Grace Ch. 01

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The author kindly advises that this scenario contains graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Chapter 1: The Dunes

It is Friday afternoon. Grace Worthington, a blonde, tall and slender eighteen-year-old Uni student packs her weekend bag at her dorm building. She is going home for the weekend. Home is her parents place close to the south coast, an area with pristine beaches, dunes and forests.

While in the train, Grace thinks about the weekend. She is looking forward to seeing her mum again. Grace is the great hope of her parents, studying math and science, and destined to go far.

Her station is coming up. She grabs her bag, leaves the train and makes the short journey to her parents place. After a warm welcome they sit around the kitchen table where Grace tells all about her past week at Uni.

The next morning, after breakfast and a shower, Grace puts on her shorts and bikini, grabs her beach bag and heads for the beach on her bike.

It’s around ten when Grace parks her bike and strolls down to the beach. The thunderous waves are crashing onto the sand, the dunes on the other side as reach as far as the eye can see. The area is deserted. It will be busier around noon. With no one in sight Grace can’t resist the temptation; she takes of her shorts and bikini and strolls down the beach nude, enjoying the breeze on her skin. She finds a secluded area, spreads out her towel, applies sun lotion and enjoys the crashing sounds of the waves. She dozes bahis firmaları off.

An hour later she wakes up. More people have come onto the beach. An older, retired couple has found a spot about ten meters away from her. They are casually observing her and enjoying Grace’s naked body.

Grace has a little secret. Her parents know her as this proper girl whose only interest is studying and shopping. But there’s a hidden side to her. She likes to watch people, and likes being watched. Something Grace has always kept very private.

Noticing the attention from the couple Grace slowly takes a book out of her bag. She pretends to read while turning over on her side, opening up her legs, giving the couple an explicit view of her tanned pussy. A bit later she goes on all fours, straightening out her beach towel, and giving the couple a good look from behind at the space between her legs. It’s all a turn-on for Grace. She loves this kind of thing.

After a while she wonders what would happen if she would slowly get up, pack her bag and walk into the dunes naked. What would the couple do? she decides to try it out and embarks on an adventure. She grabs her bag and beach towel and walks in the direction of the dunes, her tanned skin partially covered in sand. The couple sitting close by, curious about this hot blond young thing, packs up and follows at a distance.

Grace anticipated all this. She walks a while through the loose sand of the dunes until she comes across a small clearing surrounded kaçak iddaa by higher dunes covered in light scrub. She spreads out her beach towel and makes herself comfortable.

She is nude, the sun burning on her private parts. Sweat and oil makes the sand stick to her body. Grace is wearing sunglasses and a sunhat. She is lying on her side pretending to read a book. Through the corner of her eye she awaits the arrival of the older couple. It doesn’t take long for her to spot them on the edge of the surrounding dunes, behind the scrub.

Grace puts her book away and slowly rolls onto her back, spreading her legs wide. Her fingers slide between towards her private parts. She frantically starts to masturbate, lifting her pelvis to make the action more dynamic. The older couple watches intently and enjoys the show.

So does another shadow in between the scrub.

A middle-aged woman slowly approaches Grace. “Nice show, girl” she says. “I can help you with this. We’ll show the oldies something they’ll remember for a long time”. Grace is horny as hell and ready for anything. She arches her back and squeezed her boobs. The woman watches a girl who’s hot and willing. She strips off and pushes her tongue into Grace’s mouth. The deep kissing goes on for minutes while the womanÕs fingers are delving in between Grace’s legs.

She mounts Grace, sucking her nipples, squeezing her body, finger- fucking her hot pussy, rubbing her slit against that hot young body. By now both females are panting, trying kaçak bahis to channel their raging lust. Grace manages to get on top of the woman and starts to frantically trib with her, scissoring her legs, rubbing their slits together.

By now Grace’s brain has stopped functioning. Her carnal instincts have taken over. She is frantically using the female’s body to get off. Her hot slit is violently rubbing the woman’s crotch. Suddenly she lets out a cry, her body stiffens up. Both females come at the same time. Grace stumbles to her feet, squatting over the woman on the ground, trembling while squirting her liquid all over her.

The older couple watches it all. They see how Grace’s dripping, sand covered body slumps to the ground. The man puts his photo camera away. The show is over. They get up and move on.

Grace recovers slowly, puts on her bikini and packs her bag. The woman is gone but has left a card with her name and telephone number.

Late afternoon Grace arrives back at her parent’s house. The woman’s card is burning in her pocket. That evening her parents expect a few friends for dinner. The doorbell rings and Grace opens the door. To her shock she recognizes the people at the door as the couple from the beach. They are, however discreet, pretending not to know her.

That is, until at the end of the evening. Just before they leave they reveal to Grace the price she has to pay for their discretion. They expect her at their house in an hour’s time for a threesome.

Grace is visibly shocked. She refuses at first but slowly realizes she’s cornered. The couple are calling the shots. They will enjoy her body tonight. They will mate with her, the same way she mated in the dunes that afternoon.

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