Christmas with My Brother Ch. 02

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In chapter one, I told about this past Christmas Eve when my brother, Michael, and I crossed a very dangerous and inappropriate line. Our parents were forced to travel to Ontario to tend my grandmother who had a stroke, leaving my brother and I alone for the few days leading up to Christmas.

Feeling lonely and nostalgic, my brother and I had raided our dad’s liquor cabinet and we had gotten slightly inebriated. With our judgment impaired, an innocent shoulder and foot massage had led to progressively more and more inappropriate and intimate touching, which culminated with my younger brother becoming the first person to penetrate me with his fingers.

Michael drove me to a powerful orgasm, the likes of which I had not even imagined. I was moaning and babbling incoherently as my entire body quivered with pleasurable convulsions as Michael massaged my front uterine wall.

With my brother’s two fingers deep inside of me, I discovered two things. One, I was one of the fortunate women who can experience multiple orgasms. And two, once I start cumming, I cannot seem to stop until I am about to lose consciousness. After four successive orgasms crashed across my body, I grabbed my brother’s wrist and forced his to stop the assault on my womb.

I was still struggling to catch my breath. My entire chest continued to heave up and down. My cotton shirt clung to me.

Michael’s fingers remained inside me for a moment. He continued wiggling them slightly as I lay there panting, my head spinning, desperately trying to regain my senses.

I contracted my vagina, squeezing his fingers. He responded by spreading his two fingers apart slightly, stretching my pussy and evoking yet another moan from me.

“I love you Michael, I really do,” I said, with a genuine feeling of affection that was triggered by the unprecedented emotional and physical release I had just experienced. I continued to lay there, my legs brazenly spread apart and Michael’s fingers still inside me.

“I love you too, Kelsey. You are a beautiful girl,” said Michael as he smiled up at me. He glanced back at my dilated pussy and smiled again. “Absolutely beautiful.”

I felt very weird being exposed so thoroughly. Part of me was deeply embarrassed. But on another level, being exposed this way excited me. I liked the way my brother was looking at me with a combination of lust, love and admiration.

I could feel the sweat forming under my arm pits and between my breasts making me feel hot, sticky and slippery. My nipples pressed firmly against the now damp cotton material of my sleeveless shirt. I needed a bath.

“I can’t believe we did that!” I said, as my brother’s fingers twitched inside my vagina.

“That was so fucking hot, Kelsey. Damn, that was hot.” Michael slowly withdrew his hand from my womb.

I felt my vagina spasm as his fingers exited me, leaving me open and empty. It made a strange wet sound as Michael withdrew his fingers. It was sound I had never heard before. But then, no one had ever pried me open like Michael had just done moments before.

My vagina felt very strange. I did not like the sudden emptiness of my pussy. I suddenly felt empty and somewhat alone. I wondered if the strange dilated condition of my vagina was permanent? I would soon learn that I was not permanently deformed.

Then I looked at my brother and it hit me. I realized the enormity of what we had just shared.

“Michael, no one can ever know about this. Ever,” I panted. “It would be the end of everything. We’d be pariahs. Mom and dad would send us away to keep us a part. You can’t talk to anyone about what we did.”

“Kelsey, I know.” Michael paused, smiled and then continued, “I mean, who would I tell anyway?”

I thought to myself, he is right, who would he tell? Still, I was concerned somehow, someone would discover this terrible secret we now shared.

Michael stood up from his kneeling position between my open legs. I could see the huge bulge in his gym shorts. Looking directly into my eyes, my brother then lowered his shorts, freeing his güvenilir bahis erect penis. His cock strung up, straining toward the ceiling as he pulled his gym shorts down.

Until moment, I had not thought that Michael would need some relief himself now. And he would expect me to provide it.

“I need some help here Kelsey,” he said as he stepped out of his gym shorts and boxers. As Michael pulled his shirt over his head, his erection bobbed up and down as if it was calling to me.

He stood before me, completely naked. And he did look sexy. God, he had a nicely muscular body.

I knew I had to help him. I knew I owed my brother his release. I wanted to do this for him. I would worry about the morality of our actions later. Tonight we were alone and right now I wanted to make my brother climax, much as he just done for me. I wanted to share his climax with him and to be part of it.

His cock was rigidly hard, pointing straight up. It was the first penis I had seen ‘in the raw’. It was far thicker and longer than his fingers. I knew instantly that would not fit inside my tiny vaginal opening…no way. That thing would tear me apart. I could not imagine any woman accommodating an erection of that size.

But intercourse was not in the cards anyway. We were not going to risk that. I was not prepared to lose my virginity tonight. So I did not need to worry about the massive size of my brother’s penis, yet.

His penis was slightly darker then the skin color of his chest and stomach. It had a darker pinkish purple hue to it. I estimate that his erection was at least 7 inches long, perhaps longer, and about 1 1/2 or 2 inches thick.

The glands were distinct and almost seemed to be separate from the thickly veined pole on which it sat. The ridge that separated the glands from the base of his cock was intriguing to me.

The thick vein running down the under side was prominently exposed as his erection strained upward toward the ceiling. There were several slightly smaller veins that were visible as they twisted around the thick shaft, giving my brother’s erection a very powerful and threatening appearance. I thought it had an almost sinister and scary look. I was very intrigued by my brother’s rigid cock.

His muscular pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms, on top of his nicely tight abdomen framed the rigid penis nicely. Yes, Michael was a very attractive and sexy young man.

I was not sure what was going to happen next. Was Michael going to try to fuck me? Before I had climaxed I might have allowed that. I hope not, but I was out of control as my orgasm approached. In my totally aroused state, I was simply acting without thinking. Who knows what I would have done or allowed in the insanity of the moments that preceded my orgasm. But now I was thinking a bit more clearly and I knew we could not risk pregnancy.

Yes, I must admit, there was a part of me that wanted the emotional connection that would occur if I were to accept my little brother’s penis inside my womb, but I knew we could not do that. First, he was simply too big. Second, the risk of becoming pregnant was simply too horrifying to consider. So, with my own carnal needs temporarily sated, I was well aware that we could not take that risk.

“What do you want me to do for you now?” I asked.

Without saying a word, Michael reached down, took my hand and placed it on his hard shaft.

I understood and began to massage his erect cock. His penis felt heavier than I was expecting. Its thickness surprised me. The skin was surprisingly smooth and soft.

I did not have any idea how to stimulate my brother. I traced the palm of my hand over the head. Michael seemed to recoil from my touch on the glands and quickly grasped my hand to return it to the shaft.

It seems that the head of my brother’s erection was simply too sensitive for that type of intense contact. I embarrassed that I was not better at this. Truthfully, I was quite inept initially at stimulating his cock. It was obvious that I was not doing this correctly.

“Tell me what to do. türkçe bahis Tell me how to do this for you,” I said, looking into his eyes helplessly.

Michael formed my fingers around his base and moved my hand up and down to show me how to ‘jack him off’.

“Like this, sis. Just pump your fist up and down like this.”

I felt so stupid. It really was so obvious that this was the way boys would simulate intercourse with their hands. I could not believe this was not instinctual for me. But it really wasn’t.

I quickly understood what he wanted and I pumped my fist up and down on his hard cock as he rocked his hips. I quickly got the hang of my very first hand job. I was able to match my rhythm of my strokes to the movement of Michael’s hips.

I felt myself getting aroused by Michael’s growing excitement. I could feel my juices starting to seep out of me again as Michael’s movements quickened and his moans of pleasure became louder and more intense.

“Is this OK?” I asked, looking up at him.

“Fuck yeah,” was his response.

For a brief moment, I considered kissing his erection, or perhaps placing it in my mouth, but something stopped me. I was not yet ready for that big step. I wonder even now if I would have agreed to do that if Michael had requested it? I honestly do not know. But I know I did want to please him.

It did not take long for Michael’s moments to become more intense, more frantic. He started to moan as his hips rocked forward to meet the trusts of my fist.

I could see the tiny slit of his urethra at the tip of his boner open slightly as I pulled the skin tight on each down stroke. I was getting quite an education tonight.

Suddenly, he thrust himself forward. His entire body seemed to grow rigid and a grunt emanated from his core. Without further warning I felt his erection pulse in my fist and a large rope of white semen erupted from the tiny opening at the tip of his penis. It shot several inches into the air and landed on my arm and my shirt across my chest.

His ejaculation happened suddenly and seemed to just appear in the air above his penis. I did not really seeing the white mass leave his penis, it was just suddenly there.

I was awestruck.

The appearance of his semen as it shot across my chest and down my arm surprised me, and aroused me. I suddenly was aware of the unique and distinct aroma of my brother’s semen.

I must have momentarily slowed my pumping action as I tried to process all that was happening. Michael was not finished though.

“Don’t stop sis…don’t stop,” he begged, as a second, slightly smaller string shot from his erection. This time his sperm shot up about an inch and then seemed to dribble down the head of his cock and drip down my fist.

For the next 20 to 30 seconds, Michael’s penis continued to pulse and throb as his orgasm ran its course, but there were no more large eruptions of semen. His supply appeared to be temporarily depleted.

Then he started to pull back, attempting to free his cock from my grasp. Not fully understanding what was happening or what my brother wanted, I did not immediately release his cock from my grip.

“OK. That’s it…too intense now….let go,” he commanded, pulling free from my fist.

I was surprised to learn that immediately following his orgasm, Michael’s penis became too sensitive and my continued stimulation was unpleasant.

I studied the sticky, milky white goop that hung in long strands from my hand and forearm. As Michael watched, I reached down with my left hand and scooped a glob of the viscous mass from my right forearm. It had an unusual texture to it. It was almost translucent, seeming to transform from a cloudy white color to a semi-clear gelatinous mixture right before my eyes. I was mesmerized by the feel and smell of Michael’s sperm.

I brought my fingers to my nostrils and inhaled my brother’s scent. “So this is what your sperm smells like. Very interesting. I think I like this smell.”

“Well you can have all of it you want, sis.”

“Good to know,” I quipped güvenilir bahis siteleri back.

I stood up, still naked from the waist down, and said simply, “I better clean up a bit. You made quite a mess on me.”

As I started to walk towards the bathroom, my only veil of modesty remaining was my sleeveless shirt. I noticed Michael studying my naked bottom. His penis arched up as he watched my tight little ass walk by him.

I liked the way his penis throbbed as he looked at me. I liked it a lot.

“Kelsey, that was fantastic. God I love you so much,” Michael said with genuine admiration and affection.

I was trying to process what we had just done. I knew the enormity of this crime against our society’s rules and mores. I knew this was so very wrong on so many levels. But quite honestly, at that moment, I did not feel any true remorse. No I was glad we had done this.

I had just been penetrated for the first time in my young life. And the biggest, most powerful orgasm I could even imagine was the result. And the person responsible for my profound pleasure was the person to whom I was the closest, and with whom I shared the most love and history.

I knew I should regret these actions, but I did not. I was only feeling love and satisfaction at that moment. The guilt would arrive soon enough, but it had not shown up yet.

Michael followed me into the bathroom. Standing behind me as I rinsed the semen from my hands and arm, Michael hugged me, pressing his erection into my back. He gently kissed my neck as he brought his hand up to my breast tugging my erect nipple through the cotton material of my shirt.

I looked at our images in the mirror. The counter top hid my pussy from the mirror. Michael stood several inches taller than me. His right hand covered my right breast, but the left nipple was erect and plainly visible under the white cotton material. It was an erotic image of two young lovers, who just happened to be siblings.

My hands were still wet, as I turned towards him. We looked deeply into each others eyes while he continued to tease my left nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

“Michael, what are we doing here? Maybe we made a mistake. I mean if anyone knew about this …well you know what would happen. I feel like maybe we should stop this and just pretend it did not happen.” I said weakly, but I did not remove his hand from my breast. I am not sure even I was convinced by my words of protest.

“Kelsey, I love you so much. After tonight, I could not stop even if I wanted to; and I don’t. I can’t stop now. I just can’t.”

I knew I couldn’t either.

Michael leaned forward to kiss me.

For the briefest of instants, I started to turn away. A kiss suddenly seemed even more intimate than masturbating each other to orgasm. But I knew I wanted that intimacy. After a moment’s hesitation, rather than turn away, I lifted my mouth to meet his lips. It was our first kiss as lovers. Recalling these events 8 months later, I find it amusing that my brother got to third base with me before he kissed me.

The kiss started out gently at first. At first I was timid and we merely pressed our lips together. But the emotions started to overwhelm me. I did love my brother. I loved what we had just shared. I wanted to give myself to my brother. I wanted to please him and to experience him.

After a few seconds, I opened my mouth slightly, and Michael’s tongue parted my lips. I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his erection against me. I stood on my toes, to place my vulva in contact with his boner. He pushed against me and I ground myself back into him.

I was still aroused, very aroused. And so was Michael.

Michael broke our kiss and suggested, “Let’s go to my bedroom and lie down.”

I nodded, as he took my hand, and led me up the stairs to his room.

As we ascended the stairs, I said, “You do realize that we cannot have intercourse, right? I mean we cannot risk that.” His penis was swaying proudly in front of him with every step up the stairs. It was a very erotic sight for this young girl to see.

“I know. I just want to touch you and lie with you. I know we can’t fuck without protection.”

Coming soon, Chapter 3: Michael’s room

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