Monica Comforts Alexia

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Monica worked overtime in a medical office, she constantly tried to make ends meet so she could continue to take care of her 18 year old sister Emily, Monica gained custody to her after their mom died a year ago. Monica was 24, and much too young and pretty for all the stress and she had no time for a relationship. She was 135lbs., C – cupped breast, long blond hair and blue eyes.

One Friday night Monica came back home from a long days work. She was so happy that it was the weekend, and Emily wouldn’t be home that she rushed home to take a long bath and masturbate, she longed sexual attention. As she ran her warm bath water and filled it with plumeria oil, the phone rang. It was her best friend Alexia she told Monica that her boyfriend had it her, took her car, and that she was afraid to stay alone. Monica was kind of upset that her own plans were ruined, but she rushed over to pick up her friend. When Monica arrived Alexia had on nothing but a T-Shirt.

When they arrived back to Monica’s place, Alexia asked Monica if her air conditioner was broke, because she was very hot. Alexia took of her shirt exposing casino şirketleri her large D – cupped breast and newly shaved pussy, then asked Monica if it was o.k. Monica said make yourself comfortable, trying not to stare at her friend. This was Monica’s first time being affected by seeing the sight of another woman, she couldn’t help but just look lustfully at her friend.

Monica then told Alexia that she was going to take a quick bath, Alexia said o.k. Monica entered her warm bath water and couldn’t stop thinking about Alexia’s sexy body and started rubbing herself, soon she started massaging her clit and finger fucking her pussy. Her moans grew louder and louder as she thought about Alexia’s body. Alexia heard these noises and became turned on by them and went to the bathroom to see if she could help her friend.

Alexia then stuck up behind Monica and started licking her neck and shoulders, and running her fingers through her hair. Alexia’s soft touches made Monica climax come quicker, she was surprised by Alexia’s actions, and told her how much she wanted her. Alexia helped Monica out of the bathtub casino firmaları and brought her to the bed. Now they both were naked, they hugged, while looking each other in the face. They then broke the stare and passionately tongue kissed one another. While they kissed they let their hands explore one another’s body. Monica then laid her friend on the bed and started licking her breasts, and taking time to suck and lick both erect nipples.

She then moved her tongue down Alexia’s stomach and started flicking it in and out of her navel. Then moved down to her newly shaved pussy and licked the outside first, the ran her finger down her slit, then parted it with her tongue, taking time to taste every part of her pussy, Monica then inserted two fingers into Alexia’s pussy and started sucking on her blood red, swollen clit like a small dick, soon Alexia was gyrating her hips and humping Monica’s face and fingers. Monica’s pace became harder and faster, Alexia’s moans became louder and louder. Hollering “Yes, Fuck my Pussy, Please don’t stop!” Monica love the taste and smell of Alexia’s pussy because she didn’t stop until güvenilir casino Alexia had came three times. Monica let her exhausted friend rest, while kissing her so she could taste her self. When Alexia came to she told Monica thanks for making her pussy feel so good and gave the same lickin lovin to her friend.

The girls then turn over for a very pleasurable 69 with Monica on top, Alexia on bottom. Monica sat her pussy on Alexia face, then buried her own face into Alexia’s pussy. The both tongue fucked one another inserting their tongue in each others wet pussy hold hard and fast. Soon Monica’s cum was dripping all over Alexia’s face, as Monica licked up all of Alexia’s cum. Monica then went to her drawer to pull out a huge 10 inch black strap-on. Then she told Alexia to get on all fours, she did as she was told, and wagged her ass left and right to tease Monica. Monica the played with Alexia’s clit while she penetrated the dick inch by inch, Alexia loved this feeling and started moaning. Soon Monica had all 10 inches in Alexia and was fucking her.

As Monica’s thrust grew faster and harder, Alexia’s moans grew louder and louder. Soon Alexia was cumming like no man had ever made her cum. Then someone at the door said what’s going on here it was Emily, Monica’s sister staring wide eyed, amazed and kind of interested.

Part 2 soon to cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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