to exit through.

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