Cleaning up Bob’s Mess Ch. 02

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A couple of days had passed since I cleaned up Bob’s cum off his body. I thought about it a lot during the coming days but neither one of us spoke of it. I think both of us were a little embarrassed but ready to do something again. Just to see and hear him stroking that long, magnificent cock as I rimmed his asshole and then slurped up his thick warm mess was very erotic not to mention a great way to pay my rent.

On that Thursday, I came home from class and Bob’s girlfriend Brenda was at our apartment. She had arrived early that weekend because her classes didn’t start until the next week. Bob was still at work and we introduced ourselves. We also made small talk and asked each other about school, family, etc. I was really struck by Brenda’s looks.

Brenda was gorgeous and had long, thick, blond hair with a cute face, perfectly straight, white teeth, big blue eyes and a body that was amazing. She had an hour class figure with a bubble butt and big, firm boobs. You could tell this girl worked out religiously because she was very firm. On this day, she was wearing short jean shorts, a low-cut yellow shirt and she was bare footed with pink toe nail polish. During our conversation, she started snickering as she pointed up on the shelf in the living room. I was confused when she told me to look by the big blue book and that is when I spotted the video camera.

Brenda said with a smile, “Your little adventure that you and Bob had the other day was videotaped and he showed it to me.”

Brenda was obviously referring to me rimming her boyfriend while he jerked off all over himself and I cleaned him up by eating his cum. I was embarrassed and didn’t really know how to respond to her.

Brenda broke the silence, “Hey, don’t worry, I loved it. I think it is hot to see two guys together. I just wish I could have been here. I’m going to admit that I masturbated to the video.”

“Seriously?” I asked. Just thinking about this smoking hot girl masturbating to her boyfriend and me together, really turned me on.

“I’m just glad he has found someone that likes to eat cum. He loves it when I eat it but I just don’t care for it. I will swallow it every so often but I struggle because of the taste. That is why I have him eating so much fruit and staying away from certain foods. I read on the internet that eating certain foods make it taste better,” Brenda informed me.

I replied, “I thought it tasted pretty good. I think that diet has helped because it was sweet and a little salty but everyone’s’ cum is salty.”

“Have you swallowed a lot of different guys’ cum?” She asked very casually. “I have swallowed Bob’s and once from my first boyfriend and I just can’t get into it,” Brenda continued.

I thought for a few seconds. At that time, I hadn’t been with Vinny, Dante, or any of the black guys yet. That didn’t start for a couple of months. I answered, “Probably fifteen to twenty different guys.”

“Damn. You must like it. I think that is sexy. Does all the casino şirketleri different cum basically taste the same?” Brenda asked.

I responded, “Well…somewhat. Most all of it is salty, some is bitter, some is tangy, but I’m not just saying this but Bob’s taste the best thanks to you. This might be a strange question but is it always that thick and clumpy? I couldn’t believe how thick it was.”

“I know! Isn’t it? His cum is always real thick and clumpy and I think that might be what turns me off about eating it. I feel like I’m swallowing a raw oyster. He told me that he has always had real thick jizz and he ejaculates about three times more than the average guy. He actually went to the doctor about it and the doctor told him that it was normal,” was Brenda’s response.

“I don’t want to gross you out, but I like it thick like that. It reminds me of tapioca pudding and I love tapioca pudding,” I said as I winced shyly.

“Well, you’ll love his then. You can eat it all the time and it will keep me from having to do it. He fucks me great but you can suck him off. I just want to be able to watch, is all I’m asking,” she said with her upper lip crinkled.

Just then Bob came in the front door and asked, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Nothing!” She replied as she winked at me.

The evening went along and we all talked and laughed while we had a few beers until the subject of sex came up.

Without reservation, Brenda blurts out, “I want to see some guy on guy action. Bob, take off your pants and sit on couch and I want to watch Mark give you a blowjob!”

Bob started stripping and when he pulled his underwear down, his cock sprang out and was already rock hard and sticking straight up in the air. Bob is light skinned so his 9 inch cock looks really white with a bigger than average head that has a protruded rim. He has thin, blue, spider veins running all over the shaft. That cock has an upward arch to it like a banana. This was the first time I really got to see it well and it was a perfect penis for fucking.

Bob sat down on the couch and spread his long lean legs. I got down on my knees in front of him. Brenda pulled off her jean shorts exposing her sheer black thong and I just about came in my pants. Before I had a chance to start, she halted me…

“Wait, wait. I want to get a good view of this,” Brenda said in an anticipated tone and sat down on the couch beside Bob.

As Bob sat on the couch I noticed again that his balls had an extra amount of smooth wrinkled skin around them that made them look like a shar pei dog. I pulled Bob’s stiff cock away from his abs and started licking from his balls, all the way up to his dick head rim. Once I got to the rim, I would circle all the way around the trench with my tongue. I would occasionally look to the side and see Brenda with her finger inside her thong, fingering herself.

She turned sideways and put her sexy feet on Bob’s leg with her head propped up on the couch casino firmaları arm. I then wrapped my lips around Bob’s erections and slowly started sucking it. His head was large so I was careful to keep my teeth out of the way. I would mumble “ummm” every so often to show both of them I was enjoying what I was doing. Bob slumped down a little bit and leaned back to get completely comfortable and relaxed so that he could enjoy his blowjob.

I was going down on him far and even though he had a long dick with a large head, I knew I would be able to deepthroat him. Not only did I want to take him all the way down to his balls, I wanted to put on a great show for Brenda. I relaxed my throat, raised up on my knees a little higher to gain a better angle, slid my mouth down, letting out a small cough when it touched my gag reflex, then continuing down until my lips were buried in Bob’s pubic hair.

Upon witnessing that Bob’s entire dick had disappeared in my throat, Brenda started moaning, lifted and pointed her feet as she orgasmed with her fingers rubbing her clit. I actually held Bob’s cock in my throat until she had finished. When she was done, I continued bobbing up and down on that delicious cock. Bob was now moaning and the whole scene was causing Brenda to get lost in her lust.

“Oh God! Keep sucking that dick. He is deepthroating you baby! Does it feel good sweetie?” Brenda asked Bob.

“Uh…yea…uh…it feels fantastic! He’s gonna…uh…make me cum,” Bob stuttered out to Brenda with pleasure in his voice.

“Oh good, baby! Enjoy it! Let him suck the cum out of it. He loves cum. Feed it to him baby!” She teased. She then turned her attention to me, “Come on Mark. Keep deepthroating that big cock. I want you to make my boyfriend cum down your throat. He will give you that thick clumpy cum you like!” “Won’t you baby?” she redirected to Bob.

“Fuck yea,” Bob grunted out his response.

While all this dirty talk continued, I was totally focused on sucking Bob off. I continued to deepthroat him and I could feel his head throb in my throat. With my dick sucking experience, I knew he was getting close. Brenda put her feet on Bob’s leg, lifted her ass off the couch as she tensed up in orgasmic pleasure once again.

When Brenda finished cumming for the second time, she put her ass back down on the couch, lifted her legs up in the air, and pulled her thong off which totally exposed the most beautiful, hairless pussy, I have ever seen. I literally turned my head while sucking just so I could see Brenda finger bang herself. I was leaking so much precum in my pants.

Suddenly Brenda sat up and took her vagina soaked thong and stuck it up to Bob’s nose and encouraged him, “Sniff this baby. That’s it. Smell that pussy juice. Now I want you to feed Mark your cum. I know you want to watch him eat it. Tell me when you are going to cum and I will help you feed it to him.”

“Mark, he’s getting too close, I want you to stop sucking and lick his balls güvenilir casino just long enough to get him over the edge and I will jack him off in your mouth,” she directed me.

I stopped sucking Bob’s hard prick and Bob scooted to the edge of the couch. Brenda used my saliva as lubrication as she started stroking up and down on that long shaft. I leaned in underneath her hand to bury my face in Bob’s nuts. I was nuzzling and licking them when Bob broke the smacking sound caused by Brenda’s jerking.

He commanded me, “Hurry get ready! Fuck, I’m about to blow. Oh fuck!”

Brenda pointed Bob’s cock where it was jetting straight out from the edge of the couch and offered, “Oh yea, Oh yea! Open up Mark! Open your mouth and so my boyfriend can empty those nuts you were just licking!”

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. She positioned my head and mouth with one hand so that she could point his large, purple mushroom head toward my opening with the other one. His breathing became very fast and shallow.

“Don’t you dare move,” Brenda commanded.

I placed my tongue right under this head. I knew Bob was getting very close because I could still feel his dick head pulsate and swell as tight as an apple and I could taste plenty of precum that was oozing out. He was leaning forward with his cock resting on my tongue. He had sweat collecting on his brow from all Brenda’s continuous whacking off. His knees started to shake and he started grunting and screaming.

“Auuughh! Here it comes! Bob shouted.

Brenda also chimed in, “Catch it, Mark! Catch it!”

Just then, he released a huge shot of cum that hit the back of my throat with a force of somebody shooting a rubber band. Then a second, third, forth and he kept shooting his load for what seemed like about 30 seconds. His spunk had completely filled up my mouth and since I had my mouth open, I could not swallow it. Brenda’s hand never slowed down as it was flailing up and down that dong. Finally, Bob had stopped shooting his sperm long enough for me to close my mouth and swallow his huge load. It was thick and it took a little bit for it to finally slide down my throat.

After I had completely consumed his sweet tasting wad, Bob was now relaxed with his flaccid dick still in Brenda’s hand with a long stream of cum dripping from his cock head. Her other hand was still holding my head very securely and she pulled my head forward to clean the remaining cum off his cock. Brenda squeezed his cock really hard drawing the rest of the cum from inside his shaft to produce a glob at his dick slit. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his dick head and slurped it all out and ended my service with loud pop. Bob then slumped back onto the couch catching his breath.

Brenda said, “Wow! That might have been the hottest thing I have ever seen! I came twice and my pussy is soaking wet! You guys are going to have to do that more. I could watch that all day. Mark, how did his cum taste?”

“It was even better than the other day,” I replied as I licked my lips.

Bob ended up going to bed while Brenda and I stayed up and talked more. She eventually went to bed with Bob and I went to bed in my room with Bob’s cum still on my breath.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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