How a Man Lost His Wife

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Big Tits

It is a Saturday and Nicole and Gary Alfred were driving to Greenville. Nicole is wearing red short shorts, a white crop top and white canvas shoes. She is blond, petite, baby faced and has a perfect body. The Alfred’s had just recently learned about the whole Owner/Slave world and they were curious about it. So, when they found out about a “Slave Grading and Slave Sale” happening in Greenville, they decide to check it out. They’ve been married for 2 years and there sex life was very good.

On the way and just a half hour from Greenville, Nicole realized she forgot her purse, she says, “Damn, I forgot my purse.”

Gary, “Do you want to go back and get it?”

Nicole, “It’s two hours back honey. No, I’m good.” Then she says smiling, “If we want to buy a Slave, I guess you’ll have to do it.”

Gary laughed, “Maybe I will.”

They pulled in to the parking lot, park and walk up to the entrance where they pay to go in. When they enter, they find themselves in an open area. With a large tent and several smaller tents set up. There are also several box like fenced-in enclosures. As the two walk around, they look this way and that way. They see people being led by leashes and in chains.

When they get to the enclosures, they see signs on them. One is a holding area of Slaves waiting to be Graded and the other is a holding area for Slaves waiting to be Auctioned. The large tent is where the Auction will take place. And the smaller tents is where the Slave Grading is done. There is also a Office Trailer in the background.

There is also a vendor area with various sex toys, clothing and bondage gear available. Nicole and Gary walk along and look at what each vendor has for sale. One vendor has various restrains and chains. Nicole asks the vendor about them. Mr. Jerome Bettis, the vendor, steps around and explains. At her request he puts a collar around her neck, with a leash. He also puts wrist cuffs, ankle irons and a waist band on her along with chains to connect all together.

Gary looks at his beautiful wife standing there in slave gear and smiles. Mr. Bettis says you could add a leg spreader and a collar to wrist restrain. And, he also showed various types of chastity gear, both for male and female.

Nicole said to Gary, smiling, “Let’s buy this stuff,” indicating what she had on, “and play when we get back home.”

Gary laughed and said, “All right. Ring it up Mr. Bettis.”

As Mr. Bettis does so he asks Nicole if she “wanted to put it all in a bag.”

Nicole says, “No, I’ll wear it. I feel so sexy.”

They continue walk along checking things out when Nicole notices something and says to Gary, “Have you noticed that some of the Slaves are wearing clothes similar to what I am wearing.”

Gary, “No, but now that you mention it, some are.”

They don’t think anymore about it as they continue to walk.

When they come on to a restroom, Gary says, “Oh, wait here my sweet. I’ll be just a moment.”

And he goes into the men’s room. Gary had not been gone long when two men grabbed Nicole.

One said, “How did you get out of the Holding Area Slave?”

Nicole, “What? I’m not a Slave. My husband is in the restroom.”

“Now, no use lying Slave. Let’s go.”

And they force Nicole to go with them. When she persist in talking; trying to get them to listen to her, one puts a different type of collar on her. He pulls out a controller out of his pocket and presses a button.

Pain shoots into Nicole and the man says, “That’s on low Slave. Any more talking and you’ll feel a higher jolt. Now come on.”

Nicole, now getting scared, remains quiet. They take her to the Holding Area for Slaves getting Graded. She is only there for a few minutes, when the same two men take her to one of the small tents.

Nicole casino şirketleri is then Slave Graded and all is caught on video. The gear is all removed and she is made to strip. Nicole’s whole body is measured and photographed. And, she is given quick physical and blood is drawn. Nicole is assigned a Slave Number and it is tattooed on her scalp just above the hair line. She is also branded with a small Slave Mark on her left buttocks.

All the information, photos and video are downloaded into the data base. Nicole is now Registered and Certified. She is now a legal Slave, Owner unknown. When the grading is complete, the bondage gear and chains are put back on Nicole, but not her clothes. She remains nude and she is taken to the other Holding Area, the one for Slaves waiting to be Sold. For Nicole, it has been a nightmare and so humiliating and embarrassing. She hopes that Gary finds her before it is too late.

When Gary exits the Men’s Room, Nicole is not where he left her.

He thinks to himself, “Now, where did she to off to?”

He looks all around and does not see her. He goes up to the Ladies Room, knocks, opens the door slightly and calls in, “Anyone in there?”

When no one answers, he goes in but Nicole is not there. So, he wanders about, looking for her, but does not fine her. Gary is getting worried now, it’s been over 30 minutes since he last saw Nicole. Then, he sees her, at a distance and runs to her. But, when he approaches, he realizes she is in a holding Area.

He runs up to the fence and calls out, “Nicole, sweetheart, I’m here.”

Nicole hears him, looks up and runs to him.

Gary, “What happened?”

Nicole, crying says, “They think I am a Slave.”

Then she says, “Gary, I’ve been Registered and Certified. They made me a Slave, legally a Slave. Do something. Look.”

And she points out the Slave Mark and the Slave Number tattooed to her scalp.

Gary, “I will.”

And he looks around.

He sees a man sitting at a desk and calls him over, “Excuse me Sir. Could you come here please?”

The man walks over to Gary and says, “Yea, what do you what? Oh, you like her do you. She’s going to sold at the Auction, you’ll get your chance.”

Gary, “There’s been a mistake. She is not a Slave, she is my wife. Please, let her out.”

The man replied, “No can do sport, you have to bid on her.”

Gary, “But, I told you, she is my wife.”

Then he asks, “What is your name?”

“Pete. What’s yours?”

“Gary. Now, please release her.”

Pete, “I can’t. Look here is a copy of her Slave Grading.”

And he hands Gary the Grading Papers and says, “See. She is a Slave.”

Gary looks at papers and says, “This is ridiculous. Is there someone else I can talk too Pete?”

“Just a second.”

Pete says and returns to his desk, and phones the Office.

Soon, a women approaches and she says, “My name is Diane Schlank, the Auction Manager. I understand you claim this Slave is your wife.”

Gary, “Yes, she is my wife. Her name is Nicole.”

Diane, “And your name is Gary. Come with me Gary.”

Diane leads Gary to the Office and into her office.

She says, “Please sit Gary.”

Gary takes a seat.

Diane then says, “You claim that she is your wife. Do you have any identification to prove that?”

Gary, “Unfortunately, I do not. Nicole forgot her purse and her DL was in her purse.”

Diane, “I see. So you have no proof.”

Gary, “I can drive home and get it. It’s only 2 hours away.”

Diane, “We cannot wait. Now, first, let me do this. When she was Slave Graded, the Owner was listed as “Unknown.”

I will put you as her Owner.”

Gary, “Wait. How will that help?”

Diane, “She is legally casino firmaları a Slave now. Whether she is your wife or not, that cannot be changed. That is the law.”

Gary, “I don’t believe this is happening. What if I just bust her out and we run?”

Diane, “Then you will be committing a crime and you will go to prison and Nicole will still be a Slave.”

Diane than says, “Look. Nicole will be up for Auction. As her Owner, you cannot bid on her. But, talk with one of the other bidders. Come to an understanding. Explain that Nicole is your Slave but through a mix-up, you put her in the Auction. You buy the Slave the other one wants, he/she bids on Nicole. And then you swap. Easy.”

Gary, “Is there no other way?”

Diane, “I’m sorry but there isn’t.”

She stands up and says, “Come with me. I think I know someone who will help you.”

Gary, “Thank you Diane.”

Diane leads Gary to the Auction Tent and introduces him to Bill. She explains Gary’s problem and Bill agrees to help for the difference in the bid plus 20%. Gary has no choice but to agree.

Diane says, “I will leave you two to it. Gary, Bill knows this, but after you are successful and you have bought a Slave. Go over to that table and pay. You will be given the Ownership Papers, a copy of the Slave’s Slave Grading and copies of the Registration and Certification Papers. Then go to that table and you two can conduct your business and swap Slaves. Good Luck.”

Shortly, the Auction begins. The Slaves up for Sale are brought in and paraded around the stage and made to pose. Then each is brought forward to be Auctioned. The Slave that Bill wanted was a 18 year old, trained Slave Girl, blond, very beautiful with a perfect little body named Sasha. And Gary was successful and had the high bid.

When it is Nicole’s turn the announcer says, “And now a real prize. A new Slave. Just look at this beautiful and young Slave. Just look at that perfect body. She is Guaranteed to be STD free and not be pregnant. This one should bring a pretty penny. Let us begin. The bidding was lively but Bill was the high bid.

The announcer said, “Going once, Going Twice, G…”

Then he stopped and said, “We have a higher bid.”

He looks at Bill who nods.

The bidding goes on until Bill stops and he turns to Gary, “I’m sorry but I can’t go any higher. Keep the Slave.”

And he walks away. Gary cannot believe it.

He sees Diane at the payment desk.

He walks over to the desk but before he can say anything, Diane says, “I know what happen. That’s too bad.”

Gary, “Who bought her?”

Diane, “I do not know. It was an anonymous buyer and the system is designed for confidentiality.”

Gary, “Can I see Nicole?”

Diane, “I’m sorry but she has already left and is heading to her new Owner.”

Gary, “What, so quickly? Can’t you do anything.”

Diane, “No. There is nothing to be done.”

The Slave that he has bought is brought to him and Diane says, “Her is your Slave Sasha. Take her and be happy. She has been well trained.”

Gary looked at the young woman, looked at her up and down.

Then he said, “How would I ever explain this to her family?”

Diane, “You don’t. Just say she left you. I’m sorry but there is nothing you can do.”

Then, the clerk hands Gary a check for the different in the price of the Slave that he sold and the price of the Slave he bought. Gary looked at Sasha for a long time.

Then Sasha stepped forward, dropped to her knees and said, “Master Gary, please accept me as your Slave. I will be a good and faithful servant to you. Do with me what you will.”

And she bowed down and kissed his feet. Gary looked at Sasha, then at Diane.

And finally said, “Let’s go Sasha. Let me take güvenilir casino you to your new home.”

Sasha got up and was all smiles. Gary takes hold of the leash and leads Sasha to his car.

When they get home, Sasha fits right in. He takes her shopping and gets her clothes to wear. Nicole’s parent don’t believe him but can’t prove anything happened to Nicole. After a year or so, they stop calling. Gary doesn’t treat Sasha like a Slave but as a young wife. And soon, Sasha takes over the house.

While legally, she is the Slave and he is the Master. She actually dominates him. He can deny her nothing, he cannot say no to this enchanting young perfect woman. Over time, they grow very close. He loves her and she loves him. She makes Gary very happy.

After she was bought, Nicole was taken to a crate and was chained to eye bolts on the inside.

The attendant said, “When your new Owner has paid the bill, you will be taken to them.”

And the crate was closed up. In just a few moments, the crate was moved and placed on a truck. And Nicole was driven to her new Owner. After what seemed like an eternity, the truck stopped, the crate was removed from the truck and the crate was opened. Nicole was released and led to her Owner. Her Owner was a woman, around 30 years of age, and she was very beautiful.

She said, “Hello Slave. I understand your name is Nicole. I like that name, you may keep it. Come here girl.”

Nicole walked to her and stood.

The woman said, “My name is Mistress Amanda Weathers. I have many Slaves, but they are for other duties. You will be my Personal Body Slave and Sex Toy. Remember Slave Nicole, obey every order, behave and do what you are told or you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Nicole, knowing that she had no choice said, “I understand Mistress. May I speak?”

Amanda, “Yes, you may.”

Nicole, “I was at the Auction with my husband when I was mistaken for a Slave. Since I had no proof who I really am, I was Slave Graded, Registered and Certified. And finally sold. And here I am. I know that nothing can change that now. Here I am and here I will stay. But please Mistress, I have never been a Slave before so I will make mistakes. Please be gentle with me.”

And she started to cry.

Mistress Amanda went to Nicole, took her in her arms and said, “If what you just said is true, I am truly sorry. But you are correct. It cannot be changed. Do not worry. I am a good Mistress and we will be the best of friends.”

And so it was. Slave Nicole became a close friend to Mistress Amanda. Amanda was wealthy but very lonely and Nicole filled a void. After a year, they became more than Mistress and Slave, they become Lovers. Amanda did not use and abuse her, she did not make her fuck men or other women, nor did she try to humiliate and embarrass her. Amanda just used her for her own pleasure and gave Nicole pleasure as well.

Amanda was very tough on her other Slaves but with Nicole she was gentle. But Nicole never gave her a reason to punish her. Nicole was a good Slave. Over the years, they became very close and were more like a married couple than Mistress and Slave. Nicole took over as the Slave Mistress and ran the Estate. Amanda and Nicole grew to Love each other very much. After 10 years had passed, Amanda asked Nicole if she missed her old life.

Nicole thought for a moment and said, “I did once. But now I don’t. This is my life and it was meant to be. I love you Amanda in a way I never loved Gary.”

And they hugged. Two weeks later, Amanda showed Nicole a legal paper. It was a legal release from Slavery for Slave Nicole.

Amanda said, “You are free Nicole. You can leave if you want to.”

Nicole looked at the paper for several minutes and then said, “Thank you Amanda. But why would I leave you. I love you.”

For Nicole, this was her home.

And so a husband and wife went to check out the Owner/Slave world and got closer than they thought they would. But, each ended up where they wanted to be. Happy.

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