Laundrymat Seductress Ch. 02

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Megan could not get Cindy off her mind all week; it has been this way since their first meeting at the laundry room. She couldn’t forget how she looked, felt, tasted or the way she moaned when she came hard. Every night she went to sleep she fantasized about her, which resulted in her running her hands over her body, massaging her tits, twisting her nipples and breaking out her vibrator to help release some of the sexual frustration she felt. She was about to head to bed that night, when her cell phone rang totally distracting her from nasty thoughts of Cindy. She wasn’t going to answer it but she noticed it was Cindy, she must have been reading her nasty thoughts.

“Hello, I was just thinking about you! “Megan answered in her cheerfully voice “How have you been doing?”

Cindy responded to Megan’s welcoming tone of voice, “Doing great Megan, thinking about how you are sweetie, I was wondering if you would like to meet up this week?” “I was hoping we could meet for dinner and drinks and possibly dessert” Cindy said in a seductive voice.

Megan began to blush just thinking about the thoughts of them licking whipped cream off each other’s tits or clits; Megan regained her composure just long enough to reply to Connie.

“Sounds like a great idea to me, when and where would you like to meet?” Megan inquired enthusiastically.

The two ladies agreed to meet at a local sports bar in the area around 6pm after Megan got out of work. Megan looked forward to their next meeting; she would love to pick up where the two had left off.

A few days passed and the two ladies met at the sports bar as planned. “Any problems getting away for the evening from the family, wouldn’t want to cause any problems on the home front?” Cindy questioned Megan

“No not at all, the kids are with the ex and my husband is out of town for the week.” “I am yours for the evening; I was looking forward to it all week!” Megan responded enthusiastically.

She could feel Cindy’s leg rub up against her under the table. Megan could feel her pussy tingle just by the touch. The two ladies chatted like great friends who knew each other a long time. Hard to imagine that the two ladies met the night before, they carried on as if they knew one another a very long time. They talked about their careers, their goals hobbies, music, families ect, seemed like they had a lot in common. After dinner and a few drinks, the ladies felt a light buzz but not intoxicated, perhaps it was from the excitement about what was to come later.

The ladies stopped by the store and bought some wine and on the way decided to stop in the adult book store. The two ladies walked into the place and felt like they were at home. The female clerk behind the counter welcome them cheerfully making them feel welcomed.

“It is nice to see some females walk in here from time to time” the clerk responded in relief. “If I had to hear another guy go to the back room to jerk off, I think I would scream!”

The ladies all laughed striking up some conversation bahis firmaları making jokes about how they hear some of the men carry on. Megan and Cindy both looked at each other as if they could read one another’s minds. They both were checking out the sexy red head behind the counter with her hour glass figure, long wavy hair and big breasts. One can tell she didn’t have a bra on since her nipples were poking through the material of the shirt. The two ladies picked out a few lesbian movies, the covers and narratives sounded hot. All involved women with big breasts, sex toys and threesomes, it was getting them both extremely aroused. In fact the two ladies picked out a couple of sex toys, one if which was a strap on and a thick big dildo to include for the strap on. They bought the items to the checkout counter and the cashier’s interests perked up along with her hard nipples.

“Looks like you two ladies are going to have a lot of fun tonight with these videos” the sexy redhead responded as she smiled.

She especially took notice of the strap on and the way the two ladies kept checking her out. She purposely bent over at the counter as if to reach for one of the items to ring up. She was getting excited by the thought of the two ladies looking at her big tits and hard nipples. Wishing and imagining the ladies taking turns sucking on her tits and licking her hard clit. The two ladies must have read her mind because they asked her if she was working all night or did she get off soon. They would love to invite the sexy red head back to Cindy’s townhouse. Before she had a chance to respond a young guy came in and addressed her by name. The two ladies heard the guy call her Bonnie

“Looks like my relief just arrived for me to get off, how about me taking you up in the offer” Bonnie said with a wink to the two ladies.

The three ladies walked out to the parking lot and they gave her directions to the townhouse. They hugged her and Bonnie’s hand grazed Megan’s hard nipple. Megan felt a tingle go though her body. They got in the car and the two ladies discussed the sexy redhead on the way back to the townhouse. They imagined taking turns sucking on those huge nipples, biting them gently while the other sucked on her hard clit and finger fucking her tight pussy.

The three ladies met up at the townhouse and entered the newly furnished place. It was apparent Cindy had great taste in colors and design. Cindy gave the ladies a tour of her place and eventually ended up back in the living room. Cindy mentioned out back in the back court yard she had a Jacuzzi. The ladies decided to try it out but first Cindy opened up the chilled women and poured them all a drink.

“Here is to a great night ladies and to meeting our new friend Bonnie!” Cindy cheered Bonnie as she raised her class and they all tipped their glasses.

“Thank you for inviting me and making me feel welcome, I look forward to showing my gratitude!” Bonnie said with a warm smile and winked at the ladies.

After drinking a little kaçak iddaa wine the ladies decided to go into the Jacuzzi, Megan walked over to Cindy and started to undress her friend seductively and slowly in front of Bonnie. She began kissing her friend on the lips. They paused and decided to tag team Bonnie by walking up to her and slowly and seductively start removing her clothes. Both ladies were impressed by the hot body of their new friend. Megan and Cindy started taking turns kissing her soft lips. They stopped long enough to get into the Jacuzzi, feeling the warm water pulsating on their bodies. Bonnie slid over to Megan and started to kiss her lips, Megan responded with passion and the two ladies started getting hotter. Cindy moved closer to join them and started kissing her lover Megan. They all thought they died and went to heaven, an all girl threesome in full force.

While the two ladies kissed, Bonnie slipped her hand on Megan’s leg and down to her trimmed pussy. It was getting hot and it wasn’t just the Jacuzzi, they all were wanting to fucking the hell out of each other. They all decided to get out of the Jacuzzi and dry off before heading up to Cindy’s master room. Cindy went over to her sound system and put on some music by Enigma. It was slow and seductive, just right for the mood. Megan walked over to Bonnie, something about this lady turned her on as much as Cindy. She started kissing Bonnie again on the lips and then moving to her neck. They walked backwards to Cindy’s king size bed.

Megan laid Bonnie back and started kissing her Cindy again slow at first then more passionate. Megan moved her hand down to Cindy’s breasts. She took one of Cindy’s hard nipples and started rolling it between two fingers. Cindy let out a soft moan as her lover was tweaking her hard nipples. The two lovers stopped the passionate kissing and redirected their attention to Bonnie. While Megan started kissing her soft lips and gradually moving down to her voluptuous breast, Cindy moved down between Bonnie’s legs. She caressed the silkiness of her toned thighs and gliding her hands up to her neatly trimmed pussy, it was obvious she was a true redhead. Cindy started parting her Lips as she started flicking her tongue over her clit and started flicking and sucking Bonnie’s hard clit. Bonnie was truly aroused and enjoying every bit of the attention her new friends were paying her.

While Bonnie was sucking on Bonnie’s clit and licking up her juices, Megan was sucking Bonnie’s huge tits with the enormous nipples. Bonnie was writing with pleasure, moaning out obscenities to her new lovers.

“MMM , Fuck don’t stop. Yeah!, sit on my face Megan” Bonnie uttered in total delirium both ladies were totally turned on by her. Megan was more than happy to oblige Bonnie; she turned around and placed her newly waxed pussy. What she didn’t realize was that she was going to be eaten like never before. Bonnie had a piercing in her tongue and she knew how to use it. Megan could feel the ball rubbing against her clit and she loved kaçak bahis it, she started gyrating her hips over Bonnie’s tongue and she was so wet.

” Fuck yeah baby, damn , don’t stop!” Megan moaned loudly. Cindy was getting totally turned on by both the ladies moaning. She could feel Bonnie’s juices all over her face and she couldn’t wait to share it with Megan. Megan didn’t want to leave Cindy out, so she was glad to switch places with her friend. Megan stood up and passionately kissed Cindy, tasting Bonnie’s sweetness on her lips. The ladies stopped to switch places and it was Megan’s turn to taste Bonnie’s sweet pussy. Plus she wanted Cindy to experience the feel of Bonnie’s awesome tongue ring. It was long before Cindy was writhing with pleasure. She was rubbing Bonnie’s tits and lowering her body to suck the awesome nipples, crazing them with her teeth. All three ladies were totally getting off, but they couldn’t wait to break out the sex toys. The ladies took a break to drink wine, kiss some more and pinching each other’s nipples.

All the ladies were so horny and couldn’t wait to try out the strap on. Megan and Cindy did not really know how to use the hardness and dildo, but Bonnie was more than happy to show them. Bonnie settled into the strap on with the very thick and long dildo that was held in place. Bonnie covered her eyes to pick the lucky lady that would be fucked first. Bonnie selected Cindy first. Cindy lay down on the bed as Bonnie got in between her legs. She slowly teased her slit with the hard dildo and then gently glided it in the tight pussy. Bonnie started thrusting her hips slowly at first.

Megan sat on the edge of the bed close to Cindy to fondle her friends 36DD breasts and tease the nipples before biting the gently. Megan totally got turned on by tits; many times she played with her own. She totally got off hearing her friend come so hard from Bonnie fucking the hell out of her friend’s pussy. She couldn’t wait until her turn, but until then she played with Cindy’s tits. Cindy called for her to sit on her face as she was being fucked hard. She was more than happy to do so, she moved her body over her friends mouth.

It was a totally triangle with Cindy as the base and the two ladies either in her or on her as they kissed one another playing with each other’s breasts. One can only imagine how fucking sexy it would be to see such a sight. All the ladies took their turns being fucked hard with the strap on while someone was being eaten out or being fucked while their tits were being caressed, nipples munched or nibbled on.

This went on before the ladies realized how late it had gotten and had to call it quits. After all they all had somewhere they had to be. Megan had to be at work, Cindy had a flight and needed to pack and Bonnie needed to be back at work later that afternoon. They all made plans to meet for lunch or dessert later that week. They all quickly became the very best of friends but very discreet friends with benefits. Megan smiled and thought to herself to think this all started with a trip to the laundry mat with two ladies meeting, getting it on and getting off and ending up with a third party joins in. Who knows what can happen next time, perhaps a weekly all woman orgy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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