Julie’s Sex Saga Ch. 02

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Pam and I continued to enjoy each other throughout the remainder of the school year. We weren’t really exclusive, but as for myself I found no reason to look elsewhere. I was more than happy with the sex I was getting, and my reserved complacency kept me from looking elsewhere. After all, why change a good thing. Although, as I now realize you may not know what other “good things” await if you don’t try.

As for Pam, she had no such reservations. There were many nights she never made it back to our room, and when she did arrive she invariably had that “just fucked” glow to her. Being the golden haired beauty that she was, Pam always had a number of guys sniffing around. As you would expect, they all were hoping to get in to her pants. Many of them did, but even more were left frustrated.

I was never jealous of Pam being with other people. After all, neither of us was “committed” to each other. We just enjoyed each other’s company, and we certainly enjoyed the sex we shared. However, I was jealous of the fact she was getting cock. Unfortunately though, if the truth be told, I had no one to blame for this except myself.

When Pam helped me out of my shell, I had lost just over 20 pounds. I went from a size 14 to a size 8. I now kept my hair styled, mastered my makeup, toned up my body, wore more fashionable clothes, and attracted more attention from the guys. You would think “what’s the problem”. Well, my first sexual experience with Scott was a disaster! He may have enjoyed it, but he certainly didn’t worry about pleasing me. This has left me very afraid to try it again. I just don’t want to end up feeling neglected and used again.

I may not technically be a virgin any longer, but I still have not had a guy fuck me the way I want to be. I want some passion. I want to feel like I am the sole focus of his attention. I want foreplay with kissing, fondling, and caressing for both of us. When we reach the point of desperation where neither of us can wait a second longer that’s when I want him to enter me. That’s when I want to feel his cock deep inside of me. That’s when I want him to fuck me with reckless abandon. Finally, I want to feel the euphoria of both of us reaching our climax.

One Saturday morning I woke up in bed with Pam beside me. We spent the night cuddled together after a particularly exhilarating and satisfying evening of sex. My mind drifted to how we started out just teasing each other with little touches here and there. You know what I mean: a brush of the arm, a bump on the tush, a graze of the leg. Each of these heightened the sexual tension. Finally when we sat down together on the sofa we started rubbing each other’s leg. This led in to some very passionate deep French kissing. As we kissed, our hands roamed. First there was a tender touch on the face. Then there were breasts to be played with. We squeezed and fondled and pinched while our tongues continued to dance together. From the breasts we extended our exploration to each other’s womanhood. Our fingers were very busy teasing clits and penetrating love canals. While all of this was extremely stimulating, it was nothing compared to the tongue lashing we gave each other. I licked Pam and savored her juices until I thought I would wear my tongue out. Then Pam started her assault on my pussy. I can still recall the way she kept my pussy producing a river of nectar. When we put our pussies together and rubbed them to our final climax we both had to stifle our cries of passion to keep them from exploding through the entire building.

I’m sorry, I digressed. Going back to that Saturday morning…when Pam opened her eyes, I gave her a hug and kissed her good morning. I then told her I had been thinking about this for a long time, and I would like her help. I would like her to mentor me again. Only this time, I wanted her to teach me how to pick a guy to fuck me. Her response was “WHAT”? She said, “Julie, you’re a very attractive woman with a sexy body, and any number of guys would jump at the chance to put their cock inside you “.

I told her, “That’s the problem. I don’t just want a cock inside me. Well, yes I do, but I want more than that”. I then went on to explain what I was looking for.

Pam told me, “OK. Now I understand.” She went on to explain that in her mind, there were two types of guys available when you go out looking for cock. First there’s the guy who is in it just for himself. All he cares about is dipping his wick and putting another notch on his belt. If the girl gets anything out of it, that’s a plus for her but means nothing to him. Second, there’s the guy who wants to give the girl pleasure. He’s smart enough to know that if he is taking care of the girl, she will take care of him. In the end, he will enjoy a much more satisfying casino şirketleri experience than just “dipping his wick”. There can be a benefit to each type. You may just want to get fucked, or you may want to get laid.

“Great” I said. “How do you tell them apart? They don’t exactly walk around with a sign hanging off their hard-on.”

That little quip must have conjured up an image that tickled Pam’s funny bone because it took some time to get her to stop laughing. When she finally regained her composure she told me all I had to do was watch how they interacted with women. If they are commanding , self-centered or acting too macho then they just want to fuck. If the guy is attentive, doting and acts like a gentleman then he wants to get laid.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to place much faith in the advice, but I did get what I asked for. I decided to just sit back and observe to see if she was on the right track. I didn’t want to poke the hornet’s nest and end up getting stung.

School finished for the year, and I had the entire break to watch men and couples. The more I watched, the more I was starting to come around to Pam’s thinking.

By the time school resumed I felt like I had a pretty good handle on judging potential partners. Now it was time to see if this approach would get me my first real male lover.

On a Friday night Pam and I went to the local bar near the campus to just relax, have some fun, and maybe get laid. The fact it was a college bar meant there would be plenty of guys to pick from. We were barely seated when the parade of guys started zeroing in on Pam. It wasn’t long before she picked out her prey for the night. She let him shower her with attention while she flirted with him. By midnight she told me she was headed over to his place. I knew he was going to be one very lucky guy because when we were getting ready Pam had told me that she was really horny and needed to get laid.

I still had a full drink to finish and I decided to just take my time while I watched the rest of the crowd. Most of the guys I could see were acting very macho as they tried to impress whoever would pay attention. However, there was one guy who wasn’t playing along. He was just sitting back joining in the conversation whenever the need arose, and he appeared to be much more attentive to the people around him.

Right away I thought…hhmmmmmm. Now I needed to get his attention. I decided to take a trip to the ladies room since it would cause me to pass right by him. On my way back, I pretended to be pushed as I bumped him. I offered my apologizes, and told him how embarrassed I was. He told me there was no harm and wanted to know if I was OK. I told him “sure for someone who just threw herself at some stranger”. He laughed and said “I would never complain about someone like you being thrown at me. How about letting me buy you a drink?”

Our drinks arrived and I decided I better introduce myself. “Hi I’m Julie”. He responded “Hi Julie. I’m Brad”. We talked for over an hour, but it seemed like it was just minutes. Brad was a great conversationalist and we really hit it off. I took a look at my watch and told Brad it was late and I had better start to head back to my room. Being the ever doting gentleman he offered to walk me. As we walked (strolled would probably be more accurate) our hands brushed against each other. When this happened, Brad took the initiative to hold my hand. We walked the rest of the way hand-in-hand.

When we arrived at my front door, Brad told me what a pleasure it had been bumping in to each other. This little quip did prompt a giggle from me as I reminded him it was I who did the bumping. Brad then told me, “Julie, I had a really great time meeting you and talking to you. I hope I can see you again.”

I told Brad, “I’m sure that can be arranged.”

With this Brad gave me a hug which I knew was going to mean good night. While this would have been the “good girl” thing to do, my pussy had entirely different plans. It was not ready to call it a night. It wanted to continue on and most preferably with a hard cock inside it.

As Brad was releasing his hug, I held on just a bit longer. He looked me in the eye not knowing what to think. I decided it was now or never. I leaned in and gave Brad a kiss on the lips. As we separated from the kiss, Brad kept me in his arms. I now knew he wanted more, and I was planning on giving him everything he could handle. We kissed again, only this time I made it the most passionate, toe curling experience I could conjure up. We stood on the sidewalk and continued to embrace and swap tongues for at least another 5 minutes.

Finally, I looked at him and said, “Why don’t we go inside where I’m sure we can be more comfortable?” Being a normal male, casino firmaları Brad was not going to turn down such a golden opportunity.

We barely closed the door when coats started flying. I think we would have done it right there in the doorway, but I wanted it to last. I wanted the romanticism I had been dreaming about. Knowing this, I gave Brad a little push and told him “slow down cowboy, we have a whole night ahead of us and I intend to wear you out!” This really put things in perspective, and you could almost see the change in Brad. I could see he wanted this as much as I did, but now he knew he could take his time and enjoy it.

I took him by the hand and led him to my bed. We stood next to it and continued to embrace and kiss. However, now the difference was we allowed our hands to wander. Let me tell you first that as he held me against him, I could feel his cock rubbing against me. This was really turning me on and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I did exercise some self-control though, and held off on reaching for that hard piece of manhood. Brad’s hands were all over my back and very quickly had a nice firm grasp on my tush. He was kneading both cheeks, and I loved the attention. Finally Brad released one of the cheeks to allow his hand to come up and massage my tits.

By now, my self-control was waning, and I allowed myself to let my hands do some wandering. Brad certainly had a nice body, and I wanted to explore every inch of it. But right now my focus was on some very important inches! I rubbed my hands over Brad’s back, then I ran them through his hair, then it was on to feel the muscles of his chest and abdomen. Of course, turnabout is fair play, so if he can grab my butt, I thought it was only fair that I get to play with his. Eventually I just couldn’t wait any more, and I let my hand go to his crotch. I rubbed his manhood through his pants and squeezed it several times. It felt wonderful, and I couldn’t wait to get rid of the barrier his pants had set up.

As I kept a grip on his cock, Brad removed my blouse and bra. I hated to release my new found best friend, but I did so to remove Brad’s shirt. He then unzipped my skirt and it fell to my ankles. I then stepped out of it. I now was left with nothing but my panties.

As Brad reached for the elastic around my waist, my fear came rushing back. All I could think of was the disappointment I had experienced before at this moment. Thank goodness it didn’t last long.

Brad was a very considerate lover, and when I was totally naked, he laid me gently on the bed. He began to worship every inch of my body and I knew we were both in for a treat. As he lay down next to me, we continued some very passionate kissing. It wasn’t just the tongue dueling you might expect. It was warm and tender. He would kiss my lips, then my neck, back to my lips, on to my ear, and finally he worked his way down to my breasts trailing little kisses long the way.

My body was on fire, and I wanted him now. However, Brad had become ever the patient lover. When he was done with my breasts, he returned to my lips and I tried to get him to put his tongue down my throat to depths never before experienced. While we were in a lip lock, I reached for his belt. I wanted that hot cock in my hand. After fumbling with the button and the zipper, I was finally able to get his jeans off. All that was left for me was his underwear, and I was not to be denied my prize. As soon as his underwear was off, I wrapped my hands around his cock. I was amazed at how hot and smooth and hard it was. I just kept stroking it, not wanting to ever let go.

Brad was still smothering my body with kisses, and he began his descent back to my breasts. While he stopped to give my breasts some attention again, he continued to head further down my body with those wonderful little kisses. By the time he crossed my stomach, I was turning in to a wanton slut. I knew where he was headed, and I couldn’t wait to feel his tongue on my pussy. When his tongue finally touched my clit, the lust and anticipation almost sent me over the top. However, I did control myself…for at least about 60 seconds…and then my orgasm hit me. It felt wonderful, but little did I know I wasn’t done.

Brad continued to lick and suck while I pulled his hair, and tried to push his face right inside me. His efforts brought me to 2 more orgasms. I finally couldn’t take anymore and I had to tell him to stop. I pulled him up to me and gave him another passionate kiss. As I kissed him, I could taste my pussy juice and his face. This just excited me even more.

It was now my chance to return the favor. I knew how good his cock felt in my hand, but I was very determined to find out how it felt in my mouth. I have never given anyone güvenilir casino a blowjob before, but I had every intention of giving it my all. We broke off our kiss, and I immediately headed south to claim my prize.

I gave his cock a lite kiss on the head, followed by a little flick of the tongue. I then went to the underside of his cock. Starting with his balls I licked my way up to the head ending with a lite kiss. I continued this several more times until Brad begged me to… STOP!! “You’re driving me crazy and I can’t stand it anymore!”

I stopped my tongue assault, but I was not finished worshiping that piece of flesh. I gave Brad a minute to get himself back under control, and then I licked the head again. This time I could taste a salty fluid. I knew this was pre-cum and I loved it. At that second I knew I wanted to taste everything he had to give me. This time as I lowered my head I opened my mouth and took that wonderful piece of manhood completely inside. I loved it, and I think Brad did too since he kept moaning and telling me how good it felt. I kept bobbing my head up and down on that cock using my tongue to lick the underside. I couldn’t get enough of it. Finally Brad yelled that he couldn’t hold it anymore and he was going to cum. This was exactly what I wanted, and I was not about to miss my opportunity. I continued sucking and licking until I could sense something was about to happen. As Brad cried “OH God!” I felt the first string of cum hit the back of my throat. Before I even had a chance to enjoy it, three more shots followed. I feasted on as much as I could handle, but it came too fast for me to swallow it all. The excess dribbled out of my mouth and on to his stomach. That was OK though because I was able to lick it up and enjoy the taste.

As I finished giving him a tongue bath to clean him up, I couldn’t help but think about how dirty a slut I just was. I didn’t care. I now knew I wanted this again and again and again. I wanted to become a cum slut! However, the more pressing matter at the moment was I wanted his cock inside me.

We lay together and basked in the afterglow for some time. When I could tell our breathing had returned to normal, I reached for his cock. I expected to find it completely flaccid, but to my surprise (and delight) I found it to already be semi-hard. Either way it would not have mattered since I was fully prepared to give it whatever attention it wanted to get it rock hard.

Turns out that a hand job and some passionate kissing was the only encouragement it needed. As I stroked and kissed, I could feel it growing in my hand. As soon as it was completely hard, I threw my leg over Brad and knelt over his body. I still had his cock in my hand, and I adjusted my body so I could rub it against my pussy. Then I guided it to my opening and lowered myself on to it.

I don’t really have any size comparison, but I can tell you it felt wonderful the way it filled me. I started sliding up and down on it slowly to begin with. As time progressed, and my lust grew, I began furiously bouncing on it trying to make sure I got every bit of it inside me. When this exercise began to take its toll, and my physical exhaustion began to show, Brad rolled me over so he was on top.

The first thing Brad did was to put my legs on his shoulders. This gave him even greater access to my pussy, and he certainly used it to his advantage. He pushed his cock in even deeper, and with just a few thrusts he sent me it to a mind numbing orgasm. When I became coherent, Brad told me to roll over and put my ass in the air. As soon as I was on my knees he was back inside me. He grabbed hold of my hips as leverage, and began to fuck me like he was never going to have pussy again for the rest of his life. I think he was trying to wear out my love tunnel with his cock. This assault led me to another orgasm.

When my orgasm hit, I went weak in the knees and collapsed on the bed with Brad on my back. Brad pulled out, but he was not finished. He rolled me on to my side and spooned against me. He slid himself back inside my dripping wet pussy, held my leg up to give better access, and began to side in and out in a very smooth loving motion. He continued to make love to me like this until I noticed his breathing began to get faster.

Noticing the breathing, I decided to give Brad some words of encouragement. I told him, “Fuck me Brad. Make love to me. Keep sticking your cock in me. Oh God it feels wonderful!! I want to make you cum. I want to feel you erupt deep inside me. Bathe my pussy in your cum. CUM for me Brad!!”

The encouragement certainly worked, because with a final thrust and a loud groan, he gave me just what I asked for.

Brad spent the night, and in the morning we fucked again. I think he may have wanted this to develop in to a more serious relationship, but I wanted to experience more cock and I had no intention of hurting him by cheating. However, we do see each other on occasion and have become friends…with benefits!!

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