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I feel you behind me, your chest against my back, your groin against my ass, your legs bent behind mine. Your arm is over me, relaxed and heavy against my waist. I push my ass against you, my back arching into you and you curl around me, your arm pulling me closer, a warm sigh in my hair.

I pull away from you, smiling as you mutter sleepily, but you ease your grip on me and I manage to turn and roll you onto your back without waking you. I pull the blanket off you, my smile turning lecherous as your nude body comes into view, my brows raising appreciatively at what morning has provided me.

I nibble at your ear, kissing along your jaw and down your neck. I pause at that sweet spot where your neck meets your shoulder and I inhale through my nose, my insides clenching at the reek of sex on your skin. I taste you, a low purr building deep in my chest as I take in your scent and I barely resist the urge to bite down before moving on in my exploration.

You sigh and smile in your sleep, so I kiss my way down your chest, along your stomach and over your hip where I bite down, sucking hard until I mark you. I soothe my handiwork, tickling a wet trail across to your groin until my nose nudges your sac. You casino şirketleri squirm beneath me then become still. I wait for your breathing to even out then lap at your balls, my tongue stroking over you delicately, reveling in the smooth feel of you under my lips.

I take one testicle into my mouth, gently suckling and stroking then give the other the same treatment. You move your legs to accommodate me and I move down, licking and sucking more vigorously. I wrap a hand around your hardening cock, my lips and tongue hungry on your balls as I stroke and caress you until your fully erect.

I lick a line up your shaft to the very tip of you, my tongue lapping, my lips teasing and the taste of your seed causes a hot rush of warmth between my legs. I moan around you, whimpering as I work you over, slowly, thoroughly. Your breath is coming in sharp pants, the look of concentration on your face increasing with every stroke of my tongue and lips and I pick up my pace, sucking harder, stroking faster, silently begging for you to wake up and fuck my hungry, wet mouth.

I feel you come alive underneath me, your hips lift and your hands fist in my hair as I take you deep in my mouth. You gasp, moan, gasp casino firmaları some more and I choke a bit as my pussy clenches in anticipation. You thrust up into my mouth and I take you in until I can’t take anymore then you retreat and my lips are sliding along your length, my tongue fluttering and lapping as I try to bring you back in.

I wrap a hand around you, sliding up and down with the bobbing of my head. I take you in deep, until you’re pressing against the back of my throat, then I ease back, swirling my tongue around the tip of your cock before taking you in deep again. I let your hands guide me, let you set a lazy rhythm that quickly builds into something hot and fast, until all I can hear is your sex noises and the wet sounds of my mouth on your dick.

You’re already shaking underneath me, your breath ragged. I peek up at you, smiling at the rumpled, sleepy look of you, your eyes squeezed shut, your neck strained as your head comes up off the pillow. I pull back a bit, my tongue teasing the head of your hard dick and I say your name, once, twice, and you open your eyes and look down at me. I meet your gaze, hold it as I suck the end of you between my lips and swirl my tongue around, slow and güvenilir casino firm.

You make a guttural sound in your throat and your eyes glaze over, but you’re still watching me, your hands still tangled in my hair. You’re thrusting up as I move over you, the tension in your body increasing rapidly as I help you fuck my mouth. I take you in, sucking deep then sliding all the way back to the end of you. I suck you harder, faster, relishing the taste of you on my tongue and then you curse, your hands tightening painfully in my hair as you push yourself between my lips and down my throat.

You’re pressing your hips up, your hands pressing my head down and I feel your spasming cock jet sperm down my throat. I swallow reflexively, unable to stop my moan of pleasure as I feed off of your pulsing dick and your shuddering groan as you release into my mouth. My insides clench some more, a hot, aching rush between my legs and I swallow you down, licking and sucking until I feel you relaxing beneath me.

Your hands fall away from me, your body melting into the mattress as I slowly crawl back up the bed, smiling smugly as I lie back and pull the blanket up over us. You roll towards me, your breath painting my front as you sprawl over me, your head pillowed on my breast and arm, your legs tangling with mine. I slide my fingers through your hair, my lips brushing over your forehead as you relax fully against me and I’m still smiling as sleep takes me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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